The definition of normalcy is an unanswered question. Life goes forth, but what direction does it go? Perhaps the answers lie in an unknown land, where a few of forms grasped the concepts.

The fully transparent liquid gently caressed a beach made out of salt as the gradient magenta skies reigned over the world. The beach was combed by the breeze to the near perfection, there were no rough surfaces on it, only smooth flatness. Liquid of the world shone under the bright magenta moon, which ruled the daytime. On the coast, a middle school girl lied on it with her pace buried in sodium chloride. The girl in a blue and white jumpsuit had a star like hairpin on her head, which held the streak of her hair. Along with the hairpin, she also had a red police beacon light on her head. Not even the slightest movement came out of her. Next to her, the exact same girl stood next to her, watching her with absolute confusion and bafflement in her cyan eyes. Yet, she stood like a statue, unsure what move to do next.

"This is some weird shit. I want to go home." thought the standing girl as she kept staring at the lying identical girl near her. When she tilted her head for a bit, the lying girl combusted into gray dust. Particles of dust got absorbed by the shining salt of the beach, completely vanishing in front of her eyes. Her cyan irises completely shrunk at that sight, but she remained standing completely still.

"Come to think of it, how did I get here in the first place?" wondered the girl after the initial shock of the event vanished, looking at the gradient magenta sky. The horizon, bordered by the transparent water, seemed endless to her, yet quite foreign. She didn't know where to go, what to do and what even was going around. All she could do was to observe.

"Dawn shall be your downfall if you remain stationary on the skin." suddenly, a posh voice spoke to her from a distance. Completely startling her, she looked around in panic to see the origin of the spoken voice. After some head shaking, she noticed an adult sized figure standing from a far. The figure had a tall, yet incredibly lanky body, covered in completely black clothing. Its face, however, was significantly wider than its shoulder. It was in the shape of a full moon, which had empty beady holes for the eyes and a permanent neutral expression, shaped by the immobile lips. The figure stood there without approaching the girl.

"Aaah! W-who are you?! A-and what do you mean by skin?!" stammered the girl, pulling out a rather small, plasma powered gun before she pointed the weapon at the figure. She wasn't sure where to fire it or not, but held it just in case.

"I go by the term Franz. I am a mere chaperon of the lost." introduced the moon faced figure to her.

"A-are you friendly? Y-you're not out to hurt me, are you?" asked girl in slight panic as her grip on the gun started to shake.

"I know the truth to this world." answered Franz casually, but that only raised more question to the girl rather than giving her decisive answers.

"W-what does that even mean?!" stuttered girl, with her grip on the gun starting to shake even more. If one wrong move was done, she could have accidentally fired at him.

"Anyway, what do you refer yourself to? I must admit, I am intrigued by the form you possess." politely asked Franz. Judging from his tone alone, she lowered down the gun, knowing that he isn't out there to hurt him. Yet, she remained uncertain about everything that happened so far.

"Should I reveal myself to him? All he does is saying some really cryptic stuff to me and I don't even know if he's a friendly or not. But...he hasn't been hostile to me." thought the girl with caution, unsure what to do to the figure. After some time of reconsideration, she decided to give it a try. Aside from standing there while waiting for her potential doom, if the words of Franz are to be trusted, it was the only option she had.

"My name is….Luluco."

Hearing her name, Franz didn't particularly react in a distinct manner. He took it as something he learned for that day, but nothing special.

"Has the view of flesh been stimulating? Every interval of temporal break now and then, I often come here and release the relaxation within me." asked Franz, initiating the conversation like he would with a person on his world. Unsurprisingly, his words immediately weirded out Luluco.

"F-flesh?! What do you mean flesh?! This is flesh!" squeaked Luluco as she pinched her cheeks to prove him that she is touching flesh by her definition.

"That is a part of a form you're holding" said Franz, pointing out that their terminology might differ.

"H-how is this skin?! It's salt!" continued Luluco as she went on all fours to lick the salt. After tasting it, she concluded that it was, indeed, salt. "Yeah, it's salt. No doubt about it."

"That is skin you're tasting." insisted Franz. Baffled by his words, Luluco stood up once again and went towards the caressing transparent liquid.

"A-and how is this flesh?! Flesh isn't liquid...I think. That has to be water!" argued Luluco as she crouched down and took a sip of the liquid. It tasted like water, just like on her home planet. "It does taste like water. I hope that I didn't just accidentally poison myself right now."

"That is flesh you're consuming." said Franz in the exact same tone as he did before.

"...I give up. I've been to many worlds across the universe already, but this already something else. Everything feels upside down and I'm not getting any answers even!" Luluco admitted defeat within her mind. Nothing made sense to her. Everything about the world, where the color of the sky was gradient magenta, was an enigma to her.

"As truth comes out of my lips, you are quite the most absurd form I have witnessed around." suddenly admitted Franz, completely baffling her once again.

"Me? Absurd? But I'm just a normal middle school girl, searching to find someone special across the galaxy. Now, I just wanna go home…" lamented Luluco as she looked down, twisting her ankle as well.

"Embrace the absurdity of cosmos. It is a privilege to have that." advised Franz in a friendly tone.

"I'm...not sure how to feel about that." murmured Luluco, who was still looking down.

"Now if you seek to desire answers, you must come to the Göulascht, the city of remnants. As I foretold at the beginning, they shall come if you remain stationary. If you value the ability to further breathe, you must traverse through my printings." cautioned Franz before he walked away, going towards the horizon of the beach side. He walked like he soiled his trousers, leaving footprints behind him. After some time, he disappeared from Luluco's sight. She was left even more confused than before.

"….I barely have an idea what is going on there, but who is he referring to? Are they dangerous? I can't really risk it….so that means, only one thing remains…" thought Luluco to herself, wonder what to do. Should she risk staying there, possibly endangered by unknown "them" or should she risk in following him, leading towards the unknown absurdity. Then, after a long time of reconsiderations, she finally decided on her decision on what to do.

She went forth.