I'm making another Happy Tree Friends fanfic. Somebody suggested I do so.

I figured I would include Saba.

This fanfic is based on the Titanic, though it's naturally going to be gorier. I figured a cruise ship would be a good place to kill Happy Tree Friends. Especially once it inevitably begins to sink.

Now that I've included an OC, perhaps Sniffles won't be the only one who interacts with the ants.

Russell is also one of the passengers...I hope I don't need to explain why.

Saba: Don't let her make a monkey out of you! Unless you're already a monkey. But you're probably not.

Lumpy: He's the one steering the ship...I think you know where this is going.

Lammy: This is her first appearance in one of my fanfics! Yay!

Nutty: Trying to steal Cub's lollipop was not sweet.

Disco Bear: Maybe instead of studying dancing he should study survival tactics. He could ask Flippy for guidance when he's not killing people.

Pop: He likes soda. And he's not a weasel.

Cub: Since Pop was in this fanfic, why not him?

Lifty and Shifty: They're here to rob the cruise ship...expect them to meet a gruesome end.

Russell: It seemed appropriate to have him of all people be in this fanfic. Wouldn't you agree? Oh, and his first name isn't Kurt.

Some of the Happy Tree Friends had decided to go on vacation.

Where were they vacationing? On a luxurious cruise ship. It was known as the S.S. Lumpy.

They figured they would enjoy the experience.

But as it turned out, it was going to lead to disaster. Like the time that some of them decided to did on an airplane.

Lumpy hadn't been the pilot, thank goodness, but the whole thing could have been avoided if he hadn't used so many electrical appliances while on the plane.

Next he was going to try drinking and driving. Perhaps he would drive even worse than the mole.

Unfortunately, the blue moose was the captain this time.

Lumpy greeted the guests as they boarded the ship.

"Greetings, everyone! I hope you enjoy the cruise! I'm sure it's something you'll remember!" exclaimed Lumpy.

It was something that they were going to remember, alright.

Flaky got the feeling that the ship was going to sink.

"Maybe I should reconsider going on this vacation..." noted the porcupine.

In case anything happened, she remembered where the lifeboats were.

However, she would need to do something about her quills.

Otherwise, they would pop the lifeboat.

Saba was one of the vacationers.

"I hope there's lots of fruit on the ship." wished the monkey.

However, she figured she should be more careful after her awful experience with Flippy. Her head had been ripped clean off. She now knew never to fire a gun while he was around, lest he mow down Happy Tree Friends with a minigun.

Fortunately, he wasn't one of the vacationers, so she would be safe.


Lammy was one of the vacationers as well.

However, she wondered if it was such a good idea to bring Mr. Pickels with her.

He was dangerous, though not as dangerous as Flippy. What if he fired a harpoon in the captain's face?

They'd risk going to Davy Jones' locker if that happened. Russell had told them all about that locker.

Pop and Cub boarded the ship.

Unsurprisingly, Cub was giggling. It was surprising he could be cheerful considering everything that went on in their city.

Pop hoped that the vacation would be enjoyable. He enjoyed the time that he and his son went to the desert.

Though judging from the fact that he later found Cub playing with Lumpy's skull, something terrible had happened to the moose.

Anyways, it would be best if he kept an eye on his son. There was danger lurking in Happy Tree City.

Nutty boarded the ship.

As usual, he was laughing. Some people said that he was as crazy as Flippy...

...however, Nutty's psychosis didn't drive him to kill people. At worst he stole candy from a baby.

His suitcase was filled with sweets. Even though there were probably going to be sweets on the ship.

To be fair, he didn't need to being clothes. Most of the Happy Tree Friends cast didn't even wear them. The only exceptions seemed to be the bears...and one of those raccoons that was also boarding the ship.

Oh wait, there was Lammy as well. Her mother's name was Mary. And yes, it was ironic.

Lammy was currently relaxing in bed.

Hopefully Mr. Pickels would behave himself this time.

He was one crazy pickle. She considered taking him to a psychiatrist, but they probably wouldn't accept an inanimate pickle.

She decided to go to the pool area.

"Perhaps I could get a nice tan..." noted the sheep.

Disco Bear was going for a swim in the pool.

"This is turning out to be one fine vacation!" exclaimed the bear. Fortunately, he had enough money to suit his hedonist lifestyle.

He hoped that there were pretty girls he could flirt with. Otherwise his vacation simply wouldn't be as pleasurable for him.

However, he wasn't sure if Giggles and Petunia were on the ship. Maybe he should have checked first.

Despite being a skunk, Petunia did not smell. At all. Quite the opposite in fact.

Perhaps they hadn't accompanied him on the cruise ship so that they could stay away from him. All that flirting was getting annoying.

Suddenly, he noticed Lammy.

Well, at least one girl was on the ship.

Not one of the girls that he had been looking for...but she would do.

"Hey, baby!" exclaimed Disco Bear.

The sheep noticed him.

"Um, hi?" greeted Lammy.

Giggles and Petunia had both told her about him.

They didn't have a high opinion of the bear.

"How you doing?" asked Disco Bear.

Lammy wondered if the bear realized that women were people too. They weren't just things for ou to look at.

Unfortunately, Mr. Pickels decided to drown the bear in the pool. Sometimes instead of using a weapon or his bare hands he felt it was best to use the environment to his advantage.

"This bear would make for a great rug. And now that I think of it, his afro would make for a great wig!" exclaimed Mr. Pickels.

The sheep gasped. He was at it again! Perhaps Mr. Pickels was jealous of the attention that Lammy was giving to Disco Bear.

Though to be honest, she probably wouldn't hang out with him for long. He was probably going to have a restraining order filed against him sooner or later.

Disco Bear noted that perhaps he had picked a bad choice in a girl to date. In some ways, Lammy was like a female Flippy.

Though sometimes people wondered if Mr. Pickels was actually sentient.

Lammy tried to save him from meeting his maker, but it was already too late.

Her friend in a top hat had scored another victim.

Mr. Pickels let out an evil laugh. Disco was dead and so was he.

Saba noticed what had happened. It looked Disco Bear was going to be dancing in heaven...until he came back, anyway.

To be honest, it didn't surprise her too much.

She already was at some level aware of the curse, though she had been surprised when she came back to life.

"What happened to him?" asked Saba. It looked as if someone had drowned him in the pool, but who?

"It was the pickle!" exclaimed Lammy.

Or cucumber. Or whatever.

"The pickle?" asked the monkey.

Mr. Pickels attempted to attack Saba...

...but she ate him.

Perhaps there were some Happy Tree Friends that he didn't want to cross. Splendid would be one of them.

"That was one tasty pickle." remarked the monkey.

Not as good as a banana though. She preferred fruit over vegetables.

She wondered why that pickle was wearing a monocle and top hat, and had a mustache. But he tasted good so who cared?

Lammy sighed in relief. It seemed that Mr. Pickels wouldn't be killing anyone else on the ship. If left unchecked, he could be a real threat to everyone living in Happy Tree City.

But there was a possibility that he would eventually resurrect.

After all, the ants hadn't stayed dead after Saba had stepped on them. Part of Sniffles was hoping they would come back to life, as he knew they tasted good. He was worried that he was going to be tortured by them again though.

Meanwhile, Russell was busy fishing.

He wondered what he would catch this time.

"Maybe I should pray to Neptune." noted the otter. It might give him good fortune.

But did he actually exist? He didn't know for sure.

Nutty was gorging himself on sweets.

"Mmm!" exclaimed the squirrel. He just loved the taste of the ship's chocolate. He happened to have some it on his mouth. Maybe he needed a napkin?

Perhaps Nutty needed help. All that sugar couldn't be good for his health. But on the other hand, oftentimes the doctor was Lumpy, who probably lied about his medical expertise.

Miraculously, he never seemed to get cavities...even though he probably brushed his teeth with sugar.

The ship sure had a nice selection of sweets though. How could he not help himself?

"Yeah! I got one!" bellowed the otter.

He took a picture of himself with it.

Afterwards, he released it back into the ocean. He already had plenty of food to eat on the ship. And he wasn't near home so he couldn't exactly hang it on a wall as a trophy.

Pop decided to congratulate Russell.

"That was a fine catch!" exclaimed the bear.

Perhaps Russell could teach his son how to fish.

Perhaps he would enjoy the activity.

He gave the otter a high five.

However, Russell made the mistake of high fiving him with his hook hand.

He ended up puncturing Pop's right paw.

"Aaahh!" screamed the wounded bear, who had blood leaking out from his hand.

Russell realized that perhaps high fiving him was a hook wasn't such a good idea.

What was he going to do now?

Unfortunately, he couldn't call for an ambulance. He was on a boat!

Since Pop was losing blood, he started to panic...rather than go to the first aid kit that was nearby.

Russell wondered why he wasn't noticing it.

Unfortunately, Pop fell overboard in the process of running around the ship.

"Aaaahhhh!" screamed the bear as he fell overboard. He should have watched where he was going.

And unfortunately, it was already too late to get him back on deck, as a few moments later, he ended up being eaten by a shark.

It seemed that the shark had sensed the presence of blood.

His blood splattered on the ship's hull.

The shark noted that Pop tasted like soda...and popcorn.

Some people really lived up to their name.

Cub cried. His father had died...again. Though the only thing that was really shocking about it was that he hadn't died first.

At least he would come back. His mother had died before the curse had begun, so she wouldn'f come back. But at least he would always have a father figure.

Russell comforted him. If only he had been more careful. Though oddly enough this hadn't happened before despite all the things that could potentially kill a Happy Tree Friend.

Flaky sighed. The ship hadn't even sunk and already two Happy Tree Friends were dead.

Of course, Mr. Pickels was dead as well, so it wasn't all bad. Perhaps now there wouldn't be anymore deaths. But she wouldn't count on it.

Who knows what would happen when the ship eventually sank? Perhaps it was going to end up in a whirlpool.

Perhaps she should leave while the ship was still afloat.

But she wasn't sure where she would go once she was on a lifeboat. Maybe she needed a map of the ocean.

But knowing Lumpy, he hadn't brought a map.

Meanwhile, Lifty and Shifty were looting the ship.

"You picked a good place to rob!" exclaimed Lifty.

"I know! Nobody has even spotted us!" remarked Shifty. The longer they managed to avoid being spotted, the more they could steal.

There was lots of money to be made from pillaging the ship.

They just hoped that they didn't get caught by Lumpy.

But considering how dumb he was, he probably wasn't a threat to them.

The two raccoons chuckled.

After this cruise, they were going to be rich.

Though they were probably going to squabble over what they were going to spend the money on.

At night, a certain blue moose decided to play video games instead of watching the ocean like he should have done.

This would have disastrous consequences.

It didn't exactly help that Lumpy had chosen to listen to music instead of listening to warnings Bout heading towards icy waters.

Chances are the Happy Tree Friends wouldn't die as often if the moose thought before acting.

But he never did.

Suddenly, the ship crashed into an iceberg.

The moose was surprised by the occurrence...and not just because the ship had crashed.

"What? An iceberg? But it's not even winter!" exclaimed Lumpy.

Unfortunately, the ship was starting to sink.

He quickly attempted to warn everyone, only to get impaled in the forehead on a nearby ice sculpture of a unicorn, due to him not paying attention to where he was running.

And yes, he bled.

Perhaps he shouldn't have made it so sharp. At least it never seemed to melt for whatever reason.

Unsurprisingly, Flaky was the first to realize what was going on.

She had already grabbed a inflatable raft and was going to use it to try to get others to safety.

Lammy warned the others what was happening.

"We've got to get out of here! The ship is going to sink!" exclaimed the sheep.

Fortunately, there were more enough lifeboats for all of them. Only about a half of dozen Happy Tree characters typically appeared per episode...and there were twenty-two overall.

Technically, this was a fanfic...but she got the idea.

However, Nutty choked on the jawbreaker he was sucking on, due to the fear he was now experiencing.

Unfortunately, he couldn't spit it out.

His soul appeared, which had angel wings and was playing a harp.

A harp made from chocolate and licorice for strings.

Luckily, everyone else was able to get to the life boats.

In Russell's case, he had picked out his own life boat.

Unfortunately, he made the mistake of popping the boat with his hook.

The otter gasped.

"Why did I forget about my appendage?" asked the sailor.

He subsequently drowned in the ocean.

Next time he would try to remember how sharp his hook was. That way he wouldn't accidentally stab another Happy Tree Friend.

If only his prosthetic wasn't dangerous.

Unfortunately, two Happy Tree Friends had decided to temporarily stay on the cruise ship so they could finish looting it.

Those tree friends were Lifty and Shifty.

Suddenly, water burst into the room.

Lifty and Shifty gasped.

In that water was a giant squid.

The squid grabbed Lifty and bit off his head.

Shifty screamed. Perhaps they should have left the ship while they still had the chance.

Once again, their greed had been the end of them, much like it had been the death of Lumpy during the Christmas lesson.

Oddly enough, he seemed to have learned his lesson from that.

Shortly afterwards, the squid ripped Shifty's head off.

Thankfully, everyone else was able to escape.

Flaky sighed in relief. She had escaped the sunken ship.

So had Cub...even though his father had died before the ship had even started sinking.

However, she now seemed to be on a tropical island.

Saba seemed happy though. It was filled with fruit.

"Look at all the bananas!" exclaimed the monkey.

Perhaps this vacation hadn't ended in disaster for them.

Chances are they would be back in the city sooner or later anyway.

Things always had a way of changing back to normal.


Since Lumpy caused the disaster, I figured I would kill him off. I killed Lifty and Shifty too because I felt like people wouldn't be too sad to see them go. Besides, they'll come back.

I decided not to kill Saba this time. And yes, I figured it would be funny if somebody ate Mr. Pickels. Besides, I would imagine that he deserves to be eaten alive after all the evil things he's done.

I figured I would kill Pop this time because he's a neglectful father. I figured it would be funny if Russell accidentally injured somebody with his hook hand.

I could have had Cub experience a nasty accident but I figured having it happen to Pop would be more creative.