You shall have a golden crown that men shall tremble at to behold."

"That's all I wanted...what was promised."

Sterling fluttered and landed on a branch, flapping her wings and dusting off the light coating of snow that actually resembled sugar off her long shiny black feathers. She hadn't been flying for very long, and found the farm house instantly. It actually sent chills through her soul remembering that the war of the undead had taken place so close to where her son was. Taking a second, she flew down to the house, seeing billows of smoke rise up from the chimney. Sterling flew to one of the windows, setting her talons down onto the wooden outside sill, before gazing in with her glassy black eyes. Inside she saw Mary, who looked like a completely different woman. She had color in her face, and life in her eyes. She had gained some weight, and no longer looked like the empty shell of what she once was. Instead she was laughing and stirring a pot of something cooking over a roaring fire. Inside looked so warm and inviting. Cozy, and safe, just as she had remembered. She stared in, and saw Arthur sitting on a chair smoking a pipe, handsome as ever, with a fuller beard that was just beginning to show signs of gray sprinkled throughout the rich darkness.

That's when she saw him.

He was still just a child, six or seven, she honestly couldn't remember. It seemed like a lifetime ago that she had given birth to him, and had Arthur promise to keep him safe. After that, it seemed just a few days had passed. Still, she remembered her endless travels, battles, and this had led her back here for one last look before she flew away forever.

He was absolutely gorgeous, just as Viserys had said he would be. He was small, with beautiful silver white hair. His eyes were brown like his father's, and he sat playing with wooden blocks by Arthur's feet. Staring in, she looked at her son. The second child she had ever carried, the one that she could have sworn she was losing the night she buried her husband after his murder. The very same son Viserys had constantly touched her stomach as he grew inside of her, remarking that he would be a true dragon ready to rule the seven kingdoms someday. Instead, nothing but fire and blood had happened, and now that fire and blood had turned into fire and ice. Sterling tried often to never dream of what a future would have looked like with Viserys since it simply didn't exist. She knew in her heart of hearts that he would have never been able to be king and take over the lands. Still, she had often daydreamed of taking him far far away with her child and start a family someplace safe, teaching him that his father's legacy was nothing but a curse, and some stupid throne made of melted swords was more of a cursed omen than an honor. She would have had to constantly fight back against the Targaryen madness that her husband suffered from, teaching him to not be cruel or weak. She knew in reality this would have never happened, but she still would have liked to see herself in a small farm house very much like this one, surrounded by dozens of children, and Viserys sitting by her side.

But Viserys was dead. His reckless behavior of constant years of being on the run twisted the young innocent boy he once was who raised his infant sister and kept her alive all those years into an abusive, self entitled, short tempered man. She knew he was a true dragon, fire hadn't killed him, it had been the crown...that damn crown. He might not have been as strong as Daenerys, but she knew he would have climbed into one of those dragons like it was the most natural thing in the world and ride through the skies with her sitting behind him, arms tightly wrapped around his waist...

She blinked her glassy eyes shaking off that fantasy as she stared at her gorgeous son.

She originally was going to cough up her ring and leave it on the doorstep for Arthur to find and then give to her boy. But now sitting here, looking in, she knew she didn't want to let this beautiful innocent boy ever touch such a cursed thing. The very same gold that was poured on his real father, causing his last seconds alive to be in agony. No, he shouldn't ever know of this terrible legacy that came behind him.

Arthur was keeping his word. Mary and him were his real parents now, raising him like Sterling would have wanted. Arthur would keep the secret safe, and she supposed that her son would grow up to be a handsome, kind, and humble young man, most likely working as a father before taking a wife and living a simple happy life, far away from battles, wars, and dragons.

That's how she wanted it.

Staring at her son one last time, a tiny part of her begged her to transform and knock on the door, shivering naked in the show before being taken in by her friends. They could all live together raising the boy, she could be safe and happy, and not have to die.

But she knew she couldn't. It would only endanger her son's life. No, she needed to finish what was started. She knew what Daenerys would do, and everyone around her, including Jon Snow were too foolish to see. She knew she would fly to King's Landing, and attempt to finish this. She knew she was going to die, but for her that was no punishment. No, for her if she died she would return back to her husband, and far away from this miserable life of hurt and loss.

Staring at her darling child, safe and sound inside the warm cabin, surrounded by two people that would die protecting him, she knew she had made the right choice. Looking at him one last time, she knew Viserys would have been proud. In the end it was the crown and throne that would kill them, and for their son, he would never have that choice. Flapping her wings, she cried out before flying up into the freezing night sky, the moon shining down on her as she flew towards King's Landing.

A few days later...

Sterling landed on the top of a crumbling building and her glassy eyes stared at the ruins otherwise known as King's Landing. She saw the smoke floating up to the air, as she tilted her head and made a cry. Instantly she knew what had happened. In the far distance she saw the largest dragon flying, most likely with Daenerys riding it, commanding it to destroy. Staring at it, she remembered hearing from Jorah that Visery was planning on stealing the dragon eggs, one which contained this very beast. He was desperate, and in a panic, ready to make plans and take his bride away to sell the eggs, get ships, and a large army to take his kingdom back. Would he have been successful? She didn't think so, but somehow despite the cruel abusive madness that her husband suffered from and punished his sister with, the same madness that ran in the Targaryen blood that she prayed her son wouldn't suffer from. Despite all that madness and cruel behavior Viserys suffered from, she truly knew deep in her heart of hearts that he would never destroy a kingdom filled with innocent people. She had seen his behavior with his sister, and that one time he tried to raise a hand to her, but she stood up to him. Sure he had that flickering madness, but never like this. She remembered sitting beside him during Daenerys' wedding, and watcjing the Dothraki people kill and rape. She saw the fearful look of panic in his eyes before he squeezed her hand nervously. No, her husband was a coward and could never have taken a kingdom like this, even if he had a dragon.

Daenerys could though, and she watched in her raven form as the dragon breathed fire down below destroying everything below.


King's Landing had fallen, it was completely destroyed. Ash fell from the cold skies like snow as it blanketed everything. Sterling had remained where she was, watching the drag circle and circle, flames coming down and taking everything down. She knew what side the coin had landed for Daenerys, who simply could have been so much more. She remembered the sweet young girl who she had loved like a sister before Viserys died. The girl who had sadly been sold and married off, but luckily became accustomed to the life of her husband's people, and ended up actually loving Drogo. She remembered all the times she stood up for her whenever Viserys was getting angry or jealous of her. She remembered the sweet girl who sat by her bedside when she had lost the first baby she was carrying. For Sterling, her innocence ended when she stood back and allowed Viserys to die. She knew for a few years following the death of her child and husband as she gained followers, ships, and an army. She was the breaker of chains, a woman who could truly rule. She had filled the people with hope, only to turn on the other side of the coin and cause all this...

She remembered after the long night of the war of the dead everyone inside was celebrating, Sterling stood laughing and clapping Jon Snow on as Daenerys looked in panic. The same panic that had filled Visery's eyes. Crying out in her raven form, she flapped her wings and flew towards the ruined remains of King's Landing before seeing the large armies all facing Daenerys as she walked out, her dragon rising into the air and for just a brief moment it looked as if she had dragon wings herself. She stood on the platform, the gray skies above them as she addressed the crowd. They went wild for her.

She spoke in Dothraki, but Sterling now perfectly understood it.

"You kept all your promises to me. You killed my enemies in their iron suits. You tore down their stone houses. You gave me the Seven Kingdoms!"

Just then her dragon landed on a crumpled piece of building beside her.

The armies went wild again.

Sterling flew closer and landed just twenty or so feet above where she couldn't be seen. She stared down and instantly saw the looks on the men following her. Jon Snow looked like a ghost as Daenerys turned towards Grey Worm. She addressed him as she stood beside her.

"You have walked beside me since the Plaza Of Pride. You are the bravest of men, the most loyal of soldiers. I name you commander of all my forces. The Queen's Master Of War."

The men pounded their spears. Grey Worm smiled as Daenerys smiled back and turned towards her men.

"Unsullied all of you were torn from your mother's arms and raised as slaves..."

Sterling saw the late Queen's dwarf brother slowly approach, the same expression Jon had.

" are liberators! You have freed the people of King's Landing from the grip of a tyrant! But the war is not over! We will not lay down our spears until we have liberated all the people of the world! From Winterfell to Dorne. from Lannisport to Qarth, from the Summer Isles to the Jade Sea. woman! men! and children have suffered too long beneath the wheel. Will you break the wheel with me?"

The men went wild.

For Sterling that's all she needed to know. She flapped her wings and flew to the highest crumpling building and saw the throne, the throne that Viserys had first told her about while the two were bathing together. Now here it was, standing in the fallen destroyed high tower as a mixture of snow and ash flew through the air. Flapping her wings she knew Daenerys would be here soon. Landing up top, she watched and waited.


It didn't take long before Daenerys entered, slowly walking towards the throne. Sterling spotted a sword laying in the snow and ash and knew this was her only chance. She flew down silently, landing on the ground before transforming into her human self. Standing naked she stood there, her red eyes glaring, no longer feeling the cold, or anything as she reached down and grabbed the sword. She silently raised it, and began to run, barefoot towards Daenerys' back. In a split instant before Sterling had the sword raised, Daenerys turned and had an arrow, her beautiful face crumping, she rammed the arrow straight into Sterling's heart.

Sterling stopped dead in her tracks, her bare feet skidding on the snow and ash covered grown, feeling the arrow pierced through her flesh and reach her heart. She knew she hadn't been fast enough, and she should have arrived in human form with her flail. Instead, she had been foolish and acted too fast, allowing her anger and thirst for revenge to get the better of her. She dropped the sword with a loud clang, and Daenerys smiled as she twisted the arrow even deeper into Sterlings' breast. Sterling felt warm blood gurgle up through her mouth as she stood less than an inch away from her sister in-law.

"I knew you would come."

Daenerys said, still smiling.

Sterling coughed up blood which dripped down her mouth, splattering down tiny flecks across the snow that surrounded them. Sterling slowly backed up, feeling her feet hit the snow as she stood. She stared down at the arrow and knew she was dying. Staring at Daenerys, she knew it was her turn to now smile.

"I want you to know Daenerys...that the magic I do have...I made the witch kill your son and husband...I wanted you to know that."

She saw the outrage in Daenerys' face, the twisting rage of an animal show. Sterling laughed, her red eyes glowing as she stared at her as the snow and ash continued to fall on them. Taking a few steps stumbling backwards Sterling laughed as blood continued to bubble up from her throat.

"Farewell Daenerys Targaryen..."

She turned, limping, the arrow still sticking out of her. She made it almost to the outside of the giant throne room before she collapsed. Laying there naked, starting to feel numb, each breath became harder and harder to take. She laid there on her side, feeling a blood bubble from her lips. She stared forward, when suddenly she heard crunching footsteps coming towards her.


She softly said, when suddenly she saw dark boots, and Jon Snow kneel down and stare at her. His eyes were filled with shock and sadness as he gently touched her face, turning her towards him. She felt herself fading fast, her body becoming more and more numb. Jon stared at her, before he held back tears.

"I'm sorry..."

He softly said.

Sterling smiled and shook her head, blood still dripping from her lips.

"Don't. The coin had landed, and all was revealed..."

She then said her last words softly, so softly only Jon could hear.

"End it..."

She pointed to the tiny dagger hooked by Jon's belt. In the bubbled blood she coughed up, her wedding ring came up. She stared at it, before nodding at Jon to take it. He picked it up and slipped the blood covered object and blacked it into his pocket. She stared at him, and nodded.

Jon nodded back, before Sterling laid her head down.

Then...everything faded.

Sterling was still, her red eyes staring forward blankly. Sighing, Jon softly shut her eyes with his hand. She laid there dead, before he looked forward and saw Danerys staring at the throne. Rising, he walked towards her.


Sterling opened her eyes and found herself back in her wedding chambers the night she married Viserys at Illyrio's. Candles were lit everywhere. She was laying on a soft bed of silks, and her eyes fluttered open and saw stared up in disbelief.

Her husband laid beside her, shirtless, just in his pants, his beautiful white hair that she had missed so much hanging down. He stared at her, and gently stroked her face. The two locked eyes, before Sterling smiled, feeling tears of joy fall from her eyes. Sitting up shaken, she stared at her, before her hands frantically went up and down his arms, feeling his soft warm skin. Staring at him, tears continued to fall.

"Are you really here?"

Viserys laughed staring down at her.

"Of course I'm here."

She stared at him, not knowing if this was Heaven or a dream, but her husband was back with her, and suddenly that was all that mattered. Wrapping her arms around her, she leaned forward, passionately kissing him, before she nuzzled into his white hair, breathing deep and smiling. It was over, and she was safe with him.

Eleven years later...

A brilliantly handsome man with white mid length hair, and brilliant dark eyes. He was muscular, with fair skin, and sharp cheekbones. He laughed, a wonderful happy sound as he hauled lumber into the wagon. His friends were joking with him, as he continued to put the cut logs inside.

"I saw you eyeing that woman at the tavern, perhaps you like them old?"

Jack, his friend rolled his eyes and playfully hit him. He laughed, and continued throwing the lumber in easily.

He was Dacre, a true Targaryen, but he would never know that. He would never know of Sterling, his mother who could transform into a raven, or his father, Viserys Targaryen who was murdered in one of the most brutal inhuman ways. No...Arthur and Mary his parents never told him. They claimed his white hair was really blond like Mary's. It was his true mother's one wish, and they never told.

Dacre was a friendly handsome young man in the village, and all the girls swooned over him. He was friends with everyone, and had been raised to be kind, and fair as his parents had taught him. He worked his father's farm hard, in hopes of owning his own land someday.

He was the spitting image of Viserys, and would never know.

He did find it funny that while helping his father with his mason work, sometimes he would be careless and forget and forget the gloves to hold the tools resting in the baking coals. He would pick them up as if it was nothing, and as always Arthur's stunned eyes would say it all. Dacre would claim the heat never bothered him. One afternoon after he did this, his father laughed before clapping him on the shoulder and making him promise to be more careful as well as never telling anyone this.

Some nights after working with his father and being careless around the hot baking coals, he would lay awake, one arm tucked behind his silver hair, and he would stare at his perfectly unharmed palms and wonder...

As for Jon, he returned to the wall, with Sterling's cleaned off gold wedding ring hooked to a chain and around his neck safetly, he kept it as a reminder of the coin that was constantly flipping in the air. He was determined to his life here now on the wall, he would prove that his side would land not on madness. No, that coin for the Targaryens would never land on that side again at all.

The End