Hello, Hello! I'm LostinTrends2600 and I have been having this story idea. It was a roleplay I did so I decided let's make a story! This is a Soul Eater One Shot/Lemon and yes I haven't watched the anime in years TwT so if I get some things screwed up I'm so sorry! Forgive me :(

Steamy lemony goodness scene / also this is Genderbent Soul Eater Evans ;) hehehehe enjoy

Title: Blair's Revenge

Anime: Soul Eater

Pairing: Genderbent Soul Eater Evans x Blair

Summary: Blair is tired of always being shunned from her favorite white haired boy after Maka of course, it's not her fault he gets a nosebleed every time she unexpectedly pounced on him or sat on his desk in revealing attire. She's tired of it and decides to get her revenge on the white haired boy in the house of the name Soul Eater Evan. What if the spell she made backfires and it unexpectedly changes the white haired boy completely? How will Soul React to the change? Will Blair still get her revenge evening if the spell is messed up? Keep reading to find out.

Sorry I know the summary sucks TvT I haven't written a book in ages. Remember to RR


[Also if you don't like Girl x Girl Action please don't read.]

~~Chapter One~~

The Spell

Blair stood up on her four furry kitty feet as she stared at Soul's bedroom door as she shook her head and let out a purr of sadness she was kicked out the white haired boys room… again. Blair had made a decision to see him after Maka had politely kicked the kitten out her room to the dismay of protest by the cat who just had godly witch powers as the door closed she huffed and trotted her way to souls room and let herself in she meows and walked away as she jumps on the kitchen table and transformed back to her human body in a black tight short skirt, leather crop top with a pink pumpkin and a cat sitting on it her ears planted to her head as she remembered being tossed out a few mere seconds ago.

Blair had jumped on the desk where Soul was trying to study for the most important test at The DWMA, Blair didn't care about the test she just wanted to play. She transformed on the desk as she looked at her soul in a red bikini that nearly threatened to come off with any sudden move she looked at him.

"Soul Pretty please play with me~?" She asked, as she twirls a finger through her dark purple hair Soul grimaced feeling a nosebleed coming on. "Blair I'm already not into this studying and you're just making my mind wander." Soul said. Blair pouted.

"Forget studying just play with me." She says making a cat motion with her hand in front of his face, Soul looks at her. "When I finish I'll play with you." He says and that made her excited as she threw herself into his lap and hugs him tightly, her giant breast squishing against his face causing a big nosebleed and souls failing arms, Blair purrs happily. "Oh soul I can't wait for you to play with me!" She says as Soul was near blood loss before he pushed her off and grabbed the spray bottle on his desk labeled: Blair Off on it as he quickly squirted her with water as Blair hisses and meows as she quickly turned into a cat and Soul sprayed her out as he closed his door with a slam.


Here she was Blair sulking at her spot at the kitchen table, She scratches behind her cat ear as she was thinking of a way to punish Soul for his constant neglect of playing with her and squirting her out his room with that Blair Off water sprayer. She twirled her finger around muttering 'pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin' (I'm just using this for when she makes things appear)

Her spell book appeared in her hands as she flipped through it looking for any spell that might be used against Soul for punishment, her eyes sparkled and a cat-like grin plastered her lips. "Perfect!" She exclaimed with such excitement she hopped off the table going to prepare the special potion for her little Soul.

Blair twirled her finger around the pot as pink and purple smoke filled the apartment's air. Soul and Maka were still plastered in their bedrooms studying to know what the Strong Cat was doing in the kitchen. Blair didn't get the whole studying part because they didn't pay attention to the poor needy Blair. At least Maka rubbed, patted, and cooked her delicious fish. Blair hummed happily as she sprinkled in some clear liquid once it hit the already pink and purple swirling mixture it was a tiny almost inaudible exploding making a dark purple and it slowly calmed down. As the smoke cleared she looked at the potion and she smiled but with a wave of her finger she added another ingredient that caused her to fall as it spit out multiple colors first red, then orange, and so forth yellow, green, blue and purple. Blair just blinks and looks quickly to Maka and Soul's Thank the cat gods they didn't notice she got up and investigated the now bubbling slowly to a simmer pink drink. It smelt like strawberries and bubblegum as she smiles and pours a glass for Soul.

Blair sneakily peaked into Maka's room who had her head planted on her desk asleep as Blair silently closed the door and she peeked into Soul's room who was still studying with actual steam coming out his ears as Blair poutly walked over to him and tapped his shoulder. Soul looks up from his notes.

"What is it Blair?" He asked.

Blair put on her best pouty look, her ears going to her head. "I wanted to apologize to Soul for interrupting your studying." She says holding the glass out to him, Soul looks at it. "Please accept this strawberry smoothie as my apology." She says, He nods and takes it and let out a thank you before chugging it down he handed it back to her, as Blair giddily skipped out his room with a cat grin. She had to wait 5 minutes for the potion to work as she hums a song singing her pumpkin pumpkin song to herself.

Blair was about to sing some more when her ears perked up hearing a scream that was feminine thinking it was Maka but she heard her name be called with the shriek of a pissed off female voice.

"BLAIR I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" She quickly realized it was Soul, as her eyes went wide the spell was to make Soul aroused for Blair but that accidental ingredient must've caused the spell to alter and make Soul female now scared Blair hid under the table poorly as her butt stuck out and her tail was out, Soul stomp out his bedroom as his normal short hair was now long his normal face was now long and feminine as his body was now curved and he now a she saw Blair's ass hanging out the table she goes over to her and grabs her tail making Blair squeal and looked up at Soul.

"Hi Soul." Blair says, Soul looks down at her furious. "Hi Soul?! Hi Soul! I'm a damn woman!" The furious white haired girl said as Blair quickly apologized. "I'm sorry I'm sorry Soul!" She says, Soul kept glaring hands on hips but quickly crossed under the Now fully C cup breast and Soul blushed but kept his stance.

"Change me back right now."

Blair sheepishly rubbed the back of her neck, "Uhm I may have added an extra ingredient by accident so I don't know the smell was to make you aroused not change you into a girl." She says, Soul hits her in her head making the poor cat girl hold her head pouting with big tear beads on the corner of her eyes.

Soul eyes drifted to Blair, as she eyed her and she felt a sense of something go over her like lust. Soul moved closer to Blair only to feel her knees buckle as between her legs felt hot and Blair quickly helped Soul as she looked up at Blair. "I hate you." Soul says as Blair giggled noticing the blush on her cheeks was the part of the spell was making Soul arousal. Blair quickly lead Soul to his bedroom, she closed the door and pushed Soul onto his bed as she waved her finger making orange mini pumpkin handcuffs appear on Soul's wrist as Soul protested against them as Blair stood over Her with a wink.

"I'm happy I messed up the potion this is a better Revenge~" Blair said with a smirk.

I feel like this chapter is so damn short *sighs* but the lemony goodness is gonna be in the next chapter. But I am happy with how the chapter went!

I pray to gods you lovely people enjoy this two chapter One shot/Lemon Story.

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