Chapter 2

Pulling up to the crime scene, Jane noticed that Maura was already examining the body the crime scene techs was busy looking and gathering evidence. As Jane ducked under the crime tape, she gives her name and badge number Victor 825, and heads towards the body, as she walks toward it, she meets up with Korsak, Frost, Sam, and Crowe. Sam begins to fill her in about the victim, white female, blonde hair, blue eyes, approximately 5"4', and athletic build. No I D has been located, no purse or wallet has been found either. Jane nods, instructing her team to canvas the area, looking for evidence and hopefully witnesses to interview.

Approaching the body, she quickly squats down, asking " Doc, what do we have, here? Maura answers, looks like a gunshot wound, entrance wound, no exit wound will know more once I get her back to the morgue." "Maura, what is that on and in her left hand?" "Jane, I will know more once I have examined her back in the morgue, have bagged her hands, and will know more once I examine and process her body thoroughly, come down once you are back, I would being starting the autopsy once I get back." Jane nods, gives Maura a nod and wink.

A few hours later, Jane is standing in the morgue, with a shock look on her face. Looking at at the victim's left hand, carved into the left hand was C 0, and inside her was a new shining, silver BPD badge. "Listening to Maura explain that there was an entrance wound, but no exit wound, shot in the heart at close range, also that there was no bullet was found when she examined the heart and body, and that she was waiting on toxicology, blood, and labs to come back." Jane was waiting on a match from the fingerprints to come by. She had brought down some tea, water and food, since they missed lunch, she was worried about Maura missing lunch. She loved Maura and their child and wouldn't want anything to happen to either one of them. As Maura observed

his fiancee, Jane, she could see it was starting to stress out Jane, and she was getting very aggravated. As they were finishing eating, their cellphones began ringing, answering "Rizzoli" 'Isles", another murder had occurred, summoning them to the crime scene.

Arriving together at the crime scene, they were both shocked to find the same MO to match the victim already in the morgue, the only thing difference was carved in her left hand was A 2. No witnesses, just like the other victim. Once the body was safely stored back at the morgue, everyone decided to call it a night at work. Maura invited everyone over to her house for a BBQ and to watch the Boston Red Sox play the Chicago Cubs.

Jane and Maura had ran to the store, picked up everything needed for the BBQ and the fixing, along with beer and wine. Once at Maura's, they quickly unloaded, prepped all the meat and sides, they quickly showered together, Maura helped relieved Jane's sexual tensions. As their guests started arriving Frost with wine beer, Sam with wine coolers, Nina with the makings for Strawberry daiquiris, Korsak Kiki with beer, Susie with wine, and finally Frankie and Sean with beer. As Jane, Frost, Frankie, and Korsak manned the steaks, chicken, sausage, hot dogs, hamburgers, veggies burgers, turkey burgers and vegetables, the ladies got the sides which was baked beans, potato salad, a garden salad, and garlic bread. Maura was carving chocolate cake. Everything was cooked, everyone ate, and kitchen cleaned. Maura, KiKi, Nina had just finished making strawberry daiquiris, unbeknown to the other Maura had made hers a virgin one, since she was pregnant and no one know. Once everyone was sitting in the living room waiting for the ballgame to start, they were teasing Sam, Nina, and Frost about cheering for the wrong team. Maura brought Jane another beer, and sat between Jane and Frankie. Jane looked at Maura with a raised eyebrow, Maura mouth "it is a virgin strawberry daiquiris," Jane nodded, smiled took a sip of her beer, relaxing back into the couch. Cheering as the game started.

As the were watching the game, Angela came busting through the back door, with no one other than the youngest Rizzoli tagging along behind her. Everyone turned as they entered Maura's house. "Oh Maura there you are, I having been looking for you all day," Angela says. "Tommy, what the fuck are you doing here? asks Jane and Frankie at the same time. Angela ignoring both of them, say " I want to introduce you to my youngest son, Tommy, Maura he is perfect for you, he will make a wonderful husband." Maura looks at Jane and everyone shocked. Tommy walks up to Maura pulling her into a hug and goes in for a kiss on her lips. Maura pushes Tommy away, and is trying to get out of the hold he has on her, as she struggles again, Tommy knocks Maura down onto the floor. Tommy saying, now Maura is that anyway to treat your boyfriend? Ma has been telling me about you for two weeks." Jane is helping Maura up "asking if she was okay?"

Once Jane was sure Maura was fine, she helped her to a chair at the island. Turning to Angela and Tommy, she informs both of them that Maura and her are in a relationship. Tommy looks at Maura, " telling her that she doesn't have to be with a fucking freak like Jane, when she could be with a real man and a real Rizzoli," smirking he continues taunting Jane saying all kind of rude, and ugly comments. Maura says, Tommy, you or any other man could not satisfied me like Jane can, you are a poor excuse of a man. Your 2 inches of a penis can't compete with Jane 8 inches and she knows how to satisfied me in so many other way, she is a very skilled lover." Tommy says a smartass comments, and Jane punches him in the face and gets two more punches into his ribs, she only stops when she hears Maura telling her to stop, Tommy take that opportunity to get in a punch to the face and 3 kidney shots. Maura is at Jane side, trying to look at her face. When Jane says, "you stupid piece of shit, you are not good enough to even eat off the bottom of her shoes, besides we have been in a relationship for a year, engaged for 6 months, and she is pregnant with our child, you dummy ass." Angela starts screaming at Jane, "why do you you always have to ruin everything, why can't you be happy for Maura and Tommy, instead of lying saying you and Maura have been together? Jane, you are a poor excuse of a daughter, an embarrassment, and an selfish bitch. I should have let your father kill you when he wanted to, or put you up for adoption when we had a chance, you have brought me nothing but disappointment and heartbreak, you are no longer my daughter." Maura tells at Angela and Tommy, " get out of my house right now, that includes the guesthouse, you are no longer welcome in our home, you have no respect for my fiancee, me or our child. Now get both you ass out of our house, or I will have you escorted of our property." Angela and Tommy both go to speak, but are silence by by Frankie, Sean, Frost and Korsak, "asking them to leave the easy way or the hard way." Maura has grabbed Jane and is walking her to the couch, kneeling down in front of her" asking her if she is okay?" She can tell that Jane is in shock, and is staring far off.