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P.S: This story has a few references to rest of my stories; I don't know how much it will be but the start takes a part from my second story; A New Start in a New Dimension. Reading that is recommended but pretty much optional so… do what you like. Only key pieces are;

1) Naruto – which he changed his name to Typhoon – is a god. You can check the first chapter of the second story for more details.

2) Typhoon made a dimensional travel to the world of pokemon. He has a team and has close relations with arceus and – to a lesser extent – legendaries.

Rest is just a small part I needed to add for plot reasons.

I just wonder what I was smoking when the plot hit me…

Summary: Dreams have a strange way to make everyone see what they normally look over. They are usually vague and warped, at times even grotesque but sometimes… sometimes they have power to change fates of people and, in extremely rare cases, even fate of world. M/M M/F and maybe F/F. I am not promising the last one.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, Pokemon or Pillars of Eternity.


Typhoon decided to check on his sleeping pokemon before going to bed himself. He opened the door to their room silently and softly snickered to himself when he saw chesnaught sprawled on his cot, on his back with his arms and legs halfway out of the cot. He snorted loudly in his sleep and rolled to his side with a soft grunt. The blond shook his head in amusement as the grass type's drool started to make a wet patch on his pillow already. His eyes landed on delphox hugging his pillow to himself and caressing its back. He walked closer to the fire fox.

"Master… you are… so warm…" he took a deep sniff from the pillow and nuzzled it to his face. The blond snickered once again and gently scratched the fox head and his big ears. Delphox let out a purr-like sound and nuzzled the pillow harder.

"Thank you master… I love you too." He sighed in pleasure and started to snore softly. the blond left after sweeping the room one last time with his eyes. The only sound he made was a soft click of the door like how he came in.

He was relaxing on his own cot in less than five minutes. He thought about making an astral visit on arceus but decided against it in the end. He was asleep before long.

He opened his eyes to a strange place instead of where he usually found himself when he slept, his mindscape. He looked around himself; seeing purplish luminous figures floating around strange, green rocks. He squinted at the shapes, trying to see them better. He understood what they are a moment later but not because he saw them better; because what he 'felt' from them.

They were spirits.

'But… why are they so old…?' he thought to himself. Normally; spirits would go to afterlife when the body dies, continue their existence for another 200 to 500 years after death and flow back to the ethereal lake after their lifespan ended to form new souls from pool of fragments.

It is a progress he knew all too well, he watched it uncountable times afterall… until he got bored and placed a sigil to alert him if anything went wrong with the process.

He stopped the thought as he noticed a spirit coming towards him. It was too old and rotten to hold anything more than a general figure of a humanoid… even so, he could feel the soul was exceptionally strong. Not as strong as a god but still much more than the ones floating around the green rocks. He locked his eyes on the spirit and drew some knowledge from it, he could draw more if he could make an eye contact but considering the spirit doesn't have eyes, he could only get a language.

Well, he could draw more forcefully but that would probably destroy the poor spirit. He only risked the draw because he was strong for a spirit in its state.

It seemed he underestimated the spirit because it didn't pause its stride, perhaps didn't even felt his touch.

"Hello? Who are you?" the blond blinked at the query with the echoing tone of a spirit possesses and looked around himself.

"I am Typhoon… and I am lost. Who are you?" he asked back. The spirit paused a moment and appeared to be thoughtful.

"I… I can't really remember… but I feel an attraction towards that thing." The spirit pointed a huge pillar of green rock. The blond hummed.

"Do you think they feel it too?" the blond pointed the other floating spirits with his head. The spirit followed his gaze and spotted the spirits circling around another pillar of the same green rock. The spirit shrugged.

"I am going to get closer." The blond shrugged casually; he didn't see why not if the alternative is just roaming aimlessly. The spirt took a few steps then looked at the blond left behind

"Are you coming?" He followed the spirit after a pause for thought. He felt the pull as they got closer, perhaps that is what the spirit felt. Before long, they were only at an armlength away from the rock.

"It is so beautiful…" the blond hummed.

"It is; it has its own kind of beauty… I wonder what it is though." The spirit once again took a moment to think.

"I… think I knew what it is but… I just can't remember right now." the blond nodded.

"Well, go ahead." The spirit swallowed.

"Okay, there it goes…" the spirit hesitated for a moment, unsure what to do. Then reached over to touch the pillar. The blond felt the pull spike suddenly and heavily when the distance was less than an inch.


But it was too late. Just as he grabbed the spirit's wrist to yank it back, the spirit touched the pillar and their feet left the ground.


"-t!" the blond blinked a few times as the scene changed to some kind of room, he saw the spirit doing the same. A moment later their eyes landed on a short, stocky man; a dwarf. The dwarf's face was wrinkled and littered with scars, as if it was a worn-down cloth that got mended innumerous times. The dwarf grinned at the spirit but frowned when his eyes landed on the blond. He ushered them through a door nevertheless, a stole walking trail arose from nothing. The blond and the spirit shared a glance and continued as the dwarf silently asked.

At the end of their way, there was another open door. The room was old, a musty smell was hanging on air. There was an old table and two chairs. A woman was seated on one of them. She had inky black hair and pale skin stretched thin over her skeleton. She was clad in an ancient, dark armor and an equally ancient great sword was resting against the chair. They walked closer to see she was placing some cards on the table in front of her.

"Sit. Please." Her voice echoed in the room. The spirit and the blond shared another glance and the spirit took the offer after the blond gestured the chair with his head.

"Thank you for joining us, watcher of Caed…" only then she raised her head and saw the blond with a squeak of her armor. Typhoon exploited the eye contact with the black pools and leaned everything he could from the woman, Berath.

The god of death, chimes and doors… and many other aspects.

He rubbed his temples as Berath furrowed her eyebrows at the dwarf – her other half. He shook his head with a shrug.

"Don't mind me…" he said in the end. "You were saying?" she frowned at the blond one last time, then focused on the spirit.

"Thank you for joining us, watcher of Caed Nua. I am Berath, a part of it at least; the pallid knight." The spirit nodded. Berath gestured the cards on the table. "These cards should help you remember who you were, are." The spirit reached one of the cards. It picked it up and immediately hit with a memory.

His name is Noah.

She narrowed her eyes on the blond inspecting the room while the watcher reoriented himself.

"Who are you?" he glanced over his shoulder, pinning her with a sapphire gaze. She recognized the stare almost instantly, the emotion behind it.

The gaze a grown man may send to an ant, a god may send to a man.

The gaze… that tell 'you are so beneath me that it isn't even funny'.

The one… he sent to her.

An instant later it changed to an easy grin.

"As I said before, don't mind me… I am sure the things you are going to discuss is much more important." He said as the spirit placed down the card in his hand.

"I am ready, Berath. What can I do for you?" she focused on the spirit, Noah, once again.

"Do you remember what happened at the sun in shadow?" Noah nodded.

"I promised to return the souls to the wheel for your help… and if I remember correctly, I kept my promise." Berath nodded and placed a card on the table, there was a bell tower with a shining bell on it. She fingered card with faint squeaks coming from her armor.

"Indeed, you did. At that time, you needed help of gods… but this time, we gods are in need of your help." She placed another card on the table, an adra statue with dawnstar's symbol on its forehead.

"Eothas possessed the adra statue in your keep, and drained every soul in there; including a large part of yours." Noah rolled his shoulders.

"No need to remind me… damn, I can almost feel how he stomped on me…" Berath's lips twitched upwards.

"But because of the strength of your soul, you managed to 'survive'. We would like you to find him and learn his plans." Noah hummed and crossed his legs.

"Well, that is something hard to do when I am dead." Berath shook her head with a grin.

"You are not dead… but also not alive. You are closer to a hollowborn right now. I will send your soul back to your body… if you accept." Noah sighed and twitched his foot not on the ground.

"Why is it better than just reincarnating? I don't owe you anything afterall, much less dogging a god who has munched on my soul." Berath frowned.

"Because there is a chance that you may reincarnate as a bug… or even worse, a plant." Noah frowned at the blond. "You may get crushed a second time or have to stay still for decades… neither are enviable lives but… it is your choice in the end, isn't it?" he turned to Berath at the last part. She nodded with narrowed eyes. The blond grinned in satisfaction as Noah shivered.

"Whose side you are on…" he sighed deeply. "Fine… but only because of the bug scenario… I got crushed enough times for a lifetime… well, you get the idea…" the blond shook his head with a grin.

"You got crushed only once…"

"Yeah, one too many times…" the blond just snorted a laugh. Berath cleared her throat.

"Find Eothas, learn his plans." She pointed Noah and he heard a soft chime. "Something to name you as my herald, not something to take lightly… and let us communicate." Berath explained after Noah shot her a curious look. He shrugged casually.

"'kay… anything else?" the knight and the dwarf shared a glance and the knight nodded at the dwarf. The dwarf opened a door for the spirit.

"Go quickly before Eothas gains more ground." Noah nodded and got up from his seat.

"You are sending him awfully underequipped for a god." Both the pallid knight and the watcher turned to the blond. Typhoon clicked his teeth and walked slower to the watcher. "perhaps he is equipped enough for a simple chase but what if Eothas decides to do something… rash? Won't be the first time." Berath frowned in thought. The blond waited for a few seconds.

"Nothing… good for you, I have something in my mind." He got behind the Noah under their curious stares. "Don't move." Was the last thing he said before Noah gasped.

He felt the blond touch his back with his hands then the hands started to slip inside. He breathed deeply as he tried to process what exactly he was feeling; not pain, not cold, not hot… it was… indescribable. He shivered as the blond was completely inside of him now.

Berath could only blink.

"Alright, I never got penetrated this way…" he snickered but it wasn't himself snickering.

"how else did you get penetrated?"

"You know… blades, arrows, bullets…"


"Di- are we really having this talk in front of Berath of all people?" they looked at Berath to see her tapping her finger on the table, her armored glove squeaking faintly. Noah chuckled sheepishly. She rubbed her eyebrow

"Go find Eothas before it is too late… and learn his plans while you are at it." Noah saluted.

"Yes sir, ma'am!" he ran out from the door the Usherer opened for him. Berath leaned back on her seat with a sigh, her armor groaned.

"What do you make of this? You think he – they will be able to do it?" The dwarf only smirked creepily.

"I thought so…" she sighed again.


Noah groaned pitifully and rubbed his eyebrow, trying to soothe the headache killing him…

Well, in a manner of speaking…

He heard a cough from someone all too familiar and sat up slowly, progressively. He leaned on the headboard until he could trust his balance… which took some time because for some reason, the ground was rocking. He thought it was disorientation at first but quickly noticed it wasn't the case. He finally managed to glance Edér in the end.

"Uhh… hey." He greeted lamely. Edér raised a summer wheat eyebrow.

"'Hey'? Is that all you can manage, 'hey'? You were dead to us for weeks and the first thing you say is 'hey'? I hauled your… body from Dyrwood to Deadfire, I deserve more than a 'hey'." Noah rolled his eyes and winched when the action made him dizzy.

"Oh sorry, I was busy with being dead, I will send you a basket of whiteleaves next time…" they glared at each other for a few seconds then laughed merrily. Edér swept Noah into a bearhug.

"Its good to see you back, I feared I had to kick Eothas back to the beyond myself…" Noah snorted.

"his ass is mine to kick back, he destroyed my castle." Edér chuckled.

"Fine, I know an argument I am going to lose… I learned that much from being Dyrford's mayor…" Noah raised his eyebrows.

"You became Dyrford's mayor?"

"Yeah, they were like 'we need a leader.', and I was like 'you can do better…'. But they didn't listen and I found myself as their mayor. I did… decent I suppose, the village didn't get burned and they didn't hang me. I was sure the former was going to happen, considering how much they like fire for a country full of trees…" Noah snickered.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I bear some bad news…" Noah turned to the steward, his faithful statue… at least what was left of her…

"Yes?" he asked grimly.

"Caed Nua had been demolished. We suspect Eothas possessed the statue of Maros Nua and rose from ground, consuming every soul nearby. You managed to survive, if barely, and got weaker as Eothas got away. We are charted this ship after him and right now are in the Deadfire archipelago. I presume the closer proximity brought you back." Noah shook his head grimly.

"You presume wrong, it was…"

"Misfortune tails u- by the Magran's flames! Captain, ye're alive and kickin!" a sailor, Eld Engrim, barged in. He stared slack jawed at Noah. Noah waved the air with a cough.

"I woke up because of your ale breath… now, you were saying?" the old sailor shook his head.

"Pirates, captain! They're demanding parley with ye!" Noah growled.

"Can't have a few minutes to recover, do I?" he looked around for something to fight with.

"There is some equipment in the armoire" Edér coughed to his fist. Noah glared at him and Edér remembered just what kind of person Noah turned into when he was angry or in combat… which equated to the former. The watcher threw the armoire open and rummaged. He fetched a leather armor, a battle axe and a sabre. He quickly threw off his clothes and Edér checked him out kind-of-unconsciously. His eyes trailed over the raven hair – brought together into a ponytail that reached his chest so that it won't get in his eyes during a fight, sharp elven ears, green eyes glaring at the leather armor… with the right one having a scar over it, smaller but still muscly chest littered with battle scars, more following the four-pack bellow and…

Edér looked away with another cough.

'Only girls, Edér. Only girls…' he looked at Engrim to keep his eyes busy, the older man didn't even hide his ogling…

Old perv…

"I am ready." Noah commented with his own brand of cold fury… and if it isn't another sight to see.

The elf had a smaller structure than himself but Edér knew better than to let it deceive him. Noah wasn't as strong as him but he was agile on his feet. When that added to the whip-like wits and keen eyes, it painted a pretty grim picture for their enemies.

And that is if you don't take his cipher abilities and rogue training. With all of them, he could simply crush everyone opposed to them.

However, he was physically pretty weak and can't really take a hit… which that was where Edér himself came to equation; he would keep the baddies' attention on himself and Noah would make them regret taking their eyes away from him… when his speed wasn't enough for him to get away anyway.

In short, they were an excellent team.

'If only Aloth was here, then we would be complete…' he thought to himself as Noah sheathed his weapons.

For now.…

"Let's see what the bastard has to say."

"Am I not getting an introduction?" all three of them froze as the words spilled from Noah's mouth.

Steward is an inanimate statue so that doesn't count… but that doesn't mean she was any less surprised.

"Right, this is Edér, the ale-breath is Eld Engrim, the statue is steward and the one just possessed my mouth to talk is someone called Typhoon. Can we go now, or are we just letting the pirates sack us and sink us?" he snorted.

"Sure, sure…"


"Later, Edér…" the blond man nodded curtly even if the watcher's back was turned to him.

"Right." He replied.

Noah got out from the door and gave them a good view of his backside.

'only girls, Edér…' he slapped the head of the old dog that is Eld Engrim. The sailor grunted but Edér silenced him with a glare.

When they climbed the stairs to the deck, they saw grim faces of their crew and smug faces of the pirates. All of them were armed with everything they had. The watcher's cold, green gaze landed on Edér and he moved to the elf's side with his shield and scimitar in hand. He saw Eld Engrim grab his wand and move to his other side in his peripheral.

"Oh, look what we got here; a small sloop and a small crew in front of a ship with walking sharks." The pirate, Benweth, laughed with a tone that took too many blows from alcohol, smoke and drugs to be nice. Noah first glared coldly, then rubbed his eyebrows

"Why are we listening to this son of a bitch's gloating? Just shoot him." Irrenia loaded an arrow and shot the pirate captain. The pirate took a step sideways, making the arrow miss him. Noah clicked his teeth in dissatisfaction. The pirate laughed loudly.

"I like this one's spirit…" he gave Noah a once over, and continued to himself silently; it was easy to be unheard with the storm's noise. "…and has a nice body to boot. Will fetch a nice pay from slavers… or maybe I will keep him to myself, breaking that spirt will be so much fun…" he smiled like a predator then waved a hand dismissively.

"First, get the elf. Get them mates! Keep the elf alive, I have some 'plans' for him…" Edér didn't like the pirate's grin one bit. He gripped his scimitar harder, raised his shield and risked a glance at the elf next to him.

"Ready when you are…"

"Let them come, I am not leaving my ship." Edér nodded but he knew the elf didn't see it.

"You heard the captain, on them lads!" a pirate wench screamed over the storm. They started to invade their ship. Edér blocked a dagger swing with his shield and severed the pirate's arm with his scimitar. He beheaded the pirate next and silenced his pained shout. He sent a glance at the watcher to see he already downed two pirates. He got goose bumps as he casted a cipher spell with a whisper that got heard by everyone. He saw his victim screaming and clutching his eyes, most likely work of his eyestrike. The man swung blindly at his ship mate and made a deep gash on his arm. The wounded man grunted loudly and hit back of the man with pommel of his stiletto to knock him out before he did any more damage. The wounded man's and Noah's eyes met and Noah whispered another spell. The wounded man's eyes clouded a bit and he punctured the downed man's heart.

'Whisper of treason.' Edér thought. Their eyes met and Noah's eyes widened. Edér understood it quickly and ducked under the pirate wench's scimitar. He saw a pirate pointing his pistol to him and used the wench as a meat shield. The pistoleer couldn't stop in time and shot the wench, causing her to go slack in Edér's grip. He took his scimitar into his sword arm and grabbed her scimitar. He threw her scimitar to the pistoleer.

It didn't end with awesomeness with the blade going through the pistoleer's head but at least the pommel hit the man on the head, dizzying him long enough for Edér to charge at him quickly and sever his head cleanly. He looked around a bit to see some of their crew had been downed with a lot of the pirates, the pirate's ship getting away, the only pirate left was Benweth and a few more of his crew… which didn't take long to just him. He gritted his teeth to their limits and jumped down to the sea.

Their crew laughed and congratulated each other until a bolt of lightning struck the deck.

"Storm is picking up, take cover!" they heard Beodul scream over the storm and hurried bellow the deck. Edér saw Noah hurry back to the deck on his way and his eyes followed the watcher incredulously… until he saw Noah's dilemma. He looked between a crate from Caed Nua and Chiputec hanging on the deck with one hand. He shook his head with gritted teeth and hurried to the crew member. Edér ran after the crate and just barely made it before it fell down to the sea.

"We must get bellow the deck!" Noah shouted but they had a bigger problem.

Edér saw the shore… and it was one of the worst sights he had the displeasure to see.

"Brace! Brace! BRACE!" he shouted but it was already too late.



"Ugh…" Noah picked himself up from sand miserably, feeling like he got stomped by Eothas for a second time. He saw Edér puffing on his pipe and the scent told him he was smoking whiteleaf. He grunted and tried to get his bearings.

"What happened?" he slurred a bit and spit the sand in his mouth. Edér tapped his pipe a bit to blow away the accumulated ash on the pipe.

"we ran aground." He then cleared his throat. "I have been up not much before, trying to chase away the headache…" he took another puff and offered the pipe to the watcher. Noah took it and puffed a few times.

"Alright…" Noah gave the pipe back and got up with a grunt. "Let's get up and do a damage control… and we will see where we can go from there." Edér got up with a hum of agreement.

"Find me a body to possess, I will be more helpful that way." Noah said once again Edér stared at him.

"Right, the Typhoon guy…" Noah nodded to them both. He looked around and his eyes landed on a dead pirate lying down.

"Would that work?" Typhoon shrugged his – Noah's shoulders. The watcher walked near it.

"Now what?" he felt his arm landing on the body and a spike of light blinded him. When he blinked enough times to see, the sight surprised him… and Edér too if the wide-eyed stare was any indication.

In the pirate's place, there was a young man. Messy and spiky blond hair going all the way to his back, muscles all in the right places boasting some serious speed and strength…

The young man got to his hands and knees… and hurled a lungful of sea water. He sighed in satisfaction.

"Feels better now…" he said with a voice like quality whiteleaf, something you just never get enough as he got up and stretched. He let out another sigh of satisfaction at the pops coming from his back. He found a life potion from pocket of the pirate he possessed and palmed the wand on him. He turned to them and grinned after dusting himself a bit, giving them a perfect view of his slit, piercing sapphire eyes.

His eyes jumped to his hands after a moment of grinning at them and hummed in thought.

"Seems like limits of this body is pretty low… even so, I am sure it will adapt slowly." 'if there is one thing I admire about mortals, it is their – your adaptation.' He thought to himself as he pulled the pirate leathers on him and wringed his face in dissatisfaction when the weathered outfit gave in to his tugs and got torn a bit.

"Equipment seems to need an upgrade or three…" he blasted a bolt with his wand. "…but nothing that can't be worked with at least." He handed the healing potion to Edér.

"Something tells me you are going to need this more than me…" He eyed Edér's body, weapon and shield. "…you look more… tanky and kid there seems like light enough on his feet to avoid incoming blows…" He eyed the scars on Noah's face. "… most of them anyway." Edér took the bottle hesitantly.

"uhh… thanks?" Noah shook his head a bit clear his head.

"You said your name is Typhoon…" Typhoon nodded.

"Right, introductions… my name is Typhoon. I kind of possessed you; you can imagine your body as a bowl and your soul as water filling it up. When Eothas took a part of your soul, it left an empty space in your body for… more. I filled that part." Noah nodded a bit.

"So, you are a… freeloader on my body…" Typhoon shook his head.

"It is more complicated than that, I am afraid; your soul is… in taters so, even if Berath sent you back, if I weren't here, you would be dead again before long… of course if you didn't get your soul back from Eothas." He dusted the sand on his shoulder.

"my presence is… balancing a ratio you so you can live normally… and now that I have a body, I can just leave your body but you will degenerate quickly if I do that, in a few weeks you would be a rotting corpse." Noah coughed uncomfortably.

"Yeah, well… can we get back to the part you are alive? Or more precisely how part?" Noah grinned at Edér.

"Berath sent me back and named me as her herald. In exchange, she asks me to follow Eothas and learn his plans." Edér deadpanned for a moment then sighed with a shake of head.

"I swear there is no dull time with you…" Noah laughed.

"I know, right? I am such a bitch to handle… is that a white hair?" he tried to touch Edér's hair but the latter slapped it away lightly.

"Are we going to ignore this stone lady?" they focused again to see the 'younger' blond pointing the steward next to her. They shared a glance and shrugged.

"She can't really help us so… yes, for now. We need to find rest of the crew and…" Noah stared at the ship dryly. "… do something about the old tub…" Edér hit his shoulder lightly.

"That 'old tub' saved your life…" Noah just rolled his eyes at him.

"It doesn't change the fact that it is an old tub…" Edér shook his head.

"You are insufferable…" Noah grinned at him toothily.

"I live to please…" Edér hit his shoulder again. They jumped a bit at the soft thump next to them.

"There, now you can watch the sea and… sunset maybe." Typhoon patted the statue's head and put his hands on his waist.

"It wasn't required but thanks for the sentiment." The blond grinned at the statue for a moment then his eyes jumped at the two.

I also heard some screams for help from the ship on my way here. I think I found our first crew-to-be." They shared a glance and Noah shrugged.

"'kay, let's see what is the problem and what can we do about it…"


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