Luna, Sam, Mazzy and Sully were all taking health class together. They had read that today there was going to be a special assignment, which of course perked their interest.

"Alright class, now I'm sure you're all curious about the assignment, and I am going to give you a heads up that this is something that will actually last a full week," Ms. Cliff, the teacher started. A full week? Was this going to be some kind of project? That wasn't anything unusual, plenty of classes would assign a project that was going to last a week. Ms. Cliff then pulled a rather large and beige looking item out of a bag. It appeared to be covered in cloth, and looked like small mound. Except there were straps attached to it.

"So, for this week's assignment, everyone is going to be wearing one of these. Can you guess what it is?" she asked. Sam raised her hand. Ms. Cliff called upon her.

"Well, it looks very round, are we going to wear those and appear, forgive the term, fatter?" she asked.

"It's alright Sam. But yes, you will appear rather larger," Ms. Cliff answered. She held the item up so they could see it from a more frontal perspective, and they could see it as a significant tummy, and what may have passed for breasts.

"These are essentially pregnancy suits. They're designed to make the wearer appear pregnant, and with the way they're designed to be strapped on, you will be able to get an idea of what it actually feels like to be pregnant," she explained. Now Sully raised his hand, Ms. Cliff pointed at him.

"Uh, will us guys be required to wear those as well?" he asked nervously.

"Yes, you will. Everyone, regardless of gender is required to wear these for a whole week. Might actually give you boys a better appreciation for what your mothers went through," Ms. Cliff answered. Now Mazzy raised her hand.

"Uh, we're not going to have to eat pickles dipped in chocolate, are we?" she asked. Everyone had a good laugh about that.

"Har har, no, because obviously you don't have a baby kicking around, you will not have cravings. But if you want to try them and get the full experience, I won't stop you. Also, you'll be writing down each day in a journal about what you're going through so I know you're not taking them off at home, except when you shower, because I don't want these things water damaged," answered Ms. Cliff.

So now everybody lined up to put the pregnancy suits on. Obviously, at the time they had to put them on over their T-shirts because it wouldn't be decent for the girls to put them under their shirts at the time. They would start wearing them under their outer clothes tomorrow.

"Once school let out, Luna and her bandmates headed over to music club. Mazzy didn't have a problem on her drums, but the rest of them had difficulty adjusting their guitars with straps over their now bulging bellies. They played a few notes, and Luna started trying to get really into her music but then when she started moving around, she found herself forced to stop and sit down. Everyone went over to her.

"What's wrong Lunes? You feeling okay?" asked Sam.

"I can't really move and groove like I normally do, this bump is hindering me and right now it hurts to dance around the way I normally do," Luna answered.

"Well, I think you got your first journal entry. But I guess this is the learning experience," said Sully. Luna nodded.

"Something else bothering you? You were quiet throughout all of health class," asked Mazzy.

"I'm really not looking forward to going home with this puppy on. My parents might freak out. My sister Leni will constantly forget I'm not actually pregnant and start making all these baby outfits. My sister Lily will probably not stop touching my bump because she won't understand the difference. Luan won't stop making jokes. I just think I'm in for a rough week," Luna answered. Her bandmates hugged her, which was incredibly difficult given the circumstance.

"Hey, maybe fight fire with fire, we can have fun with this somehow," suggested Sam. She handed Mazzy her phone, helped Luna stand up and they had their 'bellies' touch. Mazzy understood and took a photo.

Once Luna got home, she tried to cover herself with a backpack. She stood in front of her whole family.

"Luna, is everything alright, you're shaking," asked Lori.

"Everybody, I must ask that you please do not panic and please do not laugh. This is a health class assignment!" said Luna as she dropped her backpack. Now everyone could see her faux tummy.

"You have no idea how happy I am to set that back pack down!" exclaimed Luna apparently, having to carry two large items in the front was a lot for her.

"So, is it a boy or a girl? And here I thought Lori would be the first of us to give Mom and Dad grandkids?" joked Luan.

"I knew this would happen!" said Luna as she buried her face into her hands. Rita immediately stood up and walked over to her third oldest child.

"Luan, no jokes, if you take the same health class next year, you'll probably have to do the same assignment!" she said, shutting Luan up as she then put her arm around Luna.

"Luna, sweetie, it's alright, as you know your father and I had to go through the real thing plenty of times, so we'll help you. Now, how long do you have to wear this?" asked Rita. Luna looked up at her mom, feeling a little bit better.

"Well, the assignment is to wear it for a week. I can only take it off when I bathe, it's not waterproof. But I have walk around in it, sleep in it, essentially try to live my daily life for the week with this thing on. And I have to write how it affects all of that," she said.

"Well, if you get any cravings, you know where I am!" said Lynn Sr. with a laugh.

"Lynn! She doesn't actually have a baby in her belly!" Rita scolded her husband. Then she turned back to Luna.

"But in all serious Luna, if you don't want to stretch out your regular clothes too much, I still have maternity clothes you can borrow," she said, Luna nodded.

"So, is everyone in the health class wearing something like that?" asked Lori.

"Yup, even the dudes," answered Luna.

"Well then, if it makes you feel better, they're probably getting it far worse," said Lincoln, trying to be helpful.

"I think it's a great assignment, and I think it's good for the boys especially, because they'll get an idea about what some women have to go through," said Rita. Luna didn't say a word, she was just happy her mom had come to her defense.