The red haired man showed Eli to a nearby small house. Compared to the castle it was small but individually it was easily the size of a 5 bedroom 2 bathroom house. The mansion could be effortlessly bigger but the sizes were still close. To Eli's horror all 3 went inside the house and were directed by the red-head to some unknown place. The poor girl knowing her family's luck started to freak out and stopped mid way through the already passed door.

Not sensing the girl's presence behind him anymore, the red head turned around looking for an explanation but stopped his question short when he understood the blond's fear. How stupid had he been to just take a new girl without presenting himself or clarifying what and who was what.

Slowly advancing closer to the new girl, he made sure to keep his distance and started " I'm very sorry for not having explained anything before hand. You must be scared to your senses with both of us taking you here alone. I promise you we wont do you any harm. It'll never be in our intentions."

"In fact, we might need your help for something but first we need to make everything clear for you first" He reassuringly smiled, making Eli relax a little.

" Please sit down here and make yourself comfortable I'll bring bandages for your wounds and Rin will bring tea and light refreshment for us all to speak further. I'll have a maid bring some change of clothes for you and water to clean yourself up." The both of them retracting from the veranda they had settled in.

A few minutes later, sure enough a sweet looking maid came in with a set of clothes under her harms and a bucket of hot water accompanied with a cloth.

" Thank you very much for your help, I can take it from here" Eli tried to dismiss the girl to no avail. The maid just looked confused and went on to unbutton the blond's shirt for her.

Frustrated to an extraordinary level, Eli took the maid's hand away from her shirt and tried again " Thanks but I can do that for myself, you don't have to undress me at all." She blushed hard not looking her in the eyes.

The other girl still looking disoriented started to look down, blushed and bit her lips before undoing her own dress buttons.

Eli horrified by her actions stood up in a flash to stop the maid from undressing in front of her. The young maid both flustered from the unusual request and its quick halt looked up into Eli's eyes and stopped short.

"I'm not asking for you to undress, please don't downgrade yourself for anyone, please stop" Eli begged.

This day was going to be harder than she thought. The maid mesmerized with Eli's action and voice just stared and blushed. She seemed to have been in a trance of some kind.

"Vous pouvez vous retirer. Elle vous a seulement remercier" The red head man entered with bandages explaining to the maid that Eli was indeed just thanking her and not asking for anything extra.

Her cheeks rosed even more and she left soon after without missing a polite curtsy.

" She didn't understand you. You're still speaking in Japanese and she only speaks French." The man stated. He advanced slowly and described what was going to happen for the rest of today starting by clarifying him being a Japanese doctor. Making him fully entitled to ask her to pull her pants for him to clean the wounds.

Eli was slowly getting used to this very strange man that seemed to have a lot hidden. She listened to what he had to say with prudence and acted slowly. Taking her bloody ripped pants down, she applied water to pre-clean the wounds and went on to let the doctor tend to them.

From her position on the cushioned bench, she had an upper view of the red haired man.

From close he seem to look all the more feminine. She suddenly remembered that he was slightly shorter than she was.

Strange for man of the 21 th century. But then again he was Japanese. That didn't matter.

He finished all the bandaged and she continued cleansing the dirty water off with the fresh's bucket. After which she changed into the spare clothes and shoes. They looked exactly the those of the 2 men'. Must have been one of their house.

The second man she met earlier arrived in the room with a tray full of afternoon tea party assortments. The red man stopped her from questioning any of her thoughts.

" Before you ask any questions, please have some tea and food. We're both going to explain what is what and where you are. All we ask is that you stay calm and not try to run away like a crazy woman otherwise the guards will find you and hand you over to that awful man" He finished looking bitterly to the side. The disagreeable awareness causing the other man to growl.

" First off you need to know that you are not in Japan anymore. In fact you're not even in the 21th century anymore but in the 18 th. Have you ever washed Back to the Future? Remember how they used a car to travel into time and space? Well you travelled just like them not with a car but with a tunnel and that tunnel was opened because you must have been in a near-to-death experience-"

"How did you know? I didn't tell-" Eli tried to questioned

" Don't ask questions now, keep them till the end if you still have some." The orange haired man said.

Eli stopped and let Red continue.

" Due to an unknown spatiotemporal issue, the moment your life was suppose to end; time sucked you in. Meaning instead of dying you were brought back in time, here in 18 th century France. Although this is a different history, all that you learned in your classes has already happened or will happen later on." Red said

He sipped a bit of his tea taking a break from his explanation and let all the new information sink in.

" We know this because we have been sucked into this era at another time for the same circumstances too. We are both Japanese and ahead of you questioning our sexes, yes we are both woman. We disguised our appearances to fit into this harsh sexist times we ended up in. Thank to our disguise, we are both in extraordinary positions. I'm lucky to have ended up as the first doctor of the royal family* and am trusted by them. Rin got her own luck with the horses and wind up with the title of Grand Squire**" . Presenting cookies to the newly arrived girl.

" My name is Maki. I was sucked in about 8 years ago when the plane I was traveling in took fire and ended up in the Pacific Ocean. Rin was actually the first one to arrive around 12 years ago after she got projected in a lake due to the blowed up tractor she was riding." She finished and Rin took the lead.

" The accidents are all related to water and we think that the portal is one of the fountains in Versailles. So we tried to recreate our crashes but it never worked. so we stopped and tried to think of why we were here. That's when we got it. We understood we were all sent here for some reason but it took us a really long time to figure it out."

"As stated before, we ended up in this ultra misogynist world where a revolution is on the border of exploding due to bad political and economical affairs. Men are so stressed they take it on their wives, children, friends or anyone that has lower power. Both physical and rank alike.

"This hit the Noblesse the most, and unfortunately the royal family is not left out. The current king Charles VI, is what we would know has a narcissistic-Bipolar pervert in our century." Maki grimaced.

"He's a psycho bastard that can't deal with the outside world, even less with royal and personal affairs. In conclusion, his wife of 6 years is the martyr of all his failure but she doesn't do anything about it. It's enraging !" Rin roughly stood making her chair fall behind her.

" She is incredibly smart with a great sense of leadership but an even greater sense of loyalty. She was raised to support her husband for better and for worst and she's stubborn enough not to see the subterfuge" Maki added whilst seating Rin down in hopes of calming her.

"Her majesty the queen is, like we explained, someone that is the most apt to rule amongst the whole of Versailles' masses. Unfortunately for her, the " new aristocrats" are the king's biggest supporters and they detest her." Maki finished.

" You have to understand that she's originally from Austria. Those idiots in the king's entourage hate the fact that she's Austrian, smart, talented in all categories you can name, and beautiful on top of that. The new women are hideous both inside and out. It was said they came from the really bad ghettos and reached their way up inside the king's bed out of poverty" Rin angrily spat.

It was easy to comprehend that she took this topic to heart and she wanted to do something about it, fast.

Sensing that Rin was escalating into a mad fit, maki took over before she could add anything.

" She could be a great ruler and everyone knows it: the aristocracy and the peasants alike.

She actually is really liked amongst the peasants and middle class that know of her. She tries to help them in her ways even with her husband's no go"

" So we talked about the issue of the kingdom's soon-to-be uprising to some of her most loyal friends and employees and they all agree that she needs to take the throne. Either by a coup d'Etat or by killing him since he'll never be reasoned with." Maki looked out the bright window.

" Since we're from a totally different century and know the past, well the future in this case, we need to act fast. The revolution that is supposedly happening now will be awful compared to the one we know of. In addition, t he future of this country is related to our exit of it. If it results into a revolution, we're pretty sure our already-little chance to leave will be a total zero."

" OK, OK. I get it. We need to save this imprisoned queen from the great bad king. Then can I return home ?" Eli started to get impatient. Why were they so pushy on the subject. Why didn't they already do it before since they've been here for so long.

Maki seemed to have caught on Eli's annoyance and went on to the concrete and tell her what she was going to do to help them escape.

" We both are known by everyone in Versailles. We talked to the queen on different occasions but she would not listen to us. Telling that it was her job to look over France but most importantly her husband. We think that you might be able to persuade-

" If you didn't persuade her when she knew you, why would she listen to a complete stranger?" Eli's tone rose.

" Honestly speaking, I don't think it's going to work but you are simply our last chance, and I can tell you that we absolutely need to take it." The graveness in Maki's voice was well felt. Calming Eli down in an instant. They might have a point. She did want to leave. As crazy as this seemed she was not in Tokyo and she was not going to live here eternally.

She was gonna listen to their strategy on how to persuade this deaf queen.

A long moment of silence crossed the room. Weighing it with an uncomfortable reality of the situation.

Eli understood that this was not the time to be difficult, " How can I do this ?" she huffed

Rin seemed overjoyed by her simple sentence, while Maki gently smiled out of respect and thankfulness.

" Here's how you're going to do it and how we'll help…"

*First Doctor: was seen as the most important hierarchal position in the medicinal world. Greatly trusted by the royal family and its entourage.

** Grand Squire : was one of the Great Officers of the Crown of France and a member of the Maison du Roi ("King's Household"). Commonly referred to as "Monsieur le Grand". He was in charge of the royal stables, the transport of the king and his ceremonial entourage (heralds, men of arms, musicians, etc.)