This is a story that came from the idea that Penny Robinette had. I apologize ahead of time for any misspelled words, I am not a professional writer. Remember it is a fictional story. I love the show Rizzoli and Isles, No money is made from this story.

Chapter 12

Blood As Cold As Ice

As the morning light came through the the curtains of their bedroom. Smiling as she is waking up, Jane couldn't help by giggles little bit, as she looked at her amazing, beautiful, pregnant wife sleeping half on top of her, Jane hugged her tightly, breathing in the scent of Maura. Remembering that Maura had work her up earlier feeling very frisky, and how attentive they had made love to each each for a couple of hours until the both fell asleep. Jane loved this quiet, priceless moments when she woke up earlier then Maura, where she would watch her sleep, hold her closer and tighter, and quietly thank the heavens for Maura, their lives, and their unborn child. Before Maura, Jane first and only priority was her career, now it was her wife and their child. Remebering today was the day that they would get to see little suga, she was beyond excited and looking forward to their Doctor's appointment and ultrasound. She successfully untangled herself from Maura, and quietly went into the ensuite, shower and dressed, then she quietly exited their bedroom heading downstairs to the kitchen.

Maura slowly woke up, stretching she reached out to Jane's side of the bed to find it empty. Sitting up the aroma of food and coffee welcome her, reaching for her robe, she put it on and went into the ensuite. As she reentered their bedroom, she was surprised to find Jane waiting with a tray with a rose, food, OJ, a cup of tea, and a cup of coffee. Smiling she walked up the Jane kissing her saying "good morning, sweetheart, I was disappointed to wake up to you not in bed, because I had plans for you." "Good morning, beautiful, sorry I wanted to surprise my stunning pregnant wife with breakfast in bed." saying as she kissed Maura again. They ate their breakfast in bed, they fed each other breakfast, and talk about being excited about seeing little suga, today. Jane surprised Maura by suggesting that after the Doctor's appointment and ultrasound, they were having lunch then going shopping at Maura's favorite boutiques, Maura was beyond excited, tackling Jane peppering her with kisses and showing her how much she appreciated her again for the next 2 hours.

At 11 am they were anxiously waiting in the ultrasound room for the doctor and ultrasound tech to come in. Jane was sitting in a chair next to the examination table holding Maura's hand, they were talking about plans for the upcoming weekend. As the door opened allowing the dr, nurse, and ultrasound tech to enter. The Doctor examined Maura, everything was great, and now it was time to meet and see little suga. As the tech informed Maura that the gel would be a little cold, Maura nodded she understood. Smiling she gave Jane's hand a squeeze. The sound of a heartbeat was heard as the tech found little suga. Both Jane's and Maura's eyes widen as 2 little sugas appeared on the screen, the tech confirmed there was 2 babies the sex of the babies. The sound of the thud on the floor brought both the attention of Maura and the tech away from the screen, Jane was laying on the floor. The tech quickly was at Jane's side and waved smelling salt under her nose, slowly Jane started coming to. Slowly sitting up looking around Jane noticed she was sitting on the floor, and looked up to see her wife very concerned, Jane quickly asking "what happened?" Maura made sure her wife was okay and explained she had fainted, after seeing that there are 2 little sugas, Jane being embarrassed, apologized several times to her wife and the tech. The tech smiled at her and explained it is normal that a lot of first time parents have the same reaction. Returning to her place by Maura's side, she leaned in kissing and hugging her she whispered into Maura's ear "Thank you, beautiful, for these amazing little miracles, I love you." The tech printed out copies of the ultrasound pictures and handed them to Maura telling both of them Congratulations. They checked out at the front desk, making their next appointment, smiling as they made their way to the car.

Jane took Maura to her favorite bistro for lunch, they were still excited about the 2 little sugas, and discussed baby's names, and godparents, and things. They decided on a nursery theme. After lunch they visited a few boutiques, Maura brought a few maternity dresses, outfits, and shoes, new lingerie, matching bras and panties sets, a few new shirts, tank shirts and suits, and boxers for Jane. They also picked up a few outfits for the 2 little sugas. Happy with all their purchases, the made their way home, Maura unlocked and opened the front door, quickly went to the bathroom, and once Jane had successfully placed all the packages in the living room, she headed into the kitchen to prepared Maura's surprise for tomorrow. Constance came over earlier and prepared the food for Jane. Jane quickly retrieved the food, drinks, and the present she had for Maura. When she return to the living room Maura was waiting for her in nothing but Jane's Red Sox jersey, Jane's mouth went dry. "Jane, sweetheart please close your mouth, you attracting flies. Do you like what you see, sweetheart?" Maura asks as she does a little shimmy for Jane. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she says "Jesus Maura, do you even have to ask?" Placing the tray of goodies down on the coffee table, Jane quickly closed the distance between them, pulling Maura into a passionate kiss, only breaking apart because of the need for air. Maura pushed Jane down onto the sofa, and attacked her. After a few round of love making, laying on the sofa, Jane fed Maura the goodies off the tray, and then gave her two surprises gifts. One was 2 onesie that said, " Little Googlemouth" and "Genius just like Mommy", and gift card for 2 people for full day of spa treatment for Saturday. Maura was crying as she looked at the onesies and was excited about the spa day. She thanked Jane several more times, before falling asleep in Jane's arms. Awaking later to the doorbell ringing, and hearing Jane paying and thanking the delivery man. Putting on Jane's jersey, she went use the bathroom and returned to see Jane plating their food, walking up and wrapping her arms around Jane's waist, Jane leaned back and kissed her. They ate at the kitchen island, and then cleaned up the kitchen together, Jane took all their purchases upstairs to their room, while Maura locked up the house and set the alarm. Arriving upstairs she found Jane preparing a bubble bath with all the extras, they share the bath and then got ready for bed.

The spa day was just what they both needed facials, mani-pedicures, and massages for both and hair appt and a Brazilian wax for Maura. They came home got ready to go out for dinner at the french restaurant loved, it was another surprise from Jane. They enjoyed their meal, and then took a walk around the Boston Common. Arriving home it was Maura's turn to suprise Jane. She gave Jane 2 tickets to the Red Sox game for Sunday, and also told her that after the game they were going to the Robber for supper. They decided to make it an early night since it was already 8:30 pm, so they changed into their pajamas and cuddles in bed, Maura fell asleep first, and Jane shortly after. Sunday was game day, Jane made breakfast for them, they cleaned the kitchen, got ready and headed to Fenway, watched the Sox beat the Yankees 9 to 1, went to the Robber ate and head home to was a work day. They arrived home, showering together, and went to bed, not before Jane thanked her wife several times and orgasms later, they fell asleep happily wrapped in each other's arms.

I hope you are enjoying the story.