"You mean," Theresa asked, "You got your sister back?"

"Yes exactly," Alex said, "and Juliet too. I had to go through what Justin went through to do it but then Justin took over for me because if I died I would come back."

"Wait," Theresa said, "Justin died?"

"For all of two seconds," Justin said, "Gorog set the beams on fire so I died quickly and then I rose quickly."

"Anyway," Alex added, "Juliet is in Parawizzard now. Candy is here."

"Wait what," Justin asked.

"We talked about this," Alex replied.

"When? I don't remember talking about this," Justin exclaimed.

"Justin trust me," Alex said.


"Can we talk about Candy for a minute," Theresa interrupted the squabbling siblings."

"She's right outside the door," Alex replied.

Jerry went to open the door. Justin led Alex outside.

"Alex," Justin asked, "Is Juliet really in Parawizzard now?"

"Yup," Alex replied, "She really is."

"But I specifically told you I need to follow the rules of the Wizard King," Justin said, "I didn't have a choice."

"Well I did," Alex replied, "and I made the choice you would have made if you could. Justin, you're the Wizard Prince. That doesn't mean that you are a robot."

"No. I'm not a robot. Having to send Candy to the underworld broke my heart. Having to send Juliet to the underworld shattered it. It was a nightmare."

"Well I woke you up," Alex said, "You're welcome."

"I'm sorry?"

"No need to be… just say thank you."

"Thank you?"

"You're welcome," Alex said, "Justin I love you. You rescued me plenty of times. Now it's time for me to return the favor."

Justin smiled.

"Thank you Alex," he said.

Alex smiled back.

"You're welcome," she replied."