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"Okay," Alex told Justin, "I'm going to the underworld. I'll be back in six days. Bye."

"Freeze," Justin said, "You're doing what?"

"Did I stutter," Alex asked.

"Why are you going to the underworld," Justin returned.

"It's mom's birthday next week and I want to get her Candy," Alex replied nonchalantly.

"So why do you have to go to the underworld to get mom candy," Justin asked.

"I'm not talking about the kind of Candy you eat Justin," Alex said.

Candy was the eldest of the Russo siblings. Gorog had trapped her in the Wizard version of hell.

"Alex the underworld is dangerous," Justin pointed out.

"Look," Alex said, "You are the Wizard Prince- the chosen one. The way I see it, all I have to do is go through what you went through as the Wizard prince and I can bring Candy back. She doesn't belong in the underworld. Juliet doesn't belong in the underworld either for that matter."

"She fell for Gorog's trap," Justin argued.

"Don't be an idiot Justin," Alex replied.

"Alex," Justin said, "I'm the Wizard Prince. I'm the chosen one. I can't do anything different then the rules of the wizarding world dictate. I don't have a choice."

"Well luckily I do," Alex replied, "I'm NOT the Wizard princeā€¦ princess actually"

"You have no idea what it was like what I went through," Justin argued, "It hurts like hell. I was pinned upside-down between two beams, only it was magically done. I love you Alex. There's no way I'm going to let you suffer like that."

"Oh that's cute. You think I can't do what I want," Alex laughed.

"Alex," Justin said, "I'm telling you as your brother-"

"I'm telling you as your sister who loves you that I am not letting Candy stay in the damn underworld for another minute longer than need be and that goes for Juliet too."