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Izuku could only stare up at the newcomer in front of him. Izuku had a lot of bad vibes from him, and he didn't question them one bit. He knew that this man, whoever he was, wasn't someone he should just brush off.

There were a lot of signs that led up to that definitive conclusion. For one, there was just this… menacing aura around him, one that Izuku subconsciously feared. Two, the girl was an obvious indicator. If her behavior didn't already show any signs, then her condition did.

Izuku felt like he had to do something, but he didn't know what. He was in a situation he really couldn't quite shimmy out of, at least not right now. Precognition wasn't working properly, and it hurt to use, so that was out. The only thing he could rely on now was Static, but he didn't know exactly how effective it would be in this situation alone.

So, Izuku would have to play his cards very carefully. "It's quite alright, sir," Izuku responded, standing back up straight, out of his crouched position. As he moved his head up to face the man, Izuku could vaguely see the shocked and pleading eyes of the girl. It broke his heart, but strengthened his will. "Can you be so kind as to inform me of what appointment you must attend?"

"It is no trouble at all," the man spoke. Izuku had to give this villain credit, he was a very good actor. Had the situation been different, Izuku may have easily mistaken him for a professional citizen. "We're on the way to a special doctor. As you can see, her condition is… less than ideal, and we were thinking of treating her."

Izuku barely caught the man's slip ups. They were subtle, but noticeable. For one, the way he spoke of her condition was off-putting. It was like it was some kind of mere inconvenience in the light of something much bigger. There was also the way he spoke of this "doctor" and how he only "was thinking" of getting her treated. Things weren't right, at all.

"What happened to her? Clearly these wounds aren't ordinary, and were inflicted carefully by someone. Do you know anything about that?"

Izuku barely caught the man's eyes shift into a glare for a second, before softening out and returning to one of mock normalcy. It irked Izuku, and he was really fighting himself to not attack the guy, but he kept up his professional facade.

"She was involved in a rather unfortunate accident. You see, we were just attacked by a mob of misfit bandits. I was able to ward them off, but they were able to do a number on my daughter."

Izuku called bullshit on that immediately. There was no way, no way in hell, that this guy warded off a band of bandits, came out without a scratch, but they were able to do a number on the little girl. If that story was the case, this guy was either some kind of coward, or he let them do what they wanted to her. Either way, he couldn't just ignore the situation. Nothing added up.

Before Izuku could comment again, the man spoke once more, "Now, come along, Eri," as the girl turned her head back to look at him, tears filling her eyes, he started to move his hands closer together. He used his left hand to grab at the end of the glove on his right hand, slowly, and dare Izuku say menacingly, he lifted the end up to reveal a part of his palm, continuing to fold the glove over like he was taking it off. "We really must be going."

Izuku could feel the girl's tense and he could hear the faintest of gasps. Before Izuku even had the opportunity to do anything though, she immediately released her grip on him and made a beeline toward the man, latching onto his pant leg and sadly looking anywhere but his direction.

Izuku was, at first, lost. He didn't quite get the implication of what the man had done, or why the girl had acted in the way she did. However, when the man let go of his glove, letting the elastic snap back to his wrist, Izuku understood.

It was a threat. A show of power that was most likely, undoubtedly, used on or near the girl before. The girl immediately recognized the man's movement and knew the implication of meaning, so it was, of course, one of those two options.

Izuku narrowed his eyes. Either one of those were unacceptable. Izuku, while taking a few quick glances at the girl, noting her condition, warily started leaning toward the former case. He could feel himself getting more and more angry, and he knew he was going to have to do something here and now.

The man turned his back, as did the girl, and began walking back into the darkness of the very narrow alleyway they resided in. As the man walked, he raised a hand into the air, in a backwards wave, "Thank you for your assistance, hero. I'll take her from here."

Izuku stared at him, almost shockingly. But he was shaking, not out of fear, but of anger. The man's nonchalant attitude irked and frustrated him to no end. He didn't even care about the girl. Not one but. If Izuku let them go now, chances are the girl's treatment would persist and he'd never be able to find them again.

So, Izuku acted. Just as the man and girl became enveloped in the darkness of the alleyway, he spoke, "Sorry, but I'm not going to let you take her."

The man stopped moving. He couldn't see much past the shadow of his head, the rest of his body being protected by the darkness. He was silent, unmoving for a good few moments. Izuku couldn't help but wait for the man to make a move, deciding to take the cautious side of things instead of rushing in blinding; especially without his Precognition. And, even though it may be foolish to think, perhaps the conflict didn't need to end in violence, and if Izuku insisted he would relinquish the girl.

As the man stood still, Izuku was unsure as to what he should do. He contemplated just using Static, but he honestly didn't know if it would even work or not considering what happened with his Precognition when he attempted to use it.

So, Izuku attempted to end things easily first, "Please, hand her over and and we don't have to-"

Izuku didn't know what happened in the first few seconds. It was sudden. Very, very sudden. One moment he was talking, the next he felt a ping in his side and could taste the blood in his mouth. He wanted to collapse, as he felt his legs become weaker and his mind become more and more blank, but he couldn't. As his knees slumped, he found himself suspended more in the air, and when he looked down, he realized why.

It seemed as though the wall on his left suddenly formed into a sharp spike pillar and effectively impaled him. The spike stretched from the one side, to the other, completely impaling and suspending him in the air.

Izuku could hear the girl gasp, as well as her muffled cries as the man started to berate her for running. Izuku's vision started to become more and more blurry, as he tried his best to hang on and fight, even though he was trapped and unable to escape.

Izuku, with what little vision he had left, could see the man's face turn around to look at him, the plague mask barely peeking out into the light. "You should have left this alone, hero."

With that, the two began to walk away. Izuku's vision was blurrier, his ears were ringing, the blood in his mouth was making him choke, and his mind and body were weakening every second.

This was where he died. As he tilted his head upward, to look toward the sky, he pondered any regrets he may have. He had a few regrets, if he was being honest. One was, of course, not being able to tell his mother how much he appreciated and loved her for everything she did for him.

Another regret was that he didn't save nearby as many people as he wanted to save. He didn't get to supervise those he supported, either, and watch them become good and better people. And, his last regret, was not being able to save this girl, and letting her succumb to her torturers again.

That was all he could think about as he gave his final breath.

Izuku opened his eyes with an almost gasp. He could… feel again, everything was normal!

He quickly looked at his surroundings. He was back in the alleyway, and there was a tight grip around his leg. He looked down, his own eyes engraved with shock, seeing the eyes of the little girl from before looking back at him. Her own eyes seemed to be ones of sadness and a plea for help, but also a hint of confusion as well.

He began to quickly ponder what had happened. Izuku then realized that this was different. What had happened before had been something very, very real. Everything he felt was just too real to be some kind of obscure vision, or foresight.

There was also the fact that things had very obscurely changed. The girl's eyes were displayed in a different fashion from what they were previously, for one, and two, she didn't say what she had said before.

As Izuku pondered the changes, he heard the familiar footsteps of the second comer. "I'm sorry for my daughter. She can be… clumsy, at times," the man spoke, just like before.

Izuku grit his teeth almost immediately. No chance he was making the same mistakes as last time.

"I thank you for finding her, hero. However, I'm afraid-"

Izuku wouldn't let him finish, quickly activated Static. Izuku quickly lowered the upper half of his body, arms scooping under her and picking her up. Her body lost the static look as her time resumed. She looked at Izuku, and the environment, scared and baffled yet curious at the same time. Izuku made sure to secure her in his left arm, before sprinting forward.

Using his momentum as an advantage, he wound his right arm back, his hand already clenched into a fist, and when he was close enough rocketed his fist straight at the man's face.

Over the time Izuku had used Static, he ended up learning quite a few interesting things about it.

Static, to Izuku, was such an interesting yet extremely complicated ability. It had plagued his mind for such a long time while he practiced it, initially, thinking of all the different possibilities of use there was for it. He had experimented with such possibilities, and if one way of trying didn't work, he tried another. To this day he was sure he was still missing something deeper about the ability.

But one of the things Izuku had learned was that nothing, not a person, nor an object, could be damaged when time was frozen. Essentially, any kinetic energy that collided with an object or person would be rendered null, just stopping or extinguishing itself. He didn't really know the mechanics behind it. To him, it was sort of like hitting a brick wall, just without actually feeling of, well, hitting a brick wall, for the most part.

The original idea was that the kinetic energy he dispelled from a hurt, would freeze as well (and the only kinetic energy that should even be made is through what's unfrozen, so only from him), and if a target received a multitude of separate hits then when time resumed the target would essentially receive all of those hits at once, thus multiplying the amount of damage he can do. But, now in hindsight, he could see how it may not even make sense for that to work. It was an incredibly useful move, or would have been if it worked as he intended. Unfortunately, it seemed that this type of tactic was out of his reach, for now; but he did have some idea on how it could possibly be done, just through a different method.

Izuku had also discovered that he could unfreeze people, if he wanted to do so and was in physical skin-to-skin contact with the person or thing, in addition to objects. The discovery of the additional use of this ability was purely accidental; he had been trying to save someone, who was unconscious at the time, from a deadly attack. He had rushed to save the person with Static activated, intending to deactivate the ability and move them as soon as he got there. But, he messed up, in his rush his footing slipped and he started to slide toward the person instead. He had panicked in his head. There hadn't been much time left on Static, and the thought of not being able to fix himself to save this person in time caused the panic, making him not even think about deactivating his ability anymore. He could only think about getting the person out of the way in time, moving them away from the incoming, yet currently frozen, attack. Imagine his surprise when the person slid with him as soon as he made contact, even though time was still frozen.

He was lucky, at the time, for multiple reasons. He knew that this was a very useful ability, but he also recognized the danger of using it on just anybody. Izuku already knew he wasn't exactly secretive about things, ranging from his identity to his powers (mostly due to young ignorance on his part), but if he wasn't careful with this, his true ability could be found out and promptly leaked to the public. However, for this situation, the reasons were more than in favor of its usage.

Izuku's fist made contact with the man's face the exact moment he deactivated Static. Their contact was brief, the force of Izuku's hit was strong enough to blow the man backward, tumbling and sliding on the ground.

With the girl still wrapped tightly in his arm, Izuku quickly turned around and sprinted back toward the alleyway corner, slipping away and out onto the sidewalk. Izuku would navigate home and they would be safe there.

Izuku closed the door to his room with his free hand, wincing at the sudden movement of his arm. He strained himself a little bit, especially after such a heavy, unwithdrawn punch. He'd only need to rest it for it to recover.

He held a plate of food with his other hand. He had been sure to try and give the girl, who was sitting up at the edge of his bed currently drinking a glass of water, the best stuff possible. When he got close to her, he made sure to set the plate to her left side. She only looked at him while she sipped her water, her eyes thankful yet automatically cautious. Izuku didn't blame her at all for that.

As for why he didn't go to the police about this; well, there were two main reasons. For one, he'd likely be arrested on the spot. He was a wanted vigilante and he was, as far as he knew, on a watch and capture list for the police and heroes. This essentially meant that, while they didn't need to actively search for him, if they saw him out anywhere they had the authorization to capture and bring him in. He didn't want that, for many more additional reasons, a couple of them being, admittedly, a tad selfish. As for the second reason, he had a weird feeling about this girl. There was something about her that he needed to get to the bottom of, he knew, but he also didn't exactly completely trust the police to take care of her.

For the time she's been at his home she had opened up to him a bit. She'd told him, albeit very vaguely, about what she had gone through. Apparently, the man from the alleyway was named Overhaul and did something "terrible" to her. The girl, who Izuku learned was named Eri, told him that Overhaul wanted her blood because of her "curse".

Currently, he was trying to dig deeper into the root of the issue. He sat on her other side, noticing her slightly flinch at the motion. She had been a bit apprehensive to touching him at first, but relented upon his constant insistence. He was doing his to get her everything she needed. Izuku was sure she realized that and was actually starting to feel certain ways because of it, perhaps thinking she was a bother to him or feeling bad if she kept denying everything.

Izuku could also tell she was enjoying the things he was doing for her, and that she greatly appreciated it, even if she tried to hide it. Izuku believed that perhaps she didn't want to seem too grateful in fear that the stuff would be taken away, which only got Izuku wondering about what she's truly gone through even more.

As Eri set her water down and moved to the plate of food, starting to slowly eat from it, Izuku went more into different thoughts. Precognition was still acting up, with him being unable to clearly activate it. It was all weird to him.

He took a brief glance at Eri, who was nibbling on some of the food. The cause seemed to follow her around wherever she went. Or, it was her? He couldn't really understand why exactly it was acting like this, or what the exact reason was, but he thought that, perhaps, for some reason, it was the girl. It was almost like a gut feeling, except it was something else he couldn't quite explain. It was another reason as to why he didn't just want to hand her off.

After being lost in thought for a while, Izuku had missed Eri putting aside her plate and letting out some words in a nervous mumble. He had to ask her to repeat herself.

"...thank you…"

Her voice was soft and quiet, which Izuku knew he couldn't blame her for. She'd gone through a lot.

Izuku developed a small smile on his face. "You don't need to thank me," he insisted. "I'm only doing what I feel like I need to do."

She looked at him for a moment, before glancing down to her legs, shyly. He wouldn't be surprised if she doubted that, or if she felt like she wasn't worth the effort.

To help comfort her, Izuku put an arm around her in the most gentle way possible. She stiffened at the embrace, and Izuku for a moment debated on whether or not that was the best choice of action, however stopped when he noticed the girl's tenseness start to ease and saw how she relaxed into his touch. He realized that she could discern the difference between a comforting, caring touch, compared to a cold, malicious one, and he was thankful for that.

But he also felt something… different, about her. He could almost sense something so much like him, and he couldn't quite put his finger on what exactly it was. He just… felt a feeling, that sort of just called to him and resonated with him. It felt a lot like his powers, except a tad different. He couldn't explain it.

Izuku shook his head a little to clear his mind, and his smile shrunk as he thought about what he needed to start talking to her about. If he was going to help her, he needed more details on what was actually happening, and how he can make sure this guy and whatever organization he was in stayed down.

He let out a heavy breath through his nose, which seemed to get the girl's attention. She looked at him with curious eyes, and upon viewing Izuku's downcast expression it seemed she picked up on the mood. Her face similarly became more downcast, as well, as Izuku took his arm out from around her and sat up from the bed, moving and kneeling down in front of her. Izuku was now a tad bit below her, but now more on her level. She looked down at him, directly into his eyes, and he looked back at hers with the most compassionate look he could give. He put two comforting hands into both of her shoulders, and prepared himself to speak.

"Eri, I know that this…" Izuku ended up trailing off, almost unwilling to continue speaking. "I know this topic isn't something you want to talk about, but I *need* to know who those guys were and what they wanted with you." He looked at her sternly, yet caringly, and continued to talk to her, "These guys… I don't know if they'll just give you up or not. I have to know what they wanted with you, please."

Eri stiffened at his words; more than likely at the prospect of them not wanting to let her go so easily. Izuku felt extremely bad about this, but in his mind he didn't have much of a choice. Precognition, being down, will not inform him of nearby or coming danger, so knowing if they'll start hunting her down would be a good start in knowing what actions they should take regarding their safety.

Izuku could feel the little girl start to shake, and hear her breathing become a bit hitched. He slightly increased his grip on her shoulders to carry a feeling of reassurance across to her. It seemed to work, as well, as she almost tried to fold into his touch, like it comforted her.

"I'm cursed," she said in a slightly gasped voice, as tears started to come from her eyes. "O-Only, he can stop it when it s-starts.

"Cursed?" Izuku mumbled to himself, but loud enough to be heard by the girl in front of him. He spoke to her again, "How are you cursed?" She averted her gaze from him, looking to the right instead. Izuku could feel her trying to wiggle out of his hold, almost like she was scared of touching him now for some reason, but Izuku wouldn't budge. He kept his reassuring hold; he was going to make sure she knew that, with whatever problems she may have, he will stick with her no matter what.

"Please, tell me, Eri." She glanced at him, a bit hesitant to meet his gaze as she lightly cried. "I won't leave you; I won't."

It was then, through her teary eyes, did she fully look at him, locking eyes once again. "You promise?"

Izuku immediately nodded his head, "I promise you." Izuku took his left hand from her shoulder and held it out in front of her, extending only his pinky finger out to her. "I promise, that no matter what happens, no matter what this curse may be, I'll be with you. I'll protect you. I'll stay with you."

She glanced down at his hand, then up at his face again, and repeated that a few more times. Izuku knew that she was just trying to comprehend the meaning of his words, and if he meant them. The determined look on his face helped convince her that they were, as she looked at him and spoke once again, "N-No matter what?"

Izuku gently and reassuringly smiled at her, nodding his head slightly, "No matter what."

It was only then she slowly, and a little shakily, extended her hand out toward his. Her own pinky became extended, and met Izuku's own. They wrapped around each other, securing their promise.

After a moment or so, they retracted their hands. Izuku only looked at the girl, patiently waiting for her to gather herself and speak to him about everything. He didn't want to put a lot of pressure on her; she could tell him when she was ready to do so.

As he waited, Izuku thought about things again. He thought mostly about his self-proclaimed job of vigilantism, and this girl in front of him. She was a perfect example of why he started doing it, and why he would continue to do so for as long as he could. Seeing this girl in such a state tore his heart in two, and it sort of broke him. Whatever she went through, it wasn't right.

Izuku zoned out in thought for only a few moments, and almost didn't notice the fact that Eri had moved her left hand over his right, which was still on her shoulder. He noticed that her grip was pretty tight, and he could only wonder why.

Suddenly, he heard her mumble to herself as she looked down at her legs. He barely heard it, but it was a low question to him: "... you really are still here."

Izuku was, admittedly, confused. At first he didn't understand what she was talking about, so he asked, "What do you mean?"

She looked up at him, "I remember. He hurt you because you protected me. I tried to go back so you wouldn't get hurt, but he hurt you anyway. I saw it."

Izuku's eyes then widened at the girl's statement. He hadn't thought much about what happened aside from when he was in the alleyway before, but this new implication just opened his eyes to a lot of new things.

He had already determined that what had happened before was too complicated to be some kind of simple vision. No, it was much more than that, he knew it. He felt so much, from the girl herself to the pain of his death, he felt it all. And now this girl says she remembers it as well. This was something new, something different.

When Izuku thought more about it, the more he concluded that it had to be a new power. A power that, from what he gathered so far, was able to send them to a specific moment in time. A backward, or reversal power, perhaps. But, the problem was, he didn't feel any different. If it were him, he was sure he'd notice a change in his body, or how he felt, either internally or visually. He searched himself, focused on his feelings, but he could feel nothing.

Then, he had a thought. A thought that made his eyes widen at the possibility and chance of it being the case, and realized much more if it was actually true.

He looked at the girl in front of him, a grave look on his face. She looked back at him, noticing the expression and almost replicating it herself. Izuku spoke in a serious, worried, and almost shaking voice, "Eri, please tell me what your Quirk is."

She tilted her head, a little confused at the idea of a 'Quirk', but once she realized that he was talking about her power, or in her mind, her curse, her expression became more grim. "I-I can make p-people d-disappear," she stuttered out hesitantly, averting her gaze to the side once again.

Izuku swallowed a little nervously; not out of fear from what she said, but because of the possible implications for his provided. "Tell me how that happens," he started, putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder and fixing his gaze so it was more comforting. "Please explain how you make people disappear."

She looked at him nervously, but was calmed by his touch and gaze. "U-Uhm…" she hesitantly started, and trailed off. "W-When I touch p-people, they can start to shrink a lot until they d-disappear."

Izuku blinked a few times as his mind raced in thought. Quickly, he followed up with another question, "Shrink?- how do they shrink?"

Eri was starting to feel a little pressured from the rapid questions, which made her uncomfortable, with the actual subject getting to her as well and making her a little upset. Izuku didn't seem to notice, due to his tunnel vision on this topic, and Eri also noticed that too. Eri could see how grave his facial expression looked, and it occupied her mind much more than her own personal thoughts. She initially thought she did something wrong, but then she noticed the concern, the worry, in his eyes. Her thoughts about why he was so concerned about it shifted from it being her fault, to unsurety. But, she pushed that way in determined push to try and answer what he wanted to know, because she only felt it was right to help him, to perhaps try and ease him out of his worries, as he was doing for her.

"They…" Eri trailed off, trying to gather the right words to say. "I-I glow really bright and I start to feel r-really tingly. I-If I touch them o-or get close enough to people start t-to shrink. T-They look smaller, and different, until they're a-a little baby?"

Izuku's mind was racing. This was almost just unfathomable- no, unbelievable to him. "Are you sure? Positive?" She quickly nodded, as Izuku blinked to himself a few more times and averted his gaze toward the floor, thinking to himself. He looked back up at her a few seconds after, "Do you feel anything right now? Anything weird, or something like your other power?"

"I-I don't know-"

"Please, Eri," Izuku spoke lightly, yet seriously. "Please Eri, I need to know."

Eri nervously nodded, and gulped slightly. She closed her eyes, probably to better concentrate on searching within herself for any irregular feelings. Izuku felt bad about pushing her to do this, but if his thoughts were correct, it was an unfortunate necessity.

"I… I feel… tingly?" She questioned herself, her eyes opening. She looked at Izuku, studying his expression to see if she had answered correctly. But seeing how it hadn't much changed, only shifting into more of a questioning, or curious, gaze, she decided to explain a little more on her own. "It's small… I-I feel like I'm holding onto it i-inside me, but l-like I'm not, too. I-It feels like it's t-trying to run away, but I c-can't let go of it."

After hearing what she said, Izuku's expression shifted to one of understanding. "Dear god…" he mumbled, still not quite believing it. He didn't know that this was possible until now.

"I-It's my curse, isn't it?" the girl mumbled, her voice shifting into a sadder one. Izuku looked back up at her with focused eyes, and ones that softened, morphing into caring and apologetic ones. "I c-can't stop when it starts. T-The only way for it to s-stop is for him to u-use his power on me. This is a part of that, isn't it? The only way for it to stop is to take me back," she sniffled, and moved a hand to wipe her eyes. "I understand if you want to break our promise and hate me now."

Izuku looked at her with caring and apologetic eyes, his expression morphing into one of guilt and sadness at seeing her like this. Izuku only now realized that his reaction to her answers probably gave off the wrong feelings and implications, which in the end caused her to misunderstand him.

Immediately, he tried to fix his mistake: "No-no. Eri, I-"

It was in the middle of his sentence when a loud bang was heard from the living area of the apartment, followed by a loud crash in another, which both made the girl yelp in both surprise and fear. Izuku quickly jumped up from his kneeling position on the floor and stood in front of Eri to defend her, his stance ready for a fight. Izuku knew that the sounds he just heard were from the front door being blown off of its hinges and hitting something else on the other side of the living area. They had been found.

He didn't know how, and he didn't quite know 100% why yet, but they were found. His mind was racing even more now. It was just too full of the new information he gained, and now he's dealing with an attack at his home.

"In here, boss," a voice spoke from outside of the bedroom door. Izuku glared at the door, focusing himself at the task at hand: defending the girl at all costs. There wasn't any time to dwell on the other stuff, right now he has a bigger priority.

Only around a moment after those words were said, did the bedroom door explode on itself from seemingly thin air. The loudness of the door being destroyed made Eri cower and cover her ears, while Izuku quickly activated Static and rushed forward.

In the doorway ahead of him wasn't the same man that he had met in the alleyway, but a different individual wearing a full-white jacket, hood up, and wearing a similar plague mask as the other guy did; Izuku figured they were in the same group. The man was one of the closest to the door and in Izuku's direct line of sight. In his rushed mind, he failed to see anyone else close to the doorway, so he readied his fist, drew it back, and using what little momentum he was able to build thrusted his fist forward and hit the man as Static released its hold.

The man went foot backward and collided with the wall behind him; hard. Izuku fumbled out of the doorway, a bit stunned after his punch on the man, but recovered quite fast and readied himself to attack the next person he saw.

Unfortunately for Izuku, he would not be able to do so. Before he could do anything else, he was grabbed by the back of the neck and quickly slammed into the wall next to his door. The hand that had grabbed him switched to pinning him to the wall by the throat, effectively choking him.

Izuku's vision was soon able to focus again after being rapidly thrown, and found that the one pinning him to the wall was the same man he had hit in the alleyway, Overhaul, as Eri had called him. Izuku could see the sharpness of his glare, how utterly pissed this guy was.

"A child playing dress up?" The man mocked, squeezing just a little harder on Izuku's throat. "You have some nerve playing hero, boy." He paused, glancing down at his ally on the ground, before looking at Izuku again, "You're lucky Chrono took the hit, or else… I'm not entirely sure I'd have my restraint at this very moment."

Izuku only just noticed how the man had developed some weird bumps on his skin. He could tell that the man was actively trying to ignore them. Izuku could also feel his snarl from behind the mask, as the tight grip around his neck didn't cease. He was powerless, here.

"She's in here, boss!" A goon seemed to yell from inside of Izuku's room. Izuku must have him enter, either because of being thrown into the wall or because he was just too focused on the man in front of him.

"Good work, Bloodhound," Overhaul complimented, his voice slightly easing, glancing a little to the side as the man walked out of Izuku's room holding Eri. Upon the small glances Izuku could make toward the new man, he had the face of a dog, and Eri was all but compliant. "You'll be well compensated for your work today."

"Thank you, Overhaul," he said professionally, and with a slight bow, backing away a little bit as Overhaul adjusted his gaze back onto Izuku.

"Make her watch," he stated sharply, glaring even harder at Izuku, who could only meaninglessly struggle against the man's anger infused grip. Bloodhound did as his boss requested, forcefully turning Eri's face to look at the scene before them. Her eyes were sad, guilt ridden. "Make her see what happens to those she attempts to flee with."

Overhaul raised his right hand up. Only now did Izuku realize that the gloves he wore in the alleyway were gone, as the man touched his arm with his hand. Izuku felt something inside of him; something which he dreaded.

"Show her that no matter what-" Izuku barely registered the feeling when it happened. One minute, he could feel the touch of the man's hand on his arm. The next, it was just… gone. Only when Izuku saw the spray of red cross his vision did he truly understand what had happened. "-she'll always be a curse."

It took a few extra moments for it to register, but Izuku soon felt the immense pain. Overhaul knew what was about to come, and loosened the grip he had on his throat and let Izuku fall to the floor. And so, as the intense pain of his arm exploding overloaded his mind, Izuku screamed. It was a bloodcurdling scream, one that would forever haunt Eri, and himself. He never knew that he could sound like that, and he never wanted to know, either.

Izuku wailed in pure agony on the floors, his eyes starting to tear and throat becoming scratched, as Eri was forced to watch. He didn't even want to look at her expression, because if he did he'd just break even more.

The man kicked up around Izuku's chest area, flipping him back so he flew against the wall. Izuku was barely able to see in front of him, his vision unfocused and blurry, but he was able to easily make out the color of his own blood sprayed across the room, and on the man's clothing.

Overhaul had noticed that the intensity of the screams Izuku were producing was starting to die down. He crouched down to get down to Izuku's level, so he was easier to reach. "I always dislike the… messy aspect of this part," he spoke quite ominously, putting his left hand on Izuku's other arm. "However, I'm quite willing to go for a round two this time around."

Izuku's pain screams once again filled the area. Perhaps they could even be heard for miles, they were so loud. His blood sprayed from his other exploded arm, painting the walls in an extra layer of red.

Izuku collapsed his head forward, toward his legs. His arms- well, his open wounds of where his arms should be hurt like hell. Or, no, maybe it didn't hurt. It felt too… much, to be any simple pain. He didn't know what to feel, he didn't know what to think, as his head became lighter and lighter.

"I'm sure you would die from blood loss in a few moments," the man spoke again; however, Izuku barely even heard him. His hearing was fading, only a faint ringing being ever present. His mind kept feeling more and more blank, as the man grabbed him by his shoulder and pushed him against the wall. Izuku could barely feel the press of a hand against his middle chest area over the unyielding pain he was experiencing.

Izuku, gritting his teeth, baring the pain as much as he could, looked over to Eri. He could only clearly see her outline, unable to see her expression, whatever it may be. But, he had to make good on his promise- "No… matter what…" his mumbling started, fast, deep, shaky breaths being taken in between words. "I… will… save-..."

"However, I'm sure this is better for the both of us-"


That was when Izuku had lost feeling for everything under his neck. His vision was blanked in a red haze, as his head seemed to act like a sports ball, and bounce on its own on the floor. His kind quickly started to drift off, his detached head only able to stare ahead at the two spectators ahead.

Some people say that when you get beheaded, you remain conscious and alive for very short moments after. Izuku had read about that once. It turns out, they were right, and as Izuku's consciousness started to permanently drift away, he spent his last thoughts thinking about his mom, and the girl.

Izuku suddenly had the urge to open his eyes once more. When he did, he found himself right back in the alleyway this whole situation had started from.

The feelings of, well, everything coming back to him was incredibly disorienting. He was caught off guard, suddenly being able to feel and move his arms again like nothing had happened. His mind was put into a state of confusion for a moment, before it was brought into focus by the slight feelings he got on his legs.

The girl was gripping onto him. Tightly. She was shaking, and her face was buried into him, so he was unable to see her expression, but he knew that she was crying.

From his questioning before, he had a very, very good idea as to what was happening. He still couldn't believe it, honestly. What were the odds that someone else had the same type of power as him.

The odds were, actually, very low. Undeniably inconsiderable, basically. But, Izuku knew that it was the case, just from the experience and from what the girl described to him.

Over the time Izuku has had his powers, he took the time to consider the possibilities of his own and what he had yet to discover. Logically thinking, he sectioned off the possible time powers he could have into four branches: Acceleration, Slowing, Stopping and Reversal. There were no excess categories, only outlier powers that utilized one or more of the branches, like Clock did.

Izuku himself was in possession of powers listed under two separate branches. Static lay in the branch that stopped time, and Precognition lay in the branch that accelerated time. While Precognition wasn't a direct form of time acceleration, it lay in the branch because of its foresight into the future.

From what Izuku was able to think of, it seemed that the girl was able to reverse time. This wasn't just limited to one measly aspect, either, and if there were more branches of time powers bottled up in there he wasn't entirely sure yet.

But, he was able to get a good grasp on what abilities he does know she has. From what she described to him, her main ability, and the one that seems to cause most of the problems she has, is like a complete rewind of a person's physical form. It seems like she's able to reverse time on a person to make them younger, all the way to the extent of nonexistence. It was incredibly powerful, and dangerous.

The more Izuku thought about it, the more he realized that this whole conflict may be more connected than he first thought. This Overhaul guy, and his following clan, or whatever he was, wanted the girl for some reason, and at first glance you wouldn't be able to see what's so special about her. But, with some logical thinking, Izuku figured out that they wanted her because of her power, not only because it was dangerous, but because it was useful.

The power to reverse time was something Izuku had pondered over many, many times. He had tried to use it in practice, but hadn't been able to figure out how to use it yet. But, the point was that it could be harnessed and used for a lot of things. Healing, for example, would count. But there were other things too that Izuku considered, like an easy way to kill and infinite life through constant deaging. He had a feeling that these guys were trying to harness this power for something; but what, he didn't exactly know yet.

As for the relatively unknown ability that centered around what was happening to the two of them now, Izuku also had an idea of what was happening with that. Considering that she had a primary ability, which seemed to be quite active, it wasn't too much of a stretch to consider that this power was from the same branch.

The ability to loop time is what Izuku was calling it in his head. It seemed to be activated for two people, the user of the power and the one used on. A power that sent both the user and the person back in time to a specific point in time. Izuku looked at the girl that held him tightly, and presumed that specific point in time was when Eri had first touched him. And if Izuku's mental theory was correct, the only way for it to activate is through a trigger; this one being his ultimate demise. Whether or not the power would activate and send them back if Eri died instead, he wasn't entirely sure; but he really didn't want to find out, either.

"I'm sorry for my daughter. She can be… clumsy, at times," the man spoke from the darkness of the hallway once more. It seemed Izuku's time for thinking was over.

Izuku looked up and visibly snarled at the man, disgusted at him and showing how much he admittedly despised him. Eri stiffened, he could feel.

"Don't come… please…" she spoke suddenly, surprising Izuku and making off his guard. She took that advantage to quickly turn around and sprint back to the monster that would immediately impression her again.

As the man stepped out into the light, he was also visibly surprised at how the young girl suddenly turned tails and latched into his hand. The surprise faded after a mere moment and was replaced by a quick understanding and acceptance.

"It seems that this situation has resolved itself. My daughter just happened to get lost, and now that we have reunited I will be on my way. Thank you for finding her hero," he repeated with a small, mock bow of gratitude. He then started turning away, proceeding to go down the same alley he came.

Izuku looked like a lost puppy. He was just… unsure, as to what he should do. At first he had been ready to jump to action and defend the girl with his life, but now he was thinking more about what he should do.

Eri had gone back for a reason, and a reason he honestly understood. She didn't want to have to see him die again. She didn't want to see him suffer more. It would scar them both, and he too didn't want her to go through that. Even though he wanted to jump right at them, attack the insufferable man and take Eri back, upon reconsideration it didn't seem like the best idea.

Izuku shook his head, taking himself out of his thoughts. He didn't have time to endlessly ponder. He exited his alley and emerged on the outside sidewalk, rapidly scanning the buildings close, and finding a fire escape on the one to his right. It was a small apartment building that went a bit of a ways up.

Using some of the parkour skills he learned over his time being Clockwork, he was able to grab the ladder and pull it down. It made a loud clang with the ground, before it firmly planted itself onto it. Izuku quickly climbed up the ladder, hoisting himself up onto the platform and proceeding to sprint up the stairs.

At a certain point, he stopped going up. The next building over, the one that acted as the building on his left while in the alleyway was only as tall as his current height, and so were the rest of the buildings nearby. If he kept going up, he'd be too high and wouldn't be able to traverse the rooftops.

So, Izuku went back as far as he could. He prepared himself for a few seconds, like taking rapid puffs of air to psych himself up, before running forward. He used his right foot to propel himself up, clearing the platform's guardrail and making the jump across to the building over. He landed on his feet, slightly skidding to a stop.

He moved toward the edge of the building, where the end of the alleyway would be, and planted his foot on the edge. He looked out into the distance, trying to decide where to go.

To him, this was the best decision he could make. He had already explored two definite avenues. One of them took him down a path where he wasn't able to activate Static in time, thus resulting in his death. The second, while he was able to activate Static in time, knock out the guy and escape, they were tracked down and he was once again ultimately killed.

This told Izuku two things. One, he would be outmatched in a fight. The display of Overhaul's Quirk made that all too clear. Not only did it seem like he was able to manipulate the matter of objects, but living flesh as well. That was a highly dangerous Quirk, and there would be no way that Izuku could beat him in an upfront fight. The second thing was that, even if he took the girl and ran, they'd just find them again through her scent. Overhaul seemed to have someone with a Quirk that could sniff out and track down anyone's scent; like a bloodhound, like the man's name from before suggested. Even if he took her and ran, they'd just find them. There were too many risks and complications that way.

He would have to go about this differently. He'd need to, instead of going for a straight on assault on this one guy, be selective about his approach. He needed to take them out on their own turf, whether he liked it or not, so he could deal with the most troublesome people.

And, if there was any possibility of giving her to the police before, he definitely couldn't ding dong ditch them now. He wasn't going to risk anything with her, he never was, especially now. Her powers were too big to let go. Plus, with how Overhaul's Quirk seemed to work and operate, nothing was stopping him from just taking her back by force. Or, he could pass as the girl's father or guardian and do it that way.

But even so, he made a promise to her. He wouldn't leave her alone, no matter what. Sure, he could leave now, bide his time and come back another day, but he didn't want to leave her in their hands for merely another minute. He would save her, he'd keep her safe, and he had no plans to break that promise now or even decades into the future. Even if he had to die hundreds of times, he'd accomplish this goal.

First, though, he had to find her again. The man had quickly departed, leaving Izuku lost as to where he should go. The thought of using Precognition found its way into his mind, but he doubted its usefulness here both in the practical aspect and the fact that it wasn't even working.

Even so, he gave it a try. He allowed himself to become engulfed into his Precognition ability, and to his surprise, he found himself gifted with the foresight he was used to seeing. He, at first, wondered how it had suddenly come back. This entire time, or past this time technically, it hadn't been able to work.

That's when he realized it. The reason as to why Precognition wasn't working wasn't because of a what but because of a who. Eri, of all people, was causing his Precognition to falter.

He thought about it for a few moments at first, wondering why exactly she ultimately affected his foresight. Then, he had another realization. The reason that he believed was the case was so simple yet also so possible the case. Just because she was another time user- just because of that- caused interference in his vision.

He thought about it hard. His own worked in a very… interesting way. Precognition was an interesting power in it of itself, with an equally interesting function. It allowed for him to view the future, but that future he saw was never something entirely set in stone, and could be easily influenced, altered and changed by his actions.

Izuku's line of thinking revolves around this: if Eri has similar time manipulating powers as him, which she does, it isn't so far-fetched to say that she has a similar, if not the same, precognition ability as him. If she did, then that would mean that the future around her is constantly changing and altering by her very presence, even if she didn't realize it or hasn't even found the ability yet, and that would logically create interference in his Precognition. The reason why his head was so mixed and the future seemed so jumpy, was because Eri had been altering it herself, over exceeding how many outcomes there could be and essentially overloading the ability. It made sense.

He would stick with that logic being the case, unless something came up to disprove it, which he doubted. It was an annoying mechanic to the power that would surely prove to be a pain later, but for now he could use it to his advantage.

He started to move, using Precognition simultaneously. He was essentially canning area after area; when one direction proved to be fruitless, he changed it in favor of another. He extended his foresight limitedly, only seeing so far into the future, and carefully chose his paths.

This went on for a good little while. Izuku kept searching area after area, using Precognition as a locator, or scanner, to hopefully get interference again. When he did, he knew he found her.

He swore he was searching for a long time before his head started to feel jumbly. Unknown images of the future shifted and jumped into his mind for the few seconds he had Precognition remain active, causing his head to pound a little bit. However once he deactivated the ability, he was relatively fine and the pain eased.

But ultimately he was led to a building, a pretty big one at that, and it wasn't too far from the alley they'd been in before. Izuku was able to get a good look at it from an adjacent building, one that he had annoyingly almost tripped on a shoe on while jumping over to it. The building that belonged to the gang seemed like it was an entire compound, or complex; Izuku knew there was more to it than met the eye.

Izuku kept switching Precognition on and off in a sense, so he wasn't getting too affected by the head pain but also still able to see if Eri was still there. Her radius was small, likely because of her limited and forcefully directed movement, and found that she was still moving, but he didn't know where exactly. All of the above areas of the complex were cleared, which meant there must be some kind of underground system too. Izuku rolled his eyes. Typical for a crime boss to have that, he guessed.

Izuku, before doing anything, went over the plan he had in his head. Firstly, take out this Bloodhound guy so that they cannot be located again. Whether Izuku had to cut off the man's snout, or kill him if he had to, he would. Then, locate the girl's room, rescue her, and leave.

Well, he supposed that the only way he was going to make any progress in action would be to actually raid the place. So, he made his move. Izuku maneuvered his way down the building before approaching the outer wall of the compound. After scanning around the area for a moment, he began to stealthily parkour his way up to the top, flipping himself over it once he reached it and silently landing on the ground below.

There were armed guards everywhere. Precognition was coming in really handy here, since Eri seemed to be out of its range, and allowed him to figure out where a lot of the guards were. They were in sneaky spots, too, some in completely hidden areas or sniping positions.

The main entrance seemed to be a no-go. There were just too many guards; if he charged in without using Static, he would die, which cut off his Precognition feed up to only that point. If he used Static to get by, he wouldn't know what was inside, because Precognition annoyingly doesn't take into account his intent to use Static. He would just have to figure out another way inside.

He stealthily, and a lot of time narrowly, avoided the guards around the outside of the building as he creeped around the perimeter. He soon came across a fairly small, but big enough window, a little high above the ground that was safe enough to enter without dying.

He went back a little bit, preparing himself for a jump. Izuku ran forward and made a high jump up, grasping the window frame and quickly pulling himself up and inside, landing on the floor in a not so fancy fashion. It was only now he realized that he could actually be charged for breaking and entering, plus kidnapping from what he'd eventually do later. He mentally groaned.

He picked himself up pretty fast, not even bothering to recognize the esteemed and fancy bathroom he had fallen in. He used Precognition to scan around the area, finding that the inside of the building was a lot less guarded than the outside and allowed for much easier travel. However, unfortunately, it seemed as though this Bloodhound guy was nowhere on the surface, meaning he was underground as well.

And so he started searching the building as indiscriminately as possible, desperately searching for the hidden passageway down. It was grueling, Izuku would admit, but in the end it would be worth it. He had to keep his promise.

It was when he stepped out into a more open hallway, did he notice a small object in the corner. It was a camera he had completely missed during his Precognition sweep. Izuku quickly realized that he had not only likely missed more of them outside, but since his Precognition was being used in short-range, and since it hadn't picked up any activated alarms, it was likely emitting a silent alarm to the security room.

Izuku cursed himself in his mind for being too careless and rushed in his actions to where he missed something so obvious. He did he even realize that he was subconsciously backing up until he bumped into an object and heard something shatter behind him.

In panic, he turned around to see that a vase had fallen and shattered on the floor. Precognition wasn't really showing him the best images right then.

"What was that?"

"I don't know, it sounded like something fell."

"Are there any patrols over there right now?"

"I don't think so- stay on guard."

As Izuku looked up, he saw a switch. Precognition gifted him with the knowledge that this was what he had been looking for, and thus he didn't hesitate to activate it. Then opened up a hidden passageway that led to the underground tunnels of the complex.

By the time the guards showed up, the entrance was sealed and Izuku was gone.

Izuku carefully tried to navigate the labyrinth of tunnels. Precognition was able to locate Eri in a room further down, but to get there… that was the hard part. Unluckily, Izuku even through shortening the range of Precognition, he started to get interference again from down the direction he wished to go. He would be on his own once again, unfortunately.

As he was making his way closer to his desired location, he came across a mandatory room he had to walk through that was quite large in size. It was like a training area, almost, or something like that.

He didn't get to examine it much, because only a few moments after entering he saw a rather large, muscular man charging at him, wearing a mask that looked like it resembled a killer whale. He had some kind of gauntlets around his fists and forearm, presumably for the kind of attacks Izuku foresaw this guy capable of performing.

"Chronostasis gave us the authorization to kill you on the spot! You better be a challenge, because I'm not holding back!"

Izuku waited long enough for him to get closer, before activating Static and high-tailing it out of there. Izuku let the ability run out on its own, where he had already fled into a neighboring hallway and out of the guy's sight.

Izuku didn't even get a chance to recover before something sliced his leg. Izuku tried to let out a hiss of pain, but found himself to be moving at a snail's pace. His hiss came out, but it came out immensely delayed from when it should have.

That's when he noticed that he himself was moving at a slowed pace, with his sense of perception remaining the same, all whilst his body glowed in a very faint blue, or perhaps more of a cyan. The pain he felt seemed normal, too, it was just his movements that were slowed down to a fraction of their normal speed.

"An interesting intruder you are," a voice spoke from behind him. Izuku tried to turn to face the speaker, but the delay on it was too great and by the time his head reached halfway the speaker had already started to pass by him. "I've seen you on the news. The rather recent vigilante, Clockwork, known for your rather good timing and how many people you saved." He stopped in front of him, allowing Izuku to examine him fully. A man wearing a full white cloak, or hood, the same one he punched in the last loop. "I must say I'm quite impressed at how far you've come. However, I'm afraid that your luck has run out." The man held a gun up to Izuku's head, while he could only watch as his movements slowly tried to get out of there. "I do hope you enjoyed your life, and that you are satisfied with the amount of people you were able to save. Goodbye."

Izuku felt a sharp pain pierce his forehead, before it just vanished, along with everything else.

Izuku, once again, found himself back in the alleyway. He did an unconscious deep breath, as he moved his arms around a bit. Back to normal, again.

He felt a tug, and he looked at the girl to see crying, curious eyes. She knew he had died again. She didn't know how, but she knew he did. Izuku felt bad about that, immensely.

It was t long before Overhaul revealed himself and started his speech for the fourth time now. Izuku couldn't help but drown it out, as the girl ran back to him to prevent Izuku from getting hurt again and the two walked away, just like the last loop.

Izuku knew she would go back to the man, and that no matter what she would continue to do so. Izuku, while he loathed the idea of her going back to him each time, had to accept it, for it was the only suitable option he could take to successfully rescue her.

As the two continued to walk away, Izuku proceeded on the same path as last time, up the fire escape and across the buildings, except this time he knew where he was going and saved time getting there. Though, as he moved, he thought about the last loop. Something had happened that wasn't supposed to happen, clearly.

Izuku reached the same building as before, hiddenly camping out on top of it in wait for the right time to move in. As he waited, he continued to ponder the last loop. It wasn't in any way as he had expected and even though Eri was locked in a room further down the tunnels, Precognition caught an interference, which it shouldn't have unless-

No, it couldn't be right. The chances of two other time manipulators being found today were so slim that Izuku wanted to just toss the idea out the window. But, the evidence was there, and Izuku really didn't like it one bit.

That guy, who Izuku remembered Overhaul called Chronostasis in one of the loops, was also a time manipulator. It was just the first suggestion, but given what Izuku had experienced it wasn't far-fetched to say that this one had the focused ability to slow time.

Izuku sighed, then groaned. This was all becoming a bigger mess as it went, and he didn't like it. Izuku quickly determined that he would have to make sure he takes Chronostasis out, either making sure he's killed or arrested, or something. As Izuku already reasoned, the ability to manipulate time was incredibly powerful and dangerous, and someone like this using it for deeds like this was something that couldn't be so easily passed by.

Izuku shook his head and refocused on the mission at hand. He had a promise to keep and a girl to save, after all. This would be time, the loop, he would save her in!

It wasn't the loop he would save her in.

He followed the same route as the last time, but unfortunately for him, he messed up his timing, leaving too early, and found himself promptly cornered by a plethora of outside guards. They didn't hesitate to shoot him dead.

That's what began a seemingly endless cycle of loops, each ending with Izuku's death. This was a challenge that he had never had the displeasure of facing before, and it was something he couldn't conquer so easily.

Sometimes he'd get back to the underground section, but after that he wouldn't get far. The interference in his Precognition down below due to the additional time manipulator was really messing him up greatly, and Static only being a small one-off power didn't help much either when every inch of the underground was filled with hostiles. But, luckily, it didn't seem he remembered other loops like he and Eri.

After every death Izuku opened his eyes back in that damnable alleyway with the little girl, forced to hear the man give the beginning of his little speech each and every time.

Izuku, after getting down to the underground labyrinth, was quickly overpowered by the same tall, muscular brawler from before. Izuku did not withstand long against the flurry of fast punches produced by the man's Quirk.

"I'm sorry for my daughter…"

After successfully dodging and getting around most guys on his own, Izuku found himself trapped inside of a done-like barrier. The man behind it wore black robes, giving off analytic and enlightening vibes. The man on his own couldn't kill Izuku, but he was plenty capable of keeping him trapped in the area until reinforcements arrived, in which he was promptly executed without mercy.

"She can be…"

Izuku thought he had bided his time a little better in this loop. He thought that being overly patient would ultimately better his chances of passage. Instead, he ended up running into both the barrier guy and the one that could basically punch five times a second. He stood no chance against their perfect tag team moveset.

"...clumsy, at times,"

He got tired of that sentence quickly. Every time he came back, he was met with the confused eyes of the girl and that sentence. He was starting to think that the girl's mind was now believing that it was all in her head, that she was going crazy, maybe. He wasn't sure if she still thought it was all real anymore, and for that he felt even worse. The quicker he saved her, the better.

It was within the first ten or so runs he realized that triggering the silent alarm was unavoidable. In order for Izuku to enter the compound, the camera positioned above the base was unavoidable, with the camera control system being in the control room underground. He was forced to alert them to his presence each and every time.

The foes he encountered were fairly limited, but that didn't make them any less dangerous. It seemed that only certain members of this group were occupying the labyrinth, or at least this portion of it. Izuku assumed that there were more than likely the core members of Overhaul's group.

Despite the many times Izuku tried to learn patrol routes, or something along the lines of what directions they'd take, he always found the information he received to be unreliable. They always changed, and sometimes he'd find a different guy occupying an area someone else did a loop beforehand. One time a man with a top hat and black cover had surprised him, shooting him in the leg. It seemed that the man had a Quirk that could make people yell the truth, and once Izuku confessed what he was there for, the man killed him with an easy bullet to the head.

The feeling of death was something Izuku, despite having been through it many different times and in varying ways, could never get used to. The feeling was so intoxicating in so many ways, so painful and mind shattering that he could never fully wrap his head around it, even for deaths that seemed to repeat.

Izuku's run-ins with Overhaul himself were limited, thankfully. Out of the many deaths he was forced to experience, only a few came from him, but each death from the man was one that made Izuku feel a literal sense of hell. Luckily, Eri wasn't there to witness it. At least she didn't have to suffer, too.

Hell, even on some runs he ended up dying in the stupidest of ways. He supposed he started to suffer from repeating the same things too many times, because he started to mess up on simple things. Like, a couple of times he ended up slipping and falling off of the buildings he'd traversed many times before, which resulted in his neck being snapped or… something else, that would end in his death. He would mess up timing he'd perfected doing in countless other loops, particularly revolving around the guards, which would end with him getting mercilessly pelted with an onslaught of bullets. Perhaps it was some kind of repeat fatigue, where his mind went into autopilot too much and started jumping over certain necessary calculations.

And even after so many runs, he had yet to find Bloodhound anywhere.

Izuku, so close yet so far, found that his leg had once again been sliced by something, which resulted in his movements, or time, being slowed and the faint blue/cyan glowing around him again. He had found that Chronostasis uniquely had his power operate through his hair and could slow people down through contact with it.

"I just say, I am impressed that you have made it this far," He spoke. From the times Izuku had been caught by this guy, his speeches remained relatively the same. "Vigilante Clockwork, I presume? Well, no matter." The tip of the nuzzle on the gun made contact with Izuku's forehead. "Your fate has been sealed. I hope you are satisfied with the amount of lives you were able to save. Farewell."

Vague, transparent images started to occupy Izuku's mind. They were smoky, transparent, cut and hard to see and follow.

Laughter echoed through the black abyss, through only a faint window were the images present.

A man, dressed in clothes that seemed to be unrecognizable and foreign. They couldn't be described. He was the source of the laughter, as he slowly walked closer, a glowing green light around his right fist dimming as he moved.

"Ouch. That looked like it hurt."

As he let out a series of additional, smaller chuckles, Izuku could be seen lying on his back in a pile of debris of some kind. Green lighting seemed to trickle around him, before seemingly going into his body. He started to try and stand, but struggled to do so, his teeth gritting as he worked his way to his feet.

Ahead of him, the guy stopped walking, stopping to talk again. "My most signature temporal energy hit: the ███████████ ████ █████. It has quite the kick to it. I am surprised that your fool of a father never warned you about it." He let out an amused chuckle at that comment. "I am sure you can guess what it does."

Izuku opened his eyes back in the alleyway with more of a gasp, followed by a multitude of other deep breaths and sweat, than he did other times. He quickly shook his head to regain his senses and let the same routine play out as it did before.

As he progressed through the loop this time, he pondered on many different things. The vision he had just experienced, being one of them.

Izuku himself had next to no idea as to what the hell just happened. He didn't know what he just saw, or what he should be making of it. Was it trying to tell him something? Was it a warning? A message? He didn't know.

He thought about the ability itself for a bit as he traversed the rooftops, being careful not to slip as he had done in other failed loops. It did not seem like something out of his Precognition. It seemed to operate differently and with a different type of concept or vision, instead of the type of foresight he was used to seeing. It was like a different kind of vision entirely.

He shifted his thoughts into the contents of said vision, opting to deal with the specific workings of the vision itself at a later time when this particular situation was no longer an issue. Izuku noted some interesting details in that vision, and it wasn't just his curiousury revolving around himself as well as the person he was fighting, or why he was even fighting the person in the first place, even though he was definitely interested in that; it was all worrying to say the least.

No, what Izuku kept in mind were more off-hand details. They specifically centered around the time abilities themselves and how they're used or utilized. Izuku kept thinking on the subject as he reached the target building and once again waited for the right time to act.

Izuku remembered the man's words very clearly. It would be something stuck in his mind for a while, even through the potential future loops and days to follow, not only because of how taunting, mocking or how ominous he was, but because they held a very great deal of information.

He had very clearly said "temporal energy" to him in the vision. Izuku felt like a whole new avenue was revealed to him now, mentally beating himself up for not even considering this or realizing it sooner.

Temporal Energy was something that essentially meant Time Energy, or something along those lines. In simple terms, it's what makes up space-time itself, something which Izuku is able to manipulate to a very limited extent. Izuku had done his research on the subject of time, and in extension space-time, itself before. Ultimately, Izuku realized that his very power was pure Temporal Energy, something that worked the very fabric of space-time.

Not only was that super powerful, like abysmally so, but it could also be more versatile than he had initially believed. Before, Izuku had been under the impression that he himself was the epicenter for everything he did. Precognition was something centered around him, something that could be directly changed by his actions, and Static, while something he believed to be a bit more complex, was still centered around him in a sense.

Only now did he realize that not only was he not the epicenter of everything related to change in time, as has been proven by the ridiculous amount of things happening today, but he was able to apply this change to other things as well. This was not only proven from the vision he had seen, in which Izuku clearly remembered the man's fist glowing green with effects of it transferred onto himself (something he'd definitely need to think about later), but also proven from the events he's been through today through both the looping, which was an ability crossed between both himself and Eri, as well as what Eri told him regarding her main reversal-type power.

That aside, Izuku now believed that he could better utilize his Static ability into something else. If what he was truly using was Temporal Energy, which it was, then it was an energy that could be manipulated through himself and used in different, creative ways, similarly to how many different energy Quirked heros used theirs.

Izuku supposed that there was only one way to find out if his thoughts were on the spot or not. He closed his eyes and started to focus deeply on the power within himself, mainly Static, as it was his most familiar power. He sensed the feeling of it, resonating with it, attempting to draw it out and let it flow through his body. It felt heavy, almost; as if it were a weight he was struggling to pick up. It felt like he actually did have to pick it up in order to have it flow, his body feeling a little heavier or winded as he focused on it. He struggled with it, but was mainly able to split the energy through his arms, letting it stream from his core to his hands.

When he felt the energy reach his hands, he opened his eyes and widened them in pure amazement. His hands were glowing red, signifying the use of the Stopping Time Branch. Electric/lightning-like effects also danced around his hand that seemed to be a lighter shade of red compared to the thin layer of a deeper, darker shade of red around his hands.

Izuku was amazed by this new discovery. He kept the energy residing in his hand to mesmerizingly look at, but quickly realized that he should probably test the capabilities of this new discovery while he still had the time to do so.

He promptly looked around for something to test it on, finding the very same shoe that he had almost tripped on in one of his earlier runs. He hurriedly went over to it, bending down to pick it up with his right hand. When he touched it, the shoe in its entirety started to glow red, minus the lightning-like effects, and froze in time. He tried to move it up onto a higher area, and successfully accomplished it, meaning that even while frozen in time the object's space could be moved. Izuku tried to squeeze it, while he held it, but it did not budge, meaning that like Static it cannot be damaged while frozen. Izuku quickly let go of it, only to find that the shoe had not resumed in time and confined to flow the same color as his hands.

Izuku mused that this and Static were different in this regard, since Static allowed things to move under the conditions that he wanted them to and that he was touching them while this one seemed to ignore that all together and issue a perma-freeze to anything it applied to. After a certain amount of time passed, the shoe's red glow seemed to dissipate, fading away in a quick flash with red particles dispelling out into the air before disappearing almost as fast as they appeared. Izuku now knew that, similarly to Static, the ability wears off after a certain amount of time. However, due to the fact that there was still a glow around his hands, there didn't seem to be any negative cooldown effect.

Izuku could feel the weight of keeping the energy around his hands. He didn't think this was due to any cooldown or usage drawback, but more as if the energy itself was weighing down on him. it was getting harder and harder to keep it there, so he wanted to hurry and test out one last thought he had.

Quickly, he decided to extend his right hand out. He aimed his palm toward the shoe on the ground and started to concentrate a bit. He focused on the energy again, attempting to draw it toward his palm. He could feel the weight of the energy formulate would the area he wished it to and started to imagine expelling it out of his hand and into more of a flowing beam.

Then, it happened. Izuku bore witness to the thin beam of pure Temporal Energy shooting out of the palm of his hand. It wasn't a large beam, being quite thin, nor was it the straightest, having its edges sharp and ragged, but the spectacle amazed him. The beam was quick, almost instant, hitting the shoe head-on and freezing it in time as it had been before. The beam seemed to only freeze the shoe, as well, tracking around the object on its own while leaving everything else in the vicinity or in contact alone, which was something Izuku found incredibly cool and fascinating. He figured that, perhaps, it was the space portion of space-time working its part there, identifying the space of the shoe and stopping the time around that space.

Surprisingly, even after expelling energy out of his hand like that, it didn't feel any lighter, and so Izuku was forced to let the energy flow back to his core lest he suffer greater fatigue by keeping it there. But even with him having to do that now, Izuku was immensely satisfied with the results he had now. And, something that he additionally noticed, the shoe did not unfreeze even as he withdrew the energy around his hands, only unfreezing after its limit had run out as it did before.

With a new string of confidence, he turned around and narrowed his eyes at the compound before him. This was going to be the run he saved her in. He was done messing around; he would save her even if he had to use some extreme methods.

And so Izuku continued the run as he normally did. The same movements, patterns, and even actions all the way up to when he entered the underground section. That was when he became more focused, intense even.

If one had simply been a spectator in this, they would be immensely surprised at how Izuku simply strolled through the corridors without much worry. The expression on his face was focused, concentrated and ready for whatever may intercept him.

The first enemy he encountered was the muscular, brawler, who almost immediately charged at him with readied fists. Izuku quickly drew the energy back to his hands, making them once again emit the red glow accompanied by the lightning-like effects, before extending his palm out toward the man and letting the energy shoot out of him. The beam once again moved fast and struck the man right in the chest, covering him entirely in a red glow and halting all movements. The man had jumped into the air so he could pummel him more effectively, so the beam had frozen him in midair. Izuku merely passed by him, not even bothering to rich the man, keeping the energy within his hands as he continued to move through the maze of corridors.

He looked down the corridor ahead of him, stopping in his movements as he saw reinforcements coming down them and in his direction. Izuku narrowed his eyes, slightly bending his knees and bringing his hands up in front of him a little more. His fingers were bent inward, with his left hand positioned in front of his stomach area and his right in front of his head. His hands almost seemed to glow a bit darker, as he awaited the incoming attack. It was a unique stance, but Izuku felt it best suited him and his new abilities.

Most of the guys ahead were more or less low level grunts, capable of being easily dealt with now. Izuku was ready, he would deal with them and finish what needed to be done.

There weren't too many goons coming, perhaps only eight or so. None of them but two possessed handguns, while the others held either a melee weapon or nothing at all. The men sillily charged him first, without even trying to shoot at him, so Izuku readily waited for their attacks.

One goon went ahead of most others, reeling his right fist back and coming in to punch him in the face. Izuku back stepped once, letting the man's downward punch miss and bring the man off balance. Izuku kicked the man's opening within the second of the opening being revealed, sending the man flying back. He didn't hit anyone else on his way back, with others dodging out of the way and letting the man land on the floor.

Izuku then found himself ambushed by three additional guys with two of them holding weapons of some kind. One guy, who held a crowbar in his left hand, put his arm back and started to bring it in for a long horizontal sweet at Izuku's head.

Izuku quickly sidestepped the unarmed guy's punch to his stomach, following up the move by bringing up his right arm and catching the handle of the crowbar before it could hit him. The energy in his hands rubbed off on the crowbar, just like it did for the show, quickly spreading from his hand throughout the entire object, making it glow red as its time ceased.


The guy holding the crowbar had started to verbally question what was happening, but was quickly cut off by the very same red energy quickly spreading throughout his body before everything on his emitted the same red glow. Izuku visibly raised an eyebrow at the new discovery, as he dodged a brass knuckled fist that had been on a direct course to his head.

Izuku backed up, dodging more brass knuckled punches aimed for his head while he thought briefly about what happened. There seemed to be a bit more of a mechanic to it than he thought; this hadn't happened on the roof with the shoe. He'd have to think more on it later, because for now he'd have to work with it.

Izuku caught the wrist of the man with the brass knuckles, the energy similarly spreading throughout that man as well, freezing him in time. Izuku, seeing that there were more coming, decided to toss the man aside. Similarly with what happened with the shoe, when Izuku moved his wrist the man's form was tossed aside; however, while his space was being moved, his time remained frozen, so when tossed to the side the man's form bounced off the ground like a fallen statue or figurine before slightly sliding to a halt.

Izuku also had another sudden thought as he dodged the swing of a wrench, and then a kick from another guy. The big guy from before was suspended in midair after being stopped by the beam and was not affected or moved by gravity and other outside forces, the same could be said for the guy with the crowbar after he was frozen, but that guy was different.

Izuku ducked under another wrench swing but getting hit by a kick to the chest. He grit his teeth as he tanked the hard punch, starting to feel the heaviness of the energy weigh on his hands once more, except this time it felt worse than before. Perhaps it was an overuse type thing. He would need to wrap this up soon.

As Izuku kicked the unarmed guy in the stomach, making him backstep a few feet, he considered how the power applied to the universal laws and how it was altered. Right now, the only thing that made sense to Izuku was that it only became altered once he touched and willed the person and object to move. However, if he didn't do one or both of those things they would remain immune to the laws and stay completely suspended. That's the only thing that made sense based on what he's so far experienced, so he'd work with it.

The unarmed man recovered quite fast, opting to come back in for another attack. He came in with his left fist drawn back, aimed for Izuku's head, but the attack was dodged through a simple sidestep and Izuku quickly followed up with a counterattack of his own: a headbutt straight to the man's own head. It hurt like hell to do, but it effectively knocked the guy out.

The wrench guy was coming in for a downward swing on Izuku, so he supposed that it was time to try something. Izuku knelt down on his right knee and out his left hand out in front of him as if to shield himself from the incoming attack. The wrench landed on it; even though it hurt like hell the effects of the energy spread across the entirety of the recent and person holding it. Izuku had not willed them to move, despite his touch, and so far they hadn't.

Izuku hadn't moved from his kneeling and blocking position when he noticed that the two gunmen were putting their weapons up to fire. Izuku reacted quickly, raising his right hand and shooting one of the red beams out at the closest gunman, freezing him on the spot before he could get the gun fully up. As the second gunman got his weapon up and aimed it at Izuku, he positioned his right palm to the other and attempted to shoot out another beam. Izuku's eyes widened as no beam shot out and, reacting quickly enough before he was shot, was able to do a pivoting turn using his left foot to take cover behind the frozen guy without moving him at all.

The gunman fired, the sound echoing throughout the room as the bullets hit the frozen guy. The bullets bounced off of the red glowing man as if he were an impenetrable wall, which confirmed to Izuku that the effects of object/person damage were the same as Static's. But as the gunman started to circle around the man frozen in time, with Izuku doing the same to stay behind cover, he found himself quite shocked at the fact that a second beam hadn't fired when he needed it to. Izuku proposed to himself that there may be a cooldown on that. In addition, his hands were starting to feel more and more staticy, or like pins and needles, as if they were falling asleep along with the heaviness they had. He was losing feeling in them, but they also achingly throbbed.

Izuku, getting fed up with the ongoing fighting, decided to take this gunman out now. Suddenly, he delivered a heavy push to the frozen man, sending up back toward the gunman. Before the gunman could react, he was hit by the flying red, glowing man and pinned to the ground, losing hold of his gun and unable to move the frozen figure above him. It seemed that only Izuku could will them to move in that state, as well.

Izuku, mentally noting that all he had felt with all of the guys, immediately eyed the corridor he wished to go down. But, before he could get far, he found something get caught around his right leg from behind, pulling behind him.

Izuku fell onto his stomach, barely able to use his forearms to break his fall. He quickly saw feet get next to him on his right, so he looked up in a hurry to see that the crowbar guy raising his crowbar above his head. He had unfrozen and was about to end Izuku by smashing his head in. Izuku waited and just as the man was swinging the crowbar down, he rolled to the side to dodge. As the crowbar hit the floor, making a fairly loud clang echo in the room, Izuku reached over to grab the man's leg, freezing him once again.

Izuku took a quick huff of breath, almost immediately getting to his feet and making a beeline toward the corridor. He had no more time, quickly letting the energy around his hands dissipate into red particles before the feelings he got in them became any more severe.

Once he was far enough away down another new corridor, Izuku took his time to take a breather. He looked at his hands as he leaned his back against the wall, next to a single door, taking some heavy breaths. His hands were shaking, as he couldn't really feel much in them aside from the heaviness and throbbing. He hoped that it went away soon.

He was just about to move again, when he felt a familiar slice on his left arm. Izuku's movements slowed once again, as he cursed himself in his mind for letting his guard down so much.

"Good work, Chrono," a familiar voice praised to another, as they stepped into Izuku's view. Both Overhaul and Chronostasis stepped into view, with another following close behind them, holding Eri as he had done in the second loop. "You too, Bloodhound, for locating him as you did."

Bloodhound slightly bowed, "It was no trouble at all, boss."

Izuku looked at the four ahead of him, noticing the face of the girl as something he wished he didn't have to bear witness to again. Bloodhound must've been able to find him through his scent, which had been on her since the alleyway. As he tried to save her, she suffered more, didn't she? He felt like shit just thinking about that, but he couldn't give up now, he had to do something!

"This… hero wannabe," Overhaul let out a snarl, "is a pest. A mere bug thinking that it can trample on all of our progress. Chrono, exterminate him."

Chronostasis merely nodded, walking over to Izuku and beginning to pull out his weapon. Even though Izuku's eyes weren't widening, and his teeth weren't gritting, due to how slow he was moving, that didn't mean he wasn't giving the mental commands for it to happen.

"Move! I have to move! I need to go faster!"

He screamed in his head, trying to forcefully will himself to move faster than a snail. He tried to push his body past its limited speed; he was willing to do whatever it took to make sure this girl didn't have to suffer again.

He began to feel a sense of erratic movement from within his body. He could feel something, a weird spark almost of bouncing energy, spreading throughout every inch of his body. A faint green glow emanated all over his body, electric/lightning-like effects also danced around his body, which also seemed to emit lighter shades of green compared to the thinner layer of a deeper, darker shade of green around his entire body. It was almost exactly like the other ability, but this time it was for something else and spread across his entire body.

Izuku didn't expect his movement to come back to him so suddenly, accidentally tackling Chronostasis to the ground and surprising everyone in the corridor. Izuku quickly flung himself back up, stumbling backward as he did so. While his normal speed had returned, it was not equalized, or normal, so his body movements always felt odd and just a little bit out of balance. He was a bit faster than what his normal speed would usually be, if only by a small fraction, which worked for him; however, he was sure if he wasn't also being affected by Chronostasis' slowing abilities he'd be much faster.

He steadied himself on his feet as Chronostasis did the same, staring down his opponents intently. Overhaul growled, "There's much more than you than meets the eye. You're some vigilante and too much of a troublesome bug to keep around. You need to go."

Overhaul quickly bent down, the glove on his right hand quickly coming off as he reached to touch the floor. Izuku didn't waste any time, rushing in with his own hands ready, grabbing Overhaul's forearm before he could touch the ground and using the combined strength in both of his arms to fling it to the right. Overhaul was thrown out of his position and out of balance, which key Izuku quickly deliver a kick to the man's side, the minor speed boost he had giving him extra velocity, which made it stronger, (also in fury, which made it stronger, too), sending him slamming into the wall with a hard thud.

Izuku quickly adjusted his stance. Even though he still didn't have much feeling in his hands, beside the static-like feeling, because of the other ability, he was still able to fight quite readily. Izuku reeled his right arm back and began going in for a hit on Chronostasis, who he had noticed bringing up his gun. Izuku had gotten a solid hit on the man's left cheek, making his face fling to the opposite side. Izuku got up close and forced the man's left hand down before he could shoot at him, which resulted in shots being fired at the ground instead.

Izuku grabbed the man's left wrist with his hand, while pressing him up against the wall with his right hand on the man's shoulder. Izuku made a sudden fling with his left hand to the left side, pinning the man's own hand and arm against the wall. He then proceeded to twist the man's wrist to such an extent to where the man was forced to drop his weapon, letting it make a satisfying ping on the ground. Izuku followed up by kneeing the man in the stomach, which knocked the wind out of him, and then grabbing the man's shoulders before pushing him away to his right.

Chronostasis slid on his side, stopping in front of Bloodhound's feet. The man was a helpless watcher in this conflict, holding no weapon and seemingly not combat experienced. Eri was being held by him, also forced to spectate the fight. As the fight went on, her breathing became more rapid, and she seemed more nervous and shaky. Nobody else, not even Bloodhound who was holding her, noticed.

Izuku ducked just in time to dodge a cylinder of pure metal wall that was aimed for his upper body. The cylinder slammed into the other side of the wall, creating a loud clang sound. Izuku looked quickly to see Overhaul's right hand pressed up against the wall while the man himself kept a kneeling position on the ground.

Izuku hastily made his way over to the man, narrowly dodging additional chucks of wall that had been launched at him. One had nicked his arm, which made Izuku hiss for a second before he reached the man himself. Overhaul had tried to touch him with his ungloved hand, but due to his position on the ground Izuku saw it coming and used his forearm to block it. Izuku had his forearm pressed against Overhaul's own, pinning it to the wall where the back of his hand could not effectively manipulate the matter it touched.

Izuku moved fast, using his left arm to grab the side of Overhaul's head and slam it into the wall. Hard. An indescribable sound was made as the man's mask broke off of his face and onto the floor. As the man seemed to start falling over, Izuku scooped his right leg underneath his belly and kicked it upward, sending the man back further down the corridor, landing roughly in the middle.

Izuku looked over to see Bloodhound trying to help Chronostasis to his feet. Izuku rushed in, raising his left leg and delivering a kick straight to Chronostasis that pushed him straight into the wall. Izuku then shifted his focus onto Bloodhound, who was starting to fearfully back away from him, mouth agape.

Izuku's narrowed eyes drilled into Bloodhound, clearly inducing his fear even more after he had just beaten up his superiors. He didn't get to back away much before Izuku had gotten close enough to take Eri out of his hold, putting her behind him where she had quickly, and tightly, latched her arms around his neck. Izuku then proceeded to slam the dog man against the wall, knocking him out easily.

Izuku then looked back at the barely recovering Chronostasis, quickly punching the man in the face again for good measure before tossing him next to Overhaul, who was also still on the ground and barely recovering himself. Izuku readily looked ahead at the two foes he'd nearly defeated, as they strugglingly looked up at him. They had underestimated him and, while it may have been warranted in previous loops, they paid the price for it here.

Overhaul seemed to be struggling to gather his bearings, shaking his head fairly often as if to try and regain focus. Chronostasis, who was recovering on the ground beside him and taking deep breaths, took notice of this. "We should... make a tactical… retreat," he huffed out. It was the best move they could do, with the both of them being too injured and out of it to do much more. "You seem to have a concussion… if we don't leave now… he'll kill us."

Overhaul was able to gather enough bearings to lock eyes with Izuku. He easily saw the murderous intent in those eyes, all for sins he knowingly or unknowingly committed. Reluctantly, he agreed, aware of his current state of mind and barely being able to stay aware of the things around him.

And thus, Izuku watched as Overhaul and Chronostasis disappeared through a newly made tunnel in the ground, which covered itself as soon as they disappeared. They had left behind everything in fear of their lives, hoping to one day come back to reclaim what they thought was theirs.

After Izuku acknowledged that everything seemed to end, he let his guard down. He took heavy breaths, clearly exhausted after the many fights he just took part in. However, his primary concern lay elsewhere.

"Eri… are you alright?" He asked, his voice concerned and worried for the girl. As he breathed in and out, trying to retain his breath, he received no response. "Er- hrk!"

A sharp pain jolted inside of him at that moment. His breathing became more hitched as a bright yellow light began to furiously emit from behind him, along with the same lightning-like effects as the other abilities. It overpowered his own green glow, and Izuku felt himself, his own body, becoming different. It was changing, he could feel it, and he knew exactly why.

He could hear Eri panting, amongst other noises above and behind him. Izuku knew that she involuntarily activated her rewinding reversal power out of panic, and not it was rewinding him. She had once told him that she could not stop it once it starts, warning him that she wouldn't be able to prevent the inevitable death to those it activated near unless Overhaul killed her.

Izuku needed to think of something and fast. He could still feel the erratic force of his second discovered energy, which he knew belonged to the Forward Time Branch, flowing throughout his body. It was just being dominated by a completely more powerful energetic emission.

Izuku and Eri both let out screams as Eri's power seemed to amp up. Izuku quickly tried to take his mind off of the intense splitting pain of his body, focusing on the more erratic energy within himself. He tried to grab it, draw it out and continue to spread it through his body. He needed it to be stronger, he needed to stabilize the effects of Eri's power.

He kept drawing more and more, the green glow around himself slowly starting to rival the yellow one that had laid claim to both he and Eri's forms. It still wasn't enough, so Izuku pushed for more and more to come to the surface. He wrangled the looser every in, forcing it to come out, and it did.

Izuku didn't even realize how much he was inadvertently drawing. His mind was becoming blank, from both the splitting of Eri's power and the overexertion of his own. The green around himself after almost like a beacon, completely dominating and pushing back against the yellow, flowing from Izuku's body to even Eri's. It came to the point that there was just so much energy being drawn out, that Izuku's body couldn't handle it and subconsciously began to push it out onto the closest target.

Izuku's mind was becoming more and more fuzzy and blank. He was losing focus, but could also feel his body accelerating back to its normal state as he wished. He, however, failed to realize that even though things were stabilizing for him and that his own green glow started to dissipate along with Eri's yellow one, there was an extra, heavier weight appearing on his back as more excess green energy continued to transfer out of Izuku and into its automated target.

Due to his weakened state, Izuku was barely able to even register the extra weight as he fell over and onto his stomach. He let out heavy breaths, his left cheek laying on the cold floor and his eyes wandering up to look behind him. He barely saw and registered the image of an older girl, roughly the same age as him, on his back before he passed out.

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