It was a beautiful spring Wednesday morning in Boston, Homicide Sergeant-Detective Jane Rizzoli was sleeping in her fiancee Dr Maura Isles's cozy bed, with Maura snuggled into Jane's side. Maura was just starting to wake up, and was taking this rare quiet moment to observe her naked, very gorgeous fiancee, Jane sleeping peacefully, this was Maura's favorite side of Jane, Jane had many sides, and she had the honor to see and she loved that she only got to see this side of Jane. They had been best friends for 5 years, secretly dated for 1 year and now engaged for 6 months, they spent all their time together, when not at work. It was bad enough that Jane's mother, Angela lived in Maura's guesthouse, and was always walking into the main house and making herself at home, like she lived there. A year ago, Jane informed Maura of her secret that only her family and a few friends knew. Jane was born intersex, her parents had chose to raise her as a girl and not to have the surgeries to remove her penis. Maura was beyond amazing, she encouraged, and supported Jane, she had spent hours researching about Jane's condition, wanting to know all the latest information and after researching, she offered to attend therapy with Jane. Maura was not surprised to learn that Jane had carried the burden of feeling responsible for everyone's else happiness, as well as , also hearing how Jane's mother, Angela constantly pushing blind dates, marriage and children on Jane, and how she made Jane feel like a disappointment, unloved and unwanted. Also that everyone went to Jane excepting her to fix all their problems. They loved each other and supported each other through Hoyt, Dennis Rockman, Dominic, Brad Adams, Jane's abused . Now in these early morning quiet moments, Maura knew she had found the love of her life, soulmate, rock and her person, they had found out last night that Maura was 7 weeks pregnant, and they had celebrated into the early morning hours, by making love several times. Agreeing to wait until Maura was farther along in her pregnancy, both was extremely happy, wanting time to get over the initial shock of the news, but also wanting to be able to enjoy this part of the pregnancy together. Jane wanted to cater, and spoil Maura by waiting on her hand and foot.

Across town on her condo, was homicide detective, Samantha Carter, a 27 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic built, was completing her morning workout. She was returning to BPD today, since was out on Medical leave for a wrist injury, she received, when her cover was blown, when she busted the drug cartel gang that had been responsible for the mugging and murder of her beloved parents, Willson and Penny Carter. Her mother was Sean Cavanaugh's sister, and her father was a retired Navy Lieutenant. She was a native of Indiana, came to Boston on a full ride to BCU on a basketball scholarship, she graduated with honors in criminal justice. While attending BCU, her parents were murdered when a known drug gang mugged and kill them. After graduating, she attended the academy at BPD. She spent 3 years as a beat cop, 4 years in Vice and was now being promoted to Homicide. She shared her condo with her best friend Nina Holiday, who moved from Chicago, and attended the academy. She worked the beat for 4 years, then moved into the computer forensics department 3 years ago. Sam other best friend was Detective Barry Frost, they have known each other since they were kids growing up as military brats. Sam had also met Jane, Maura, Korsak, Frankie, Susie, KiKi, as well as Angela, who was in a relationship with her Uncle Sean. Sam's role models was Jane, Sean and Korsak. She had also endured countless times of being harassed by no one other than, Detective Darren Crowe. Before her medical leave she had finally had enough of Crowe and punched him in the face, giving him a broken nose and raccoon eyes. He was being a ass to her constantly.

It was now 8 AM, Segerant-Detective Jane Rizzoli, Segerant-Detective Vince Korsak, Detective Barry Frost, were all sitting at their's desk, working on paperwork. As a few other officers, detectives were making their way into the bullpen for the morning meeting that Lt Cavanaugh had called. The familiar sound of clicking heels was heard making their way into the bullpen, Jane just smiled as the stunning looking Dr. Maura Isles came into view carrying two tray of coffe, with Susie Chang behind her carrying 3 boxes of donuts, Kent Drake was also carrying a tray full of different pastries. Sam, Nina, Frankie and asshole Crowe arrived from the BRIC. After Maura handed out the coffees to Korsak, Frost, Susie, and finally Jane, making sure she gave Jane her favorite donut and pastry, Jane made sure Maura sat in her chair, while Jane stood behind her.

Once the announcement was made about Sam being part of homicide, Frankie being moved to the BRIC, and that Frost and Sam was partnered together, everyone returned to the task at hand.

The call from dispatch came in at 11:47 am and the everyone headed out to the crime scene.