Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 3 go to the forest to visit and congratulate Bradley, who has recently become an honorary Kids Next Door operative codenamed 'Numbuh 6'. Numbuh 3 was really super excited to see him and she hugged him tight. They all go on a picnic together. Numbuh 2 ate a hamburger, Numbuh 3 ate a pickle sandwich while she fed Bradley food in a jar. Bradley took the spoon and chewed on it. Numbuhs 2 & 3 say "awww" and decide to take a photo. As soon they look for the camera, a bush moves closer and closer to Bradley and snatches him. Bradey wails in terror after being snatched by the bush. After finding the camera. Numbuh 3 screams to find out Bradley is gone, and cries. Numbuh 2 calls for backup.

The bush, which kidnaps Bradley hides, into a dark forest and reveals itself to be Chester. Chester blames Bradley for ruining his evil plan for making lanyards and wallets by using child labor at a camp. He also blames him for having the camp shut down. So now he can exact his revenge by having him thrown into the biggest and deepest lake in the entire forest. Chester laughs maniacally while Bradley swallows in fear.

The rest of Sector V arrive at the forest. Numbuh 3 panically explained what happened, but she was fastly speaking gibberish, so Numbuh 2 properly explained what happened. Numbuh 1 suggests informing Bradley's parents, and so they did. As soon as they find Bradley's parents, Numbuh 2 tries to tell them that Bradley is gone, before Numbuh 3 panically and aggressively explains everything to them. The two giant skunks get angry and join Sector V to find their son.

Chester and Bradley (who's tied in a bag with his head sticking out) are at the massive lake on a boat. Chester vows to make the baby skunk pay for ruining his plans. He holds Bradley up and plans to throw him in the water and laughs maniacally. Meanwhile, while looking for Bradley, the parents hear an evil laugh miles away. They and Sector V follow the laugh and finds the lake with Chester and Bradley in it. Numbuh 3 shouts out "BRADLEY!" Chester informs them it's too late. But before he can throw Bradley into the water, his parents swim to the boat. Chester is puzzled and startled. As soon as they reach the boat, Chester puts Bradley down while laughing scared. While still looking at the angry faces of the giant skunks, he also takes Bradley out of the bag and pats him. The two skunks attack Chester while Bradley watches. After beating up Chester, they swim back to land with Bradley on the back of one of them. Numbuh 3 is thrilled to see Bradley OK and gives him many kisses and hugs. Numbuh 4 points out his tongue while acting like he vomits as a gesture of hating the sight of the cute actions Numbuh 3 caused.

And so Numbuhs 2, 3 and 6 carry on with their picnic, only this time, Bradley's parents and the rest of Sector V join in. Meanwhile, Chester is stuck at the lake after being assaulted by the giant skunks. He holds on to a plank. Then out of nowhere, he sees a waterfall. He didn't realize there was one. He falls into it while yelling "CURSE YOU SKUNKS!"