Chapter 4: The Sick Platter

Violet was working the Happy Platter today but it was a cold day where people would catch a cold or the flu but Violet kept warm and healthy so that way she could work. She got into her rain clothes and walked to the Happy Platter.

When she got in she was greeted by Tony. He said "Hey Violet." and kissed her on the forehead.

"Hey Tony." Violet said and took off her rain clothes.

"How are you?"

"I'm good. How about you?"

"I'm good. My mom wants to speak to talk to the both of us."

"Okay." They both ran to the back of the building as they saw Mrs. Rydinger.

"Morning Violet." Mrs. Rydinger said.

"Morning Mrs. Rydinger. Where is Mr. Rydinger?"

"That's what i'm here to talk about. He caught the flu and can't work for a while. So until he's feeling better the both of you have to do his shifts okay? You two will get extra pay for doing his shifts."

"Okay." Tony and Violet said as they both went to work.

"Good morning everyone. My name is Violet. What would you like today?" Violet asked.

"We'll take the Morning Happy Platter specials." The lady and gentleman said.

"Coming right up." She went to the kitchen to give the order.

"Two Morning Happy Platter specials. Stat. *cough cough.*

"You got it Vi. Are you okay?"

"Yep got a tickle in my throat."

"Alright." Debby the Chef said as she started cooking.

"You okay?" Tony said.


After working for the morning Violet felt herself getting sicker and sicker. But she sucked it up and kept working until her job was done. When she was on her break she needed a nap. While she was taking her nap she was tapped awake.

"Violet?" Tony said as she woked up.


"Are you okay?" Mrs. Rydinger said.

"Yeah. I'm fine."

"You sound weak."

"Don't worry. I'm-Achoo!"

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah. I'm-Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!"

Mrs. Rydinger felt her forehead and said "Your burning up! You might have a cold."

"Or the flu." Tony said.

"Yeah." Violet sniffled.

"You should go home and get some rest."

"I can't. I have to work. Achoo!"

"Not with a cold. I'm sorry but you have to go home."

"Okay." She got up, put on her rain clothes, and went home.

When she got home Helen was on the couch reading the newspaper and when she saw Violet walking in she said "Why are you home early?"

"I'm not feeling well. *cough cough.*"

Helen felt her forehead and said "You have a fever. You have to go to bed now."

"Yes Mom. Achoo!"

After she got into bed Helen took her temperature. She took it out and said "It's a fever. You caught a cold young lady."

"I knew it. Achoo!"

"I'll let you rest." Helen said and left her alone to rest.

A While Later

Violet woke up from her nap and heard her door open. It opened to show Tony with a bowl of chicken soup.

"Hey Vi."

"Hey Tony. Why aren't you-Achoo! In the Happy Platter?"

"I had to see you."

"Why?" Violet said and coughed.

"You're sick. And i'm your boyfriend and I care about you. And my mother made you some hot Happy Platter Get Well Soon chicken soup."

"You made that up didn't you?"

"No. That's on the menu."

"Oh really?"


"I didn't know. Achoo!"

"Bless you."

"Thanks." She blew her nose and sighed.

" you want some soup?"

"Yeah. I can go for some soup now."

"That's great." He came up to her and gave her some soup. After the soup they did some talking.

"How do you feel now?"

"Better. Even though i'm still-*cough cough.* sick."

"Well that's good." Tony said as he leaned in for a kiss.

"Ah ah. I'm sick. Remember?"

"I don't mind."

"Okay." They both leaned in for a kiss on the lips. It was short but adorable.

"I needed that kiss."

"Me too." Tony said as he blushed.

"Your adorable when your blushing."

"I did know."

"Well you know now." Violet said as they both laughed before Violet coughed.

Tony got her a cup of water with a straw and said "Here you go."

She sniffled and said "Thanks." And put the cup of water to her face as she drunk it.

"I'm okay. A-a-Achoo!" Violet said and sighed.

"That's a bad cold."

"Yeah. *cough cough.* I'm really sorry."

"About what?"

"Falling sick and leaving work to get some rest."

"It's okay. Everyone gets sick. So don't feel bad. Before I got here I visited my dad to see how he's doing."

"Really? How is he?"

"He's doing better. Sick. But better."

"Okay. Achoo!"

"Bless you."

"Thanks. *yawn*"

"I think you should get some rest."

"No. I'm good."

"Nope. You need to rest."

"Okay. I'll rest."

"That's my Violet Parr." Tony said and kissed her on the nose and left her to rest.

The Next Day

Violet woke up still not well but when she was getting up she heard a knock on her door. She came up to it and saw Tony with a smile.

"Hi Tony. Achoo!"

Tony chuckled and said "Bless you."

"Thanks." Violet said and sniffled.

"You should go back to bed."

"I just got up. *cough cough.*"

"And now you should go back to bed."

"Can I atleast tinkle first?"

"Yes. You can tinkle."

"Thanks." She went to the bathroom and tinkled. When she came back she lied down as Tony covered her with the blanket and kissed her on the cheek.

"Thanks Tony."

"Your welcome."

"I still feel bad that I had to skip work because of a cold. Achoo!"

"I understand."

"You do?"

"Yes. When I got sick and I had to do work my mom told me to stay home even though I had to work. But my mom said it's gonna be okay and she forgives me for skipping out even though I was sick."

"Huh. I didn't-Achoo! Know." Violet said and blew her nose.

"So don't take it hard. I won't."

"But what will your mom think of me?"

"She thinks you're lovely. And she understands that when your sick you have to get some rest."

"I hope she does." Violet said as there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Violet said as Mrs. Rydinger came in.

"Hey Violet. Hi Tony."

"Hi Mom." Tony said.

"Hi Mrs. Rydinger."

"How are you feeling?"

"Still sick."

"That's too bad."

" I just wanna say that i'm-Achoo! Sorry."

"For what?"

"For going home because i'm sick. *cough cough.*"

"Oh it's okay Violet. I know that the Happy Platter is a job that you have but your health is better."


"Yes. Your still a kid and everyone gets a sick day. Even I do."

"She sure does." Tony says.

"He's right. So don't stress out sweetie. Just get some rest, stay warm, have some nice soup, and think about your health first."

"Yes Ma'am. Achoo!"

"Bless you." Mrs. Rydinger and Tony said.


"I think it's best if we leave her to rest. Let's get back to the Happy Platter."

"Okay Mom. Bye Violet." Tony said.


"Feel better." Tony and Mrs. Rydinger said.

"Thanks." Violet says as she got some rest.

The next days Violet was stuck sick in bed but Tony and Mrs. Rydinger came over and helped her get better. When Violet was feeling better she got into her work clothes and went to the Happy Platter.

"Good Morning!" Violet says with a smile.

"Violet! Your feeling better." Tony said as he hugged her.

"Looks like getting rest was the best way to go." Mrs. Rydinger said.


"Hey. Look who's feeling better." Mr. Rydinger says.

"Mr. Rydinger! Your feeling better too!"

"Yep. Now Violet and Tony. Get to work!"

"Yes sir!" Violet said.

"Yes Dad." Tony said.

"I'm glad your feeling better."

"Yeah me too."