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Chapter 9

Jack lay in bed, wrapped around Jamie who was thankfully asleep. He needed real sleep to keep recovering from what Pitch had done to him. He was just glad Jamie remembered him and Sophie, the thought of him not knowing them… He figured if they asked, the Tooth Fairy would help Jamie with his missing and hazy memories, but only if Jamie wanted to. Hopefully in the morning he'd feel up to seeing Sophie, she was very understandably worried about Jamie.

Jamie twitched in his sleep, mumbling incoherently, and Jack kissed the top of his head, one hand gently stroking his side, relieved when Jamie settled. It wouldn't be at all surprising if Jamie suffered nightmares after what he'd been through and how some of it remained. There was no way to know what effect Pitch's work would have on Jamie long term, Jack wasn't even sure what kind of Spirit he was yet, though he was definitely a Winter one. He hadn't been awake long enough to truly determine if he'd changed at all with the transformation.

He couldn't sleep, not when Jamie might need him.


Phil opened the door and looked around, there was no one there so who had knocked? He looked down and found an envelope sealed with a Snowflake. He carefully picked it up and carried it to the boss.


North took the envelope and checked it before opening it, hoping the Snowflake meant who he thought it did. Inside was a single piece of white paper with old fashioned writing, the kind of handwriting he hadn't seen in centuries. He closed his eyes in relief at the words written on the paper, Jamie was now a Winter Spirit. The Snow King…Jack's magic had worked somehow. He would contact the others with the news, in case the young King had only written to him.

It seemed they had been remiss in not considering the other powers in the world. How much easier could their battles have been if they had approached others? Then again, by the sounds of it, Jack's predecessor may not have helped them or even sided with Pitch.

If Jack was truly the Spirit he appeared to be then he could work with him. He appeared to care about children as much as they did and watching him with those taken…he had known them. They had never contacted the children after the battle with Pitch and perhaps that had been a mistake. It was too late now, they were too old, but perhaps they should do more to know the children they guarded.


He woke up slowly, feeling utterly relaxed and safe, there was an arm around his waist, a body pressed against him, and he tensed, trembling. Where was he? Who?

"Shh Jamie, it's okay, you're safe," a familiar voice murmured, the hand resting on his stomach moving gently against his skin.

He shivered at the touch, pressing back into the other body. He…he knew him…he did…didn't he?

"Jamie?" Lips pressed to his shoulder and then the hand around his waist was gently tugging him to lie on his back. "It's okay, I'm here, open your eyes, please."

He hesitated but then slowly opened his eyes, blinking up at the figure leaning over him. Wild white hair, bright blue eyes… "J…Jack?"

Jack smiled at him, looking relieved. "It's me," he promised. A hand lifted to stroke his face and he leant into it.

He…he hadn't recognised Jack, why hadn't he recognised him? His breathing hitched in his distress and Jack leaned closer, hand moving back to his hair.

"I'm here Jamie, you're okay," Jack whispered.

"Jack," he choked out, reaching up for him, and Jack responded, pulling him into his arms, cradling him close.

"Talk to me Jamie, please," gentle lips pressed to his forehead and Jamie clung to Jack.

"I…I…" he took a shaky breath. "I didn't…"

Jack sighed and hugged him closer. "You didn't recognise me?" he offered, and Jamie nodded, ashamed and scared.


"Oh Jamie, it's okay," he gently nudged Jamie's head back up and then pressed a chaste kiss to his lips. "You've been through so much," he ran his fingers through Jamie's hair and Jamie pressed into the touch. He hated that Jamie felt ashamed, but it wasn't surprising and in a way was good, because the Jamie he knew would have felt that way.

"It's a miracle you remember anything Jamie. I don't know exactly what Pitch did to you, but you didn't recognise me at all in his lair. When you woke up here and said my name…if all you remembered was my name it would have been amazing. I'm just glad we got to you in time, that you were still human enough for my magic to work. You remember Sophie still?" he asked gently, and Jamie frowned before nodding shakily.

"My…sister. She's here?"

"She is," Jack smiled, stroking his hair, feeling Jamie fully relax in his arms.

"M'sorry," Jamie whispered.

"For what? Being confused when you woke up? It's okay Jamie, I thought it might happen. I don't care if I have to remind you every day for the rest of forever, as long as you're with me," Jack promised, feeling tears slip down his skin where Jamie had buried his face. "I love you Jamie, I will always love you."

Jamie lifted his head, golden eyes meeting blue, and Jack smiled at him, gently wiping the tears away. Jamie hesitated but leant in and Jack stayed still, waiting to see what he'd do. Hesitant lips pressed against his and he kissed back gently, not wanting to push him or scare him. "Jack…" Jamie whispered, pulling back to stare at him. He lifted his hand and rested it against Jack's cheek, and he pressed his face into his touch.

He missed the warmth of Jamie's human form but to have him with him forever was definitely worth them now being the same temperature.

"My Jack?" he whispered, half-questioning, and Jake nodded. When Jamie leant in again, Jack met him, kissing again. Jamie pressed closer, wrapping his arms around Jack who ran his own up and down Jamie's back.

It had been too long, he wanted so much to do more than just kiss, but he couldn't, not with Jamie in the mental state he was. Jamie tried to deepen the kiss and Jack let him, Jamie twisting to sit face to face, wrapping his legs around Jack who bit back a groan. Maybe sleeping nude hadn't been so smart but he'd known Jamie's skin would be overly sensitive after the transformation.

Jamie pulled back, panting, staring at him, and then he touched the leather cord still around his neck before reaching up to touch the circlet on his brow. His hand went back to the necklace, playing with the cord, looking down at it. "You…you gave me this?"

Jack nodded, touching it gently. "For your ninth birthday, it used to have a Snowflake on it. it melted when…"

"When…" Jamie frowned. "I forgot you?" he looked up and Jack nodded. "Why?"

"It wasn't your fault or mine Jamie. You grew up and part of that is forgetting about Spirits being real." He reached up and touched the circlet. "This is new, it's designed for the Snow King or Queen's Spouse or Consort. Its magic was what helped make you one of us instead of what Pitch was making you," he explained carefully. He let his hand drift down, stroking his cheek. He was worried, Jamie seemed…even hazier than when he'd first woken. Perhaps he should contact Tooth immediately for help?

"Pitch?" Jamie frowned and then shivered, pressing close again, curling into his embrace. "He…he…it hurt. I…I tried to call you but there…black waves?"

"Corrupted dream sand," he whispered. The voice he'd heard and dismissed…had it been Jamie trying to call him? Pitch must have used the sand to weaken Jamie's mind, locking him in nightmares. He'd tortured Jamie for his own sick enjoyment before beginning to change him into his own creature. So Jamie might end up suffering nightmares if he began remembering any of that.

"What's wrong with me?" Jamie asked shakily but it was a full sentence without stuttering which had to be good, right?

"Nothing," Jack promised, kissing his forehead, just below the circlet. "It will take time to heal Jamie and I'll be with you every step of the way. There's someone who should be able to help with your memories if you want."

"Who?" Jamie pleaded; looking up again with wide golden eyes.

"The Tooth Fairy, do you remember her?" Jack asked and Jamie frowned, obviously trying to remember.

"I…a…Guardian?" he asked hesitantly.

Jack smiled at him. "That's right, she's one of the Guardians. She protects childhood memories. She might be able to give you yours back."

"But…but what if I forget again?"

"Then I'll remind you again and again," Jack promised. "No matter what happens, I won't leave you Jamie."

Jamie tucked his head under Jack's chin, and he held him, murmuring soft reassurances until Jamie had relaxed totally again. "Can…can we ask her?" Jamie whispered after a long time and Jack smiled.

"I can send a note to North and have him contact her; they were all really worried about you. Would you like to see them?"

"I…I don't…they don't hate me?"

"No Jamie, they were scared for you. They'll be very happy to see you," he assured him, stroking his hair again and Jamie sighed, pressing into his touch.

"Feels good," he murmured, and Jack smiled softly.

"Come on, I know something that will feel really good," he got Jamie up, leading him into the bathroom where he started the water into the bathtub, steam rising from it. he had done a lot to bring modern convenances to the Court and hot water was one of the best. He got in and tugged Jamie in as well, sitting down with Jamie resting against him.

"Oh…" Jamie sighed, eyes closing as he relaxed totally.

"Feels good doesn't it?"


"Hot weather will make you tired but for some reason, warm water is fine. Which is great cause bathing in glacial water is not nice, even for most of us," he explained.


Jamie slumped against Jack, the water felt so nice, his worries fading away as Jack held him close. He slipped in and out of sleep, barely moving when Jack moved to add more warm water. Eventually he felt arms around him and then movement, forcing his eyes open to find Jack was carrying him.

"Go back to sleep Jamie," Jack murmured, and Jamie felt the bed under his body.

He felt Jack move away and lethargically reached for him. "J'k."

"Shh, I'll be right back, promise," Jack whispered, kissing his cheek.

Jamie lay on the bed, trying to wake up more but he could barely keep his eyes open, limbs too heavy. He whimpered softly, where was Jack?

"Shh, I'm here," arms wrapped around him, pulling him close, and Jamie stopped struggling.

"S't'red," he slurred, eyes falling shut.

"I know Jamie, it'll pass." His voice sounded far away now, everything fading away.


Jack looked down at the sleeping Spirit in his arms. He looked so peaceful in his sleep, as if nothing bad had ever happened to him. He ran his fingers through black and white hair, wanting to make sure Jamie knew he was there.

He'd sent another message to North, asking for him to gather the Guardians in two days. He didn't think Jamie was ready to travel just yet, and he wanted to take Sophie as well which meant reintroducing the siblings to each other first.

The other kids had woken from their transformations absolutely fine if confused and scared. Jamie's reaction was due to the trauma he had undergone, especially the near-death condition of his body when it was initiated. He'd been skin and bones and the magic had returned him to a healthy weight. Jack could feel the pull on his own magic as Jamie's body worked to fully stabilise. They were joined forever by the magic, though he doubted Jamie was aware of it yet.

Hopefully, he would remember more when he woke up.


Tooth flew down to the right section of wall and opened it up, removing a single Tooth Box, staring at the image on it. Jamie's face smiled back at her and she took a deep breath. He was okay, North had said Jack was bringing him to see them. That he had asked her for help though….what state was his mind in? Would Jamie remember them? Still hate them? Or would he be the boy they met once again?

She sealed the wall, hesitating, before heading deeper into the archives. She closed her eyes and focused on Jack, letting her magic guide her until she found herself opening another niche. She reached in and removed the box within, seeing the impish grin on the boy's face. So this was Jack Frost when he was human. It was tempting to peak, to see who he had been when mortal, maybe even how he had become a Spirit, but that would be a gross invasion of privacy. No, she could live with her curiosity.

She would take both boxes to the Workshop though. She didn't know how much Jack would remember of his life after around four hundred years and he may want to clarify his childhood memories. If his appearance hadn't changed much when he became a Spirit, then he'd been around the same age as Jamie, barely past a child himself. Without Jack, they would never have saved the children, she would do what she could to help both of them.


Aster was worried; Jack, Jamie, and Sophie would be at the Workshop. Part of him was terrified to see the boy, to see what Pitch had made him into. North had said that Frost said their magic took, that he was part of the Winter Court, but would that have removed everything Pitch did to him? Was anything of the bright child they had known so briefly back then left?


Jamie sat on the bed, absently plucking at the material covering him….clothing, it was clothing, he knew that. He was alone and that scared him, but Jack would be back any second, he promised. He would be bringing…Sophie, his sister. She would be different too. Would he recognise her?

He wasn't really tired anymore which was nice, but he knew his head was a mess. He'd recognised Jack when he woke up, but he hadn't been able to remember his name. it scared him a lot, what if he forgot everything? Jack said it didn't matter, that he'd always stay with him and he had to believe it. Jack…Jack never lied to him.

He looked up as the door opened and Jack walked in, smiling softly at him and he smiled back.

"Jamie?" a soft voice called, and he stared at her.

She was pretty, delicate, pale… "Sophie?" was this his sister?

She smiled and rushed to the bed, throwing herself at him and he caught her on instinct. "Jamie," she sobbed, clinging to him, and he carefully wrapped his arms around her.

She…she didn't look at all familiar, if Jack hadn't brought her he wouldn't have had a clue who she was. He should know what she looked like, Jack had said her hair and eye colour were different (plus the wings) but that her face was the same. Jack had told him he looked different, but Jamie had stared into the mirror and he couldn't remember what he looked like before either.

He looked up at Jack, feeling lost, and then he was there on the bed with them and Jamie leant against him, taking comfort from the familiar presence.


Jack had seen the bleak look in Jamie's eyes, had realised he didn't recognise Sophie, and had gone to him immediately. He knew Jamie was terrified of his own faulty memory, of losing it all together and…he was worried too. Was it something Pitch had done that hadn't been fixed by the Court's magic? Would Jamie eventually lose his memory totally like he had seemed to under Pitch's control? Or would he be left with a memory full of holes?

No…Tooth would be able to fix it. Childhood memories were her domain and that was what he'd lost. It didn't matter if he never remembered the small space of time when he had grown beyond them all, but Jamie would be better off with his memories back. He wouldn't be so scared and hesitant then, seeking approval for everything.

He sat quietly as Sophie spoke to Jamie, he'd warned her about her brothers memory trouble, but she was still just a kid, even with the extra maturity the transformation seemed to have given her. She asked a few questions but then just listened to Jamie's halting words, cuddling into her big brother and Jamie held her close.


North made sure the window was open for their guests and went about making sure his fellow Guardians had their preferred refreshments. The children were in the Yeti village for the evening since he didn't want to overwhelm young Jamie. He was as worried as the others over Jack's mention of Jamie having trouble remembering things but if anyone could help him, it was Tooth.

They were all on edge, waiting to see the two children who'd had such an impact on them that Easter. At a noise he turned, seeing a swirl of snow beneath the open window and then young Jack was there, holding the hand of…Sophie. She looked so different, much older obviously but she had wings! He noticed someone else too, pressed against Jack, hiding behind him, and it had to be Jamie.

"Bunny!" Sophie called and pulled away from Jack, running over, Aster catching her.

"Hey little Sheila," he greeted, seemingly unsurprised by her appearance. Had he already seen her?

"It's okay Jamie," Jack was murmuring, gently drawing the youngest Spirit out from behind him and Jamie clung to his hand, head bowed.

North looked at Tooth, fighting the urge to greet the boy how he wished to, they had made it very clear that it may be too much for him. Tooth nodded and flew over slowly, landing lightly in front of young Jamie who finally glanced up.

"Are….are you the Tooth Fairy?" Jamie asked quietly, pressing back against Jack who wrapped an arm around him gently.

North saw the brief flash of pain on her face at not being recognised but then she was smiling softly and nodding.

"Hello Jamie," she held her hand out and waited patiently, so unlike how she was usually flying all over the place and talking so fast.

Jamie looked at her hand and then back at Jack who smiled and nodded. Jamie bit his lip but slowly reached for her hand.