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Summary: How was Maura supposed to ask her best friend to go to the biggest social event of the year as her… Date, all because her parents have decided it was past time for her and Jane to "Come Out". Problem is they aren't even "Going Out" yet in order to come out. (This summary did not come easily, please give it a read. You might enjoy it.)

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Chapter 1

Hello Darling…

by: Jaely

"Doctor Isles." Maura said crisply into the phone, as she continued working on the final bit of the last report she planned on doing that evening. The serial triple homicide that had more or less consumed the whole of the CSU department, for the last month or so, had finally been closed and Maura was happy to sign off on all the evidence so it could be stored until the trial. That she and Jane would actually be able to spend more than a few hours a week together, now that Jane wasn't off trying to chase down every available lead for this particular case, while Maura herself was stuck in the lab trying to help her team find anything to help the detectives with the case; not to mention try and stay on top of all the other cases that were currently still open. Most cases didn't become so time consuming, but this time, they were trying to stop the man from killing a known fourth victim; and that made everyone work nearly non-stop to catch him. Which thankfully, Jane and the others were able to do.

"Maura, darling. How are you doing?" Maura's back straightened automatically at the sound of her mother's calm familiar voice, on the other end of the phone. She wasn't expecting to receive a call from her mother until next week, though Constance seemed to be calling her at random points throughout the month more often in the last several months now. To be honest it was really becoming a bit nerve wracking for Maura. She loved that she was getting to have more contact with her mother, but she also found it to be rather trying on her nerves to get used to the suddenness of the change at the same time. It just started one day out of the blue about six months ago and Maura has been trying to work on being more relaxed and natural with her mother's more frequent contact and less formal, as Constance seemed to be actively trying to be less formal when speaking with Maura, and making that switch for herself was proving to be more challenging than Maura had thought it would be.

"I'm doing well, Mother. How are you? Are you and Father still in Europe? Or have you gone back to England?" Maura answered, after a very small pause to get herself under control and focusing back on putting the final touches on her report, then signed it off and put it with all the others to have filed away. She couldn't quite remember her father's lecturing schedule, but she did know he was doing a series of guest lectures at several Universities in Europe, before going back to England to do a lecture series there.

"Wonderful darling, I'm glad you are doing well. That is partly why I am giving you a ring actually, dear." Maura's back once more stiffened at her mother's words, not sure what was coming next. "Your father and I are in town for the Candlelight Charity Gala, on Saturday. I'm sure you received your invitation. Well, we thought we would make it a family affair this year and needed to know yours and your guest's orders, so we could have you both added to our reservation." It wasn't often that Maura was caught flat footed by her parents, but in that moment Doctor Maura Isles didn't know what to tell her mother.

Maura had not planned to attend the Gala at all, so she didn't have a guest nor did she have an order to give her mother. The silence must have gone on longer than Maura had thought, because her mother was speaking again, though Constance's voice was slightly less sure of herself than before. "You know darling, it doesn't matter to us who you decide to bring as your date. As long as you enjoy their company and they are good to you. Who they are, or what they do for a living, makes no difference to us. We just thought, maybe it would be nice to spend time together, as a family. Besides, I did very much enjoy the short time I got to spend with Jane last time and I think your Father would like to meet her as well."

Maura nearly dropped her phone at what her mother had just insinuated was going on between her and her best-friend, Jane. "Mother, No... it's... Jane and I... there is... Jane isn't..." Maura really couldn't seem to speak at that moment. Her fingers were absently rubbing at her chest, half expecting hives to break out any moment, but she knew she wasn't lying to her mother, she just wished she was. Maura closed her eyes after a moment and got herself together then spoke. "Jane and I are only friends, Mother, and I haven't asked anyone to attend the Gala with me. I really hadn't thought about going, since you and father weren't going to be here." Maura was finally able to get out, once she was able to draw a full and complete breath into her lungs again. Because, God did she wish that wasn't the only thing they were. It was difficult enough dealing with her love for her best friend, Maura was sure that having her mother aware of it would be down right disastrous.

"Then bring her as a friend darling, either way I'm still certain your father would absolutely adore her. I will put her down for the steak dinner, she seems like one for steak, am I correct in my assumption?" At that point Maura could only answer with a simple 'yes, mother' as her mind tried to figure out how she was going to ask her prickly blue collar best friend to attend one of the biggest high society social events of the year, with her, as her date. Not only that, but attached not only as her date, but to her when she was accompanied by her parents as well. It was a big deal – a very very big deal. It would be the equivalent to her parents publicly acknowledging, as well as accepting, the person Maura was dating as Maura's 'Future Spouse'.

The only thing that would be more obvious would be for her parents to host the Gala themselves and have Maura and Jane at the head table with them. "Alright darling, I have Jane down for a steak dinner and you for the salmon. I will also have Isabella waiting for you and Jane tomorrow at two for your fittings. There are only three days left for fittings, so they will have to be rushed. She already has your measurements so she will begin on your gown, I will give her my estimations as to Jane's as well as suggestions on the palette for you both so you will match. If you both get held up – due to work – please do ring her and let her know, she will hold the shop open for when you both can come in, so don't worry." Maura felt like her whole body was drained of blood at the thought of having to get Jane to a dress fitting as well. More than likely more than one dress fitting.

There wasn't anything she could do about it though. She could hear her mother on another phone making arrangements with the tailor for hers and Jane's fittings and ensuring that the shop would remain open for them if they were detained. Though it warmed Maura's heart to hear her mother comment as to how important a job she and Jane had with the city and that they could be delayed at a moment's notice so accommodations had to be made for them. Much to Maura's chagrin and surprise, it seemed her mother had a pretty good idea as to what Jane was like. She described her best friend extremely well, and Maura actually thought her mother was fairly close to Jane's actual measurements, though Maura had no choice but to confirm Jane's height when her mother asked Maura directly for her to confirm that Jane was in fact five feet ten inches tall.

Maura's brows furrowed as she listened to Constance firmly explain that Jane's dress should be simple, but elegant. That Jane was a decorated Detective and didn't like frivolities, and that the dress should work in shoes that were not too high a heel. As Jane would be escorting Maura and that would make their height differences quite awkward, more so than it needed to be. She went on to suggest some color schemes for the gowns that Maura actually believed Jane wouldn't really mind, and it would be, as her mother had stated, simple, but elegant. At the end of the conversation with the tailors Constance finished by stating that she didn't want to hear of anyone trying to pressure the Detective into something that wouldn't fit Jane's character, as she was not one for flash and frills, and that she expected Jane's experience with them to be as painless as possible.

Listening to her mother speak to the tailor made Maura wonder how her mother had learned so much about her best friend, and secret love interest. It was quite obvious that her mother was completely aware that Jane would be highly uncomfortable with the process of being fitted for a dress, let alone wearing one that was frilly or something that was 'over the top' as Jane often felt a number of dresses were. It wasn't that Jane disliked wearing dresses per se, it was just that she liked simple dresses that were easy to put on yet looked good on her. Though most importantly was for the dress not to have 'obnoxious colors or patterns,' and or 'puffy, fluffy, or poofy frills attached to it.' Which means very few dresses make it worth Jane's time.

"Alright dear, everything is in order, the town car will come by to pick you and Jane up at five on Saturday, and everything for the Gala will be delivered by eleven Saturday morning, in time for last minute adjustments. I will have the stylists arrive at two for you and three-thirty for Jane. That should give you both enough time to get styled and dressed. Your car will meet up with us at the house, then we will travel together to the Gala. I believe that's everything, Maura. Love you darling, I need to make a few more phone calls, but I will ring you tomorrow evening to chat longer, if you have any questions before then just call. Bye darling!" Maura couldn't do anything more than say her own good-byes and love yous in return before she hung up the phone, still in shock.

Maura sat there, just running everything her mother had just laid out within that ten minute phone call over and over in her head. She couldn't have told anyone how long she sat there running that conversation over in her mind before there was a knock on her door that thankfully got her out of her head. "Come in." Maura stated simply. The simple interaction with the technician that came in, helped to settle Maura a little. When he left with the newly signed reports in hand, Maura knew she needed to find Jane. There was no way she could wait for Jane to get off work now.

With that, Maura hurried out of her office and to the elevators, her mind once more racing through the conversation she had just had with her mother. There was so much that had to be done before the Gala. The least of which was having to figure out how to ask her Best-Friend out on a date.. A Huge Date... because there was no way around that particular fact. In a way she was pissed at her mother for giving her no choice in the matter and no way out or around the fact that she, Maura Isles, was going to have to ask Jane Rizzoli to go with her to a Gala as her Date.

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