Our Mate

Summary: Draco Malfoy wants to start a new life and takes his best friend Blaise Zabini with him although where too? Forks, Washington (of course) which just happens to be Hermione Granger HomeTown. What happens when Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini make new friends with Jake and the pack including the Cullens. Jacob Black finally moves on with Bella's grasp and imprints on (*cough*Draco Malfoy & Harry Potter*cough*) and made plans to go the carnival which he never went there before, at least not in the Wizarding World anyway. During their stay Draco and Blaise heads to the carnival with Jake and their friends (Jake happens to be cousins with Hermione-neither of the boys knew that btw) That was until she shows up … (cough*Isabella Marie (Bella) Swan*cough) arrives… she just came back from visiting her mom Rene in Florida unfortunately the minute she steps in she saw her best friend Jacob Black and kisses him in front of their friends… right in front of Draco.

Jake however was in shock and pushed her slightly throwing her off balance that Embry caught her into his arms much to Bella shock. Draco saw this … already not liking the girl so he ignores her not making it affect him (although it did he just won't admit it) …then they went to meet Edward and his family again Bella kisses her boyfriend Edward however, Bella's dismay he also pushes her lightly; this time Quil caught Bella; you can say Bella isn't liking how both Edward and Jake aren't paying attention to her anymore but, to Draco Malfoy. What happens when Harry Potter and Hermione Granger happens to be in the carnival, in Forks, Washington no less only to look for Jacob Black (Hermione's cousin) only to be cut off by their godson Teddy who ran off as soon as he saw Draco by jumping into his arms causing them to stumble to the floor with an 'oomph' and surprise, surprise Draco and Blaise stared at the girl in disbelief until Draco stomps over "GRANGER?!" he exclaimed.


It's been four years since the war ended things have been hectic for Harry Potter and his friends that everyone expected him to get married to his longtime girlfriend Ginny Weasley which was part of the plan that was until Luna Lovegood fiancée to her longtime boyfriend Neville Longbottom learned some startling news about the youngest Weasley Ronald (Ron) and Ginevra Weasley with their mother Molly Weasley 'nee Prewett used illegal love and lust potions towards the Golden Boy (Harry Potter) and Brightest Witch of her age (Hermione Granger)… but, let's go at least 2 ½ weeks earlier before Harry and Hermione learned the truth shall we?

Draco Malfoy, former death eater switched sides with his best friends Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, Pansy Parkinson, Greg Goyle and Vincent Crabbie with a few others who didn't wish to be death eaters or join the dark side. You can say things haven't been …easy for the Slytherin Prince. After being friends with Harry which took some time between the former arch rivals eventually along the way… Draco Malfoy learned he's fallen in love with the Golden Boy Harry James Potter; how it happens he wasn't sure… okay maybe he did know… but, he didn't want to admit to himself until they got to know each other when he and his friends switched sides. Once he learned that he's in love with Harry Potter he couldn't just say it in front of Harry as he's much in love with his girlfriend well now fiancée Ginny Weasley soon to be Ginny Potter… he was everywhere so he decided to move away from England to start fresh… to forget about him… to move on … he also learned that his best friend Blaise Zabini was also in love with someone who happens to be a muggleborn witch. Hermione Granger best friend to Harry Potter but she's in love with someone Ron Weasley who's part of the Golden Trio.

In Hogwarts most students claimed that Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger belong together because they bicker like a married couple while others… not naming names… thought that Draco Malfoy or Harry Potter belong together with Hermione Granger; If anyone told Draco that he and Hermione should date a few years ago he would've hexed them but, now… since he's into men, if he wasn't into men yes he'll admit that he's gay; he probably would've gave Granger—Hermione a chance despite how they were arch rivals their whole lives… he knew that she's probably the only person who wouldn't go after his money, fame, or judged him from his family name… despite what his crazy aunt did to her during the war at his own house. He still has nightmares because of it but, after his trial he was a bit surprised when Harry Potter and Hermione Granger stood up for him during the trial… it was like he saw another light towards Granger well—Hermione; since then they made a truce in their final year in Hogwarts. At first it was a bit awkward being arch rivals to one another but, after some time they ended up being good friends.

However, after a few weeks his best friend Blaise confessed to Draco he's helplessly in love with Hermione Granger, he told him how they grew close to one another during their final year … they ended up hooking up on and off… no strings attached at least that's what Blaise claimed anyway they both talked about it before they started to … hook up…it was during when Hermione and Ron were broken up when Hermione walked on Ron cheating on Lavender by having sex behind her back more than once… then after a lot of begging and pleading telling her that he would never cheat on her ever again… well you can say Hermione decided to give him another chance… only to find out that he cheated on her again although.

The third time it took nearly three long years for Hermione to be friends with Ron… after Blaise and Hermione's last day in training together in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures as they both admitted that they had strong feelings for one another and were officially going on their first date as a couple until… Ron went to talk to her, at first Hermione wanted nothing to do with him but, somehow he offered her a drink of truce, neither Blaise or Hermione knew she was under a love potion until it was too late—he proposed to her stating that he made the biggest mistake by cheating on her even though he still claimed he still loves her and ended up back together even though everyone knew Hermione wanted nothing to do with the cheater—let's just say things went downhill between Blaise and Hermione. This is where our story begins… when Draco told Blaise that he's moving away from England.

~*~End of Prologue~*~

Yay! I'm done with the introduction? What do you guys think? Like it. hate it? let me know? There's a couple of twist in this story like how Hermione's cousin isn't going to be Bella Swan it would be Jacob Black. Don't worry it will be explained later in the chapters. Hope you guys enjoy like I am ^_^