Sterling had joined Viserys and Jorah to watch Daenerys' ceremony. It was a hot miserable day, and Sterling had felt nauseous all morning. Her usual tanned golden skin seemed a shade or so lighter, as purplish brown circles were underneath both of her ruby colored eyes from lack of sleep the night before. She knew she must have looked a mess, but ever since she didn't get her monthly bleed, her mind constantly seemed to be racing in a thousand different directions. Shortly after she married Viserys she had been with child. She still remembered how absolutely thrilled Viserys was when he was informed. He had entered her tent one morning as Ruby sat with her handmaids who had confirmed that she was in fact carrying a child, more than likely conceived on her wedding night. Viserys had been ranting on and on about how his strong dragon's blood had helped him put a strong heir inside his wife's belly. That he wanted to celebrate and spread word, getting annoyed that the Dothraki didn't seem the slightest bit interested, instead more focused on the news that Daenerys herself was expecting a child with Drogo. Sterling informed him that he couldn't take things so personal. That there would be a time to celebrate the arrival of their child, but he needed to be patient.

Viserys seemed angry...but Sterling knew exactly how to calm him.

She took one of his hands, much larger than her own, gently kissing his long slender fingers, before taking his hand and placing it on her stomach. "Our child is safe and protected by it's fierce father. That's all that matters." Viserys's frown nearly instantly disappeared, his dark eyebrows raising as a beautiful smile lit up his face. His thumb slowly began to rub against the fabric of her dark robe.

"Our son...will be the greatest warrior that has ever lived. He will serve beneath his father the king, and be one of the most beautiful and feared men in all of the land."

Sterling tilted her head to the side smiling.

"What if our child is a girl? Will you love it?"

Viserys smiled slyly as he continued rubbing her stomach with his thumb.

"If it is, then she shall be as beautiful as her mother, a fierce beautiful creature. My true heir will come later."

"What if he never comes, but if daughters are all I can give you?"

Viserys smiled, shaking his head and looking down at her.

"Then I shall rule as king forever my love."

"But will you still love me?"

Viserys stared at her, that same haze of passion and hunger starting to cloud his eyes

"Darling, I shall love you until the end of time. My beautiful raven..."

His hand stopped rubbing her stomach, before reaching up, pulling down the plunging neck of her robe, yanking it as her two full large breasts popped out. Viserys worked fast, pulling down her robe before it pooled around her feet. Standing naked, Sterling stared at her husband before he took her wrist and led her hand to the bulge that was forming in his slacks. Both locked eyes as Viserys smiled.

"Oh my...I believe you might have woken the dragon."

Smiling, Sterling stared at her husband, before suddenly he reached and scooped her up. Laughing, Sterling playfully kicked her feet with delight as Viserys carried her towards the bed. The happiness sadly did not last. That evening after they made love, Sterling laid sleeping with her head on Viserys' chest. The two had collapsed together, slick with sweat, before falling asleep in each other's arms. Sterling's long eyelashes slowly fluttered open, her dark red eyes blinking and adjusting to the dim light casted by the candles and lantern in their tent. The air was warm but not uncomfortable, but instantly Sterling sensed something was wrong. She laid there for a second, when the pain came. Snapping her eyes shut, she nearly cried out, before she felt it. Eyes widened and frightened, she sat up quickly and pulled away the sheet. There she saw the terrible sight of slick blood smeared all over her inner thighs, and staining the bedding beneath her. Another pain came, this time much worse. Hissing out, she knew she was losing the baby.

This wasn't her monthly bleed, no this was Viserys' and her child dying and voiding itself from her womb. Another terrible cramp came and she cried out loudly, waking Viserys with a start as tears started squeezing from her shut eyes. His hair messy from sleep, he sat up, eyes wide and scared as he looked at her. "My dear, what is it?" His words trailed away, as he looked down and saw the blood.


He screamed. Sterling sat there feeling cramp after cramp hit her like waves. She was crying, holding her stomach as thick syrup like blood continued to ooze out from her.

"Get Neia, I..."

She couldn't finish, instead she sat there, feeling as if at any second she might faint. Viserys jumped up, kneeling by the edge of the bed, his eyes wide, before he screamed at her, his hands shaking.

"Do something! Make it stop!"

Sterling felt her breathing become labored as tears kept rolling down her face.

"I can't...Viserys please fetch Neia..."

Viserys's face then twisted in complete rage as he reached and took her knees, forcing her legs together.


He painfully forced her legs together, his hands becoming slick with her blood as his hair hung in his face.


He screamed, his face turning red as spittle flew from his mouth and tears of rage filled his crazed eyes. Before Sterling could say another word, everything grew dim and she fainted. The Dothraki men and handmaids came rushing in as did Daenerys. It took a total of four very strong Dothraki men to drag a fighting screaming Viserys from his wife. Daenerys silently ordered for them to give him a mixture Jorah had explained that would calm him. It was dumped onto a torn piece of cloth as Viserys kicked and screamed, before the men forced it over his nose and mouth. He continued fighting them, until slowly his eyes rolled back into his head, and his struggles weakened, before finally stopping all together. By then Drogo had appeared, and Daenerys explained what had happened.

Drogo grunted, before he told his men to bring Viserly into one of the empty huts and have him watched until he woke, which would be hours from then. Jorah volunteered to join two of the handmaids to keep an eye on him since he might awaken frightened and angry. Daenerys nodded to her husband before he left, nuzzling her head against him, before she joined the other handmaids. Sterling was very weak, and had fainted. Daenerys insisted she was there as the handmaids cleaned up the bedding, before they washed her up, redressing her. Once everything was done, Daenerys sat by Sterling's side until she woke shortly after, pale and weak. Daenerys helped her sit up slightly and drink the milk of the poppy.

"I...lost the baby didn't I?"

Daenerys nodded before she gently stroked her sister in-law's hand.

"I'm so sorry..."

Sterling laid back, exhausted before she blinked her tears away and licked her lips before looking around.

"Where is Viserys."

"Resting, Jorah is with him. You'll see him soon, but you must rest."

Sterling stared up at the ceiling of the hut, eyes watering, no longer feeling the constant throb from her pain easier. Looking at Daenerys, she sighed.

"He begged me to stop it, thinking I somehow had magic to make our child from dying. He still doesn't understand that I simply have raven's blood in me. My powers are that and of that only."

"Your powers are something of wonder Sterling."

"I may have to disagree, I was cursed in my bloodline which up until marrying your brother has been a lonely painful existence. I can become a the end my powers of wonder really aren't that important."

"But you can fly, you can..."

"I couldn't have my baby from bleeding out of my womb. I wasn't even that far gone, but oh your brother wanted this child so much. I still don't understand why he desired me? I'm not special...your men are right. I'm a demon..."

"Hush now. My people respect you as you should be respected. You are a Targaryen. My brother's wife, and now my sister. I am so sorry for your child Sterling, but you shall bare more, and my son and his cousin will bring order, as well as peace and magic into the lands."

Feeling silent tears roll down her face, Sterling reached and took Daenerys' hand, gently squeezing it.

"Thank you Daenerys."

She wanted to say so much more, but the milk of the poppy was taking its effect. Her eyelids grew heavy, and sleep took over. When she awoke next, it was early morning, and Viserys now sat where his sister had been the night before. He had his head bowed, his stunning blond hair hanging down, his hand tightly clutching hers. Blinking, she rubbed her fingers against his, making him snap his head up, his face tried and frightened like a child.

"My dear..."

He kissed her hand, clutching onto it with his own shaking badly. Sterling stared at him, hating that she could still feel the dull ache from miscarrying last night.

"The baby..."

"Shhhhh...we shall try again my love. Next time I'll take better care of you and not have you handed around these savages. I'll never allow you to be hurt again. I'm so sorry my love, I acted like a madman last night..."

His words began to break up, before she saw tears fall from his bloodshot and exhausted eyes. Getting up, he laid in bed with her, his entire body tense as he slipped his arms around her, and held her tight. There was so much to say, but instead they laid together, holding each other tightly mourning the death of their unborn child. In less than two days from then Sterling got her strength back and they continued onward. Laying there, being held tight by her husband, Sterling continued thinking of the night before. How frightened her husband was, shouting and desperately trying to hold her legs together as if i would stop all of this from happening. The shouts, the screams, and how completely desperate he was.

She knew he had been right. He had acted like a madman, and the death of his unborn son would only fuel the fire of his madness.


It had been nearly three months since Sterling had originally lost her first baby. Now having just discovered she was with child again, she sat next to Daenerys and her two handmaids, the same ones who had helped her the night she lost her first baby. The feast was quite the show, the hut crowded as drums were played and dancers moved about. Sterling had lied to Danerys, telling her that Viserys was a little ill and had fallen asleep. Knowing that Daenerys could see through her lies, she politely smiled, touching her arm.

"It's okay Sterling, please come sit."

Sterling smiled, thanking her before she met eyes with Drogo surrounded by his men. Drogo had become somewhat of an older brother to her in all senses. Daenerys cared about her, which meant he cared about her. Nodding at her, Sterling nodded in return before sitting next to Daenerys.

"Are you hungry, there's more than enough."

"Oh I'm fine right now thank you."

Daenerys smiled, rubbing her small bump of her stomach, sitting back.

Sterling looked at the boar being roasted over the fire and she felt her stomach gurgle. Ever since she discovered she was with child her appetite had been off. Something she had been able to hide besides Viserys. Not wanting to become ill, she thought back earlier during the ceremony in which she watched Daenerys eat the horse heart. While Viserys and Jorah whispered to each other, Sterling felt the same bubbling up sensation in her stomach as she focused on staring across the way, trying not to focus on Daenerys, and the blood that kept squirting out at her. Feeling sick, she went to reach for her husband's arm, asking him to take her outside for some air as Drogo carried Daenerys around as the Dothraki chanted her unborn son's name. Instead, she saw he was gone. Raising an eyebrow, she looked for him, before Jorah walked to her side.

"He had to step out. Are you okay?"

Sterling felt her stomach turn slightly before she smiled slightly and nodded.

"Fine, just a little warm in here."

Jorah, who was always kind to her smiled, before he gently patted her arm.

"Why don't you go get some air."

Nodding, Sterling had gone out, and was walking towards her hut, parting ways she walked, hearing the gentle swish of her robe against her legs. As she walked towards the entrance of the hut, she nearly walked straight into Viserys who was exiting the tent. Jumping back, Sterling laughed, clutching her chest before she looked down and saw he had his sword hooked onto his belt.

"Viserys...what's wrong?"

Viserys stared at her, before he gently brushed the knuckles of his hand against her face.

"We're leaving soon, stay in here until I come back."

"Leaving? What's wrong?!"

Viserys shook his head.

"Nothing, just please wait inside and rest."

His hand dropped to her stomach, rubbing it as he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. Before Sterling could question what was wrong, Viserys stormed off and out of sight. Sterling was worried, hoping her husband's temper wouldn't get the best of him, especially after the ceremony today. She knew how hard Viserys had taken her losing the first baby, and how frustrated he was getting with his sister and the Dothraki. She knew he wanted his army, he wanted the crown, he wanted to be king. Since the miscarriage, she had noticed his temper becoming worse and worse. The first time he actually seemed happy was when she told him she was carrying again.

They had stayed silent simply due to the fact that both were worried she might lose this baby as well. She knew watching Daenerys get all that attention today by the people that Viserys believed were supposed to serve him. That she announced she was carrying a son...the son that Viserys so desperately wanted. When he returned a little while later, he was drinking from a bottle of wine, clearly bothered by something. Instead of trying to talk to him, they had made love, and she left him to rest. Sitting with Daenerys during the feast she hoped that she would pay her respects, stay awhile, then return to her husband and lay with him in bed and find out what exactly was wrong? She wished so badly that she could convince him that they didn't need the throne, or crown. That none of those things interested her. No, all she wanted was to take her husband away, start a family, and prove to him that he didn't need any of those things. That she could break through all of this madness, and help him. But sadly she wasn't able to help him.

It was too late, and she knew it was the moment she heard him drunkenly shout for his sister as her husband stumbled into the hut. Her red eyes widening, her stomach twisting, she felt her heart hammer deeply in her chest knowing that it was too late. The dragon had been woken, and his madness was going to cause these horrible next few minutes that was left in his life to burn into her memory for the rest of her life.

Tonight was the night her husband would die.