If you love someone, will you fight for them? Will you let them go?

Will you let them go?

Will you?

"I love you Kotori." I stopped on my tracks when I heard that familiar voice.

"P-Pardon?" I heard another familiar voice as I approached the room where it came from

"I-I love you, Minami Kotori" She repeated.

I looked at the both of you, you haven't noticed me so I keep on listening,

"Honoka-chan..." I anticipated your answer, my heartbeat quicken, as I feel my self get anxious.

"It's okay, Kotori-chan, I'll be waiting for your answer" I took that as a cue to leave.

If you love someone and that person is already in love with someone else, will you fight for that person?

will you?

"Umi-chan I..." You looked at me "I'm sorry, I'm confused." I chuckled and looked at you memorizing every feature of you "Ho-Honoka-chan confessed to me too"

"I know"

"You know?"

"I overheard" I smiled "I love you" pool of tears are starting to form from my eyes but I have to hold it in, the last thing I need is for you to see me in a vulnerable state.

"I can't choose between you two-"

"You don't need to, I just confessed so that I can get it out my system, after all," I faced you as the tears I desperately holding in rolled down, "I know who you love most between the two of us."


"But hey, choose me and I'll take you to the moon" I gently held your hand, " choose her and I'll leave to reach for the stars" You looked down, tears were rolling down your cheek mumbling "I'm sorry"

I looked up, so this is love? Painful yet beautiful.

I let go of your hand, slowly backing away, I put on the brightest smile I could muster at this moment.

"Congratulations on your graduation, Kotori" You looked up at me, even tho you are crying, You still are the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on.

"Co-congratulations to you too"

"Hey, I hope we meet again when I moved on"

"Where are you going?"

"I'll reach for the stars" This may be the last time we will see each other, but I know somewhere along the road we will somehow see each other again. "Goodbye, Kotori."

To the stars, I go.

Hello! I'm back, I'm sorry if this is poorly written.

I hope you enjoyed this short one!

I'll be continuing It's You!

It has been tough but I managed!

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