"It's the only way to protect you my dear. You are the last of your kind. If you marry him, you'll be a Targarygen. When his younger sister is wed to the leader of the Dothraki, he will have the army to reclaim his throne. You will be protected. I can no longer hide you here. This way you will be safe, and continue on your bloodline."

Illyrio said in his study as Sterling paced back and forth. Her boots clicking against the marble floors. She was dressed in her black lace robe, the sleeves flowing, her hair tied up in a bun, with loose strands twirling down around her face. She nervously wrung her hands together before sighing.

"Does he know what I am?"

"Of course he does. I have been looking after him and his sister for some time now. Ever since their father had been murdered they have been on the run. Viserys practically raised Daenerys. He's had a very tough life, and he's had to rely on allies and strangers to protect them. I have helped arrange the marriage for Daenerys. He needs a bride to become a queen as well...someone he can trust, someone who's by his side even before he reclaims his throne. We spoke about you, and how you have been recovering at my cabin since you saved me that day in the market. I explained what you were, and the powers you possess. He trusts me, and knows he needs his bride now. short tempered, but he has a good heart. Stand by his side, and you'll be a queen. Never running scared as you have your whole life."

Not looking so sure, Sterling sighed. Just several months ago she had been passing through the village market when a group of thieves had a blade to Illyrion's throat. With her hood up, and her red eyes always cast down to the ground to avoid any unwanted attention, she happened upon the group. When she asked them to remove the blade, the filthy stinking men turned and laughed, slowly looking her up and down. They left Illyrio, circling around her, licking their lips. When one went to attack, Sterling's ruby red eyes turned a shade darker, the pupil becoming a black slit as the first man ran towards her, knife raised. Sterling felt her heart pump and her hand had turned into a long sharp talon. She raised it and slit the man's throat in less than a second. The man stumbled, holding his bleeding throat which ozzed through his fingers, choking, and stumbling before falling to the ground. The other three attacked, and in lighting speed reflexes, she raised her twisted claw of a hand and killed all three in less than a minute.

Their bodies dropped to the ground, blood sprayed across her face, as Illyrio stared up in amazement. By then, her hand had returned back to it's normal state, a tanned hand with slim fingers. As payment he brought her to one of his cabins, giving her food and shelter, hearing her story, and allowing her to stay for several months. When she was planning on finally leaving, Illyrio informed her of the last of the Targaryen children he had been keeping at his home in the countryside. He had also told Viserys about her, and just now after traveling by horse to his home, she listened to what they wanted. She had been on her own for some time now, and the very thought that a nobleman, despite being a Targaryen in hiding, wanted her as his wife stunned her. He knew the truth of what she was, and still wasn't terrified. She couldn't quite understand.

"If anyone would be a good match for Viserys it would be you my dear. The dragon and his raven."

Rolling her eyes, Sterling stopped, looking out the window at the courtyard. She still hadn't met Viserys since she arrived this morning, and now saw him down below in the gardens, walking with his beautiful sister. Raising an eyebrow, she watched them, stunned by their beauty.

"Is that them?"

Illyrio rose from his seat and walked over smiling as he stared down.

"Yes, Viserys, and his sister Daenerys Targaryen. Khal Drogo, the leader of the Dothraki will be arriving in a day or so to wed Daenerys. If you agree, we'll marry the two of you this evening, and you will join them as they travel, gaining their army and eventually reclaiming the throne. You will be his queen, and have more power than you'll ever know what to do with..."

Sterling smirked, still watching this stranger down below.

"When you're born with my...advantages, or as I see them disadvantages...such things as thrones and crowns really don't seem important. You say he knows what I am? He isn't just curious and wants me as a trophy?"

"He knows all about you, and what you can do. He could have his choice of anyone, but he wants you."

Sterling smirked, shaking her head.

"He hasn't even seen me..."

Illyrio gently touched her arm.

"You aren't a monster my dear. I've grown to know Viserys...he needs someone like you by his side. Plus, look at that beautiful hair. I could see a dozen or so little children running around you two with that hair."

Sterling laughed, shaking her head before sighing.

"I suppose this would be the only logical choice. One can only run and be alone for so long..."

Illyrio chuckled lightly.

"Good girl. Viserys will be very pleased. I'll have my handmaids fetch you..."

Staying by the window, Sterling continued staring down, closely watching this man who had asked her hand in marriage. The man who despite knowing what she was, still wanted her. Raising an eyebrow, she continued watching him honestly having never seen anyone so beautiful in her entire life.


Sterling had joined Daenerys for her feast inside the main tent. Dancers moved about, as the Dothraki celebrated the fact that Drogo's male heir grew inside of Daenerys. Sterling sat enjoying herself, laughing with Daenerys, knowing very soon she would excuse herself for the night and return to her private tent and return to her husband who had hopefully passed out, sleeping peacefully. She sensed he would have quite the headache in the morning, but she would tend to him. She knew how on edge he had been since he learned she was yet again with a child. He was frightened that she would lose this baby as she did with their first. She still remembered the scared wide look in his eyes as her blood from her voided womb slicked up and down his arms and hands, screaming helplessly for her to stop as if she had any say in this.

They had both agreed to wait until the child she carried in her belly was further along and stronger before they informed anyone. She knew he was growing restless, growing impatient, and watching from afar as his sister became loved and respected. Sterling only prayed she could calm his nerves before he did anything stupid. Then she saw her husband, still very drunk march himself straight into the tent, calling out for his sister.

"Daenerys! Where's my sister? Where is she?"

Sterling exchanged a look with Daenerys, feeling her stomach nervously flutter, before she went to rise. She heard Daenerys whisper to Jorah for him to stop him as he rose quickly and hurried towards him. Sterling stood herself, nervously watching.

"Where is she? I'm here for the feast! The whore's feast!"

Jorah approached him, and tried to place his hand on his arm, before Viserys violently pulled away, his voice rising.

"Get your hands off me! No one touches the dragon!"

The Dothraki spoke their language laughing, which Sterling knew very little of, but saw Dawnerys glance over. Knowing something terrible was about to happen she went to walk over but felt Daenerys hand hold her arm.


She. softly said. Viserys had heard the laughter and waved over in Drogo's direction.

"Khal Drogo! I'm here for the feast!"

He walked towards them, his footing uneven by the drinking. Sterling watched on edge before Drogo spoke in his language and motioned across the way. Viserys turned towards Jorah to translate.

"Khal says there is a place for you...back there."

Viserys smirked, turning back and shook his head before pointing at Sterling.

"That is no place for a king! I should be seated by my wife!"

Drogo now spoke, his English clear as day yet bone chilling.

"You are no king."

Sterling shut her eyes, feeling her heart pound within her chest as her hands slipped across her flat stomach, protecting her unborn if at this very moment she knew that tonight would end in tragedy.