A black raven fluttered it's wings and landed on the wet sand of the shores of Dragonstone. It's clawed talons dug deep into the sand as it's dark eyes looked up at the massive structure in the distance. She had traveled some distance, and had wanted to see where Viserys had called home. During their brief marriage, many nights after making love she would drift off in his smooth soft arms, hearing the stories of his brother the great Rhaegar, and his family before King Robert took over the Seven Kingdoms. She heard all about the battles, and about the stormy night Daenerys had been born, and a four year old Viserys and his newborn sister had to vanish like thieves in the night. It broke her heart hearing about what had happened, and the lies that had been told about Viserys' family. She could tell even though he had just been a child when all of this happened, the memory of his fallen family members, and the years of being on the run...constantly having to look over his shoulder, all the while raising and protecting his young baby sister had damaged him. She wasn't any fool. She knew how he could be. He had raised a hand to her on their wedding night, and the only reason he had been in awe of her afterwards, showering her with affection and love was because of her power. She sensed he had loved her, but had she just been an ordinary woman he wouldn't have had any use for her by his side as he reclaimed the iron throne. Nevertheless the time they shared had been the only time she had honestly ever felt love. He had respected her, and was so protective it actually seemed humoress. Still, she had loved him, and even though the Targaryen madness had destroyed him, making him foolish, abusive, and cruel to his sister...she knew he didn't deserve the terrible death he had.

No, Khal Drogo should have simply banished him. Perhaps even gave him a beating, and kicked Sterling and him out of the Dothraki city full of shame. Instead, they held him down as he begged for his life, and in the last few moments of his life were full of tremondus agony, and fear. After she had given birth to Dacre, she had transformed and flew for some time. She was up North, and honestly didn't know exactly where she was going. Leaving her child behind had been even harder than burying her husband, but she knew if anyone ever found out that he was a true Targaryen, he would be hunted. Arthur and his lovely wife had been strangers, yet took her in and protected her when she was at her weakest. She repaid Mary with her son, knowing she would love him, and that Arthur would keep his secret, and raise him to be a kind and brave man...perhaps being the type of father her son really needed. Never knowing that his mother was a shifter with ruby colored eyes the shade of blood. Or that his father had been one of the last Targaryens, a hunted shamed house. While his mother carried him in his womb and nearly lost him, she witnessed his death by the hands of his father's sister's husband. That he had been murdered in one of the most gruesome ways that still whenever his mother closed her eyes she could still hear his screams...

"DANY PLEASE!" No, he deserved to have a normal life...never knowing who his true parents were. Still, it didn't make leaving him any easier. Flying, she could feel the cooler weather, and the gray skies as she flew and flew...then she happened upon something. It was a battle, one of the biggest she had ever seen. She flew overhead, watching the carnage, so many man being slaughtered. There were wildlings, a giant, and an army that were completely in sync. She watched as bodies piled up like a mountain, before watching an ocean of new soldiers arrive just in time. Flying, Sterling then saw a man on a horse turn back towards the hillside as one man in arm armor begin to chase him, the giant, and a few others following. Sterling knew it was none of her business, but decided to keep flying overhead as well. She had heard of Winterfell, and continued flying towards the massive castle, when she saw the men hide inside like cowards. Landing on a stone wall, she watched as the giant broke apart the main gate before being killed by arrows. Sterling's glassy eyes stared down at one man who had a bow, and began to shoot at the handsome man in dark armor. Watching closely, she then saw that the man shooting the arrows was just about to get the perfect shot. Letting out a cry, she fluttered her wings and dove straight down towards the man ready to shoot the arrow. She released her talons, and tore straight into the man's face, catching him off guard as she slashed at his face. In just a matter of seconds the man in the dark armor threw him down to the ground and began to badly beat his face. Finally he stopped, as a beautiful woman with red hair watched.

The battle was over, and at that exact moment Sterling had no idea she had witnessed The Battle Of The Bastards.

Landing on the ground, she figured whoever this was might be somebody worth knowing. She knew it was dangerous, but she no longer cared. She had been in this raven form for so long she had begun to honestly lose track of time. Days blended in with weeks, and months. The bird fluttered its wings before the cracking of growing bones were heard as she began to grow. Sterling saw as she transformed the stunned expression on the girl with the red hair as her eyes widened in shock. In just a few seconds Sterling stood in her human form, naked and standing in the courtyard of Winterfell, right beside the badly beaten man. The man in the dark armor looked just as stunned, as Sterling stared down and smiled.

"Forgive me for intruding, just figured you might have needed a hand."

The man's dirty and tired face witched before he smiled. One of the wildlings hurried over, draping his fur coat over her. On two very shaken feet, the man in the dark amor stood, before he left out his hand.

"My lady..."

Sterling took it and shook.


The man looked surprised.

"You're a Targaryen?"

"Just by marriage. There's no shared blood between me and the mother of the dragons...or the breaker of chains...or whatever name she's going by now. No, I was once married to her brother Viserys before he was murdered. You are?"

"Forgive me...Jon Snow. Thank you Sterling..."

She bowed her head before Jon stood back looking absolutely exhausted. Faintly it had begun to snow. Afterwards, Sterling had been given chambers even though she had told Jon she wouldn't be staying long. She was able to bathe, and change into a lovely black robe with a fur collar. As payment Jon insisted on giving her a horse, clothing, and plenty of silver for whenever she planned on her journey again. That was if she intended on leaving on foot. Laughing, Sterling thanked him and said she would stay for a few nights to get used to what it felt like to actually walk in a human body. She had seen the looks, and had heard the whispers, but she didn't care. Jon's sister eyed her with fear, but Sterling knew she wouldn't overstay her welcome. She was in the hall when Jon had been called The king Of The North, and she too chanted with them. Plenty of men eyed her with hunger, but she ignored them. Instead she stood, dressed in the black grown, standing back proudly smiling, her ruby colored eyes staring at Jon Snow, seeing that this was a man of honor. She had heard the whispers about how his own people from the wall had turned and attacked him, killing him dead. How the red woman had used some sort of dark magic and brought him back. Sterling wished she had known the red woman all that time ago the night her husband had been murdered. Still, she knew it was a foolish thought. Would Viserys have wanted to survive, deformed, half of his face disfigured, covered in hardened liquid gold, the rest of his face chapped, and badly burned? Once one of the most handsome faces she had ever seen, his goregous silver hair gone, and only one bloodshot eye remaining...

No, she knew better... There would have been no saving her darling husband, no matter how hard she lived in a fantasy that he had survived, and instead of traveling the lands alone with a broken heart, she would have saved her husband in a different way.

In her mind she would have convinced him to leave the Dothraki. That she would have snuck into Daenerys' tent, stealing the three dragon eggs and fleeing with Viserys. They would have returned to Dragonstone, and hatched the eggs. Daenerys had mentioned that he wasn't a real dragon since fire could not kill a real dragon, but she was wrong. He still felt heat, more than she did, but she suspected if they had really burned a hot enough fire, her husband could have walked in to watch his three family's eggs hatch, and there he would give birth to the three sons he so desperately wanted. She would have delivered Dacre, and there they would have used the dragons to take back the seven kingdoms together. Afterwards, she requested a brief meeting with Jon Snow. She met him upstairs in what used to serve as his late father's library. During the feast earlier, Sterling was filled in on everything that had been happening in the seven kingdoms, as well as more news of her sister in-law. Jon greeted her, and both sat by the fire nursing sweet wine.

"I'm traveling to Dragonstone, my husband's childhood home. I hear there is dragon glass there...from what I hear that could be a useful tool to help you in what you claim is coming..."

Jon shifted in his seat looking both exhausted as well as uncomfortable.

"You don't believe it?"

Sterling held her glass before shaking her head. "No, I do believe your friend killed one...and I do believe the stories of them coming, and if what you say is right...that's an unstoppable army, much worse than the one you just battled coming, and if they aren't stopped...there won't be any North, seven kingdoms...or damn iron throne to have."

"What do you suppose we do?"

Sterling sipped her wine and sighed.

"I'll venture to Dragonstone, but I won't be there long...I have heard whispers that the mother of the dragons herself is setting sail to her family's home, and I would rather not be there at the same time as her. If there is dragon glass, I'll send a raven...a real raven..."

Jon smirked as she went on...

"I'll send word if there is glass there...but I don't dare take anymore besides some for myself. You'll have to deal with Daenerys herself. I may have been married to her brother, but she rightfully owns the land there as well as the dragon glass that's there. Perhaps you can maybe convince her to help with those dragons of hers to aid you and your men with this army of the undead. If I find anything I'll try to reach you...and perhaps fight."

Jon nodded.

"Thank you...but I would never ask..."

Sterling shook her head.

"After my husband was murdered, I've had less to live for. I will find you Jon Snow and help you...there's not much I can do, but I'll try."

"And what of Daenerys...can I trust her?"

Sterling sat back and thought for a moment, before shaking her head.

"I can't honestly answer that. I loved Daenerys as if she was my very own flesh and blood. My husband...was far from a good person. He was selfish, cruel to her, and weak. Still, he was a good husband to me, and shouldn't have died the way he did. Nevertheless, I learned that Daenerys' own husband and child died, so I guess we're even. I have heard her grand tales...both good and bad. Still, I have heard more than once that every time a Targaryen is born fate flips a coin, and the world stands back and holds their breath to see which side it shall land on. One side is greatness...the other husband showed both sides of the coin during his brief life...and I fear these dragons...Daenerys may be even more dangerous...even more than her father, the late Mad King...but we shall see when the coin stops turning in the air...which side will it land."

Jon nodded before Sterling looked around and smiled.

"I shall be leaving by morning...if you do see Daenerys, last kindness...don't mention ever meeting me. If she does aid you and your men with helping fight this army of the undead, I'm sure our paths will cross again."

Jon stared at her. "Will there be another battle I'll have to worry about?" Sterling gently smiled.

"I wouldn't worry about it. Still, be weary Jon Snow...a half mad queen with three dragons can either be a blessing or a curse. Just take foolish husband made the mistake of crossing her, and they boiled him alive."

Jon stared at her, his expression worried, before she continued sipping her wine. When she left, Jon Snow watched her from the castle's gates, having twice begged her to please rest here a little longer. Instead, Sterling patted his arm, before climbing up on her horse, pulling her fur hood up, and taking off. When she arrived at Dragonstone, she had transformed after traveling very long on her horse. She ended up keeping her horse at a small village stable, paying in coin, before burying her things in the woods, before transforming and flying off to search for the famous Targaryen island. Transforming back to being human after flying across the seas. The cool air felt wonderful against her bare skin, and she climbed the mountain of stairs, looking around at the beautiful sweeping lands, and stone. She reached the castle, built into the mountain, staring at the sculptures of dragons, and looking at the beautiful paintings of Viserys' family. Her long slender fingers swept across the cool stone, before she came upon a wardrobe of clothing. They were men's horse hair leggings, and a long sleeve shirt, but she dressed, pinning her hair up nevertheless. She walked around, trying to think of her husband, at age three or four, a hair of white hair, and those wide eyes hearing all of the stories told by his father and older brother... She knew she couldn't say much longer, and instead grabbed a large chunk of dragon stone, knowing very well what she intended on doing with it, before venturing outside and heading down to the small cove, where she had spotted several small boats she could easily set sail on alone. As she carried the dragon stones, the wind blowing back in her face, she took one last look around before staring up at the castle.

"Welcome home darling..."

She whispered, before choking up her wedding ring into her open palm, and slipping it onto her finger. She packed little supplies she was able to find, and loaded onto the boat. She fixed the sails, and set off onto the sea, right back towards land. She missed Daenerys by just a few days. When she arrived back on shore, she paid extra silver to have the flail made out of dragon glass. She figured she would need to talk to Jon Snow, and originally planned on sending her raven, when she learned that Jon was actually already headed down to King's Landing. She wasn't sure if Jon had met with Daenerys, or if the undead had been discovered, but she decided on traveling in human form and seeing him. If there was a war ready to happen, she fully intended on fighting. As she traveled, riding horseback, dressed in her leggings, her flail hooked onto her belt, she wondered how her son was? She knew he was safe, being raised by two wonderful kind people. Still, she wondered if he would take after his father, and have the Targaryen signature silver hair? She smiled, hoping he did. She missed him so badly, and supposed if she was planning on fighting the undead, she might very well die. Sterling didn't fear death. To her that just meant she would be returned to her long lost love. Still, if she did join forces and die...she knew she wanted to fly by and see her son just one last time.

Even if she didn't die in this battle of the undead, she supposed Daenerys and herself would cross paths. If she ended up landing on the side of the coin of madness, she knew somebody would have to be brave enough to stop her. If that ended up being her, she was certain she wouldn't survive. So, as she rode to King's landing, she thought of her young son, smiling as she continued wondering if he was as beautiful as his late darling father...