"You are no king."

Hearing Khal Drogo speak in the common tongue sent shivers up Sterling's spine. In just a mere moment a drunk Viserys took his sword out, causing gasps among the tent. Sterling knew it was forbidden to draw a sword in the Dothraki city. Sterling felt Daenerys' hand grasp hers, tense and scared. Viserys held his sword out at Jorah.

"Keep away! Keep away from me!"

Daenerys spoke first.

"Viserys please!"

Viserys turned, his silver hair shimmering in the flickering flames of the fire. Sitting here, she knew that the Targarygen madness was showing through. Something she had feared ever since she wed Viserys. He glared at her, a smile on his slim handsome face as he turned around, the sword now pointed straight at his sister.

"There she is..."

He began to approach her. Jorath exchanged a look with Sterling, who instantly knew this wouldn't end well. She sat beside Daenerys as Viserys approached them, sword still pointed straight out.

"Put the sword down, they will kill us all!"

Viserys turned quickly on his boot hell with the beautiful grace that Sterling supposed she had only been able to witness. He faced Jorah and laughed.

"They can't kill us! They can't spill blood in their sacred city..."

He then turned, aiming his sword again at Daenerys, slowly lowering it until it touched the small swell of her stomach. Sterling felt white hot panic flutter inside of her like the wings she could sprout. She could see Khal Drogo leaning forward, glaring as one of his maids translated. Sterling stood, her hands open, pleading to her husband.

"My love, please put the sword down. You're upset..."

Viserys' gaze softened for a moment, staring at Sterling, his eyes dropping down to her stomach, still barely showing.

"No my dear, I am claiming what is ours..."

He turned back to Daenerys and smiled, his silver hair hanging down.

"I want what I came for. I want the crown I was promised. He bought you...but he never paid for you. Tell me I want what was bargained for or I'm taking you back. He can keep the baby...I'll cut it out and leave it for him."

He pressed the tip of the sword further against Daenerys' stomach. Sterling glanced over helplessly at Jorah before looking back over at the animal like rage that was lingering in his fixed eyes towards her husband. Suddenly he began to speak his language, in a low frighting voice. Sterling was becoming custom to the language but she missed most of what he was saying from the fear that was hammering deep in her chest. All she caught was one word.


Viserys glanced over at Drogo before looking back at his sister.

"What's he saying?"

Daenerys suddenly looked very different, she gazed up at Viserys and didn't look fearful, in fact she seemed oddly calm.

"He says yes..."

Sterling could see the stunned expression in Viserys face as his eyes widened in shock.

"A golden crown that men shall tremble to behold."

Sterling felt goosebumps break out over her arms, by pure instinct one hand swept across her flat stomach, pressing it there, protecting the second child that slept within her womb. The next heir to the throne by the house of Targarygen...a true dragon. Viserys smiled, standing back stunned.

"That's all I wanted...what was promised."

He turned towards Sterling with tears of pure happiness in his eyes. He smiled, taking a step towards her, taking her hand off her stomach and giving it a gentle squeeze before kissing it. Sterling wanted to smile back, she wanted to feel sweet relief, but instead a cold chill ran down her body as something shifted in the air. Something wasn't right. Viserys smiled, looking back at his sister, and that's when it happened...

Khal Drogo rose, slowly approaching Daenerys, his hand went to her stomach and both exchanged a look. A look that Sterling knew all too well. Her hand tensed in her husband's, as he still stood back smiling. That's when Khal spoke, and this time Sterling understood. In his language he said...

"Hold him down."

Out of nowhere, three of Drogo's biggest guards sprang out of nowhere, one pushing Sterling back, her hand being torn from her husband's and she nearly stumbled and lost her footing. Jorah was there to catch her, as her eyes widened. Viserys looked outraged, ready to scream at them when suddenly they were on him, breaking his arms as if they were twigs. He screamed out in angoy and Sterling cried out as Jorah firmly held her. Viserys was forced on his knees. He struggled, screaming and trashing about.


Sterling struggled against Jorah's arms, crying out and begging the men to stop. He dragged her back towards Daenerys stood back still calm, her eyes fixed at what was happening. Sterling watched, and screamed at Daenerys as Drogo went towards the fire, speaking in his language as he took his belt off, huge golden medallions that were the size of a large man's hand. She watched in horror as a maid dumped out a cooking stew and Drogo dumped his belt inside the pot over the hot flames.


She ignored her, as Viserys saw what was happening, and turned towards them in complete panic. Sterling thought she heard Jorah tell her and Daenerys to look away. She faintly heard her say no, before Sterling locked eyes with her frightened husband.

"Dany...tell them! Make them! Make them!"

Suddenly Drogo walked over, holding the giant pot and stood over her husband. Viserys stared at Sterling one last time, his eyes absolutely frightened, and for just a mere flickering moment, he eyed her stomach before looking back at his sister.


He begged like a helpless child. Daenerys continued to coldly stare, as Sterling saw what was about to happen.


She screamed, straining against Jorah's tightened arms, kicking her feet up. Drogo raised the pot over Viserys' head and spoke in a common tongue.

"A crown for a king!"

Sterling screamed with her husband as the melted liquid gold was dumped all over his beautiful silver hair. The same silver hair she hoped her child would have. Sterling's ruby colored eyes bulged out of her skull as she shrieked in horror watching the piping hot liquid cover her husband as his last sounds were beyond human as his entire body shook and convulsed. She watched his shake as the liquid gold instantly hardened over his face, melting away skin, hair, and muscle. He suddenly became still, before the men let go of his limp body and his gold covered head landed on the ground with a hollow thunk. Sterling went limp in Jorah's arms and he released her. She fell to the ground, eyes wide in disbelief as she heard Daenerys say...

"He was no dragon...fire cannot kill a dragon."

Sterling sat there in shock, staring at the body of her husband who just mere moments ago was alive. Suddenly she turned everything out. She just watched her husband who she had come to truly love, the father of her unborn child, as well as the one that voided itself from her womb just before her very eyes. He died in one of the most gruesome painful ways, and here she was sitting alone. She felt sick, and ready to faint. Slowly she crawled on her hands and knees, her black dress flapping around her legs as she approached his body. The melted gold had already hardened, but was still very warm. Her slender fingertips touched his red exposed skin, his one eye that was showing empty and staring out. Sterling knew there was nothing she could have done, but why didn't she do something to stop this? Why didn't Daenerys? He was drunk and acting foolish. He didn't deserve this. She stared down, suddenly very cold. She stared down feeling an ache in her chest.

"Viserys?" She choked in a small whisper.

"Viserys...wake up..."

She gently petted the gold helmet that covered most of his head. She sat there, when she heard the music start around them, the dancers dancing, laughter, and celebrating. Everyone acted as if nothing had happened. Three of Drogo's men tried to gather his body, when Sterling whipped her head up, her eyes glowing red as she hissed.


She heard Daenerys command something, and instead she felt Jorah's hand gently touch her shoulder.

"They want to take him outside, behind the tent, to bury him my lady..."

Sterling turned and stared up at Jorah, knowing if she fought, or said anything Drogo would simply kill her as if she was nothing. Perhaps now as shock was setting in this might be for the best. She would be with her husband again. Instead she looked over her shoulder and saw Daenerys sitting with her husband, her face empty of any emotion as Drogo patted her belly where their son grew. Daenerys allowed this to happen, she let her brother...the boy who had raised her since birth, who kept her alive all these years... Daenerys stared at her for just a second, before Jorah helped her to her feet. She nodded as Jorah signaled them to take over. Here she watched as the men carried Viserys, who now weighed more with the gold covering his body. She ignored all of the eyes from the people, and followed them out of the tent, leaving behind the music which now sounded more like screams. The night air felt blissful on her skin as the men carried Viserys limp body into the shadows before dropping him with another heavy thud and returning to the feast.

Alone, Sterling let go of Jorah, knowing he meant no harm holding her back and dropped down to her knees in front of her dead husband. Half of his face destroyed and grumsome from what the gold did. Jorah knelt down beside her.

"I can help you bury him. Forgive me my lady..."

Sterling shook her head.

"I'll do it...I was the only person who cared about him. I was his wife...he was a true Targaryen...he didn't deserve this."

Jorah sighed.

"He knew not to draw his sword. He threatened Daenerys and Drogo's child..."

"He was drunk. Anyone could have seen that. I watched and sat back as they laughed at him, called him the cart king, watched him become more and more frustrated. He didn't deserve this and you know it."

Jorah sighed. "You carry his child?" Sterling raised an eyebrow as Jorah stared at her.

"He tried to steal Daenerys' dragon eggs earlier, he told me."

Sterling bowed her head before she shook it.

"He was desperate. I should have seen it earlier in the tent. My kind is nearly completely killed off, I'm viewed as a monster...but he never saw me as one. He loved me...and I loved him. I knew about the madness that ran in his family, I knew the legends...and I knew he probably would never rule the seven kingdoms. I knew there might come a day that his madness would become too great and I would have to make a choice...but this was already made for me. I know my womb, I won't carry this child long. I would like to believe Viserys loved me in the brief time we shared...he was desperate and in the end it cost him his life. Still...I'm sure he would have been a good father at least. Remember Sir Jorah...he did raise Daenerys. When everyone moves on...I'll stay here."


She shook her head.

"I have no please here anymore..."

"But your child..."

Sterling snapped her eyes shut before bringing her hand down between her legs and bringing it slowly back up, slick with blood that dribbled down her fingers.

"See? I knew the second I heard the last scream escape my husband...his seed died in the womb. I am no threat. Daenerys is the last Targaryen."

Sir Jorah shook his head.

"Let me get you milk from the poppy, you need to be looked after..."

Sterling shook her head.

"I intend to lose Viserys' child as I bury him with my own hands. I need to feel this. I mean no disrespect to Daenerys or Khal Drogo. What's done is done...my husband is dead and I am to finish laying him to rest and flying far far away from this terrible city."

Jorah sighed, before nodding.

"Daenerys may want to speak with you..."

Sterling shook her head.

"I'll by gone before the end of the feast. Tell her I'm tending to her brother's body and I wish for my privacy."

Jorah slowly rose, and gently patted her arm.

"My apologies Sterling. Forgive me in saying Viserys was a fool...but you brought out the best in him."

Sterling nodded, closing her eyes, feeling the ache deep inside of her as blood trickled down between her thighs. She believed the shock in witnessing her husband's death caused this to happen. Once Jorah left her, she eyed her poor husband's mangled body before feeling a terrible cramp rip through her. Snapping her eyes shut and hissing in pain, she turned away and began to dig, clawing at the hard dirt, tossing it behind her, fighting through the pain.


It was hours later, well into the night. The feast was still going on and she could faintly hear music in the air. She knew she didn't need anything back in their tent. She intended on traveling in her natural form, and knew she didn't need anything to remember Viserys by. She fought through the pain, battling the urge to cry out or faint. By the time she dug a hole deep enough her nails were split, crackled, and bleeding. Blisters trickling on her open palms, and blood from her dead child smeared all over her legs. Using the last of her strength she dragged Viserys by the boots towards the hole and panted. She felt faint, but gritted her teeth. Kneeling, she stared down at her husband's mangled face and choked back a cry.

"I'm so sorry my love. I swear...I will get my revenge. I shall watch as they fall, and you will not be forgotten. Please look after our sons in the afterlife and wait for me."

She leaned down, gently kissing Visery's red and chapped exposed skin. Feeling her heart ache, she took a piece of gold that was hardened and dribbled down over his ear. Working it back and forth, it snapped as she held it in her hand. Her eyes glaring, she opened her mouth and swallowed the gold and with a hard gulp swallowed it. Staring down at her husband, she gently patted his arm, before nodding and rolling him over in his shallow grave. She hated burying him here, but she had no choice. Clawing at the dirt, she threw it into the hole, slowly burying her husband. In no time she filled it and walked over it, before slipping out of her boots. She knew it was time to go, if she even so much as looked at Daenerys she was afraid she might claw her eyes out. Stripping her black gown off, she stood naked, still bleeding. Looking up at the moon, she snapped her eyes shut as the transformation took hold. The last time she did this was in front of Viserys, right before a thunderstorm, the night they conceived their first son. His smile kept flashing before her eyes. She knew she would never forget that. She wasn't the slightest bit shocked she had lost this child as well. She had begun to spot earlier, but was too scared to tell him. She figured her womb might be damaged and she would never bare any children for her husband. Now it was just as well. She would be a target if she carried this child. Now it had died the same night it's father had. Her husband in gold...her child in blood.

She remembered it was after he lost his temper, right in the beginning of their marriage. She had shown him what she was capable of, and he sat back in pure wonder. Now this part of her life was over. She wasn't exactly leaving, no she planned on following but in her true form and from afar. Revenge might take time, but she knew it was worth it. She shifted, bones cracking and breaking, flesh splitting, and black leathers sprouting. In no time, suddenly instead of Sterling, a raven sat on top of her husband's grave.

The bird let out a cry before flying off into the night.


Daenerys was ready to be taken to her tent, her handmaids led her with Jorah to check in on Sterling, instead she found the freshly dug grave of her foolish brother, and Sterlings' gown and boots.

"She's gone..."

"She understood what needed to be done. She's gone."

Daenerys eyed Sterling clothes with uneasy eyes before nodding and turning, being led away. Jorah stared down at Viserys' grave before looking up at the full moon shining high above.