They were at it again. Like cats and dogs, like Tom and Jerry, like honey and vinegar.

It had started out as a simple rivalry between the two leaders. Somehow or the other, even if the bands were now on civil terms, it seemed their leaders were not.

Mesa high's student population greatly enjoyed the spats that went down for the first few weeks. Whenever someone would announce that Mudslide Crush's front man and Lemonade Mouth's guitarist were arguing again everyone would drop what they did and run to 'enjoy the show'. Now at the mention of the rivals fighting everyone ran in the opposite direction.

It had become a routine. Yell at each other in the parking lot every morning. make snide comments in the hallways, have a full out spat in the cafeteria during lunch, provoke each other during study hall and yell at each other again in the parking lot. Not to mention this was done so very loudly such that Mesa High's population were sure that everyone across the world from Hawaii to Australia could hear them.

Mo Banjaree sighed as she sat at Lemonade Mouth's usual table. Not five minutes had she spent getting to the cafeteria and they were at each others throats already. Sure, there were some 'good days' in which they just glared at each other from afar and didn't feel the need to have their verbal spars. Today, it seemed, was not one of those days.

"Again ?" the bassist moaned rubbing her temple and setting her head down on the table.

Olivia White, front man of Lemonade Mouth, just pulled out a bottle of Aspirin from her bag and handed it to the Indian girl sitting across from her who promptly took a pill.

"How can they not loose their voices yelling like that." Scott asked as he sat down next to Mo. He had joined Lemonade Mouth for a few months but ultimately rejoined Mudslide Crush (Ray had welcomed him back eventually, they had been best friends since childhood after all). Now the two bands of Mesa were on civil/semi-friendly terms.

Apparently the only two people that didn't get the memo were Ray Beech and Stella Yamada. Respective leaders of Mudslide Crush and Lemonade Mouth. Ray teased and taunted the other 'Loser heads' as he had dubbed them but it wasn't anything particularly mean. Stella retaliated but she didn't mind Scott's band mates either. It seemed the only people they couldn't stand were each other.

It was incredibly ironic since they seemed to be the only ones that spent the most time together. Sure, it was insults they flung to each other and not praises, but the point still stands that they spent quite a lot of time together even if it was just for arguments sake.

The amount of articles 'The Roadrunner Gazette', Mesa High School's official newspaper printed on the two rivals was astounding. The newspaper thrived on gossip (appropriate gossip). The newspapers editor Victoria, aka Charlie 'Drum god' Delgado's sort of girlfriend, made sure that nothing potentially uncomfortable for the involved students was printed. The newspaper was mostly to the point but a great section of it was allotted to Ray Beech and Stella Yamada's quarrels.

Primarily it had been a small thing but it eventually grew to have its own section in the weekly paper due to the amount of coverage it got. In the beginning the most anticipated 'Article of the Week' was the one on the half Asian guitarist and the blonde haired jock but after a few weeks everyone simply skimmed through it and groaned.

At first the arguments had been serious. Stella ranted about Ray's bullying and Ray retaliated about Stella's careless attitude but now, if you asked them to choose between tea or coffee or chocolate and vanilla they would pick opposites just for arguments sake.

It was amusing to the point of frustrating. Everyone clearly knew the real reason why they fought. It seemed the only one who didn't know was the two arguing.

"We have to get them to stop before they kill each other" said Scott sipping water from a bottle.

"That's easier said than done." Wen said.

"Well they are both already in Egypt. Ironic how they're in the same place but still can't admit it," Olivia laughed.

"Wait what ?" Charlie was confused.

"Denial Charlie. They are both in denial." Mo explained gently.

"Ohhh." Charlie said. "Well we could always try talking to them about it"

Everyone looked at the drummer incredulously.

"You want us to talk to Stella Yamada and Ray Beech about their very much obvious feelings for each other," asked Olivia.

"Well what other choice do we have ?" defended the brown haired boy. "I'm getting sick of them fighting just because their too childish and stubborn to admit to liking each other."

"Well we could lock them in a classroom and tell them to work it out between them," Mo suggested.

"I'm pretty sure Brenigan won't like that idea," Wen pointed out.

"No he might, Brenigan's tired of their arguments as well. He's given up on giving them detention since it does them no good." Scott told the others.

"Knowing the stubborn minds they have they'll stare at a opposite walls and ignore each other the whole time," Olivia sighed.

Suddenly Wen began to laugh.

"What ?" the blonde front man of Lemonade Mouth, asked her boyfriend. They had gotten together after the interview on The Music Scene with Moxie Morris.

"It's just so ridiculous." Wen laughed. "The way they are fighting is just so… incredibly childish. And the fact that they are fighting at all because they like each other is just too weird."

The other's stared at the orange haired pianist before bursting out laughing because the situation was so ridiculous. No doubt, headstrong rebel revolutionary Stella Yamada was too scared to come to terms with her feelings and Ray Beech, prince of Mesa High was too confused to acknowledge his.

"We need to do something. How about we make Stella come for a girls night and make her admit it. You can do the same for Ray." Mo's eyes gleamed.

"Nope. That's too cliche for it to work. They aren't going to come to terms with their feelings overnight and sing a conflicted duet in separate places while staring at the moon" Scott stated matter-of-factly. "Come on Mo, this is Ray and Stella we're talking about. That stuff just happens in the movies," he teased.

"It was worth a shot," Mo shrugged.

Suddenly a hush settled over the cafeteria. The members of Lemonade Mouth turned around to see everyone in a stunned silence.

"What's going on," Wen whispered as he tried to see what the fuss was about.

Like all the other students in the cafeteria Lemonade Mouth's jaws dropped at what they saw. In the middle of the cafeteria stood rock star revolutionary Stella Yamada with a dusting of pink on her tanned cheeks as Ray Beech pulled away from giving her a sudden kiss. Her eyes showed confusion, shock and even a bit of happiness.

Next to her stood an equally red Ray Beech who was determined to look anywhere but at the half Asian guitarist.

Mo glanced at Olivia as two identical smiles spread across their faces. Scott just shook his head amused and muttered 'Finally'. Wen looked relieved and ready to laugh while Charlie looked confused but had a thankful grin on his face.

In that exact moment Ray decided that the teenagers gawking at him and Stella should have better things to do.

"MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!" he yelled. This seemed to snap Stella out of her stupor.

Looking around at all the curious faces she turned a shade darker but looked up defiantly, resuming her confident aura.

She fixed her eyes on Ray.

"What was that for ?" she asked. Her voice held no malice. Just confusion.

"What was what for ?" Ray played dumb.

Stella rolled her eyes. "You could have been politer. You didn't have to yell at everyone to look away"

The half Asian rock star grabbed the blonde soccer player by the arm and dragged him out of the cafeteria.

"You and I are going to have a long talk," she said.

The cafeteria burst into talk about the latest developments between the two rival's as soon as they were out the doors. Victoria was going to have a lot on her plate that week to keep rumors out of the newspaper.

The remaining members of Lemonade Mouth sighed in relief when they saw Stella pull Ray away to talk things out. They, like the entire school, were relieved that they didn't have to endure the squabbles between the two leaders anymore.

Knowing the two headstrong band leaders they would still argue a lot. Stella may like Ray but that doesn't mean she would find his bad habits cute. She'd most likely be after him for them even more so now. Ray may like Stella but that doesn't mean he would take everything she said lying down either.

The band bet the two would bicker just as much, but not more than playful banter. It was their thing after all. But playful banter or not everyone was silently thanking whatever deity they believed in that the two oblivious teens had finally come to terms with their feelings.

"Guess we won't need that plan after all."

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