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Midoriya Izuku had always thought his childhood was fairly ordinary. He, as did many others his age, wanted to become a great hero. He also wanted one of the best Quirks, as well. Ever since he had first learned about those two things, that's all he ever wanted: a cool Quirk and to become a great hero.

Quirks were recognized as the main driving force behind great heroes. Many great heroes, or at least the more popular ones, had powerful Quirks: like Endeavor and All Might. Many people, most particularly kids, strive to be just like them.

The fire which burned in them to dream so big was either fueled or put out by the time they turned four. That was the age most people usually developed their Quirks and depending on their luck they would either receive one that was incredibly powerful or incredibly weak, or perhaps right in the middle. Quirks themselves were the main backing force behind heroics, and those with the weaker Quirks were usually fed to the wolves after receiving their Quirk.

The same could've been said for Izuku. He, for all intents and purposes, had been stuck in the mud. Or, maybe quicksand was the better term for it. He chose the path that had quicksand while everyone else had chosen the paths with normal sand. He was stuck and sinking while everyone walked ahead of him.

It was like that for a while. Izuku have been diagnosed as Quirkless just because of some stupid toe joint and was left to rot as everyone abandoned him and moved forward. His mother hadn't been much better, though she was by his side she never told him the words he so badly wanted to hear.

Everything for him was just plain miserable. Until one day, something changed.

Izuku jumped in front of a cowering boy, his eyes filled with tears. He was sacred, terrified even, of the three bullies ahead of him. "That's mean, Kacchan." He said, still crying and even starting to shake. "Can't you see he's crying? If you keep going…" Despite his shaking, Izuku assumed a fighting position, "I-I-I'll nevelfolgiveyou!"

The three bullies stared at him for a moment, actually surprised at such a ridiculous display. The one in the front, the leader, the one with the spiky blonde hair, chuckled. "Even though you're Quirkless…" the three bullies began to show off their Quirks, the one on the left flying in the air with a set of wings and the one on the right extending his fingers. The one in the middle punched his own palm, a small explosion erupting from the impact. "...you're pretending to be a hero, Deku?"

At the sight of the bullies terrifyingly threatening smile, Izuku flinched back. The three began to charge, Izuku holding his hands out defensively in a poor attempt to protect himself. He closed his eyes, bracing for the impact of their respective hits as he repeatedly begged in his mind for them to stop.

But, when he expected the hit to come… it didn't. He felt nothing. In fact, nothing had changed. When he opened his eyes, they widened at the sight. The three bullies remained suspended in the air, frozen almost, their Quirks and all. They sort of glitched too, almost like static on a TV screen, Izuku compared it to. Izuku was mystified by the sight, even looking at his own hands in wonderment.

When he concluded that he had a Quirk, he quickly rushed home to tell his mother, even leaving the bullies forgotten and frozen in his excitement. He didn't notice, however, that when he started to run away the bullies unfroze and continued to fling themselves forward, only to hit nothing and tumble into the ground. All of that had happened in the simple span of a few seconds.

His mother, at first, didn't quite believe him when he told her, much to the little boy's dismay. She thought that it had simply been a product of his imagination, nothing more than that. Izuku, who had been greatly offended and was threatening tears, was determined to prove her wrong. In a hurry, he picked up a fragile vase from one of the tables in the room, which already threw his mother into a panic, then threw it across the room.

His mother attempted to dive and catch it, even diving on the floor in a sheer panic. Though, what Izuku expected to happen, didn't. Instead of just freezing the vase in the air, he froze everything. His mother, the vase, the air, nothing moved. Izuku was confused, walking to his mother to investigate, getting right in front of her.

Then, everything resumed. Izuku, being right in front of his mother, who had been going for the vase, received the brunt of her tackle. The vase broke on the ground, but the Midoriya's paid it no mind since they were trying to recover from whatever had just happened.

Inko had been the first one up, souring confused questions. "I-Izuku? What was that? What did you do? Did you teleport?"

Izuku tilted his head, still confused, but then it shifted to one of excitement, "I told you I have a Quirk! You and everything froze and I could still move! Now I can be an awesome hero, like All Might!"

Inko looked at her soon in bewilderment, while he just looked mighty proud of himself, even assuming a mock heroic pose, similar to All Might's. She was confused- the Doctor had specifically said that he didn't have a Quirk. Was it some kind of oversight?

She was scared. Scared for him. She had a very, very bad feeling about what his Quirk, or power as she would dub it for now, actually was. She felt as if it was something that was much more than it appeared. Her gut was usually right about most things, so she would trust it again. She was afraid of what would happen to him if word about this Quirk got around, too.

And so, despite how much her son was devastated by it, she told him to keep it a secret. She told him to tell no one. He cried, a lot, asking why he couldn't tell anyone that he finally had what they had. Still, despite the pit in her chest, she denied his pleas.

Another thing bothered her. The way he worded things while begging her to tell his friends. She had a feeling things weren't going well with the other kids he knew. The way he cried, the way he begged… it bothered her. She knew that if she asked him about it now, he would decline any and all suggestions. She could only keep an eye on it and take action when more obvious signs popped up.

That was how he had discovered his first of many abilities he would later discover.

The next one came about a year later, when Izuku was five. Izuku had been given the cold shoulder by almost everyone, or had been chosen to be the main punching bag amongst them. The daycare didn't care much, since he was 'Quirkless'. He wanted to so badly tell them all that he had a Quirk, but for the sake of his mother he chose not to. He knew her scared look when he saw it, and if she had asked him to do that then it was serious.

His old best friend, Bakugo Katsuki, had been picking on him nonstop since his Quirkless diagnosis. It hurt Izuku, but he still followed him. How could he not? The spiky blonde had an amazing Quirk. Izuku, despite how much he practiced his in private, just couldn't help but not equally compare their two Quirks.

Still, Bakugo attacked him. He used him for his own entertainment and pleasure like some old doll. Until, one day, something different happened.

Izuku had been, once again, following Bakugo around on one of their 'adventures'. Izuku didn't quite get the hint that it really pissed the blonde off, so, after some harsh words, they attacked him.

Izuku, though, was experiencing something. When they turned, he just… saw what they were going to do. Bakugo was going to try and hit him with a right hook, while the other two would simply try and hit him normally head-on. On some kind of insane reflex, Izuku ducked under the right hook and simply dodged the other two.

Bakugo hadn't been expecting him to dodge and actually lost his balance a bit. Once he recovered, he began to demand Izuku, which a lot of profanity mixed in that a child his age shouldn't even know, to explain what just happened.

Izuku had stuttered, telling them that he really didn't know what happened. He had wanted to run away, but he didn't. The strange ability didn't come again with their second change, which was even more anger-fueled than the last time, leaving him beaten and burned.

When he returned home, he was crying. He had cried to Inko, asking her why, no, begging her to tell him why he couldn't tell anyone about his Quirk. Inko had seen the burn marks, the cuts, the bruises, and took action immediately.

Needless to say she was pressing charges on the daycare and ended up threatening to do the same for each of the parents' kids. Bakugo's mother, Mitsuki, who was actually a close friend of hers, wasn't entirely happy with the threat of charges but recognized that it may be the only way for her son to learn his lesson.

Inko had been nice enough to let them off with a warning. Bakugo had been scared to death about the possible stain on his record, Inko had heard. It pissed her off that he was only worried about his record, but in the end she let it go in hopes that he would change.

Izuku would be homeschooled from then on. There was absolutely no way she was sending him back to any school after what he'd been through already. Inko truly believed that he would experience the same sort of things if she sent him back.

He had told her about his new ability as well. He had been confused about it, wanting to know if she had any knowledge of what it could be. She had told him she didn't know.

That was a lie. She did have some clue as to what was happening with her son, but wasn't entirely sure. Her gut feeling had been right, there was definitely more to his power than had been originally thought of. First he was freezing things, then suddenly able to predict the future? Inko, from the two abilities she knew about, could only come up with one singular source: time.

She was a lot smarter than she seemed, putting the clues together herself and, despite the fact Izuku asked her for help, she knew Izuku was doing the same thing. The way he froze things, it was almost as if the time around them had completely just… stopped. Then, when Izuku stopped using the ability, it resumed again and continued on its preexisting path. This was the case when they froze and moved an object as well. Even when the frozen object had been moved, its velocity and movement stayed the same. Izuku dubbed it Static.

This brought her back to the other ability. She just knew he had a time based power after this one appeared. A sort of Precognition of the future. He was able to foresee the events and take action to avoid them, from what her son told her. There wasn't much more on that ability other than that.

A few days later, when she was about to leave for a grocery run, Izuku had burst out of his room in a crying and screaming fit. He grabbed her by the legs and begged her not to leave. When she asked him to elaborate, he told her that she would be involved in a horrible accident if she left.

Suddenly horrified, she stayed- for both herself and her son. She immediately figured that it was part of his Precognition ability. She paid close attention to the news that day and, as it turned out, there had been a deadly accident on her route. She would have been right in the middle of it.

Inko had come to the conclusion that his Precognition could be changed or influenced by his actions. She thought that, perhaps, if he made any kind of interference things would change, otherwise it would stay the same.

Over the years, Izuku became more and more… emotionless. He wouldn't react much to anything anymore. He wouldn't act happy, scared, afraid… nothing. Though, despite her worries, she believed she knew why.

Izuku had been trying to master his powers since the days he got them. Static had been relatively simple to get the hang of, at least in its simplest form. By the time he turned seven, he didn't even need much focus to activate it anymore and it became an easy mental command that could be achieved at any time. He had told her that much.

It was much harder for her to notice when he practiced his Precognition ability. However, over the years when he started to react less and less, she believed he mastered it enough to have the ability active constantly. This essentially meant that he knew what was coming all of the time, no matter what.

The two talked, at some point. It was when he was ten and when he finally started to get too emotionless. She asked him about it. Her worries had become too much for her to handle.

He knew that she would ask him questions, and he didn't care. Even knowing that it would come, it still hurt him to see his mother worry the way she did.

Over the time he'd had Static, he had been endlessly practicing it. His mother didn't know, nor did anybody else know or realize it. How could they, when you can literally stop time around yourself.

Eventually, he had worked his way to mastering the ability. It took a long time, and he completely slacked off on his homeschooling work for a while, but he did it. He just worked on perfecting the ability, over the years, just trying to get the hang of activating it and keeping it that way. When he tried to go over his very small limit, he had always been met with a killing migraine that had immediately made him deactivate the ability. Still, though, he believed it was possible to surpass. Now, it required little to no mental effort to freeze time for a few seconds.

There were, of course, other tests done too. He had a much simpler explanation in his notebook that included pretty much anything.

Static: The user is able freeze time for a total of 15 seconds. When this ability is activated, the things that are frozen will have a static-like appearance. The user is able to move freely while the world is frozen. The user is also able to discern particular objects from being frozen, as long as they are touching it. No damage done to an object while frozen, only moved if the user wills it and is in contact. Current limit of world freeze without rest: 15 seconds. Cooldown period: 10 minutes (minimum).

Once he had mastered that, he moved to his other one. His mother had labeled it as a sort of Precognition, and it stuck. This one took less time to get the hang of than Static, which took years, but it was still hard to do and still did take a long time. The main reason it probably was taking so long, at least for him, was because of him still being a child.

The ability itself was an enigma to him. It would first appear at random times. He couldn't quite discern the trigger like he had with Static, which was a focus and command triggered power. Precognition was something entirely different.

Eventually, he was able to figure out the way to trigger it. The ability itself seemed to be thought based. It was odd, but not entirely illogical. He had figured it out when he was working on his school assignments, actually. He had simply wished to know how he would solve the problem, and the ability showed him.

Thinking back, the other activations had been similar. When the bullies were going to attack him when it first appeared, he wanted to know what moves they would do. When his mom was going to leave that one day, he had wondered about how safe she would be.

With some practice, it was easy for him to activate the ability. He only had to wish to know about his near future. However it had a limit of only showing him up to around fifteen minutes into the immediate future.

Additionally he found out that, yes, the future he saw was easily influenced by his actions. If he chose to do something different than what he did in the vision, he would ultimately change the future of what he saw. The change in the ability would happen immediately, shifting the vision in his head to another scenario immediately upon the change.

Over the time he practiced, he tried to keep the ability activated constantly no matter what he did. This proved extraneous hard to do, though, since like Static this ability took a mental toll from him if he used it too much. It required a lot of adjusting and getting used to for him to truly use it to its full potential.

On top of that, he had worked to increase how far he could actually see into the future. It had, at first, been a measly fifteen minutes before, but over time he had increased it to a really good estimated forty-five minutes.

He also had a more detailed description of the ability in his notebook.

Precognition: The user is able to see visions of the future, however they can be easily changed and influenced by the user's own decisions and with Quirks that can erase or suppress their own. Maximum sight into the future: forty-five minutes (estimated). Cooldown: none.

But the consequence he didn't expect from using this power would be that he would get too used to it. He got too adjusted to his Precognition ability, starting to automatically rely on it to the point where it just became an afterthought and part of his natural lifestyle. It never went off, now. Due to this he became more and more outwardly emotionless as a result, always knowing ahead of time what would happen which effectively took the reactions from him.

Of course he wasn't entirely emotionless. It was more of an outward thing he adopted than a true inside change. He still felt happy, sad, and all of the other emotions, he just didn't show it much anymore.

That was why, or at least the main reason, his mother had wanted to speak to him. He was changing, and she wasn't sure if it was for the better or for the worst. In a rare show since he mastered Precognition, he cried and gave her the most heartfelt hug he could. He apologized endlessly for worrying her so much; it truly hadn't been his intention.

They had separated from the embrace eventually, with him having to promise her that he would be careful and not keep her in the dark anymore. He swore that he wouldn't.

Well that was the case for the next year, at least.

Over the next year, he had tried to discover any more abilities that could've been hidden. All of his efforts had been met with little to no success, unfortunately.

His schooling had also accelerated, as well. He was, by all means, smarter than normal kids his age. However, he was not allowed to go any further than middle school due the fact he still wanted to be a hero.

That was another thing that bothered him. There had been a multitude of times where he would see crimes being committed through his Precognition, but couldn't actually act to stop them.

One day, though, he had been out on a grocery run for his mother. She didn't even have to ask, since he knew she would and took the liberty of just doing it. At the very same store he was going to, there had been a robbery in progress.

Izuku just really wanted to turn around at that point, turn away and not get involved. But he saw the future. If he didn't intervene, people would die. Everyone in the store, the clerk, the customers, even the kids, would be shot due to a standoff between the robbers and the police.

Izuku couldn't let that happen. How could he, when he knew could stop it. So, he acted.

He quickly used Static to freeze everything. Using this opportunity, he moved into the store and quickly began to act upon the situation. He had already seen everything with Precognition so he knew where everything was respectively occurring. There were two robbers, one pointing a gun at the cashier and the other pointing a gun at a bunch of hostages.

He only had a few seconds left, so he quickly rushed toward the robber with the hostages and turned his gun to point at the other robber who was hand to point it at themselves and pulled the trigger. The bullet wouldn't fire yet, but it would when time resumed.

Izuku had just then run out of time, the bullet from the robber's gun immediately shooting and hitting the other robber, who had been threatening the cashier, in the back. The robber who had been shot fell to the ground with a pained grunt and a bloody bullet wound.

The other robber had a look of pure shock, horror and confusion. Izuku took advantage of that to deliver his most powerful punch to the man's face, knocking him out. Izuku took deep breaths, trying to calm his heart after the intense situation.

With his Precognition still active, he knew that everyone was looking at him. He knew that the police would be here in no time too. He needed to leave.

After performing a quick bow and giving an apology, he bolted out of there. He used his Precognition to avoid the police and eventually make it home.

Eventually he later found out that nobody had sold him out. They protected his identity. It had been on the news, he had seen it both with his eyes and his foresight. He assumed that they had just been really grateful to him for saving their lives, nothing more.

But that had gotten Izuku thinking. What if he could help more? He was tired of just standing idly by while people got hurt and killed. Plus, he had the perfect tools to do it, right?

Over the course of the next few months, he trained himself in acrobatics and martial arts. With his schooling effectively finished and with him waiting for highschool, he found no problem in doing so.

With the help of his Precognition ability he found no issue in evading suspicion from anyone, including his mother. He made himself a costume that he thought would be appropriate. It was extremely home-made, but it took months to make and to him it looked really good.

Underneath of everything was a black skin-tight suit that was easy to move in. In the middle of that, as a large design, was a very detailed image of a stopwatch. Around his skin-tight suit was a loose, unbutton dark green jacket. It was unbuttoned so people could see the stopwatch on his chest, although the jacket covered a lot of it up. It serves no purpose other than fashion, as well. He also wore green, tight pants as well as boots that matched his shoe color: red.

Additionally, he thought of other appearance add-ons. He had managed to get his hands on two actual pocket watches for a pretty cheap price and had just slapped them onto the side of the green jacket's arms.

He knew that what he was doing was illegal, especially when he perched on his windowsill for the first time and prepared himself to leave. Vigilantism was essentially a serious crime, but his urge to help people in need just pushed that away.

Tonight, he would save people as Clockwork, whether the law wanted him to or not.

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