Peter woke suddenly and with an intense gasp for air. As he sat up abruptly in his bed, he tried to even out his shaky and shallow breathing until it eventually returned to a good rhythm. Almost instantly, relief flooded over him as he wiped his sweaty brow with the back of his hand.

It was just a dream.

It was always just a dream. It had just been a dream for two weeks now. For two weeks he'd been safe in Wakanda yet every night his mind had convinced itself that Peter had never left the hell hole

Shakily, he planted his feet on the floor and rested his head in his hands. Recently, this was how all his mornings had started. Checking his watch, he realised it would still be a few hours before any one expected the teenager to be up yet. Usually he just hung around in his room for a while, it wasn't much use trying to fall asleep again.

It wasn't as though he wasn't getting enough sleep – perhaps not as much as he would like but enough to keep him going. Besides, he didn't really want to bother any one else with his inconsequential problems – everyone else had much bigger fish to fry.

With people in and out of meetings, signing important documents, and some negotiations with governments all over the world, people never really stopped to just have friendly conversation any more. Mostly, Peter just hung out with Shuri. It was nice to be around someone his own age again and she was good at making Peter forget about things that were worrying him.

She wasn't like May though.

May who could calm him down after a nightmare, who would run her fingers through his hair. May who would listen to him no matter what and take the time to ask how his day had been. Wherever May was felt like home.

Peter hasn't seen her in months.

For her own safety and Peter's protection she hadn't been allowed to go to Wakanda. They had however, been given one short phone call between the pair on a secure line (but it was mostly just them crying on the phone – elated just to hear the other's voice).

For a while Peter milled around, doing nothing in particular except playing some games by himself and looking at memes on a phone he'd been given. It was quiet.

For the rest of the day, Peter and Shuri were just dorking around in the lab (where Peter seemed to spend the majority of his time).

If there was one thing Peter would miss about the whole ordeal when he got home it would definitely be the Wakandian tech. (And also Shuri – the pair had gotten very close. Together they were the "Supreme Meme Dream Team".)

They were in the lab when they got the news.

Wanda called the pair up to sit with all of the other avengers around a large TV. The news cut to a live feed of Tony shaking hands with some other men in suits over some thick documents of paper. Tony looked down exhausted but Incredibly happy – that could only mean one thing.

"A new draft of the Sokovia accords – those designed to keep control of vigilantes across the globe – has been agreed on today," the news anchor began, "finalised in the early hours of the morning, the new rules decree that the likes of notorious hero Captain America and other members of his team shall no longer be classed as fugitive criminals."

Peter was in shock. In awe. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Weeks of being locked away and in hiding were over.

Wanda ran up behind him and embraced him in a back breaking hug with such strength he was almost lifted of the ground. Everyone cheered and looked around, relieved to finally be free. Clint and Sam patted him on the back as a form of congratulations and then they just stood and talked for a bit.

It was as though the thick tension like an impenetrable fog that had pestered the group for many days had finally been lifted. People were laughing together, smiling. After everything they had been through, this was it.

No more being locked away, no more being scared or trapped. This was freedom, and it felt good.

The next few hours saw the large group of assorted heroes milling around, congratulating each other on their newfound freedom.

Scott and Clint had both made plans to get home to their families as soon as possible. Peter thought it was cute seeing how excited they were. Then again, he felt exactly the same way about finally seeing May, Ned, and MJ after want felt like eons apart.

After the excited atmosphere had finally died down a bit, the party of superheroes headed their separate ways to gather whatever belongings they had and to say their goodbyes.

Since Peter had pretty much come with nothing, he had plenty of time to sit with Shuri in the lab.

She was waiting for him when he arrived.

"Congratulations spidey. Looks like someone's heading home and leaving me all on my own."

Peter laughed, he knew there was no actual anger in her words.

"I never knew you cared." Peter joked back. "Give me your phone number and we can still talk though."

Shuri scoffed. "phone number? You heathen. I have something much better, follow me."

She led him to a work bench with a small package placed neatly on top. "Consider it a going away present." She exclaimed giving it to him.

Cautiously, Peter unwrapped the gift – half expecting it all to be a prank – only to find it was a slim black bracelet.

"I'm not sure your aunt would approve of me giving you a lightsaber but I thought this might be just as good."

Peter placed it on his wrist as Shuri continued to explain.

"It's basically just a nifty little communicator but I also put some games on their too because I know you have the attention span of a goldfish."

Peter pressed a button on the side causing a hologram to flicker to life like the home screen of a phone.

"I would walk you through it but to be fair even my brother could probably work out to use it. I'm sure a nerd like you will be fine."

He thanked her profusely and gave her a quick hug before she could protest. Together they headed back up to the launch area that they were due to leave from where they met the other avengers and unofficial tag-alongs.

With some final goodbyes and thankyou's to the people of Wakanda, they boarded the jet and began the long journey home.

With the feeling of freedom overcoming his mind, Peter fell deeply asleep.

When Peter woke again, it was to the gentle feeling of Sam shaking his shoulders.

"We're back kiddo."

Peter groggily rubbed his eyes and followed the other avengers off the jet and into the compound. There he was greeted by people looking with anxious eyes – some he knew and some he didn't.

Pepper was stood at the front but bustling her way forwards was someone who made Peter's heart skip a beat. Without any further hesitation, Peter ran like he never had before straight into the arms of Aunt May

Aunt May who he hadn't seen in pretty much a lifetime.

She wrapped her arms around him and ran her gentle fingers through his hair, whispering a mantra of: "I love you so so so much!"

"I love you more." Peter whispered back intro her hair.

This was it. He was home.