What A Popstar Did Next

The last time you heard from Miley Stewart she had just arrived at Stanford University. Since then she has graduated in the top ten in her class with a degree in human biology. She then attended medical school at Stanford and has recently finished her residency in family medicine back in Malibu.

Three years ago, she had her first child, Henry, with her ex boyfriend Jesse.

Now, she works at a small practice in Malibu and raises her son in a house especially built on her fathers ranch.

"Henry, time to go to Pappys" Miley said as she walked into her sons bedroom to wake him up. "C'mon buddy, mommy has to go work"

Henry stirred and stretched. "Good morning mommy." He whispered as he awoke.

"Good morning honey" Miley replied and leaned over and kissed his head.

Miley got her son dressed, brushed his teeth and took him downstairs for his breakfast.

"Mommy, can I have the bread with the egg in it?" Henry asked.

"Sure buddy." Miley replied. She made him some breakfast and then she got in her car and drive him the short distance to her fathers house. She dropped him at her dads then headed to work.

She got into work and headed into her office. She got her white coat on and put her stethoscope. She logged on to her computer and looked through her schedule for the day. It was Wednesday today so she finished work at 2pm to spend some time with Henry since he went to see his father at the weekend, if he turned up.

Miley went about her day seeing patients, charting and speaking with other doctors about different patients.

She managed to leave work at 2pm and headed straight to pick her son up from her dad. She got out her car and headed up to the front door, she opened it and discovered no one was in the living area. She walked through the living room and kitchen and opened the back door and seen that her dad and Henry were in the backyard she walked out.

"Hey guys" she said before noticing there was someone else out there too. "Oh hi there".

Just outside the barn there was a rather rugged looking man. He was well over six foot tall, had a short beard, light brown hair and blue eyes as clear as the Pacific.

"Hey Miles, this is Michael, he runs the contracting company I've hired to fix a few things around the house." Robbie said.

"Mommy, Mr Mike is so cool, he has lots and lots of cool tools in his truck." Henry said excitedly.

"Hi, I'm Mike Miller. Nice to meet you." Mike said walking over to Miley with his hand stretched out for her to shake smiling.

"Dr Miley Stewart, nice to meet you too" Miley replied shaking his hand smiling also.

"So, Mr Stewart we're good to go on Monday then?" Mike confirmed.

"We are indeed thanks for coming out today." Robbie replied back as Miley sat on a couch outside beside her son putting her purse at her feet.

Mike shook Robbies hand, walked over to Henry gave him a high-five and turned round and shook Mileys hand again. He took a step back and went to take his keys out his pocket and when searching for the right one he dropped them. Without Miley noticing he slipped his business card into her bag. He stood up and apologised "Sorry, i'm a bit of a klutz."

"Don't worry about it." Robbie said back and walked him to the front door.

Miley turned around to her son. "Now, Mr Henry, what are we doing today? The beach, swimming in the pool, or Disney movies?" She asked him.

"Swimming in the pool and then Disney movies." Henry responded.

"Okay then, lets go!"

Miley picked up her bag and stood up. Henry stood up too and they walked to the front door together. They said goodbye to Robbie and got into Mileys car and drove the short distance to their home.

A few hours later, after the swimming and showers Miley had gotten her and Henry changed into their PJs. She went into her bag to get her phone to order pizza and she came across the business card Mike had dropped in her bag. She smiled. She took her phone out, ordered her food and then went into the living room. She sat on the couch beside her son and put his favourite movie on the TV and looked at the business card in her hand. She decided to text the number on it.

Miley: Nice job Mr Builder-man.

Mike: ?

Miley: It's Miley you slipped your card into my bag at my dads when you "dropped your keys"

Mike: Haha, thanks. Glad you texted.

Miley: I don't text every contractor that slips me their business card so feel lucky haha.

Mike: Sorry, I went out with the same girl for 10 years and we broke up around 6 months ago and I have no idea how to talk to pretty girls.

Miley: It's fine it was actually quite cute.

Mike: Glad to hear it, could I maybe call you?

Miley: I'm waiting on pizza coming and watching the Lion King with Henry. He goes to bed at 7:30 could I call you then?

Mike: Yeah, sure, talk then

Miley looked up from her phone smiling to watch the movie not realising Henry had been watching her the whole time.

"You look happy mommy." He said.

Miley wrapped her arm around her son "Why wouldn't I be happy? I have my beautiful baby boy, pizza on its way and the Lion King." She replied.

The pizza came a short time later, and by the time the pizza and the movie was finished it was time for Henry to go to bed. Miley took him upstairs, got him in his bed and tucked him in.

"Goodnight, buddy. What story would you like tonight?" Miley asked.

"My book." Henry replied.

Miley nodded and went to his bookshelf and picked up the book titled "Night, Night Henry". A book she had specially made for his first birthday, She read it to him and just as she was finishing Henrys little eyes closed. He was asleep. Miley kissed his head, stood up, turned the nightlight on and left the room closing the door behind her. She went downstairs and sat on the couch. She picked her cellphone and called Mike.

Miley: Hello, I need my roof repaired.

Mike: That will be $10,000 please pay now.

Miley laughed: Hey.

Mike: Hey.

Miley: How are you?

Mike: I'm good, a little nervous, but good.

Miley: Why are you nervous?

Mike: Because I was going to ask you out if you called me.

Miley: Well I would be nervous.

Mike: Huh?

Miley: Because if you were asking me out I would say "yes".

Mike: Would you like to go out with me on Friday, Dr Stewart?

Miley: Yes I would Mr Builder-man.

Mike: Awesome! Can I make a little confession though?

Miley: Sure.

Mike: You're dad told me I'd like you.

Miley: Sorry to say he's said that to every guy my age he's met since me and Henrys dad broke up. Jesse kinda treated me like crap. He never hit me or anything but I earned the money, I done the chores, I took care of our child whilst he done nothing. So, my dad likes to tell any decent guys I'm single so I can meet someone that treats me right.

Mike: Oh I'm sorry.

Miley: It's okay.

Mike: So, what would you like to do on Friday? Dinner? A movie?

Miley: Dinner and a movie sounds good. Will just have to check my dad can watch Henry first.

Mike: Doesn't he see his dad at the weekend?

Miley: Technically he's supposed to but the last time Jesse came to pick him up was a year ago. I'm not even sure he still lives in California now.

Mike: That sucks. He's a good kid.

Miley: He's the best. Sorry to cut this short but I have some charting to do before work tomorrow.

Mike: Okay, no problem. Goodnight.

Miley: Goodnight.

They hung up the phone and Miley put her phone down on the couch and smiled. She couldn't wait for Friday.

AN: Been watching HM during quarentine. thought i'd write a fanfic for old times sake. sorry the phone/text convos are script style thought it'd be easier.