Harriet was woken up the next morning by a persistent kneading sensation on her chest with a slight pricking feeling. The raven rolled open her eyes and sleepily looked around. After a bit of blinking to clear the fog of sleep from her eyes she looked down at her chest. There, just settling down, was the familiar orange shape of Hermione's squash faced half-kneazle cat, Crookshanks.

The temperamental feline was purring and let out a small meow when Harri reached down and scratched him behind the ear. She then looked at the time and sighed, if she wanted to be the first into the shower, she'd have to get up. Hot water didn't last long in the dorms. She rose from her bed groaning, "Sorry, Crookshanks. Going to have to move, bud. Here," As she stood, she gently picked the fluffy cat up and carried him over to Hermione's bed, "Sleep on your Mistress for a bit." He curled up underneath Hermione's chin without complaint.

That done, Harriet turned to her trunk and set out her clothes for the day and her wand then darted off to the communal bathroom with her toothbrush and essentials. Turning on the water, she quickly brushed her teeth then undressed and stepped into the hot stream of water. Soon enough, she was nice and clean. Harri turned off the water and stepped out, drying herself off gathering her essentials she exited the bathroom and returned to her bedside where she quickly dressed. Once she was ready for the day, she grabbed her wand and headed for the door.

Once there, she turned and grinning evilly, cast the Amplifying Charm on herself and announced to the room, "Girls, the hot water is all gone. If you want to shower, I suggest you get up now before the water is too cold. Breakfast is ending in thirty minutes." Harri then cast a Quieting Charm as four pairs of eyes shot open and the remaining girls scrambled from their beds, tripping over their trucks and getting tangled in sheets and Crookshanks was adding to the chaos by weaving in and out of their legs. Harriet was leaning against the doorway in stitches as after several thumps, bumps, crashes, bangs and other such noises the girls righted themselves and vanished into the bathroom.

Straightening herself out, Harriet quickly slid down the railing cackling slightly at the panic that she had created. She waited in the common room for the others to finish up. Curses, shouts, and other cacophonous noises could be heard as the boys woke up sounding like a herd of elephants along with the distinctive sound of a croaking toad as it was chased out of its hiding place with a cry of, "Trevor!" The first one down was Neville, followed not long after by Jeramiah Turner, last year's transfer. Dean appeared not long after and then the other girls started showing up, Hermione being the first. Seamus and Ron eventually tumbled down the steps, surprisingly not hurt and quickly righted themselves. Harriet rolled her eyes as the absolute earthquake of sound that the boys had made caused similar things to happen in the rest of the tower, minus the croaking of a toad.

The fourth years darted out the Portrait Hole and downstairs as the Tower seemed to shake with the awakening of the rest of the Gryffindors. The group made their way down the Moving Staircases, helping Neville to avoid the trick steps, all still slightly sleeping and not making much conversation.

Ron grumbled somewhat, "Harriet, please, don't ever do that again. We heard you in our dorm and it is way too early."

Harri answered him chipperly, "But Ron, getting up earlier means you get to eat more, you do realize that?" Ron quit grumbling immediately at that revelation.

"Why didn't you say that sooner!" He cried, grabbing Harriet's hand as she snagged Hermione's. "Breakfast here I come." He charged off to the Great Hall with Harri and Hermione in tow, the others laughing at Ron's enthusiasm. Dean could faintly be heard making a comment about Ron starring in a comic as Food Man. Seamus was sniggering with him muttering about a cape unfurling in a massive wave of roast chicken and vegetables.

"Ron!" Harriet squealed, "Slow down! I'm wearing heels! I'll break my ankles if I run in them even though they're designed for ballroom dancing!" Needless to say, Ron Weasley didn't slow down until they reached the Great Hall. Taking their customary seats at the Gryffindor Table the three waited until breakfast was served, which would begin when the first few teachers arrived.

Soon the first few teachers filtered in, McGonagall being the first, followed not long after by Flitwick and Hagrid. The other Gryffindors came in and a few Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs. Breakfast finally appeared on the table as a few of the Hunters strolled in, working out the kinks from their joints, joined by odd bipedal cats.

"Looks like the Palicoes came as well," Harri noted looking up at the Felynes that joined the Hunters, one brave Palico was having a conversation with McGonagall as well.

"Palicoes?" Ron and the other Gryffindors asked, "What are they?"
"Palicoes are Felynes," Harri answered, munching on toast and eggs. "A Felyne is a domestic Lynian that looks and acts very much like a bipedal cat, though they are sapient, and civilized beings that form their own communities as well. Palicoes assist the Hunters in hunts as well as housekeepers, teachers, librarians, even chefs like Meowscular Chef in Astera or Grammeowster in Seliana. They speak English, though with cat puns throughout and are really faithful companions and extremely brave. They do get paid for their work, Hermione, before you ask, though they actually have little use for currency. They are such good companions that if they get badly hurt by a Monster or another person, Hunters have been known to fly into vengeful furies to punish the attacker and vice versa."

Hermione shut her mouth with an audible clip, in her mind at least, the Palicoes were treated better than House Elves.

"You mentioned that they cook, Harri," Ron said slowly, "Is it any good?"

"Is it any good, Ron!" Harri laughed, "It's the best, to the point where I'd recommend to any House Elf to go and learn in Astera and Seliana during breaks! The feasts that they could cook up! However," she paused, gaining everyone's attention, "Felyne chefs normally cook for Hunters, who have a much greater metabolism than any of us. To the point where just a hundred Hunters could likely have eaten all of last night's feast and drunk their weight in ale and not even twitch."

As one, the Gryffindors Boys said, "Damn." And turned back to their own meals. By this time, Slytherin House had arrived as one along with the rest of the staff. Soon the mail arrived in a flurry of owls. Hedwig flew down to greet Harri and join her for a bite of bacon and a caress, then took off. At seven forty-five, the teachers began circulating around handing out the schedules for classes. Hermione was given hers and then Ron, and finally Harri, who decided to poke a little fun at her favorite Professor.

"So, Professor, you were having a pretty lively discussion with that one Palico. Exchanging thoughts on different strains of catnip?"

A barely noticeable, almost microscopic amused look appeared of Minerva McGonagall's face as she moved on, "Miss Potter, I have no idea what you are talking about."

The Gryffindor Fourth Years cracked up, getting such a response out of the strict Scottish Professor was a rare thing indeed. As Professor McGonagall moved off, Harri looked down at her schedule and groaned out loud, "Great, what a start to the week! First, it's History of Magic slash naptime with Professor Binns at nine o'clock, then a long break, lunch and then Potions with Professor Snape, then we're free for the rest of the day."

Harriet was actually rather good with Potions, but no one in Hogwarts particularly enjoyed the class, thanks to the very common sabotage from the Slytherins, particularly Malfoy, and Snape's general attitude. Ron quickly replied, "Friday's worse. It's Binns, short break, then Flitwick, lunch and then Double Potions with the Slytherins until dinner. We'd better get going, otherwise we'll be late for Naptime."

Ron was using a very common nickname for History of Magic that was used by the student body. It was well known that only Hermione and a few of the more eccentrically studious Ravenclaws could stay awake in Professor Binns eternal lectures of Goblins and their Wars. But there was nothing that they could do. That was their schedule and they'd better get to it. Hermione constantly protested at the nickname every time it was brought up.

Harri rose from the table and left the Great Hall, her heels clicking as she went heading back to Gryffindor tower to grab her bag, summer work, and History and Potions books, Hermione ranting behind her about proper respect to teachers and courses, etcetera. As she passed into the Tower, what appeared to be an earthquake shook the castle briefly. It soon passed and nothing was damaged. After grabbing her books and homework she headed off to Binns' classroom where she sat closest to the door saving seats for Ron and Hermione.

Binns showed up not long after the last of the class showed up and everyone turned in their essays. The ghostly professor soon too role and launched straight into yet another lecture of Goblins and their Wars. Not five minutes later, the entirety of the class except for Hermione and a few Ravenclaws were out like a light, happily snoozing away. Fifty minutes later, everyone was awoken by the sound of the bell and Binns assigning their homework for the next week.

Everyone trouped off to their next class or Common Room, the Gryffindors taking the chance to put away their history books and new assignment, A List of the Main Combatants and Factions of the First and Second Goblin Rebellions. They also took the chance to psychologically boost themselves for Potions. Harri grabbed a small packet out of a small compartment of her trunk and stuck it with her Potions Book in her bag.

Everyone relaxed for a bit in the Common Room, Ron taking challengers at chess, Harriet quietly rereading the first five chapters of this year's Potions test as she was not going to chance Snape deciding on quizzing the class. Hermione had her nose buried in some tome that she had bought over the summer when a quiet rumbling filled the air. Birds took flight from the Forbidden Forest and everyone looked up from what they were doing as the entire castle stilled in anticipation of something.

Then, it hit. Three simple words summed up what happened next. The earth shook wildly forming massive waves on the Lake. The castle trembled and students were knocked to the ground. Ron's chessboard was sent flying through the air, and the chessmen learned that they did not like this sensation of flight. The students shrieked as they were sent tumbling. And then, just as suddenly as the quake started, it ceased.

Harriet clawed her way onto a couch as Hermione shakily remarked, holding a terrified Crookshanks, "How on earth was that an earthquake? We're nowhere near the Great Glen Fault line or any hotspot for seismic activity."

Ron, after picking up his chess pieces, made his way to the window, catching sight of a group of Hunters making their way to the far side of the Lake. "Harri, take a look at this, mate."

Harri strode over, catching sight of mist half a mile away. "That's not good," the black-haired beauty murmured, "Something's up. Did the Ministry disturb an Elder Dragon? Quakes like these are usually linked to an Elder Dragon that's been upset from some reason. A Ceadeus most likely, possibly a Teostra, either of the Mohrans or," she paused, worried, "something in the Everstream, which would be really bad. Leave it, Hermione. Ask the Hunters on Saturday, there's more to that then you realize. Come on, lunch is soon." With that said, Harriet turned, grabbed her bag and left, heading to lunch, Ron gleefully hurrying after her, bag in hand.

In the Great Hall, everyone was on edge, and ate quickly and silently. When one of the Hunters ran in to speak with Dumbledore, everyone paid attention. They were all relieved to find out that the situation was under control, just a small hitherto unknown seismic fault about three and a half miles off. Soon enough the all hurried off to whatever class they had next.

Harri and her friends soon found themselves down in the dungeons taking their seats in the Potions classroom after turning in their homework. A little while later, the door was flung open, as Severus Snape, in as foul a mood as ever, entered the classroom, his robes billowing behind him like a cloud of bats. Luckily, everyone had learned since their first lesson to always be prepared for note taking as Professor Snape no sooner finished role then he started lecturing on the Potions that they would be encountering and the restricted ingredients that some of them would be requiring. As he was finishing lecturing on dragon egg shells and their uses and the restrictive nature behind them, Harri politely raised her hand.

"Yes, Miss Potter?" Snape sneered, trying to keep from lashing out at the feminine James Potter look alike, "What is it?" Think Lily, Severus, think Lily.

"Sir, you discussed briefly about unicorn blood and Re'em blood and hair, however, what is the current regulation on say, Kirin hairs and horns? And what would be their uses?"

Snape fixed Harriet square in the eye, and everyone was poised, just waiting, knowing that Snape would take points for interrupting his lecture. "Kirin parts, such as their hairs and horns are not regulated by the International Community or the Ministry, Miss Potter," he began. "Not because of the lack of any ban on them, but due to the simple fact that the beasts are so incredibly rare and any parts rarely make it to magicals. In fact, it is almost unheard of for a wizard or witch to gain possession of these parts due to the overwhelming power of the beasts and the very fact that magicals are forbidden from even touching them. As for their uses, due to the thunder-based nature of the Kirin a number of combative potions may possibly use such parts to great effect. Very little has been done on this subject, because as of yet no Potions Master has every gotten their hands on even the smallest… fragment." Snape's impassioned speech slowed as Harriet withdrew, with a soft smile, the little packet she had packed earlier.

The Potions Master's eyes remained fixed upon the packet as he slowly reached for it. Delicately, he opened it, a small flash of surprise appearing in his dark eyes. He looked up, and gently closed the packet, his hand shaking. "Your homework for Friday is to read up on the process of making the Wit-Sharpening Potion, something I dare say that a few of you could very well use. Miss Potter," the entire class silently groaned, knowing that a large points loss was imminent. "I don't know how you managed to get ahold of these, and I don't wish to ever know, but twenty points to Gryffindor for providing the research opportunity of a lifetime. Class dismissed!" Without waiting for a response or the bell, Snape vanished into his office. Thirty minutes early.

Slowly, the Gryffindors packed their bags in silent shock and quietly left the classroom making their way to Gryffindor Tower to put away their things. This had never happened before. After this they scattered to wait until most of the day's classes were dismissed, some of them to their dorms, some to play Exploding Snap, and a good number of them, including Harri, Ron and Hermione, to the point counters before heading outside. The Gryffindor counter had, sure enough, twenty rubies in the lower half of the glass while the other houses so far, had none, just then, twenty more rubies fell. Everyone shook their heads, and the bell rang. A few Hunters were hanging around, mapping out the castle when McGonagall showed up.

The Transfiguration Professor froze when she saw the stunned looks of the fourth year Gryffindor's faces and narrowed her eyes.

"Professor Snape," Ron muttered, "dismissed us early. He's happy, I think."

"Gave Harri, twenty points," Seamus said, shell shocked, "Said she provided him with the research opportunity of a lifetime."

"He smiled," Neville remarked, "I'm scared." This was nothing new, Neville being scared. He was after all the timidest Gryffindor in the thousand-year history of the school. Mouse of the school indeed!

"I, well, whatever Miss Potter provided to make Professor Snape happy doesn't matter right now," McGonagall responded, "As I clearly remember that you, Miss Potter have a familiar to introduce the students too."

"Damn straight," Cataclysmus said as he approached, "Come along Harriet. Dawn's already waiting." The Master Hunter turned briskly and headed outside to the grounds, gesturing to Harriet to hurry along.

Actually, Harriet needed no further encouragement for this and very quickly rushed outside after the Master Hunter, her black hair streaming behind her.

A large crowd soon followed the Professors ushering them outside as they only wanted to do this once. Harriet saw no signs of Dawn near the Lake and turned to the Forbidden Forest, knowing that that's where her familiar would be. In the background Malfoy could be heard uttering something derogatory though a hex from an upper year who remembered the laws concerning familiars quickly shut the blonde prat up.

The trees of the Forest swayed as a large shape moved amongst them, thuds being heard as something large approached.

"Hermione," Ron said slowly, "I don't recall there being anything as large as that shadow in the forest."

What Ron was calling a shadow grew larger and larger as a bipedal, winged creature came into view. Slowly it emerged from the forest, emerald of scale, sharp of tooth, large wings and talons with a large club like tail with quill-like spines on it. From the Forbidden Forest, a Rathian emerged.

Harri shouted to the thing, "Dawn! Over here!"

Dawn rumbled a greeting to her mistress, letting out an odd coo as Harri scratched her in just the right spot. Slowly Ron and Hermione approached, at Harriet's motion.

"Hermione, Ron, meet Dawn, a Rathian. She's possibly the first Flying Wyvern that anyone not a Hunter has seen in a long time."

"Amazing," Hermione breathed, "She's a huge! How old is she, what does she eat?" Hermione entered a long list of questions as Ron just cursed.

"Damn Harri, you don't do anything by halves do you? Charlie would happily kill just to catch a glimpse of a Flying Wyvern and you have one of the largest as a familiar." He looked over his shoulder, "Hagrid's absolutely giddy right now."

"Miss Potter," Minerva McGonagall's voice distracted them and Dawn gave a low warning growl, causing the Transfiguration Professor to halt, as the Headmaster strolled nonchalantly up to the Queen of the Forest.

"Headmaster, back up," Harriet's voice rose, "You know the laws. Never approach an Elder or a Flying Wyvern, even bonded or Awoken ones without being introduced. Especially one of Dawn's size. She'll kill you." The Bearded Headmaster gulped and backed up.

Over the next hour, the students and staff of Hogwarts were introduced to Dawn, and given a brief rundown on what she was, that no, she was not a dumb animal (this was after Malfoy made a comment along the lines of "Dumb beast," nearly getting bitten by the Rathian), don't approach without permission and a reminder by the teachers of the laws concerning familiars. Malfoy and his cronies in Slytherin weren't paying attention at this, which would be the cause of several incidents later on.

Dawn eventually had enough pampering and with a mighty bellow, turned and vanished into the darkness of the trees, heading to her nest in the ruins of the Acromantula nest four miles off. This gave everyone a clear appreciation for the true size of the Queen of the Forest as the Hunters resumed their work and escorted the Rathian away from the area. Familiar she may be, but Dawn was still a Wyvern and therefore was unpredictable to the extreme.

The rest of the week passed by with little fanfare. The students went to class and did homework, the Hunters generally kept to themselves, Malfoy insulted everyone he could. The only change was on Friday when it was announced that Potions classes would be done taught by a temporary Professor for the time being. Needless to say, the double class with the Slytherins was markedly different to normal.

The temporary Professor just so happened to be the school matron, Poppy Pomfrey, and she ran the class just like the hospital. No nonsense or bullying whatsoever. The Slytherins found out really quickly that attempts to sabotage, mock or degrade others quickly resulted in a major loss of points, detention and a zero for the class. Malfoy and Parkinson were sent to the Headmaster's office after several misdemeanors escorted by the House Ghosts. After that, things quietened. Harri did her homework and spent time in one of the lesser used courtyards with Dawn, Hermione read nonstop and badgered Harriet with questions. Ron bested everyone in chess, again. Soon enough Saturday morning rolled around. Most of the castle was sleeping in, as usual on a Saturday morning. Even Hermione, who normally was up with the dawn, was dozing.

Harriet, however, was not. She was out with the Hunters preparing for the afternoon lectures. Books of all kinds were carried to one of the side chambers, samples of skin and hide, horns, even different plants were moved. Dawn helped coax a few friendly Jagras into a cage. Everyone was on edge. They knew that there were a few members of the British Ministry who would do everything in their power to cause trouble. Margaret had a bright idea a few nights ago and informed the ICW about the lectures. The enthusiastic reply that they got back assured them that most of the problems were going to be nipped in the bud.

Once the rest of the students had finally dragged their asses out of bed, and finished breakfast or rather lunch in the case of a few, the students were banished from the Hall for several hours while the Hunters set things up. Numerous international experts on magical creatures flooed into listen and the ICW also sent some of it's highest ranking authorities to help keep the law. Dawn was let in along with the Commander's pet, Thunder. Both Monsters curled up out of the way in a corner.

Once everything was ready the student and guests were allowed in. Sure enough, members of the British Ministry showed up, however, with the ICW's Magical Creature Head standing next to the stage with several Enforcers, Fudge and his posse of his undersecretary Delores Umbridge, Lucius Malfoy, and several more unsavory members of the British regulation of Magical creatures quickly found a seat and tried to stay out of sight. Amelia Bones, head of the Law Enforcement was quick on the uptake that the ICW was taking this seriously and kept a close eye on Fudge.

Once everyone was seated, the Hall was closed and Cataclysmus stood up on the stage.

"Good afternoon," he rumbled, his deep voice carrying far, "Greetings to our international guests as well. This is the first of several lectures that will be taking place in the coming weeks thanks in part to the Tri-Wizard Tournament. There reason for these lectures is quite simple. To prevent you from making a very foolish mistake and losing your magic, being imprisoned, or death. I'll say this now, and make no mistake, the ICW will back me up on this, the Hunters' Guild in a completely independent organization and does not listen to any ministry and works only with the ICW out of a common interest. More to the point, the Monsters you will see here during these lectures or any other are protected in this world by Magic itself as well as international law. What that means for you lot is this: Under normal circumstances, no magical is allowed to approach, let alone attempt to harm any of these creatures." Here he paused and took a sip of water.

"I say attempt with good reason. Most of these Monsters are immune to magic and will fiercely fight back if attacked. You will be lunch, very quickly. But first," he said, "We must ask, "What the heck is a Monster?""

An image showed up on the screen behind him, with that question. "A Monster, according to the Hunters' Guild is actually an overarching term used to very broadly refer to many different creatures from both the Old and New Worlds, and Rarely, Earth. To get a little more technical Monster are broken down into several groups by their characteristics, such as strength, flight, large fangs and a lacking of wings, habitat in the case of leviathans and power level. The most common are Wyverns. Some can fly, and some can't. You also have Fanged Beasts, which are mammalian in origin, as well as Leviathans and Carapaceons as well as others such as the fearsome Elder Dragons. But first we're going to talk about wyverns, flying and not."

He launched into a dissertation on Brute Wyverns, their notable characteristics, some of the more well-known members of the group and their general behavior. Soon after this were the Fanged Wyverns.

"Fanged Wyverns are some of the more interesting wyverns, Quadrupedal, they can occupy both the top and bottom of an ecosystems food web. For instance, the Jagras," several of the Hunters escorted in the hunting pair that they had brought, "Occupies the bottom of the food chain in the New World and are quite common." The brightly colored Jagras bounded around on the stage. "They're generally harmless if you're competent. Just make yourself look a lot bigger and they should back down for a bit." The two Jagras were soon ushered off of the stage.

"On the other end of the food web, you have Thunder." Thunder slowly emerged from his corner, regally moving onto the stage, to the crowd's awe, was an impeccable specimen of a Zinogre. "Thunder is what is known as a Zinogre, which for the longest time was the only type of Fanged Wyvern known. He just so happens to be the pet of Astera's Commander. For those of you wondering, yes, he looks like a wolf, but in behavior, Zinogres are more like tigers. And they are just as rare. And just as protected. Not that he can't defend himself. Zinogres generally sit atop of their local food chain, unless something like a Glavenus or Deviljho moves in, but with their thunder-based nature, and the ability to discharge massive amounts of electrical damage as lightning, they can hold their own. Believe me, you don't want to anger one."

After this Frost took over for a bit, discussing Flying Wyverns, though with her looks, how much of it was retained by a good portion of the school and guests was in doubt. After a short break was called so that the creature experts could get a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with what were to them, some very rare creatures indeed.

Thunder, being a very calm Zinogre was willing to let the famous Newt Scamander examine him from all angles as several other experts jotted down observations and got a few scales to keep with their notes from Dawn. Harriet was watching when Malfoy made his odious presence known while his father was waiting for something as the Hunters were presently dealing with Delores Umbridge.

"Well, Potty, back in the limelight are we now?" He sneered as in the back ground, Umbridge was hauled off by several Aurors after some majorly out of line threats were made.

"Couldn't get enough thanks to your Mudblood mother dying to the Dark Lord, know you have to bring in filthy animals? Your pathetic, you and you beast loving friend-Urk!" He was cut off as Dawn whipped her head around with a fireball just ignited in her jaw, snarling.

"Avada Kedavra!" Lucius roared, with his wand pointing directly at Dawn. The sickly green spell bolted towards Dawn who merely ducked slightly so that the spell would miss, which it did, leaving a large scorch mark on the wall of the castle. Margaret, though she was a Handler was still quick on her feet and even quicker with her slinger as Dawn reacted in defense of her mistress and her own life. Lucius found himself dragged off his feet as several Enforcers tackled him, arresting him on the spot for violating several International Laws. Dawn's fireball flew into the air and dispelled itself harmlessly on the stone ceiling. Everyone froze and the Hunters looked furious.

Cataclysmus and several of the senior Hunters dragged both Fudge and Madam Bones into a quick discussion. Fudge was given no choice, he had to let Lucius be charged. First a killing curse, but also one at a registered familiar, which made it double attempted murder, and attacking a creature that they already had been informed was protected internationally. The blonde-haired prick was taken away and Draco was given a very, very stern warning by Margaret and several teachers. After that excitement, it was decided to continue the lecture, to take everyone's mind off of the event.

Soon the crowd was settled and Harri had given her friends a few more roles of parchment. The lecture then continued.

"After that unplanned and rather disturbing display," Cataclysmus began, "I think it is best that we continue with the worst possible Monsters you could encounter. For those of you who already know, yes, I do mean Elder Dragons."

He had the entire hall captivated, Elder Dragons were almost myth to magicals, even the slightest glimpse of one made a location famous.

"Unlike other monster types, which classify monsters by shared traits, Elder Dragons are creatures that defy typical classification and sit outside of the standard ecosystem, regardless of any superficial resemblance to a dragon. These monsters are usually rare creatures with immense power that have lived since ancient times, making them more of a phenomenon than a mere animal; disasters, cataclysms, living forces of nature. This is as defined by the Wycademy. Let me be clear, even the appearance of one warrants the attention of the Guild. They cannot ever be captured, and, when they are killed, which is rare indeed, it is only by extremely brave and talented Hunters. These monsters are sentient in their own way and capturing one has not happened in hundreds of years. For this reason, they are classified as extreme threats. Never approach one. Elders randomly will gain the ability to shift into human and partial human form as well as gaining sapience to the level of a modern human. We call these Elders "Awakened Elder Dragons." The nonmagically raised among you may snicker at that acronym, but that is what they are designated. Most refer to them as Awakened and treat them as any other human, if a tad bit more respectfully. No one knows what causes this process, not even the Awakened. Awakened can generally be identified due to many of their Dragon features carrying over to their human form, like eye color, slit pupils, odd hair and skin tone and color and environmental effects when they are upset. They are just as dangerous if not more so thanks to the human mind driving them and generally gain titles due to their nature. Yes, young lady with the blonde hair, green and silver tie, you have a question?"

The girl in question blushed slightly, "Daphne Greengrass, sir. Have you met an Awakened Elder? Or an Elder Dragon?"

Cataclysmus smirked, "Miss Greengrass, very good question. I have faced several Elder Dragons in combat, it is a very tough experience and one that will stick with me. Aside from the danger they pose, Elder Dragons are truly awe inspiring if they are in an area where they are not doing harm. As to the first part of your question, I have met an Awakened Elder, several in fact. And as of today, so have the lot of you. Met one at least. Frost?!"

"Yes?" The blue haired beauty queried.

"If you wouldn't mind, I'll cede the stage to you, my dear."

Frost smirked and elegantly strode onto the stage. "Very well. With the details that my husband gave, I'm sure that some of you may have already connected the dots. I am what is indeed known an Awakened. I am what is know as the Ice Dragon or the Icebourne Wyvern."

With that, an ice blizzard kicked up around Frost, obscuring her completely from view, as the temperature in the room dropped like a stone. When it dissipated, in Frost's place standing proudly, crystalline scales gleaming, with icy blue wings, an ice white crown, slim upright body structure, and a thin, lance-like tail with ice armor covering it's wings, tail and limbs as well as its face, was the regal form of the Ice Dragon, Velkhana.