Spike's Childe

Chapter 2

Spike's Back?!

I yelped, running away from the ray of sunlight and jumping into the shade, the sleeve of my jacket going on fire. I swore, my New York accent thick. Looking around, I saw the streets empty. I hissed in pain, slapping out the fire.

I really had nothing to do as Spike, newly chipped was stalking Buffy (no matter how much he denied it), so I was doing some stalking of my own (which I didn't care about admitting). I remembered being pissed off, hearing about my sire's powerlessness. Wariness of the same happening to me, I avoided the Initiative, but was still enraged at them. One day...

I was in the shade of a thick tree, right in front of the Harris' House. I shrugged my coat down my arms, raising it above my head. I sighed deeply with an unnecessary breath. "Here I go." I knew the older Harris was with those other Scoobies (heard from Spike himself), but Amelia was still here by herself. I grimaced as I ran to the door, my jacket smoking. I slammed myself against the door, my whole body in the shade. I fixed my jacket with a rough tug. I gave a couple of loud knocks, pressing tightly to the door to keep from the sun.

The worst part of being a vampire.

I could smell her scent and hearing her calm heartbeat. From listening to heartbeats, I could tell she was the only one in the house. Which would not be calm once she opened the door. I didn't know what it was about her, but she different then those other 'Scoobies'. She interested me. I didn't think much more about it, I was bored and followed my instincts.

Not want to deal with the Slayer, I did most of my vampire 'activities' outside of Sunnydale. Not wanting to admit it, but the Slayer was good and strong.

I moved away from the door as it opened, showing a shocked girl, Amelia Harris. I believe she was a year younger than the boy, at 18 years of age. She was young, younger than I was when I was turned. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a singlet type shirt, her brown hair in waves and brown eyes wide. As annoying as these humans were, she was a beautiful broad. If we weren't on different sides and they weren't so self-righteous...


I arched an eyebrow, tugging my brim down a little. "Amelia. Let me in?"

Amelia blinked. "Are you kidding me? Why would I do that?"

I sent her a grin. "Because I promise not to hurt you." I raised my hand with a mocking smile. "Scout's Honor."

Amelia's look screamed sarcasm. "You were not a Scout."

I pressed my hands to my chest. "I could of been!"

Amelia rolled her eyes. "Uh-huh. What do you want?" I could hear her heart slamming into her chest.

It made me tilt my head, narrowing my eyes slightly. "I told you, girl. Let me in." I wasn't bothered by most attitude, but she was starting to irk me.

Noticing my different look, she took a step back. "Well, you can't." She slammed the door.

Instead of being angry, I smiled slowly. I called, knowing she could hear me through the door. "Just you wait, Amelia. You'll be wishin' I'd come 'round."

My smirk widened at the gasp of breath from behind the door.

"Vampire?!" My shoulders twitched slightly as the Harris boy's voice. "Get away from my house!"

I snickered, lifting my jacket over my head again and jumping into shade, shaking off the jacket. It was Harris and the Slayer. She was staring at me, angry, though not as angry as Harris. Not liking the odds of fighting with the sun and a Slayer at that, I darted off, sticking to the shade, the jacket back over my head and smoking.

I could hear the Slayer taking chase and ran off until I lost her.

I wondered off to the cemetery and went down to the crypt, seeing Spike sitting in his chair. He smirked at me. "I know that look, Love. What happened?"

I matched his smirk. "Two words. Amelia Harris."

Spike threw his head back, laughing, and baring his teeth into a grin. "You sure know how to pick 'em, Theo."

I chuckled, sitting in a chair and plucking my hat off my head, setting it in my lap. "Should ya be sayin' that?"

He tilted his head, sending me a confused look. I spoke up. "Slayer?"

Spike rolled his eyes. "She's an amusing chit."

I put the hat back on my head, kneeling down to the small refrigerator. I pulled out a bag of blood. No use arguing with Spike about this. I would make fun of him for it later. "Shit, do we have anythin' other than pig's blood?"

Spike said, glaring over at me. "And I can bloody drink from humans now?"

I made a grunting noise, heating up the swine blood. "Whatever." I took a drink, it was better than nothing, but I was going to out on a hunt later tonight. Spike stood up. "Don't find yourself in too much trouble, Love."

He dropped down below, where his 'bedroom' was. I said, knowing he could hear me. "And, my dear sire, what would the fun be in that?"

That got a laugh out of Spike.

Amelia Harris was an interesting broad.

It wouldn't be the last time she saw me.

I followed Angel into his office, a green demon with a full head of hair and red eyes and a girl around the same age as I looked with brown hair, and I could tell she was a bit nervous. They all looked at me confused. I 'tsked'. "What a rude fella you are. Won't introduce me?"

Angel growled. "Not now. Sit down." I shrugged at him, picking out the red armchair and sitting in it leisurely.

Everyone else was standing. He was explaining what Fries said. I made a low growl under my breath. Wesley, the girl and Angel were standing. The demon was sitting on a couch.

The girl was shocked when he finished. "Blow everyone up?"

Angel said. "Well, he said 'drop the bomb'. We don't know what that means."

Wesley said, standing near my chair. "We very nearly found out."

Angel sent him a look. "What? I'm not allowed to hit people?"

Wesley replied. "Not people capable of genocide. And I wasn't only referring to you, Angel."

I noticed his glance in my direction. I grinned at him from under my hat. "What? Don't really listen to rules and what not, man."

Angel gave me a look. "Well, for one you're going to start to."

My grin widened, my eyebrows arched. "Oh? Like you weren't gonna do it, buddy."

"Don't call me that!"

I took my hat off, passing it between my hands. "Look, I got people I don't want hurt."

Angel scoffed. "Who could you-"

The demon cut in before I could snap at him. "Hey, back to the here and now, chickadees. Where do we stand?"

I leaned back in my chair with a sigh, running a hand through my short hair.

Wesley said. "We need to find out about this bomb and somehow disable it in case that jury comes with a conviction. We think it may have some mystical element."

Angel nodded. "Fries said, 'I say the magic word'. He could mean exactly that."

I spoke up. "He'll do it. Fries. He has plenty of malice inside that little human body to do it."

Wesley agreed. "I agree and magical is my department. We also think it probably isn't an explosive. This isn't the sort of man to risk his own life. So that could mean more magic-"

The girl cut in. "Or it could be a virus. Ebola kind of thing."

Wesley agreed. "Right."

Angel said. "The main thing is any of this stuff could have come from right here. Keel, the lawyer says he doesn't know anything and I believe him."

The girl asked. "Why?"

Angel replied. "He's terrified."

I snickered, twirling my hat around one finger. "He seems like the type to be."

Angel gave me the side eye. "You really can't help yourself, can you?"

I beamed, a bit proud of his exasperation. Angel was plenty easier to deal with than Angelus. "Nope."

The girl looked confused. "You know him? The lawyer?"

I nodded my head. "I sure do."

Wesley said. "Fred, go through the lab records. See if Wolfram and Heart deals in viruses." Wesley turned to the demon. "Lorne, you're on the courtroom. Monitor the case. Let us know how it's going."

The demon, now known as 'Lorne' complained. "But I have lunch with Mary-Kate. She was going to tell about Ashley's piercing!"

I furrowed my brows in his direction. "Who and Who?"

Lorne waved a hand in my direction. "Aw, best if you don't know, sweetheart."

Harmony came in. "I paged Gunn three times. Still nothing."

I plopped my hat back on my head. "I'll ask, who again?"

Lorne nodded at me, staring at Harmony. "A friend of ours. Why is she here?" Lorne narrowed his eyes in my direction. I sent him a wave, knowing he sensed me as a vampire. "And she? Who is she?"

Harmony cut in with a wide smile. "Long story."

I said. "Angel, you gonna introduce me or not? Still a' rude fella."

Angel rolled his eyes. "Theodora, I swear-"

I groaned. "Why do you have to call me that?"

Angel sent a deadpanned look, saying slowly. "Because...it's your name."

Lorne was staring. "Theodora? As in Theodora Miller?"

I puffed up with pride (as ashamed of my past as I am, hearing the recognition cause me a bit of pride). "The very same. You've heard of me?"

Lorne nodded, looking at me with red wary eyes. "Yes, I believe I have."

Angel cut in. "It's different now. She won't be doing any of that anymore. Will you, Theodora?"

I rolled my eyes at his tone. I didn't know if Angel knew that I had my soul. He knew I didn't hunt or harm humans though. "No. By choice of my own, trust me." I felt a shiver at the thought of hurting others, other innocents like I used to. I just didn't need the elder vampire scolding me like I was a child or a fledgling.

Angel said, talking to the others. "She's Spike's childe. So, this is Lorne, he works with me. Fred, works in the science department and Gunn, who's not here, hunts the supernatural. There, you happy now?"

I did my best to hide the grimace at my sire's name. I sent him a dry look. "The happiest."

Fred stared at me. "You're-you're also a vampire."

I nodded, smiling. "In the flesh."

Angel might of noticed his words about Spike bothered me, but he turned to Harmony, ignoring me. "So, is there another reason you came by?"

Harmony perked up. "Oh, right! I got Spanky's address."

I broke out into a laugh. "So that's what you do in your free time?"

Angel took the paper, Lorne's face showing interest. "One. Theodora, just no. And he's a freelance mystic. Showed up in Fries' files a few times. I'm gonna do some legwork."

He went to walk out. Fred asked. "Can you get there by sewer?"

He looked thrilled. "Not this time." He went to leave again, but then stopped. "Theodora, behave. Do some research or something." He walked out and I stood. Both Harmony, Fred and Lorne looked at me.

Harmony asked me, smiling. "What are you going to do now, Dory?"

I let out a sound of annoyance. "Don't call me that, ya dumb broad."

Harmony made a high sound of annoyance. "That's rude! You know I hate it when you call me that."

I drawled. "Yep, case and point." I winced at her loud tone. I saw Lorne do the same thing.

I walked toward the door. Fred called. "Are you going to do research?"

I laughed, waving a hand. "And what? Listen to Angel?"

I walked out the door.

Most of the floors seemed to be the same. Fancy and clean walls. Stainless steel staircases. Many people in the firm gave me a wide berth. I tried finding information about Fries. I went into Keel's desk, easily breaking the lock and grabbing the file. I sat on his chair and heard it creak from under me, putting my feet on the desk.

I threw it down in distaste. "Bah! It's the same crap. I didn't learn anything different." The only knew thing I knew was that was he had a son. But, all that meant was he wasn't father of the year, knowing the type of guy he probably was.

I walked out of Keel's office, not caring that the file cabinet was open as well as the door. It's not like any of these people could do anything to me.

Bored, I decided to go down to the lower levels. I saw a door, marked, 'Angel: Head Of The Los Angeles Office Only'. It made me a bit giddy and I opened the door. It wasn't locked, but I wasn't surprised. Most people here know of Angel's reputation and wouldn't cross him.

I didn't care. My jaw almost dropped.

That's a lot of cars.

There was an obvious spot missing where Angel took one. I contemplated hot wiring a car (a skill I learned in 1924), but figured that was pushing Angel too much.

For now.

I sat on top of a car's hood, swinging my feet a little.

Now, only to wait.

I saw the headlights and decided to stay where I was. I could see Angel's face when he noticed me. He was not happy at all. It put a smile on my face. He was so predictable. He got out of the car, slamming the door shut.

I said. "Be careful, because of vampire strength and all."

Angel's exasperated tone was back as walked over. "Get off of my car."

I sent him a look, getting one back. Shrugging, I slid off the car, my feet hitting the ground. "So...how was your meeting with Spanky?"

Angel sighed, closing his eyes and ducking his head. I frowned, my amusement fleeing for a moment. "That bad, Angel?"

He looked at me, his eyes tortured. Oh, Great. He's doing the brooding thing again. When Spike got his soul, I thought he was going to go that way and then me. I'm happy I didn't loose my personality.

Angel said. "Fries, the bomb...he put it inside his son."

My eyes widened in disbelief. "Of all the things I've...you sure?"

Angel snapped, glaring. "Why would I make that up?"

I shrugged, feeling a little defensive. "I don't know? You think I'm just going to believe you the first time?"

"I wouldn't joke about this!"

I blew out a frustrated breath. "I know, whatever, man. So, what are you going to do?"

He rubbed at his lower face, then put his hands on his hips. "Isolate the boy and then deal with Fries."

I nodded in thought. "Sounds like a plan. Make sure you don't tip Fries off. I don't like 'im."

Angel rolled his eyes. "None of us do."

I was still surprised at what he said a bit. I've seen the dregs of humanity. But that was something else. My parents left me when I was a kid at about 7 years old. I was with the newsies or paper boys since I was on the street. Part of the strikes of 1899. I shook my head from the memories. It's been a long times, over 100 years.

"Okay, good day."

I walked past him, going to get a drink as the thirst was attacking my throat. Well, until I felt a hard tug on the collar on my jacket, stopping me short. He demanded. "Where are you going?"

I moved my shoulders to tug myself away, but Angel didn't let go. "Angel, C'mon."

He repeated his question, his voice louder. "Where are you going?"

I turned my head to give him a frustrated glare. "Going to get a drink."

"You're not killing anyone."

"What part of not killing anyone do you not get? I didn't come here to have you scolding me for everything."

He let go and I turned to him. "Then why did you?"

I glanced away from him, tugging the brim of my hat over my eyes. "Angel. After Sunnydale, after what happened...I didn't really know where else to go. I wasn't planning on running into you."

Angel smiled slightly. "Alright. Come by when you're done."

"Uh-huh. As heartwarming as this is-"

Angel went back to being annoyed. "You have to, don't you?"

I sent him a quick smirk. "Ah, you know me so well."

As much as I hate to admit it, my cheerfulness was a shield. And other then my vampire strength, it's protected me for a long time.

It was night time and I walking outside. I was walking toward the darker part of LA, looking for some type of vampire friendly shop. Eventually, I found a butcher's shop. I walked in seeing a elder man with a bloodstained smock. "I want some blood."

His eyes widened in alarm, but also recognition. He denied. "I-I don't have any."

I rolled my eyes, allowing my face to change to my 'game face'. He let a short scream, slamming against the wall. I knew what I looked like, forehead and nose mashed in and the rest of my face sharp. Other than their own facial features, vampires basically had the same 'game face'.

He raised his hands. "Alright! Alright! Just calm down."

I chuckled. "I am calm. Just tryin' to get service." I shook my head lightly, my regular face back.

I threw a ten down and was pleased to find that the blood was warm and in a bag. I took it to an alley and drained it in a couple of seconds. I had to find better ways to get blood.

I decided to go look for clues on the streets about Corbin Fries.

Maybe, I could bother Angel into finding me something to stay. Actually, scratch that, I'll look for another crypt. Wasn't asking him for anything.

I walked back over to Wolfram and Heart, opening the door. The place was empty. Well, around where I was. I walked upstairs where I heard heartbeats and heard a loud voice shouting behind a door. It was familiar. I stayed by the door jam, curious at who else was here.

"-did we build this thing? Do we have an antidote? Do-do we have a antidote department? Do you do anything besides pretending you're running an evil radio shack? Y'all are tired. I know. I just want you to understand that in a few hours a virus is gonna start spreading in the city that'll kill every person it in. And when blood starts streaming out of our noses, eye sockets and fingernails, I'll have the intense satisfaction of knowing that I'm dying with the only people in the world who actually deserve it! Focus, people! Work the problem!"

I opened the door, waiting to let her get her speech out. "Wow, Darlin'. You have spunk."

Fred jumped, she was wearing a white lap coat. It reminded me of those Initiative people. The thought caused me to frown.

"Theodora?" She sighed harshly. "What is it?"

I smiled slightly, amused at her attitude. "Nothing much, Fred. Here to help." I spoke again. "It's Theo."

Fred nodded firmly, a little off from her usual shy self (Or so I assumed from the little I seen of her). "Fine, come with me...Theo."

I chuckled a little, following her to her office up the stairs. "If you say so."

I noticed all the scientists all staring at us into we went into the office.

After a little while, I went to bed at night (which was weird. It was like humans sleeping during the day. Possible, but not normal.) I was actually sleep on the couch in Angel's office, my jacket draped over me. My hat was on the top of the couch. I heard Angel and Wesley walk in. I heard them talking about the case, that Fries was going to loose the case, and they needed to hide the son before Fries said the word.

As sleepy as I was, I couldn't believe Fries would use his kid. Though I did recognize the look in his eyes. Seen it in my own eyes when I was a blood thirsty monster.

I shoved my face into the leather, pushing the thoughts away.

I heard Angel say. "-so, I'll go down to the school-Theodora!?"

I let out a grunt, my body telling me to sleep since the sun was out. "Angel, what you want?" I barely let the worlds out. I lifted my head.

"What are you doing on my couch?"

I heard Wesley's soft British voice. "You don't have a place to stay?"

They were never letting me sleep.

With a tired sigh, I sat up, tossing my hat on. "No. I'll just sleep here."

Angel came over to stand in front of me, hands on hips. "You can't do that. You know what, we'll talk about this later. I have to go."

"Uh-boss?" At Harmony's voice, I got up and stretched, shrugging my jacket on.

Angel told her. "It can wait."

Harmony was nervous. "Maybe not."

Angel said. "Go to the courthouse, Plan C. I'll let you know when I've isolated the boy."

Harmony shouted. "The special ops team already left for the school."

I frowned, my brow furrowing. "Who?" I walked over to where they were standing.

Angel turned to the younger vampire. "What?"

I threw my hands up. "Is anyone going to answer me?"

Angel snapped. "Shut up, Theodora! Harmony."

"They left, and they called for the 'cleaners' to meet there. I have it from some of the girls, 'cleaners' means big job-lots of bodies."

Angel asked. "How long ago?"

Harmony winced. "Ten minutes."

Wesley was worried. "You'll never beat them on the streets."

I nodded my head, understanding what 'cleaners' and 'special ops' meant. I then felt disgusted. They had souls and they were going to kill a bunch of kids. What's the excuse?

Angel said. "I have to try."

Harmony said. "Um, boss?"

They both said. "What?"

Harmony smiled. "You can take the helicopter."

I stared. "Angel has a helicopter?"

Angel also stared. "I have a helicopter?"

Wesley was in disbelief. "He has a helicopter?"

Harmony waved her arms. "Yes, let's go!"

Angel nodded. "Okay, then. Theodora, let's go."

He got looks and I asked, annoyed. "What? Why?"

Angel replied. "Don't trust you anywhere else. Come on."

I crossed my arms over my chest. "Look I don't think you understand me staying here-"

Angel let out a growl of frustration (making me raise my hackles in defense). "I don't have time for this!"

The collar of my jacket was tugged and he was dragging me along. I immediately tried to squirm away. "Oi, hey, Angel! Get off me! I swear, Angelus!"

He was walking and I was stumbled, trying to firm my feet, but in times like these, I remembered he was way stronger than I was. "Don't call me that, stop moving."

"Then stop pullin' me! Angel!"

I had to admit, riding in a helicopter was pretty cool. After getting out in a garage where light wouldn't touch us, we went into the school and had all the kids and the teacher leave, hiding.

I was about to walk out, but Angel sat in one of the desks. I eyed him. "Seriously?" I could hear the 'special ops' outside.

Angel replied. "I want to wait for them. Sit down."

I rolled my eyes, taking a seat and leaning back. "You're so dramatic."

Angel scoffed. "Should you be the one to tell me that?"

I snickered. "Yeah, coming into your office like that was fun."

This time Angel rolled his eyes and I was just amused.

The special ops guys were getting closer. "Here they come."

Angel nodded. "Mm-hm. Let me do the talking, okay?"

My twitched into a grin. "Okay." He always had to put on a show.

The door burst open and about twelve of them burst in, dressed in gear and holding guns. I withheld my growl, they reminded me of the soldiers in Sunnydale. Smoke hit the room, but it wasn't going to do anything to the two vampires in the room.

"So, it turns out with this new deal and all, I own a helicopter." I didn't hid a grin at Angel's condescending tone.

One of them spoke up. "Where's the boy?"

Angel said. "You just missed everybody." Angel waved a hand. "Oh, I probably don't want to be breathing that."

I ignored the smoke around us.

The guy said. "The kid's still a threat, which means you have him isolated, probably nearby."

Angel replied. "I can see why they made you the leader."

The guy glanced over in my direction. "Who the hell are you?"

I slowly smiled. "Surely you've heard of me? Theodora Miller, by I usually go by Theo. In the past, people'd call me the Butcher."

Angel rolled his eyes as a couple of then jerked back and unconsciously my chest puffed up with pride. Still got it.

Angel muttered. "And she calls me dramatic." He said louder. "That's not important. Do I even have to start on how fired you all are."

That got a laugh out of the leader as he took off his mask. "That's not how it works."

I arched my eyebrows. "Pal, trying to tell this shmuck what to do is impossible."

Before the guy could answer me with more than a scowl in my direction, Angel said. "Oh, right. Tradition. Why don't you show me how that's done."

"Thank you, sir. Take them out."

I sighed, now I was going to have to dodge bullets. I pulled off my hat and tossed it on a table below, closer to the floor. I jumped down with Angel as bullets flew. I asked. "When it stops?"

Angel sent a smirk. "When it stops."

Ignoring Angel when he hit the first guy, I jumped up, grabbing the arm of one who tried to stab me. I wrenched it up, dislocating it and throwing him against the wall. I didn't feel guilty as he slumped over. That could be because he and his group were gonna assassinate a bunch of kids.

I kicked another across the chest (knocking the wind and possibly a couple ribs out of him), slamming a fist into his face. He went over the teacher's desk. I let out a roar of shock and pain as a bullet punched the back of my shoulder. I grasped it, plucking the dented metal out of my body and it hit the floor.

I vamped out, taking the soldier out in a second by grabbing him by the vest and slamming him into a desk hard, his head smacking off the wood. Leaving the unconscious man there, I turned to see Angel fighting the leader. I felt blood lightly dribble out of the would, but knew it would heal. I would drink more blood when I was done.

I noticed Angel glance at me, but I shook him off. Telling him to focus on his fight. I went off into the hallway, grabbing the soldier who went to attack Angel from behind by the shoulders and spinning him around, slamming my face into his, causing him to stumble. I blocked a couple of blows, hitting him around the face.

I could hear Angel and the leader facing each other, but ignored it. I slammed the other guy against the wall and he slipped down, not getting up. I turned around to see the leader pointing a gun at Angel. I smirked in amusement.

Angel said. "You know that won't kill me."

"It'll hurt. That part's fun." He pointed the gun in my direction. "Don't even try."

I grinned, waving my hand. "Aw, don't worry about me. Go ahead." The gun was aimed back at Angel.

"Agent Hauser, I'm honestly beginning to suspect that you're not part of the solution."

"You really think you can solve the problem? Come into Wolfram and Heart and make everything right? Turn night into glorious day? You pathetic little fairy."

Angel mocked him. "I'm not little." I leaned against the wall and decided to just enjoy the show.

"That's exactly what you are. You're minuscule. A dust mote on the shelf of that great institution. You just think I'm a trigger happy jerk who follows orders, but I am something you will never be. I'm pure. I believe in evil. You and your friends, your conflicted. You're confused. We're not. That is why you're going to loose-"

I burst into laughter. "You have got to be kidding?" All eyes went to mine, as I laughed.

The gun was aimed in my direction. "What are you laughing at, vampire? Or Butcher?"

I bared my teeth into a grin. "You, pure? Please, you just tried to murder a class of school children. School children. And you think you're not evil? Little human, that is the pure definition of evil."

"You have no idea, with the blood on your hands. We've heard your stories. You try to do good, it won't matter with what you caused. And it's different."

My fingers twitched, fighting the urge to wrap my fingers around his neck. "Oh? And why is it different?"

"Because we possess the most powerful thing in the world. Conviction."

My eyebrows were lost in my hairline, but before I could speak, Angel did. "There is one thing more powerful than conviction. Just one. Mercy."

I turned to Angel, wondering where he was going with this. He suddenly kicked the gun, making the guy shoot his throat. I pressed my lips together as the blood hit the floor. I felt the hunger hit me in two seconds. I stepped forward, tilting my head. I knew my face changed to 'game face'.

"Theodora, let's go."

I gave out a primal growl. Angel was more insistent. "You can drink later, let's go."

I fought against my instincts, from hunger to my Great Grand Sire, thought that sire pull was barely there. He was the only type of sire I had right now. Begrudgingly, I followed.

The guy I beat up on the ground asked fearfully. "What happened to mercy?"

"You just saw the last of it."

(I thought Angel was going to strangle me when I made us stop back into the classroom so I could go back for my hat.

"Are you serious right now, Theodora?"

"It's mine! And stop calling me that!"

"It's a hat!"

"It's mine!)

I wondered off as it was night time, getting more blood, knowing my wound would heal. The butcher looked surprised to see me so soon, but just handed it off. I went back to the office to see a beautiful girl with them talking. She said. "-without having to resort to violence. How'd you do?"

I snorted. "She has you there."

All heads snapped to me. Angel was leaning on his desk. Fred smiled in my direction. "Hi, Theo."

The girl turned. "Oh? Theodora Miller. Nice to see you joined us."

I gave her a strange smile. "Ah, you have me at a disadvantage. You know me, but I don't know you."

She smiled wickedly in my direction. "Call me Eve."

"If you say so."

The human I didn't see yet spoke, dressed smartly in a suit. "You're complaining about me getting knowledge, but you let her in here."

I eyed him up and down. "Now that's just rude."

Wesley spoke up. "Gunn, we have a agreement with Theodora."

Gunn nodded. "Alright."

I chuckled, letting it go.

"I think you guys are going to make it work. Yay, team." She walked out. "I'll see you around."

Lorne said. "Of course, saving the day meant getting the scumbag, who was ready to sacrifice his own fun, off on a technicality, and returning said son to said scumbag."

Wesley said. "Fred and I have enough time to disable the charm now. He won't be in danger."

Gunn spoke. "Fries is gonna have to dial down the criminal activities till this thing comes to trial again, which I can draw out for months."

My tone was grave. "You're gonna have to find a way to protect the kid. He won't stop now that he knows his son can be used. Trust me."

Wesley said, concerned. "We'll find a way to protect him, Theo. We will."

I pursed my lips, but didn't say anything.

Fred said worriedly. "Is this gonna be our lives now? Fighting our own employees, our own clients? Are we really gonna do any good?"

I scoffed, drawing their attention. "Are you all serious? This is a evil law firm, okay. Evil. Did you seriously thing all the clients and employees were going to have actual morals?"

Angel said sharply. "Theodora, we knew it wouldn't be easy coming in, but we were right to do this." His voice got more gentle. "Yes, we are. We're gonna change things. We came to Wolfram and Heart because it's a powerful weapon, and we'll figure out how to wield it."

Wesley spoke. "Or kill ourselves with it."

Fred was sarcastic. "Yay, team."

I shrugged. "I'm already dead." I smirked at the looks I gained for that statement.

Fred sighed at me. "Not helping, Theo." I shrugged.

Angel said. "Sooner or later, they'll tip their hand, and we'll find out why they really brought us here." He picked up a thin package. "Meanwhile, we do the work our way, one thing at a time and deal with whatever comes next." As he ripped open the package, I froze at what I saw glowing on the ground. I stumbled backward in shock. I whispered. "The Gem of Amara."

The others stumbled back. Dust swirled in the room and I was reminded of that day.

A familiar roar filled the room and my body tensed, my form ramrod straight. I couldn't believe it.

It was him, it was Spike.

His hair was slicked back and he was wearing his black duster, breathing heavy, kneeled over. If I had blood, it would've drained from my face.

Wesley was in disbelief. "Spike?"

Angel sounded pissed. "Spike."

Harmony voice came around. "Blondie Bear?"

I was filled with shock, pain and disbelief, remembering I still had a bit of a hard time dealing with him being 'dusted'. For a moment, I felt like a childe.

I said lowly, eyes wide, calling him something I rarely did. "Sire."