Chapter 000: Introduction

time cap·sule - noun

a container storing a selection of objects chosen as being typical of the present time, buried for discovery in the future.

Around the time the third years graduated and the group disbanded, Honoka proposed the idea of burying a time capsule for them to open once they were adults, a time capsule from the 'school idol' versions of themselves. And so, the girls got a wooden chest, wrote letters to their future selves, and added their own items. Of course, they decided to decorate the chest a little bit as well, adding their own personal touches to the capsule. With it locked, the key - sealed in plastic - was handed to the most trust-worthy member (though they slightly debated on who it was, they eventually decided on someone.)

"Let's all meet here again after ten years, okay, girls?"


When Umi was organizing her desk after coming back from Australia, unpacking the things she brought from the dojo, she came across the key and the note sealed in plastic.

'To be opened on March 2023 - μ's time capsule!'

It has certainly been a while since she last communicated with her highschool friends. They all chose to take different paths, paths that parted couples, and even childhood friends.

She glanced at her slightly messy desk, searching for the desk calendar. Wasn't the month of March nearing soon?

February, 2023

She unlocked her phone, scrolling down the LINE application she downloaded years ago. Her thumb hovered over one groupchat, its last conversation dating back to four years ago, greeting each other on New Years 2019. A part of her hesitated, but a part of her yearned to meet her friends again, a part of her wanted to stay true to the promise of meeting under Otonokizaka's cherry blossom tree again. And so, with hope, Umi took a photo of the key, typed down her message and pressed send, tossing the phone to her bed. It was a habit she formed after sending a slightly risky text message.

She didn't expect to hear one, two, three, four? Four notifications from the said application just seconds after she sent the message, but she couldn't help but smile.


Umi sent an image.

Umi: I know we haven't talked lately, everyone. I've just gotten back home from Australia, and while unpacking things to my new home, I found this. Is it possible for us to gather next month to open it? I've forgotten the little details of the said time capsule.

Eli: Whoa! I can't believe you still kept it! I'll check my schedule. Missed you all, by the way~

Honoka: as expected from our umi-chan! i missed you! hope australia was great! i can make time next month, just let me know when so i can ask yukiho-chan to tend the shop

Nozomi: I've forgotten what we buried in the capsule as well! Ah, to see a glimpse of our highschool life once more~ Send me the details and I'll see! Can't miss this opportunity, yeah?

Kotori: Amazing~! I'll ask Mom, does anyone remember the exact location where it was buried? We still need permission from the principal even if we aren't students, after all~ Hoping everyone is free next month, I miss you all already ;; It's been so long!

"It's been so long indeed, Kotori." Umi smiled to herself, watching the groupchat become lively, full of stickers and chat bubbles, again.

Main Couple: eventual KotoUmi

Side Couples: eventual NozoEli, eventual NicoMaki, TsubaHono, RinPana

like what I said in my IG, I suddenly wanted to write something related to a time-capsule after watching Girl From Nowhere, but with less blood ofc- and so, here it is! While my main plan is to continue this story after Baby, Maybe is complete, I will probably continue this story next month even if it isn't complet yet, (first week or mid week of August) just wanted to hear your thoughts on this as well o7

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