At the Bottom of a Mountain

The smell was unbearable.

It was a noxious mixture of cigarettes and stale beer, coming out like the stench of a litter-box on steroids. My stomach started to turn as Dohnaseek stepped through the door. How could anyone live like this? Looking down at the floor, I gagged. Slowly, I started to breathe through my mouth, following after.

As I stepped through the doorway, it was like stepping into a different world. Instantly, the stench intensified as glass clinked beneath my feet. I could just barely make out the outlines of the room Dohnaseek and I had pulled into. I started to feel a bit sick to my stomach as I leaned down to the floor. It was covered in a layer of old beer bottles and trash. Whoever lived here was not one for cleanliness; that's for sure.

Silently, Dohnaseek prowled about the room. I stood next to the open door, waiting in the purple glow of the hall. Suddenly, light bloomed across the place as Dohnaseek pulled open what appeared to be a curtain.

"Ugh..." groaned a female voice. Looking for the source of it, I could see that it came from the middle of the room. There was a bed there, a pile of clothes atop it. Looking around, the room was covered in an assortment of glass bottles and cigarette butts mostly centered on a small table near the foot of the bed.

My breath hitched.

From beneath the pile of cloth, I could feel something permeating out into the room, like a cloud. It quickly wrapped around my shoulders, implanting a sense of wrongness in my head. Whatever it was felt like it was hungry. It was dirty. It was Ms. Hash all over again, only worse.

Instantly, the mark on my neck burnt, seeming all too happy to match the slimy miasma in full force. Surprisingly, I was starting to get used to the burning sensation. It didn't so much as outright burn anymore, instead sending an uncomfortable warmth up my neck.

"Get up already, I told you we have a job to do." commanded Dohnaseek, staring at the still-moving pile of clothes. I continued to watch as whoever was inside let out a few more grumbles. Suddenly, a hand, long and white, shot itself into the air. As the person revealed themselves, I felt my face go scarlet.

A pair of eyes met my own. They were a dead violet, blearily scanning the room. I felt heat crawl further up my face as I brought my eyes down. Two tinges of light pink on her chest made my heart start to nervously flutter. The woman, whoever she was, was completely naked. Her creamy white skin was barely covered by a cascade of long black hair which matched above as it did below. A single eyebrow rose at my stare.

Quietly, I noted a pair of pitch-black wings poking out from her back.

"Dohnaseek," the woman began. I could see the tiredness flee her eyes as she continued to stare at me. Trying to save some of my dignity, I decided that the floor was suddenly very interesting. Angrily, she questioned, "Why did you bring this...human into my flat?"

I could tell she meant it as some type of insult, but I couldn't quite understand why. The almost sickening feeling of wrongness wafted from the woman in waves. I was drawn back to the few people I've run into that felt similar, not a single one of them could compare. The sense was too robust when compared to any of the humans I had felt; it was like staring into a hungry inferno. I didn't like it, not one bit.

"He's going with us on our job, ya know? The extermination mission." explained the black-winged man. Quickly, he walked over to the bed. The male fallen angel seemed to be taking all of the woman's...eccentricities in stride.

I could see the woman slowly piece together thoughts within her mind. Hurriedly, she stood up giving me another full view of her bosom. I did my best to ignore it as the unnatural air around her started to slowly clear. I could still feel it, only underneath the fallen's skin. It was still there, but the sickly sense was quiet, stunted even, as she started to throw on some clothes from the pile.

Looking at her, I thought That's a lot of leather...

"Raynare, you did get the briefing right? Where it said we were going to the Faroe Islands...which is usually blanketed in snow," asked Dohnaseek, incredulously staring at her.

The clothes, if you could call them that, were roughly squeezing Raynare all over. It made the fallen angel look like something you would see out of some kinky porno...not that I would have watched any, no sirree. The leather was form-fitting, riding up high on the woman's slender body. To me, it looked uncomfortable, but she seemed just fine.

I think the spikes are a bit overboard though... I thought.

"I didn't, and I don't care. A little bit of cold never bothered me," commented Raynare, giving the man a pointed look. I felt a little uncomfortable as that gaze slowly drifted to me. Starting to get to close for comfort, the woman inquired, "So who are you, little man?"

A cruel smile lit up the woman's face as I leaned back against the wall. She was about the same height as me, so when her face was but a couple of inches from mine I turned my head to the side. The woman laughed as she prodded, "Did you enjoy the show? I can give you another, if you like." painfully poking me on the shoulder.

Nervously, I stuttered, "N-No, um...I mean, what show?"

I could feel the unnatural miasma from before starting to slowly seep around me as the woman held me by the wall. Slowly, she started to open her mouth before Dohnaseek interrupted, "Look, Raynare. I know you're into the whole...bullying the new guy thing, but we're on a schedule here. Plus, little James over there doesn't seem to be enjoying it as much as your um, normal targets."

I let out a sigh of relief as the scantily-clad woman backed away. The supernatural miasma emanating from her completely faded as she acquiesced, "Fine, You always gotta ruin my fun."

Giving the woman a brief glance, I thought I have to figure out what that is.

That feeling, whatever it was, had to do with the mark. I couldn't quite put it to words, but I knew it to be true. They were interconnected. In a way, they were one and the same.

Grumbling, Dohnaseek said, "Nope, just when I'm on the clock. You wanna mess around do it on your own time. We're already late. James, I'll give you the rundown on the way there."

Quickly, the man headed towards the flat's open door. Looking at it I noticed something.

The cut-stone style inside the hall was completely different from Raynare's apartment. Curiously, I walked up to the door. Raynare's side, it was different than the hall's. Hers was made out of a reddish wood while the hall's was of stone. I couldn't quite tell where the two materials split. It was like magic, super-secret door magic.

Bringing me out of my findings was Dohnaseek's voice which asked, "Oh, you finally noticed that did ya? Crazy thing, ain't it? Azazel made the place, it's a kind of substation, letting us teleport with the different keys. Said he got the idea from some old anime."

Dumbly, I replied, "Oh, that'"

Lightly, Raynare brushed past me, into the hall. I could feel a bit of my earlier embarrassment dredge up as the woman shot me a barbed glance. Absentmindedly, I noted that she surprisingly didn't smell like her pigsty of an apartment.

Well, either that or I was getting used to the stench.

For a second, I thought back to just a little while ago, back when I was sitting on a couch next to Payton. My friend was gonna kill me when I got back...if my father didn't first. I had to keep pushing, keep striving forward. Because if I stopped, I felt I might snap. It was better to just live in the now than to worry about that which I couldn't control, no matter how maddening that may be.

As I entered the hall, the door behind me shut with a slam.

As we walked along into the hall Dohnaseek started explaining our little "extermination mission." The three of us were supposed to be heading to the Faroe Islands, somewhere West of Norway. There was an old mage living there who had something on her property harassing the residents. During the night, villagers were going missing, leaving nothing behind but blood. To me, it sounded like some wild animal, but to Dohnaseek and the mage apparently, there was a monster about.

As we walked, Dohnaseek's grin only seemed to stretch wider and wider. I saw his posture slowly start to slink down as he talked about the job. Supposedly, Raynare was going with us as support. She was good at gathering information, somehow.

"You said you wanted a spear right?" Dohnaseek asked. I could see him walk over with a weapon as long as I was tall. Unlike the spear I had used back home, this one had a long wooden shaft with a head of mounted steel at its end. Lightly, the man stuck out its butt to me.

Grabbing the spear by its haft, I responded, "Yes, thanks. Is, uh...there anything else we need?"

The fallen angel looked around the room. I could see him eyeball a few of the spread-out weapon racks and storage containers, but in the end, he turned back to me shaking his head. After a bit of arguing, Dohnaseek had convinced Raynare to at least put on a coat which neatly covered her modesty, excluding some cream-colored skin from her cleavage. A bit of heat built in my cheeks.

The woman had been eerily quiet as Dohnaseek sorted through our gear. It was supposed to be a day trip, no real heavy equipment needed. The only real equipment Dohnaseek gave me was one of the extra puffy jackets and the spear in my hands. The man had been weirdly quiet about the pay.

I gripped the spear's wooden haft, a bit of nervousness running through my gut. I just had to keep moving forward.

Teasingly, Raynare gibed, "So little man, you feel like you're ready to go yet, or do you need something else to protect your squishy human bits?"

I didn't even have to look to notice the sneer on her face. The entire time Dohnaseek was giving us a rundown on the job, she had constantly tried to rib me on nonsensical things. A bit of anger stirred in my gut as I thought back to a particular joke she made, comparing me, and the rest of the human race, to hairless apes. I tried my best to ignore her, but the woman just wouldn't let up.

"Do you have an off button?" I questioned.

Raynare eyes flashed, I could see a little bit of mirth show in them before she opened her mouth to reply. Quickly, Dohnaseek butted in, "James, just ignore her. The crazy woman gets off on stuff like that. She's too old for you to get the upper hand on."

Quickly, the humor in the female fallen disappeared as she retorted, "Didn't anyone tell you it's rude to talk about a woman's age?"

Walking over to us, Dohnaseek gave her a flat look. Slowly, the man pulled up his sleeve, checking what appeared to be a watch underneath. Looking back up at us, he said, "We don't got the time for this. Both of you, come here. We gotta get moving or we'll be working in the dark."

Not thinking much of it, I approached. I could hear Raynare follow after. Silently, the man grasped each of us by our shoulders. I started to open my mouth, to ask what he was going to do, but a flash of blue light interrupted me.

For a split second, my vision turned dark. Quickly, the familiar sensation of being pulled through something slithered over my body as a bright light met my eyes. Hurriedly, I stuck one of my hands up trying to block out the blaring white.

"Well, let's get walking then," commented Dohnaseek. Blearily, I looked over to the sound as a wave of cold hit my face.

The man had teleported us again. Looking at the back of the feral fallen's head I thought, Well...that's another thing to add to the list.

It seemed that as I was "introduced" to more and more of the supernatural questions just kept popping up with no real answers. In a way, it was maddening, but there was nothing that I could do about it, not now at least.

The sky was covered in a thick layer of clouds. I could see small flurries of snow falling towards an endless expanse of white below. Slowly, I turned to the left seeing Raynare and Dohnaseek. A short distance behind them, there was what appeared to be a small village, brown buildings popping out from the snow. I could just barely make out what looked like some pine trees as well as a-

"Is that a mountain?" I inquired.

Raynare turned back to me. I could see her eyes gleam with barely hidden malice. They seemed to take on an almost monstrous look as she glared at me. Slowly, the woman opened her mouth. She was starting to annoy me, more and more.

"Yes, it is. You humans, you're always so...observant." mockingly replied the fallen.

I could see the woman holding back another barbed insult as she turned to the village. More anger stirred in my gut as she started to walk off, leaving Dohnaseek and I behind.

Slowly, I thought I just gotta focus on the job. Kill the monster, get the cash, then high tail it out of here.

I looked over to the snow-covered mountain in the distance. The thick pines quickly faded into a couple of snow-capped peaks. I could even make out what looked to be a stream or river rolling down the mountain's side. The view was mesmerizing. It made me feel small; It was a sight I'd never forget.

Dohnaseek tapped me on the side. Slowly, I looked at him as he commanded, "Keep moving kid, we don't have all day."

Looking towards the village, I could easily see a well-traveled footpath in the thick snow. The normally fluffy substance was beaten down, hundreds upon hundreds of imprints atop it.

The little hamlet in front of us was bustling with activity. People covered in thick-fur coats were heading all about. Each of the villagers seemed to be doing some type of manual labor, carrying lumber, furs, cloth, and all manner of supplies in wicker baskets.

It didn't matter the person's age. If they could move, they could work.

As the three of us approached, I could see stares come from all around. Children and adults alike stopped to stare, none seeming that friendly. Quickly, a few of the older villagers approached with one, a man, yelling out to the crowd, "Udenforstående, få den ældres!"

The language sounded a bit more guttural than what I was used to. Each of the words came out with a sense of purpose as nervous looks shot between the villagers. A few of the more able-bodied folks started to size us up, stepping forward like they expected us to act. I gripped the spear in my right hand, tightly.

Well, that's definitely not English. I thought. A bit of nervous sweat built upon my brow as I muttered, "Hey Dohnaseek, do either of you-"

Quickly cutting off my question, Raynare confidently approached the group exclaiming, "Vi blev hyret af din mage til en mission!"

The male fallen turned to me with a grin. Messing with his hat, Dohnaseek explained, "She can handle them. Raynare may be a bit prickly, but she's one of the best damn-" Quickly, the fallen pulled up both of his hands, scrunching his pointer and index fingers. "-diplomats we have."

I could see the winged male give me a knowing grin, referencing some joke I couldn't quite understand. Turning back to the crowd in front of us, I ignored him.

The black-haired woman quickly made her way through the crowd. Her and the villagers exchanged a few quick words before an elderly lady pulled away from the group. Hurriedly, I could see the people start to go back to work, leaving our trio alone.

A bit of more worry started to melt away as the woman approached, a small smile on her face. It seemed that she was expecting us at least. The old woman's skin was sickly pale while in her open hand was a gnarled staff. Nearing the length of wood's tip was a bluish-purple gem.

Instantly, I thought, Is she the mage?

It made sense, from what I knew at least. The only other 'mage' I had seen had a carried a staff eerily similar to the woman's own, if not a little more bloody. Raynare and her talked for a bit. Time slowly passed as the two's conversation went on with me not being able to understand a word of it.

Something must have been showing on my face as Dohnaseek said, "Just give her a bit kid; she's trying to get us a guide."

"Guide?" I hesitated. "Wait, you can understand them?"

I looked over to the fallen with a questioning expression on my face. I could see a sly smirk build upon his own. Slowly, he clarified, "Well, all of us can. Fallen angels, that is. Father gave us the gift of many tongues."

"That doesn't sound fair," I remarked.

Eyeing me with an incredulous look, Dohnaseek snarked, "Life's not fair kid...looks like she's done so hush up."

Meanwhile, Raynare was already walking back to us with a young villager following behind. The mage had pulled herself back into the hut from where she came. I'd soon learn, that it was lucky she did.

The villager, he was a rather young man. The boy, he was dressed in much the same garb as the rest of the town with the only piece of clothing standing out from his mix-matched fur being the backpack slung over his shoulder. Squinting, I could also make out some sort of toothed necklace laying on his chest.

The two stopped in front of Dohnaseek and I. Slowly, I could see Raynare put a finger up to her lip, as if she was in thought. Bringing it down, she said, "This is Sigvar. The mage, she said he was the last to encounter this...beast."

At the top of his head was a mop of curly ginger hair, a small adornment of freckles just beneath it. Compared to other boys of his village, Sigvar looked a bit lackluster. His noodle-like arms were barely bigger than my own, and a permanent sheepish expression was stuck to the boy's face.

Compared to the rest of his town, he stuck out like a sore thumb.

In a thick accent, Sigvar asked, "You help? Our ældre, elder, told me speak you. Tell of beast."

I cringed a bit at his broken English, but it was better than nothing. I absentmindedly thumbed the spear in my hands as Dohnaseek sarcastically drawled, "Yep, that's us, a trio of real go-getters."

Quickly, the only female of the group made her way up to the boy.

An almost girlish smile built upon Raynare's face followed soon after by a blush. Hurriedly, the woman's eyebrows drooped down as she fluttered her eyelashes. Suddenly, she looked a whole hell of a lot less threatening. I stared at her wide-eyed as she grabbed the boy by his hand before asking him something in the town's language.

If the smile didn't put me off the school-girlish pitch did, but I had to admit Raynare without a permanent scowl was surprisingly pretty. Slackjawed, I mumbled, "W-What the?"

Promptly, Something impacted my ribs. Wincing, I looked over to Dohnaseek who was slowly pulling back his arm from my side. The man brought a finger to his lips then whispered, "Did I mention that she's good at getting men wrapped around her little finger?"

Oh, I thought. A small frown surfaced on my lips. Oh...

I watched Raynare continue to push her self up to the boy who slowly turned as red as a tomato. Looking at him, Sigvar didn't seem to have much experience with women. I was sure that Raynare being Raynare only made it worse. It seemed that whatever she was doing was working as he quickly nodded his head before pointing over towards the mountain in the distance, sputtering out words all the while.

I felt a cold shiver of...fear, by God I hoped it was fear, go down my spine. I just needed to ignore it, put the thoughts into the back of my mind until I was back home, until I was safe. Looking at the woman's facade, I thought Could that have been me?

Raynare instantly released the boy from her hold, pushing him to the ground. The mask she wore cracked. Suddenly, the fallen's eyebrows hardened while the womanly smile on her face melted away. As quickly as the bubbly personality surfaced it disappeared, leaving only scorn in its wake.

Contempt painting her very being, Raynare looked down on the boy. Hurriedly shuffling toward the mountain's wooded base, the fallen huffed, "Country boys are too easy, come on you two."

Without a single word, Dohnaseek followed after. Stunned, I stared before giving a look over at the younger boy Raynare had left behind. He sat in the snow, eyes wide. The mixture of shock and animosity on his face said it all. It taught me to never trust a pretty face.

The walk towards the woods had been filled with more thinly veiled attempts to anger me. No matter what I did, Raynare just wouldn't let up, constantly pushing and prodding when I thought she learned to finally shut up. Unfortunately, I was the one to start our little argument. It started out with a question, namely, why Raynare had felt the need to seduce the boy from before.

"Him? He's weak, of mind and body. Just another dirty little huma-" began the woman.

I decided right then and there that I'd had enough. We had been going back and forth for a while with neither really getting to the point of the issue. I was sick of it. Sticking both of my hands up into the air, I exploded, "Jesus Christ woman, do you ever shut up? It's always human this human that with you!"

I could see her raise an eyebrow up from the side as I stopped in my tracks. Raynare turned around with that same infuriating smile on her face. Heat going to my ears, I fumed, "Do you have that much of a superiority complex that you treat everyone around you like they need to lick your feet?"

I couldn't understand it. Why? What was her problem? I felt a familiar burn on my neck as I gave the woman my best rendition of the evil eye. Raynare looked like she was about to reply, but I quickly cut her off.

"Seriously, how? How you can put up with her?" I asked, looking at Dohnaseek.

Despite my outburst, he seemed indifferent. Quietly, the fallen gave me an annoyed look. Turning his head back towards the mountain in the distance, Dohanseek said, "I just learned to ignore her kid. Hell, the only reason she keeps bothering you is that it's working."

Quickly, I closed my mouth. Giving Raynare a glance I thought Is that true?

The infuriating woman had always had on a mischievous smile whenever I would try and talk back, only to return anything I said in full force. It was obvious that she was enjoying it...somehow. I suppressed a growl as Raynare gave me another cheeky grin, putting one dainty finger to her lips.

"You're as easy as the bumkin back there." commented the bitch before turning starting to walk again.

My free hand clenched into a fist. Looking down at the ground, I took a deep breath. I was never one prone to outbursts, or at least I used to be. Constantly, I could feel the mark on my neck shifting around, sending out small tendrils of heat up my face. It goaded me on in a way nothing else could. I forced it down with a growl.

Deciding to say one last thing, I spit out, "Screw you."

Childishly, she replied, "You would."

The snowstorm was starting to get worse. The lightly flaked winter from before was long gone as we reached the side of the river I had spotted earlier. Supposedly, Raynare had gotten the boy to tell her where the most recent disappearance had occurred.

A villager had gone to a fishing shack just a short distance away from the mountain's base only to never return. I'd rather the boy had come with us, but both Raynare and Dohnaseek agreed that he would be nothing more than a liability, one comparing him to a variety of ape while the other calling him a non-combatant.

If I were being completely honest with myself, I was one too. A liability, that is. I was more than just a bit in over my head, but it was too late to back out now. The idea that I could acquire some money for the church helped. I shoved any second thoughts I might've had down into the recesses of my mind.

During the rest of the way there, the female fallen had not bothered me...well not as much. Every once in awhile, I'd fall into one of her little traps, but that wasn't very often. The arguing would've been preferable to what would occur later that night.

The wind was bone-chilling. My breaths came out in shaky waves, leaving a thick-white mist in its wake. Not helping the situation at all was the fact that Dohnaseek hadn't given me any gloves. Sticking my one free hand into my coat's pocket I thought God, I wished I didn't make that phone call.

I could imagine it. I'd be back home at the church, sitting in my room. The only thing I'd have to worry about being John and I's impending upheaval from Goodview, not dying to a blizzard or whatever the hell was in it. I didn't know how the two fallen angels could stand it.

Dohnaseek's nosed curled. With a large smile painted onto his face, the winged man questioned, "Can you smell that?"

Taking in a deep breath, I responded, "No, did you finally find something?"

He leaned down towards the snow, seeming to search for something in it. I could see the man's fingers push into the sleety mush below, not batting an eye. After a few seconds, he brought his hand back up. Looking at what was in it, my pupils tightened.

Sitting within Dohnaseek's palm was what seemed to be a human finger, still dripping blood despite the cold. Pushing a nauseous feeling back down my throat, I thought What happened to the rest of him?

"Tch!" snapped Dohnaseek looking at the expanse of snow. His eyes moving over to the fishing shack, he ordered, "Raynare you're running support. James, get up here with me. Whatever it was might still be skulking around out there. If the damn storm hadn't run in we could've looked for some tracks."

The little hovel in front of us was quiet. The river by its side was not. I could hear the sloshing sounds of the water even above the wind moving past my ears. Considering the temperatures, the stream had to be cold enough to freeze me to the bone.

"Hey Raynare, did the guy back there say anything about what was actually attacking the villagers?" I asked. I knew Raynare didn't like me much, but asking her was worth a try.

Quickly, I could see a pair of violet eyes flick over to me. For a second, the woman was quiet as she approached the side of the stream. When the fallen reached a few feet behind me, she explained, "No, he just mentioned the spot. Well, that...and some large prints in the snow."

It seemed the fallen was done with her little games, for that moment at least.

"Oh, that's...helpful," I commented. Quietly, I looked at the river's edge. The mix of snow quickly turned into rock and dirt with billowing water atop it. In the middle of the stream, I couldn't quite see the bottom. The frigid waters turned to an inky black.

Having reached the shack, I could see that it was nothing more than a shelter meant to block out the wind. The place was poorly made with thinly cut pieces of wood pierced into the ground serving as supports. Bisected logs lined up along the supports, making up three spotty walls and a roof. The side facing the river was completely open and clear of snow.

Slowly, Dohnaseek stalked over to the shack.

"You two, get over here and look at this."

Hurriedly, both Raynare and I rushed over to the shack. As we approached, I could faintly make out a metallic smell. The building's walls, they were covered in red. It was thick, like a paste, dripping down in a half-frozen mess.

The smell only got worse.

The coppery smell was almost overpowering. It made an uncomfortable feeling settle in my stomach. I didn't have anything else to even compare it to. I thought back to my first night dealing with the supernatural.

The golem, it didn't have much of a smell, or at least, one that I could notice. Its smaller cousins were much the same, not letting off any real odor. This was sickening. Someone was killed here, or at least, something had made a good try of it.

"-id? Hey kid. James!" yelled Dohnaseek from my side. Quickly turning to the noise, I saw the winged man giving me a concerned stare. Having my attention now, the fallen repeated, "We need to keep moving, looks like whatever was here dragged em out towards the water."

The man shoved a single finger out to the front of the shack. Along the river's bed, I could easily make out what looked to be large cuts into the snowless earth. Edging a bit closer, I noticed a few large indents on the ground. It seemed that the muddy riverside held up well enough to leave a track or two.

"A footprint." I acknowledged.

I was at the river's bank, looking over. On the other side, there was another thick forest of pine slowly leading further towards the mountain range. What was left of the sun's light was slowly starting to fade. Night approached. That coupled with the ever-increasing amount of snow wasn't making me too hopeful. Looking at the river's waters, I saw something that stuck out. Little pockets of air, looked to be rising to the surface, collapsing in on themselves as they reached the river's top.

Bubbles? I thought.

Faster than I could react, something pulled me from behind. I stumbled backward as the water in front of me shifted. Looking at what grabbed me, I saw Dohnaseek's hand on my shoulder.

The fallen's eyes were trained on the water, a familiar smile on his face. Quickly, I steadied myself, holding onto my spear with both hands. A bit of adrenaline rushed through my system. A recognizable flapping of wings came from Raynare as she shot into the sky.

"Well it looks like the thing stuck around!" shouted Dohnaseek.

Quickly, a few motes of light coalesced within the man's hand. The light, it started to taper out into a point. The light twisted and formed into a more recognizable shape. In less than a second, the fallen's weapon was complete.

Hurriedly, Dohnaseek hefted his spear overhead. I could see a vicious gleam in his eyes. With an exaggerated yell, the fallen launched it forward, toward the water. Something within the depths stood up.

I saw the monster's head first.

It was gnarled and blue. I could make out four jagged horns jutting from the thing's skull. As the creature stood to its full height I gulped down a glob of saliva. Two gargantuan arms raised themselves to the sky. This thing, whatever it was towered over Dohnaseek and me by a good five feet.

Looking at the creature's skin, I only saw more blue. The creature seemed to have some manner of clothing as a mixture of fur and hide covered its chest. Looking at it, I could make out Dohnaseek's spear buried within. Quickly, a gnarled hand reached down, pulling out what might as well of been a splinter for it. I gripped my spear in both hands as the gigantic beast threw the spear to the side.

Looking forward, I could see a wound. Like the creature's skin, its insides were a cool blue. Blood dripped, foaming in the murky waters below. After a few scarce seconds, the wound closed. My eyes widened in alarm.

The creature's mouth opened revealing a set of tusk-like teeth. A sound, not unlike that of a jet engine. Blared over the water. Instantly, my ears started to ring.

"Troll, scatter!" yelled Dohnaseek before hurriedly backing away from the river's edge.

Moving as quickly as I could, I ran to the right, keeping my spear at chest level. I could feel the snow crunch beneath my feet as I moved. Fearfully, I thought how are we gonna put this thing down?

Blackened feathers fell from above. Looking up, I could Raynare darting back and forth in the storm. The winged woman seemed to be having some trouble keeping afloat as she flew, her form wobbling in the sky. I doubted that the blizzard helped any. I could barely make out the shine of two spears in either of Raynare's hands; it seemed that Dohnaseek wasn't the only one who used them.

I could feel my heart start to pound in my chest. Moving as quickly as I could, I sprinted over to the fishing shack's side.

Bright flashes of light shot through the air. They were light spears, each one impacting the troll's oversized chest. From where I stood, I could see the bright weapons reach deep into the monster, spilling blue blood in the water.

A low growl was all it returned. Steam rolled from the Troll's mouth, its eyes narrowing in fury.

Moving faster than what it looked able, the troll rushed out of the water, throwing the frigid substance about. A bit of horror dawned in my mind as I saw the few spears Dohnaseek had thrown were slowly being pushed from the creature's skin. Another roar echoed out into the storm. The floor rattled beneath my feet.

How are you going to get out of this one James? I thought.

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What did you guys think? In this chapter, it focused a lot on developing Raynare and Dohnaseek...well mostly Raynare. It also pushed along the plot where I want it to go. For this chapter at least, I ended up splitting it into two parts because of how long it ended up being. The trip to the Faroe Islands are going to be another "experience" for James though. His little extermination mission isn't quite over, not yet at least. If the next chapter goes as I planned it to, you all should get to see something Interesting.

Let's move onto the reviews!

KingZeRoPl: Not much to say here but thanks! Here's hoping that something besides my comedy can keep you interested.

Dased22: Ya, that's Harrington's grandfather for you. I've looked at him quite a bit; although I don't know whether or not he'll get much screen time. For the second part, I hoped you enjoyed her and all of her uh, prickliness.

JustAShadow4: Thanks for the review! I haven't seen many either. I've seen a couple that have some fallen as main characters, but I haven't seen a single one the goes into detail about the Grigori. I'm hoping to expand on that a little. If any of you all know any that are up to par on the writing, I'd love to read one.

Other than that though, like always, I'm open to any and all criticism. If you have any, go ahead and tell me. For this chapter in particular, I'm a bit worried about things staying consistent with the beginning versus the end as I took such a big break from writing. I'm also posting this without doing my second round of editing, so if you notice any errors feel free to point them out. I'll be checking in tomorrow to give it one final look-see before moving onto the next chapter. If you all leave me anything, I'll respond to it in the next chapter. For now though...