Sterling laid naked in the snow, her ruby colored eyes glittering as tiny snowflakes slowly drifted down on her creamy white flawless skin. She had once had beautiful tanned golden skin, but over the years, and time spent away from the South it had faded, as did her soul.

She stared up, looking up at the moon as it continued to snow, suddenly no longer feeling the freezing cold. A few black feathers still laid around her as the pain that seemed so severe in her chest just moments ago had now faded away. Faintly hearing the sounds of boots crunching in the snow approaching her, she licked her lips tasting blood still staring up at the millions of tiny little stars in the sky and said one word, softly as her breath drifted out like the smoke from a dragon's mouth.



Sterling sat at the makeshift vanity in her hut, dressing herself in her signature black lace robe with long flowing sleeves. She knew what many said seeing her appearance, constantly dressed in black. They whispered that she was a witch, and perhaps she was. She knew the magic she did possess was of value. She supposed that's how she ended up where she was, now a married woman, and actually head over heels in love with a man she had originally been annoyed with. It was a hot miserable night, and the Dothraki were having their great feast. She could faintly hear the music coming from afar as she slid on her silver bangles onto her wrists, fixing herself to look proper before attending. Daenerys had invited her, the two becoming as close as sisters over the course of this time.

Originally when she had been married away and joined the Dothraki as her husband awaited his crown, the men saw her red eyes, which were met with shouts that she was a devil or demon. Sadly something she had gotten used to in her life, only showing part of her powers since if they truly knew what she was, she knew she would be damned and killed. Instead, the shouts and teasing stopped thanks to Daenerys. The men and slaves respected her, and no longer treated her as a monster, even though she knew some still feared her and whispered whenever she was around. Her husband would claim they stopped due to him, he had become protective of her, but she knew the truth. It had been his sister, as well as Drogo who made one simple command when the men were shouting, and silence followed since. Still, she counted herself lucky. She really wasn't sure what the future held for her husband, but she suspected things weren't going in the direction he intended. She knew originally he didn't really want much to do with her, besides the promise of great power and magic on his side if he was to marry her, and make her his queen. For Sterling, she never saw herself as becoming royalty nor a lady. As time went on she was able to see both sides of her husband, when he first tried to raise a hand to her in what he called "Waking the dragon." she had given him a glimpse of what power she possessed.

Instead of running scared, he seemed in awe and wonder of her. From that point onward he adored her, and spoke great stories of them having a real proper wedding once he reclaimed his throne. Of them ruling over the kingdom, the dragon and the raven. They made a curious pair, but for Sterling she had gotten to know her husband, and understand he did suffer from slight madness from what he had been through. She constantly tried to reassure and calm him, figuring that sooner than later the end of the line would come. She would take her mad husband away, and try and convince him to start over somewhere far far away where crowns wouldn't be important. She knew how upset he had been since the ceremony with Daenerys. He had originally tried to tell her they were leaving, but needed to get something first. When he returned less than an hour later, he had a bottle of wine, and seemed to be gulping it down. When she tried to ask what had happened, he raised one of his dark eyebrows, before smiling and reaching forward cupping one of her breasts. Before she knew it, he was frantically kissing her as well as undressing her from her robe. They had made love the same way they always did. Hard, and frenzied.

When it was over, the sounds of the feast came drifting through the evening air as the night began to take over. Sitting up from their bed, she left her husband's arms, and picked her robe up, dressing herself as her husband sat up, grabbing the bottle he had been drinking from, and continued gulping it down. Turning, she faced him, her red eyes blinking as she smiled at him, taking pity on how miserable he was.

"Are you joining me to the feast love?"

Viserys had gotten his slacks on, but sat up, still clutching the bottle, his beautiful white hair hanging in his face. Laughing, he stared at her.

"A feast...a feast for Daenerys..."

Rising, Sterling walked over before kneeling by his bedside. Taking his hand, she gently turned it over and kissed it before smiling and pressing it against her cheek.

"Perhaps you shall rest. I'll tell them you were ill and fell asleep. They won't take offense."

Viserys chuckled, gently rubbing his fingers against her soft skin.

"Offense, those savages don't even know the beginning of offense. There should be a feast for us...the great dragon, the true king, his queen the raven...and..."

His hand slipped from her face and went to her still flat stomach. Noone knew yet besides the two of them since Sterling had just informed Viserys a few days prior. He had wanted to spread word, but she reminded him of before, and instantly the beautiful look of joy she now had been seeing less and less of lately turned to concern as his brow wrinkled and he nodded in agreement. Tonight she saw even though his drunken haze, the utter look of pure happiness as he touched her stomach.

"And...his prince, who will be much more powerful than his savage cousin..."

Sterling's eyes widened as she used her hand to press a finger against his lips as he giggled as she shook her head.

"Hush now, you're terrible. Get some sleep and we'll talk in the morning."

Plucking the bottle of wine from his side, she placed it on the floor before smiling and leaning forward, pressing her forehead against his. Kissing him gently, she lifted her head and kissed his forehead before she stood up staring down at him.


Viserys starred up smiling, before Sterling sighed and turned, exiting the tent, and leaving him. Unknown to her, Viserys sat up slightly, reaching for his bottle before grasping it and taking another hard swing. His temper was building for Daenerys and that animal Drogo. She didn't deserve any of this. He was the rightful heir to the throne, and despite what they said about the wife he took, he was determined to rule the seven kingdoms with her and her magic by his side. Drinking, he glared up at the darkness of the tent, fully intending on going to the feast once he finished this bottle.

There he would demand for his rightful crown and put an end to this nonsense. Yes, he would go soon. His eyed his sword laying on the table from across the way, and planned on waking the dragon tonight in order to get his crown.