A place I never knew, until I met you.

I wandered within these walls, this cathedral of falsehoods and misery,

wasting away.

Darkness, a constant, pain a reprieve.


You, with a Tambourine,

You, with a goat at her heels and confidence in her step,

Lit everything in my world.


A fitting name for one such as yourself, as vibrant and beautiful as a riverbank at mid-day.

Surely, we should never meet.

For me to taint your bright existence with mine, the ultimate sin,

though I thought none could surpass my birth, the unholy thing that I am.

However, faith was merciful and so very, very, cruel,

I was sent to find you. To take you.

Being in your presence was like a benediction placed upon my soul,

swiftly replaced by guilt.

So much guilt.

I can't help but think now, as I lie beside you

that perhaps if I had disobeyed, perhaps then you would be free.

Free from this present moment, which will consume us,

'til we're no more than forgotten memories.