Chaper 3

Blood As Cold As Ice

After finally getting Jane's right eye stitched up, her ribs bandaged, ice for her hand and ribs, Maura had sedated her, because Jane was so upset and couldn't be calmed down. Now Maura was listening to Cavanaugh and Korsak suggesting that it would be a good ideas for both of them to get away from Boston, both had a ridiculous amount of unused personal, sick, and vacation time that needed to be used, so after agreeing take two weeks off. Maura was about to speak, her cellphone ring interrupting them. Quickly she answered it, "Hello mother, how are you doing? Maura darling, I am fine. How are you doing, is this a bad time? Your father and I are in town and was wondering if we could stay with you? Sorry this short notice, Dear?" responded Constance. "Not at all mother, father and you are more then welcome, please come over now. There is actually a few things I need to discuss with you, see you soon." Maura says.

It didn't take long for Arthur and Constance to arrive, and be filled in on the Angela, and Tommy situation, as well as Maura's pregnancy, and Jane and her engagement. Maura's parents was so excited and happy. Constance made all the arrangements for the Isles' jet to be fueled and ready for Maura's and Jane's departure. Maura arranged for the car, hotel and packed their suitcases. Korsak, Arthur, and Cavanaugh accompanied them to the airport and helped get Jane on board the jet. It was decided that while they were gone that all the locks on both the main house, the guest house, and the garage, as well as a new top of the line alarm system was going to be installed, under the supervision of Arthur, Constance, Korsak and KiKi. Maura had contacted her personal attorney, after being instructed by both Cavanaugh and Korsak to started the legal process of evicting Angela out of her guest house, as well as restraining orders against both Angela and Tommy, she was going to protect Jane, their unborn child and herself. A moving company was hired to pack up, move all Jane's stuff from her condo to their home, and pack up, move all Angela's stuff and move to Jane's condo, which Jane and Maura had drawn up papers a couple weeks ago giving Angela, the condo, with everything being transferred to Angela's name. They wanted to start their live out as a family, being engaged and a baby on the way. Jane had always protected Maura and now it was her turn to be the strong one and protect her family.

They had arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana and was staying at the Hotel Monteleone. The reason Maura had decided on going there was because of its strong culture and unquine history, both had wanted to go there. Jane had woke up during the flight, and understood what was going on and agreed with the decision that Maura and the others had made. Since they had arrived close to 3 am, they had agreed to go straight to the hotel, order room service, shower, relax, and make love until they fall asleep. She was still very upset, hurted, and pissed with what had happened and what was said by her Ma, and the crap that both her Ma and Tommy had pulled. But she needed distances, time and had a lot to time about and talk with Maura about. They enjoyed the next few days, discovering, exploring, touring the city. The culture, food, music, and other various activities that New Orleans offered.

Back in Boston, Angela Rizzoli and her son Tommy got the unexpected surprise of their life when the they returned to the guest house around 7 p. m. and was greeted by the following people: Constance, Arthur, Frankie, Korsak, Sam, Cavanaugh, and Frost. As the last of the boxes from the guest house was being loaded into the truck, Angela and Tommy asked, "What the hell is going on? What are all of you doing here and what is that man during with those boxes? Constance responded by saying "Angela it is good to see you, and this must be Tommy? Well the reason for the men and the truck are to move all of your things out of my daughter's guesthouse, since you are no longer welcome here." "Constance, what are the fuck you talking about, this is my home and I have lived here for 4 years and I am not moving. Besides I have been more of a mother to Maura then you have, you are nothing more than a worthless piece of shit, as well as your as your so called art. You are a poor excuse of a mother, now get the hell out of my way, or you will regrets it, bitch." Angela go to push Constance out of the way and Constance doesn't move, the next thing that happens is Angela slaps Constance across the face. Tommy goes to hit Arthur, but Frost steps in and slammed Tommy to the ground and cuffs him, while Sam handcuffs Angela, they read them they rights. Now Cavanaugh, and Korsak approaches, clearing their's throats, "Angela, you were asked to leave the guesthouse by Maura 5 days ago, served with papers 4 days ago with instructions to be out by midnight yesterday and you have ignore all of it." Angela says now you two know that it was a little misunderstanding with Jane and Maura. After all Tommy is Maura's new boyfriend, and Jane is just being a sore sport and jealous. Maura didn't mean any of this, so uncuff us." Shaking their heads Cavanaugh and Korsak, just stare at her. Korsak speaks Angela, you need to get your head out of your ass, and see that you are wrong. Tommy will never be Maura's boyfriend, Maura and Jane have been in a relationship for a little over a year secretly, engaged for 7 months, and are expecting their first child. Get it full your thick brain, and skull. They love each other, they are in a committed relationship, and happy. Angela you have lived here rent free and more for 4 years, and have never offer to pay Maura a dam dime, you show no respect for Maura's privacy, you continuously barge in, and help yourself to whatever you want, etc. It is time for you to stand on your own two feet. I am sorry to have to be the one to serve you with this, but this is a restraining order for Tommy and you, you are not long allowed on this property, and neither of you are allowed to have contact with them, and you are not allowed within 200 feet of them. All of your stuff have been packed, and loaded into the truck, it will be taken and unloaded at your new condo, which is Jane's old condo, before the incident the other night, they had met with their attorney and had the paperwork drawn up to give it to you, it is now yours, everything is in your name and the utilities are paid up for 6 months, they both wanted to give you a home. Jane already was gradually moving her stuff into here, she loves Maura, and their child. You hid the fact that Tommy was here from not just them but all of us. Angela, do you realize that you have put Jane, Maura, Frankie, Cavanaugh and me in a very uncomfortable situation? Do you even care about the problems you could have causes any of us? I am sorry, Angela but you can no longer work for me. Good luck." Take Angela and Tommy away Frost, Frankie, Korsak and Sam, they have made theirs beds, let them lay in them, you know the charges including those from the other night. says Cavanaugh."

The ringing of Maura's cellphone woke both Jane and herself up. After speaking to Korsak for an hour, being updated about the situation in Boston, she hung up. Noticing that Jane had left the bed, she went in search of Jane finding her sitting on the balcony looking out at the city of New Orleans. The table was set with candles and beautiful flowers, water, wine, and food. Approaching Jane, she asked "Jane, honey are you okay? Talk to me, please." Grabbing Maura into a hug, she leaned in, kissing her deeply, passionately before both broke apart for air. "Yes baby, I am fine. Have a seat, please, here is a glass of wine, relax, isn't this a beautiful view of the city? Maura nodded, as she looks at the view. Turning back to look into Jane's beautiful brown eyes, she grasps. The sight of Jane Rizzoli down on one knee, with a beautiful heart shaped Purple Sapphire with diamond surrounding it ring in her hand, takes Maura's breath away, she has her hand over her mouth with tears in her eyes. Clearing her throat Jane speaks, Maura Doreatha Isles, you are my person, my soulmate, my reason for breathing and living, the love of my life, the mother of my child, and the person who owns my heart. Before you I was nothing, work was the only thing that mattered to be. But 7 years ago, this beautiful, breathtaking, stunning woman walked onto my crime scene, taking my breath away, and capturing my heart. You changed me, and saved my life. I maybe a lowly blue collar homicide detective, I don't have a lot of money, and I embarrass you alot, but no one will ever love you, treasure you, and protect you, like me. Our child is a symbol of our love. WILL YOU DO ME THE HONOR OF MARRYING ME AND MAKING ME THE HAPPIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD?"