As Barry sits down in his condo in central city he wonders why everything it quiet. Why has the city stayed in an almost slumber when it comes to crimes whether it be robbing banks or meta human activity. 'It's simple Barry' as a dark voice echoes from the corner of the room. 'This is a parlay, this is when you realize that time isn't measured in seconds or minutes but in distance traveled.' Barry bounced to his feet awaiting any threat that could come his way. But instead was the man in yellow, the reverse flash, standing almost in like a statue manner. 'You see Barry, no matter how fast you get, I will ALWAYS be faster. Always be one step ahead of you because this isn't the present to me. This is the past, this is in history books. This is a autobiography written by a speedster with a heart of gold. Blah, blah, blah. It's boring.' 'What do you want Thawne?' Barry exclaimed as he stared his opposite in the face. No fear or regret. Just anger. 'Flash I don't want anything but a moment of this time.' Said Eobard as he casually sat down like an old friend would at the dinner table. 'I want you to understand I will always exist Barry. I've been erased from several times lines. From flashpoint. I've even been shot in the head by Bruce Wayne himself. It. Never. Stops. The pain. The uncertainty of existing. The fear that I will not be able to come back and cause as much pain as I can to you Barry Allen.' At this point Barry had seen the ease in all of Thawne's movements and gestures and decides to entertain the rambling of someone who once called himself Professor Zoom. 'This isn't going to be a battle Mr. Allen, this is a warning. If you keep playing with timelines or alternate universes you will be caught. You will be a prisoner in the speed force. Absolute pain and suffering beyond what most human bodies can handle, but not you Barry.' Said the Reverse Flash as he slowly got up making his way to a bottle of aged whiskey. 'I've lost almost everything, Flash. My sanity, my goal of being the fastest man alive, even true love.' Barry sat wondering why. Why here. Why now. Why is Eobard pretending to care about any of this? 'I can't stop Barry. If I seize to exist as the reverse flash then there will be no speedsters in this timeline. Garrick? A joke. He runs around in some tin helmet like an empty soup can. Wally is just another pretender that wouldn't be here without a mentor like you Barry. Even your son, Bart Henry Allen II would be nothing without his scarlet speedster father leading the fight.' At this time Barry was hearing the sincerity in Thawne's voice. 'We don't die Mr. Allen, we change a few things in the past and return with fire in our bellies and lightening in our feet.' Thawne had made his points and shown no aggression. 'This is it Flash, parlay is over. This is MY new timeline. I wonder what face I'll be wearing next time Flash!'