Maura knew by the look on her wife's face, that what was about to happen was not a good thing. Jane's jaw was clenched, her hands were balled up into tight fists, she was glaring at this Stephanie woman, she was growling low and her nostrils were flaring. This was Jane Rizzoli-Isles pissed off and when she was like that it was not a good thing. Maura quickly stepped in front of Jane, placing her hand on Jane's cheek, she started speaking low and softly to Jane, making sure Jane finally looked into her eyes, as she spoke louder and clear to her wife, " Jane, sweetheart look at me and listen very carefully to every word that I am saying, okay. Jane nods her head and looks into her wife's face as Maura begins to say " I have no ideas who this woman is, I have know interest in anyone but you, I love you and have for years, you are the love of my life, soulmate, my rock, my everything, my world and the mother of our children, I only need you, love you and want you, no one else, but you, you hear and understand what I am telling you, and you know that I can't tell a lie?" Maura grabs her wife's face with both hands and pulls her into a passionate kiss, only breaking away when they needed air. Neither of them notice that Stephanie had left, unbeknown to them, Paddy Doyle had grabbed Stephanie and pushed her into awaiting car. "No one messes with family." After arriving back at the vacation house, Maura took Jane straight to their bedroom and show Jane that she only belonged to Jane, by making love to her into the early morning hours, after several orgasms, they fell asleep in each other's arms. The children attended the various camps that they were scheduled, too. Jane and Maura went to Greece, and had a wonderful time, and returned to Paris to enjoy the rest of the family's vacation, before heading back to Boston. 6 months later Rizzoli-Isles children's First Day of School Jane was amazed at how much their children took after Maura in the intelligence department, all of the were genius, the triplets were skipping their freshman year and were going to be Sophomores, Ava-Grace was skipping to the 5th grade, and Susie was skipping 1st grade going to 2nd grade. She was glad that they all had gotten their love for learning from Maura, as well as they art abilities, too. Frost, Ava Grace, and Susie got their athletic skills from Jane. All the children love to dance, especially the girls loved ballet, rap, etc. Frost, Ava-Grace and Susie loved to play the piano like their Mama. Connie and Sofia loved fencing. As Maura and Jane was sitting at the Island drinking coffee, waiting on their children to come downstairs, Jane stares at Maura, reaching out taking her Maura's hand, she squeezed it, as Maura looked up, Jane leaned in and gave her a kiss, deepening it, she felt Maura moaned, breaking from it, she said, "Thank you for loving me, giving me our amazing children and life, without you I am nothing, I love you, Dr. Maura Rizzoli-Isles." After dropping off all the children, they headed to the Isles Foundation office for meetings. They were met there back Constance and Arthur, who was attending the annual Isles Foundation broad meeting. As well as the meeting for the upcoming Isles

Foundation Gala. This was Constance's and Maura's baby, planning it was something they both have come to enjoy, and it allowed them time together, everything had to be perfect since it was an Isles' event, everything from the venue, the food, flowers, music, theme, etc was perfect. Over the years, Jane allowed Maura to shop and buy her clothes, she would never deny Maura anything, she never said no to Maura. Maura had Jane wrapped around her finger, and even the children were wrapped. Jane had raised and taught their children to love and respect their Mommy. "I love you was said to their children everyday, as well as their children saying it back to their parents."

This was their life.