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"And they say the last thing that he ever did was shatter the moon before disappearing from the face of Remnant... Never to be seen again!" A blond haired teen spoke rather excitedly while gesturing her hands around wildly.

The three other females that she was speaking to all possessed different expressions on their faces due to the blond teen's fairytale.

A rather short and very youthful looking girl with ebony hair bounced on the balls of her heels like an excited puppy, causing the cape that attached to her back to bounce rapidly.

"Did he have a cool weapon too Yang!?" She spoke with what appeared to be stars in her eyes. "Did he?! Did he?!"

The blond female, now identified as Yang, placed her index and thumb against her chin while tilting her head to the side, appearing to be deep in thought.

After several seconds of silence the girl eventually shrugged her shoulders before responding to the shorter girl.

"I have no idea Ruby."

The now named Ruby deflated almost instantly. "Awwwww..."

A distinct scoff was heard from side of Ruby. "Don't tell me that you two actually believe that fairytale?"

Ruby and Yang turned towards the girl who questioned them before the older teen responded. "I never said I believed it Weiss." She shrugged her shoulders as she pulled her little sister towards her while giving her a one armed hug. "It's just a story that I've heard from my father. He used to tell me that one alot... It was my favorite."

Weiss harrumphed, turning her nose to the air as she responded. "You two need to grow up."

"Every fairytale carries some semblance of truth..." An emotionless voice resounded out from beside Weiss.

The three teenage girls turned towards their quiet and reserved teammate. The ebony haired teen's attention was focused directly on the book she was reading but it was clear that she had been listening to Yang's tale.

"Not you too Blake!" Weiss spoke exasperatedly while staring at the incognito faunus.

The ebony haired faunus was silent for a few moments before taking her eyes off her book and putting it away. "I'm not saying that I believe the tale either but you must realize that all fairytales come from humans who have witnessed events that they can't explain and or understand." She stared at her teammates for a moment before glancing towards the sky. "How would you explain our moon being shattered?" Blake asked rhetorically.

Weiss was silent for several moments as she tried to come up with an answer and or theory that was both logical and realistic. But she eventually gave up on her endeavor due to truly not knowing how it was possible and just settled on -

"Well... Uh... B-because that's how it is!" The white haired girl stuttered indignantly.

"Hahahaha!" Team RWBY's blond tank laughed aloud. "Ms. Smarticle Particles over here doesn't even know." The grin on Yang's face was entirely too mocking, causing Weiss to breathe in through her nose in annoyance.

"And what do you know, ya dolt?!" Weiss countered back.

Yang just smiled smugly while replying. "Enough."

"Come on guys! No fighting." Ruby interjected while waving her arms around. "We finally get to show off our skills today! Ohhhh~! I'm so excited to show off Crescent Rose!" She exclaimed excitedly.

Weiss and Yang turned away from each other and stared at Ruby who was clearly restraining herself from just using her semblance and dashing into the locker rooms.

A small smile formed on Yang's face as she crossed her arms against her chest. "I'm feeling kinda punchy today."

"Is it not strange that we met all our teachers during initiation but not the Combat Instructor?" Blake questioned quietly.

The red caped 15 year old began to lead her teammates to the locker room as she replied, still obviously giddy about using her weapon. "That is kinda weird... Maybe he wasn't here?" She questioned unsurely with a cute tilt of the head.

"How unprofessional of him if that's the reason." The Schnee heiress replied in a snarky manner.

"I doubt that's the reason." Yang disagreed with a light shake of the head. "Beacon is one of the most esteemed Huntsman Schools in all of the Kingdoms. I'm sure that there's a reason."

The four girl's went silent after Yang's response and descended into a relatively comfortable silence. Ruby's occasional hum was the only sound between the teens before Blake eventually spoke, surprising them slightly with what she chose to say.

"What was that story called, Yang?" She asked without looking up from her book.

The blond brawler was quiet for a moment before responding with furrowed eyebrows. "The Child of Prophecy." Turning towards the hidden faunus, she spoke again. "Why?"

Blake nodded absent-mindedly as she replied. "Just curious is all."

The older sibling of Ruby just shrugged nonchalantly as she followed her little sister, not questioning the odd request from Blake.

Team RWBY sat in their seats as they, and the rest of the class room, stared at the empty seat that clearly belonged to the Combat Instructor.

The problem? Said Instructor was not present.

And it was starting to irritate Weiss, as evident by the way her index finger tapped against her arm. It was highly aggressive.

She looked like a bomb that was mere moments away from exploding.

Before Weiss could explode, someone else did for her. Someone that she didn't know.

"WHERE'S THE INSTRUCTOR?!" A random male with brown haired yelled in frustration.

The entire class had been sitting here for 5 minutes just waiting for the Instructor to enter the room. But it was obvious that the Instructor did not care!

The teen's were rightfully angry.

And it was precisely what the Combat Instructor wanted.

Before any of the other students could voice their own frustration and angry, the door to the classroom opened. All eyes immediately snapped to the door, spotting a male who looked to be just a few years older then them.

The man possessed blond hair that was disheveled and unruly. It stuck out from nearly all sides but somehow managed to not look rough or unkempt. His eyes were a beautiful shade of blue, reminiscent of the ocean. The man's chin was sharp and he possessed three very distinct whisker marks on both of his cheeks.

The faunus (?) professor wore a simple white button up shirt that was unbuttoned near the collar, allowing his collar bones to be shown. Around the blond man's neck was what appeared to be a bandana with a metal plate on it. On the metal plate was a design that none of the students recognized. He was very lean and very tall, clearly towering over even some of the taller students in the class.

He wore a pair of black pants that seemed to hug his legs in an alien-like way. They clearly weren't tights or spandex but they seemed to allow breathing room and space. Upon his hip was a small pouch and on his left thigh was another pouch. He had bandages running around his lower right thigh.

For what reason? No one really knew. It was an odd choice.

On his left ring finger sat an ebony ring, signifying that he was married. There were no distinct markings or designs on the band and if glossed over, it seemed basically unimportant.

The most bizarre part of his outfit came from his shoes, or rather his open toed sandals. They were... Well, strange. The sandals were all black and showed the front of his toes and the back of his heel. They traveled up his ankles and disappeared under his pants.

The classroom was entirely silent as the blond man slowly strolled into the classroom with a slow and lazy gait. His eyes were closed and his hands were in his pockets.

Upon reaching his desk, the Combat Instructor turned his back to his class before picking up a black marker. He ripped the cap off the utensil before writing on the board.


The name was bold, big, and sloppily written. The man had even written a winky face emoji at the end!

What kind of professor was this?!

Turning back around to the angry and confused students, the blond man gestured with his hands in an extravagant manner before speaking.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki! Welcome to Combat 101." A huge grin split across his face causing his whiskers to stretch across his face. His cerulean orbs were hidden as he shut his eyes, adding on to the cheesy smile adorning his handsome face.

There was silence for several long seconds before a female voice yelled out. "YOU'RE LATE!" Said female girl was one Nora Valkyrie, the hammer wielding psychopath of Team JNPR. And true to her title, she was currently swinging her giant battle hammer over her head, terrifying the other students around her.

"Nora, please stop swinging your weapon." The calm voice of Nora's best friend resounded out beside her. "You're going to hurt someone."

"SHUT UP REN!" Nora replied back as she, yet again, swung her hammer.

The aforementioned male just sighed quietly before closing his eyes and allowing Nora to do what she wanted.

"Correct." The blond Instructor, now known as Naruto, replied. "I am late."

The students were silent as they waited for the man to explain just why he was late. And they waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And... waited.

"WHY ARE YOU LATE?!" Nora yelled out once more, her hands gripping her hammer tightly just itching to be swung again.

Naruto blinked and adopted a slightly confused expression. "Well if you must know..." He explained melodramatically. "An old lady was walking home while carrying her groceries all by herself. Now, what kind of Huntsman would I be if I didn't offer her my help?"

He proceeded to clench his hand tightly, bringing it up for the class to see and speaking once more. "A Huntsman must always be willing to help others. True strength comes from relying on others instead of shouldering the weight of the world."

Naruto ended that statement with a lopsided smile that, for some reason, looked wrong on his face.

All of the students, who weren't blinded by their anger and annoyance, noticed it. But they chose to remain silent, not deeming it important enough to bring it up.

There was another round of silence before a random student yelled out while banging the desk in front of them. "YOU'RE LYING!"

If Naruto was affronted by the teen's accusation then he did little to show it. Afterall, the kid was right. He was lying. But admitting defeat wasn't Naruto's style and he enjoyed annoying people.

"Oh yeah?" Naruto challenged with crossed arms. "Says who?"

"SAYS ME!" The male yelled back almost instantly. "We're on an isolated island! You're saying an old lady was carrying her groceries on Beacon?!"

The blond Professor tilted his head down while appearing deep in thought. His right hand came to grip his chin and he nodded his head while mumbling quietly to himself.

The students seemed to gain confidence about the situation before almost instantly deflating due to Naruto's response.

"Well, yeah! That's exactly what I'm saying!" Naruto threw his hands up in an exasperated manner as he continued speaking. "I thought it was crazy too! I mean, there isn't even any grocery stores on Beacon! What a crazy thing to happen, huh?"

The entire classroom had the same thought, save for a handful of students, that this particular Professor was clinically insane.

And how right they'd be too.

Naruto clapped his hands before speaking. "ANYWAY! Now that introductions are done, follow me." He proceeded to walk towards the door of the classroom/auditorium, leaving the class confused, angry, and annoyed.

He didn't even do roll call! Was this guy even a Professor?! Headmaster Ozpin must have made a mistake with this one.

The students remained seated for several seconds as the door to the classroom shut, signifying Naruto's exit.

Ruby was the first student to get up as she mindlessly followed her teacher out the door. Her logic?

She wanted to use her weapon. Very, very simple really.

"What an... interesting man..." Blake commented dryly.

That about summed up everyone's thoughts.

Naruto kept his hands in his pockets as he lead the 24 students to the area in which he wished to conduct his test. He kept to himself, even managing to ignore Ruby's incessant questions about what kind of weapon he wielded.

She was a cute kid... Definitely Summer's child.

A small and genuine smile appeared on his face as he glanced at the girl who was hopping around her older sister while excitedly swinging her sheathed Scythe around her.

His eyes traveled to the girl's older sister and a sad smile appeared for a split second. She looked like an exact copy of her mother. Naruto stared at Yang for several seconds before shutting his eyes and turning away.

Five minutes passed by as the group of 25 individuals finally made it to their destination. A relatively empty clearing with a few trees and a relatively small man-made lake. There wasn't much to take note of besides the various holes, burns and other forms of destruction that had been conducted in the area.

Naruto stopped in what appeared to be the center of the field. In the spot that he stood was a small circle that expanded out 2 feet in every direction. He stood directly in the middle with his hands in his pockets and a small smile on his face.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Huntsman by trade and humanitarian by heart." He sketched a small bow to the teens who all seemed slightly confused by his introduction.

"Err... Professor Uzumaki. We-" The girl who had been speaking was promptly cut off by Naruto.

"Just Naruto." He replied to the crimson haired girl with a wave of the hand and a small smile plastered on his face.

The armor clad teen tilted her head before continuing. "Professor Naruto... We-" Once more, she was cut off.

"Just Naruto. I'm not one for formalities. I don't really care for them." His smile not budging and his hand returning to his pocket.

Pyrrha was silent for another few moments before hesitantly continuing for the third time. "Uhh err. Okay... Pro- Naruto..." At the man's nod, she continued. "Why are you reintroducing yourself? We already know your name..."

The blond man kept his small smile as he responded. "Knowing someone's name and learning someone's are two different things." Silence met his statement and he went on to clarify. "What do you stand for, hmm? Pyrrha Nikos?"

The redhead was only slightly surprised that Naruto knew her name. He was a teacher afterall... It was kinda his job.

"What... do I stand for?" She repeated confusingly.

Naruto nodded his head. "Correct. Why do you do what you do Pyrrha? For fame? Glory? Respect?" He tilted his head while continuing. "Everyone in this world has a story to tell and to understand their story, you know have to know them. So, what do you stand for Pyrrha?"

The redhead, now the center of attention, was silent for several seconds as her emerald gaze sought the earth beneath her.

What did she stand for? People called her the Invincible Girl in Mistral because she appeared to be unbeatable in battle.

But... Outside opinions weren't what she believed. She didn't believe that she was invincible. Incredibly talented and strong, yes but she was well aware that there were stronger people out there.

Which begged the question... What did she stand for?

Pyrrha was silent for several moments before speaking softly. "I want to make the world a better place..."

Naruto nodded his head with a far softer smile on his face. "That is an admirable goal Pyrrha Nikos. But how exactly will you achieve it?"

She stared directly at her Combat Instructor as she spoke with confidence. "With hard work and training."

Naruto was quiet for a few moments before eventually nodding his head. She was on the right track and a gentle nudge would propel her to greatness.

"Correct." He nodded. "Just remember that you aren't alone." Naruto gestured to the three students standing near her, obviously referring to her teammates.

Pyrrha glanced towards her team who returned her stare with nods of their own, in Jaune's case it was a nervous one.

And so, Naruto questioned each and every student the same way he had with Pyrrha. He had gotten several answers that were satisfactory and several that were selfish and even some who didn't truly know. Which was totally expected and fine.

It took about 30 or so minutes for the questions to finally finish leaving only about another 20 or minutes left for class.

Which meant that the students were getting antsy. They had sat through several hours of lectures and class work and they needed an outlet to release their energy.

Naruto clapped his hands loudly, gaining the attention of the students. He smiled as the conversations ceased. They were giving him their undivided attention.

"Now that the introductions are over allow me to welcome you to Combat 101. You are just one step away from truly being a student of Beacon now."

At his statement, several students expressed their confusion. One of those individuals being the team leader of Team JNPR.

"Uhh... Sir? What do you mean by that?"

Naruto turned his attention this fellow blond as he explained. "Well since you asked so eloquently Jaune... It means what it means. None of you are actually students of Beacon yet."

Naruto ignored the outbursts from the students and waited for them to settle down. Which took a few minutes as the first year students were usually the most emotional and rowdy.

"I said yet." Naruto stressed lightly. "You have one more test to overcome and it's my test." Adopting a carefree smile, Naruto pulled out his right hand and held something up for the entire class to see.

In between his finger and thumb were two small bells held together by a piece of twine. They jingles quietly as a small breeze swept through the clearing.

"This is my test." Naruto jingled the bells once more before continuing. "It is called the 'Bell Test'. I've given this test to every single graduating class that has been through Beacon." Naruto proceeded to tie the bells to his pants before placing his hands back into his pockets.

"Your goal is to get these bells from me by any means. Simple, yes?" He questioned rhetorically with a small smile.

There was silence for several seconds before Yang spoke aloud. "That's it?" She questioned simply.

This didn't really seem all that difficult to her...

Naruto nodded his head to her question with that ever present smile adorned upon his face. "Yep, that's it. Get the bells and you pass."

Somehow Yang still doubted that.

"What's the catch?" She questioned suspiciously with narrowed eyes.

Naruto's smile grew larger as he stared at the girl. "And why do you think there's a catch Ms. Xiao Long?"

A sort of sixth sense nicked at Yang's head as she stared at Naruto. She couldn't explain it but she was well aware that it existed and for some reason it was reacting to the presence of Naruto.


"I can't explain it but... I just know that there's a catch."

Naruto chuckled quietly before nodding his head. "Well then you'd be correct. There is a catch. You see, Beacon is where the strongest Huntsman are born. We do not accept less than perfection."

"That being said, I expect perfection. If you fail my test then you fail Beacon." A smirk formed on Naruto's face as he continued, well aware of the shock coursing through the students.

"Fail my bell test and you'll be sent back home in a bullhead... No exceptions."

A dozen outbursts happened all at once as the students exclaimed how it was 'unfair' or that he 'couldn't do this'.

Naruto let the students yell for a few more moments before speaking once more. "Headmaster Ozpin approves of my methods. Training to be a Huntsman is not some game. This is real life. You are willingly signing yourself up to fight against the evil in this world... To endure the pain and hate of this world. To shoulder the agony and despair that people experience on a daily basis."

Naruto's words silenced their outcries immediately, causing an uncomfortable and tense atmosphere to settle in the area.

"The only thing that's guaranteed in the life of being a Huntsman is death. This is not some fairytale that parents tell their children to help them sleep. This job isn't some little game that you can opt in and out whenever you choose to." Naruto's cerulean orbs were cold and harsh as he stared at every student in the clearing. "I've lost so many people in my life... I refuse to let children die because of hubris... I refuse to allow children to experience the depression and pain of losing someone they care for."

Naruto's glare seemed to soften, if only a bit, as he continued. "If you lack conviction then you will die... I have buried enough of my friends, family, and loved ones... I will not bury children."

The blond man shut his eyes as he spoke once more. "If you are having second thoughts then please, exit the clearing. I don't want to have to look your parents in the eyes and explain to them why or how you died. In two minutes I will open my eyes and those that remain will undergo my test. Thank you."

Naruto ignored the world around him for those two minutes. It was the only way in which is he could be surprised anymore. He had to actively not pay attention. A task that was easier said than done.

When Naruto opened his eyes he was actually kind of surprised that no one had left. Sure, some of the kids looked nervous and apprehensive but most of them only seemed determined.

Good. They passed step one of the Bell Test.

A smile formed on Naruto's face despite the previous tense situation. "I'm surprised... Atleast one team bails a year... Congratulations."

There was no applause.

"Due to this unforeseen outcome I have decided to ease the Bell Test. If your specific team fails to get the bells then you are allowed to rely on another team. This rule applies to all of you." Naruto examined the teens for a moment before nodding his head. "Only one team has to actually retrieve the bells from me. If that happens, then you all pass. Is that acceptable?"

There were several nods as the students began to brandish their weapons and armor. Others began to stretch and warm their bodies up.

"Before we begin allow me to set some ground rules." Naruto's right hand raised from his pocket before he sounded the rules off on his fingers, starting with his index.

"Retrieve the bells from me."

"I am not allowed to leave this circle that I'm inside."

"I am only allowed to use my feet to attack, parry, and defend."

"You lose if your back touches the ground, myself included."

"And last but certainly not least... Come at me with the intent to kill. If you don't then you will never get the bells from me."

There was a slight bit of hesitance that Naruto could detect from some of the students. To ease their worries he spoke once more.

"No offense but none of you are even remotely capable of harming me let alone killing me."

So what if he attacked their pride? They needed to be motivated. It works.

Most of the time...

"Anyway! Team CRLN you're up first!"

Yang watched Team CRLN get absolutely demolished with a small grimace. Their teacher had barely even moved from his spot. He immediately dispatched their team leader due to a lack of planning on their side and proceeded to just dismantle Cory's teammates.

"Well, this'll be even harder than I thought! They lost in 12 seconds!" Yang whined childishly.

"Well he is a Professional Huntsman... His personality certainly doesn't lend credence to this." Weiss commented idly.

"I can't wait to fight him!" Ruby exclaimed excitedly. "But... He knocked them out with one strike. Sooooo... Don't get hit?" She suggested rather unhelpfully.

"Superb suggestion." Blake commented rather dryly as she held Gambol Shroud.

"Thanks Blake!" The red and black haired teen exclaimed happily, completely oblivious to the sarcasm.

The faunus in disguise didn't bother trying to correct the shorter girl and returned her attention back on her teacher who continued to keep his hands inside his pockets.

"We'll certainly need teamwork to beat him." Blake mentioned offhandedly. "If we leave ourselves open then he'll just capitalize and incapacitate us."

The buxom blond gestured with her hand with a raised eyebrow. "Got a plan?"

"Thinking of one." She replied while narrowing her eyes at Naruto. He was now taking on a team that was clearly more superior than the la-

And they lost...

Ruby let out a tiny groan of sympathy before speaking. "A-atleast they lasted longer?"

"3 seconds longer isn't really all that special Ruby." The Schnee heiress responded with only a hint of haughtiness.

"3 seconds is alot when it comes to sex." Yang muttered with an innocent smile.

"Yaaaaaaaaaang!" Her little sister childishly whined.

The blond girl's other two teammates just ignored the comment as they continued to observe their teacher who was now just finishing up his fight with the third team. They had lasted significantly longer than the previous two but had ultimately lost as well.

"Any plans yet Blake?" Yang questioned curiously.

The faunus was silent for a few moments before glancing towards Team JNPR, taking note of the fact that they were also studying their teacher since there was only one more team to buffer between them.

What were the rules that their teacher had said?

"Retrieve the bells from me."

"I am not allowed to leave this circle that I'm inside."

"I am only allowed to use my feet to attack, parry, and defend."

"You lose if your back touches the ground, myself included."

"And last but certainly not least... Come at me with the intent to kill."

The ebony haired faunus was silent for a few moments before calling over the most capable member of Team JNPR... Which was of course Pyrrha.

"How can I help you Blake?" The redhead asked politely.

"Convince your team to team up with us." She stated blandly.

Pyrrha blinked at the request before turning her attention to her teammates who were watching their interaction. "Is that allowed?"

"I'm not too sure about that Blake." Yang commented with a raised eyebrow.

The ebony haired teen didn't acknowledge Yang's comment and responded. "He didn't state that we couldn't team up just that if our backs hit the ground then we lose. With all eight of us working together then our chances of retrieving the bells are even higher."

Pyrrha was silent for a few moments as she pondered the idea before nodding her head, agreeing with Blake's reasoning. "I'll convince them." After her statement she immediately jogged back to her team to tell them the plan.

"I'm down to team up. We just watched 3 teams get absolutely man handled so... Might as well, yeah?" Yang commented while flexing her arms, showing off her rather impressive biceps. "It's not like if we lose we get sent home or anything. Heh... No pressure or anything..."

Yang somehow managed to sound both confident and unconfident at the exact same time.

"Way to keep up morale Yang." Blake commented in a dry tone.

"You love meeeeee~!" The buxom teen responded with a large grin while simultaneously wagging her eyebrows at the ebony haired teen.

Blake did not take the bait knowing a trap when she saw one.

"If you two children are done flirting then let us discuss the 7 seconds of strategy we have before our teacher dismantles Team CRDL." Weiss snarked to her two teammates.

The two taller females rolled their eyes at Weiss' comment before moving over to Team JNPR at Pyrrha's wave.

Naruto's sandal-clad foot connected with the wrist of Team CRDL's Captain, causing the boy's hand to relinquish his hold on his weapon.

Pivoting on the balls of his other heel Naruto shifted his weight before performing a sweeping round house kick that knocked Cardin to the ground.

"Team CRDL fails." Naruto brought his feet back to his starting position before turning his attention to the final remaining teams. He tilted his head curiously, ignoring the fierce glare that Cardin was sending him.

Team RWBY and JNPR were talking strategy to one another. Strategy that involved all eight of them.

A small smile formed its way on Naruto's face as he stared at the teen's. Just like old times... Plotting and bending the rules.

Although he hadn't really specified whether or not teams could join forces. Which meant that these two teams were infinitely ahead of their peers. Which would also make sense considering all of their heritages.

But for now, he'll remain ignorant.

"Team RWBY and Team JNPR." Gaining their attention, he continued. "What are you doing?"

There was silence for several seconds as each of the teen's glanced at one another, unsure of who would choose to speak about their plan.

"Well uhh... We're teaming up!" The young leader of Team RWBY exclaimed while brandishing her trusty scythe.

Naruto tilted his head with a raised eyebrow before speaking. "And you didn't bother to ask if it was allowed?"

Ruby deflated almost instantly at the man's question and seemed hesitant to challenge the question. Thankfully her older sibling had her back.

"Well you also never said that we couldn't do so either." Her right hand came to rest on her hip as she shifted her weight. Her face hardened as her violet eyes bore into his own.

So much like her mother...

Naruto mentally shook his head before nodding his head. "You're absolutely right so I'll allow it. Good job." At their pleased expressions he spoke again. "I'll even give you planning time. Five minutes. Use it wisely children."

He chuckled quietly as he watched Ruby, Yang and Nora all cheer in their own ways. It was good that they had personality. The world was a cruel mistress and only the strong thrive, whether that be mentally, physically and or emotionally.

Several minutes passed by before Naruto opened his eyes to the sight of Team RWBY and JNPR with their weapons in hand.

Smiling at their determined gazes, Naruto spoke. "Are you all ready?" At their nods he spoke again. "Then you may begi-"

Before Naruto could even finish his sentence, the Captain of Team RWBY appeared directly in front of him. Several dozen petals danced in the air due to her semblance, idly twirling around Naruto and Ruby.

Naruto's cerulean orbs dilated slightly as the barrel of the girl's weapon appeared in his face. He took note of Ruby's index finger pulling on the trigger to her sniper and an incredibly loud noise emanated from her gun.


Naruto's head shifted to the left almost immediately. The sniper round whizzed past his ear and Naruto felt a few strands of his hair disappear.

The young girl didn't seem surprised that her attack had missed and rightfully so. She was well aware that he was out of her league.

Naruto's legs tensed and before he could retaliate, Ruby's body seemed to get dragged away. Almost as if someone had physically yanked on her cloak.

Which was exactly what had happened. Yang's body appeared directly in front of Naruto, her left hand gripping her younger sister's cape. She dawned a fierce expression on her face and her right fist was already on course for Naruto's temple.

Despite the surprise attack, it still did not perturb their teacher.

Naruto's eyes snapped to the left, locking on Yang's fist. Before the fist could connect to his temple, Naruto displayed an almost inhumane degree of flexibility, bending his back almost ninety degrees. He watched the girl's fist sail harmlessly over his face and prepared once more to retaliate.

Naruto's foot snapped out towards Yang's abdomen, connecting with her stomach and causing her to release a harsh grunt. She was immediately shot into the sky, relinquishing her hold on her little sister's cape.


Another crack resounded out from beside him courtesy of Ruby's sniper. Again, in an almost inhumane display of dexterity, Naruto managed to dodge the round by twisting his entire body from his 90 degree angle. Naruto's body become parallel to the ground and from his position, he could see Pyrrha Nikos to his left and Blake Belladonna to his right, quickly rushing towards his position to capitalize on their small opening.


Naruto's eyes snapped upwards, spotting a furious and glowing Yang. Her right fist was poised to strike directly into his chest as she was diving head first down towards him. From behind her he spotted a unique looking glyph that had clearly given Yang the footing she needed to perform this maneuver.

They were very well coordinated.

Naruto's body continued to twist as he chambered his right knee towards his abdomen. A split second passed by before Naruto's foot shot out towards Yang's fist.

Their blows met for a mere second before Yang was physically shot back with a loud cry of pain. Naruto's eyes left the injured girl before returning to the sky and seeing the orange haired member of Team JNPR taking aim with her Grenade launcher.

Naruto was still in the air while Pyrrha and Blake closed in on his position. The two immediately reached his position with Pyrrha lunging forward with her spear, subtly activating her semblance so that the weapon would move faster than initially expected.

Pyrrha's spear met Naruto's left foot with a loud clang followed by a similar clanging noise from Blake's sword almost a second later.

The two girl's eyes widened in surprise at the sheer speed that Naruto displayed while being airborne. His legs were outstretched in a near perfect split as he blocked both of the girl's weapons with his feet.

Nora yelled out an unintelligible phrase before firing off her grenade launcher towards the trio's position. Naruto's gaze traveled towards the sky as he locked onto the explosive round that was now speedily making its way towards his position.

Naruto forced his right foot down, causing Blake to grunt from the force of his maneuver. His foot slammed into the ground, cratering it and causing Blake to stumble lightly. Using the force from his movement, Naruto immediately spun on his right foot and poised his foot to strike against Pyrrha.

His sandal-clad foot met Pyrrha's shield with a resounding thud, almost bringing the girl to her knees due to the man's strength.

Pyrrha grunted loudly as her knees buckled. She flexed the muscles in her arms and tried to push back against Naruto's feet with her own strength. What she didn't account for was Naruto pushing off her shield with his feet and twisting in the air directly above her.

Pyrrha was too slow to react to the man's speed, only managing to bring her shield up halfway before being struck directly on her chin. The red headed girl was sent tumbling across the ground, using her spear and shield to prevent her back from touching the ground.

After dispatching the crimson haired Mistral Champion, Naruto's feet touched the ground for a mere moment once again before he jumped into the air. He twisted his hip before striking the grenade round that Nora had previously shot with his foot.

The grenade was immediately launched back towards Nora who's eyes widened exponentially. The girl pointed her launcher to the right side of her before letting off another round. The recoil from the weapon allowed her to swiftly dodge the explosive round. A few seconds later and there was a grand explosion from behind her.

Once Naruto's toes touched the ground he was forced to shift his upper body to the side due to the sudden appearance of Blake and Ruby.

Ruby's giant scythe sliced through the air vertically, coming from directly below and being poised to skewer his skull from his chin. That is until Naruto brought his knee up before stomping down on the bladed edge of the large scythe and halting it's momentum in its entirety.

The blond pushed off the weapon before twisting his hips once more and kicking out towards Blake's position. The sole of his sandals met her stomach for a moment before the girl's body dissipated, signifying it to be a clone.

Naruto felt the blade of Crescent Rose retract and in the next instant, a loud cracking noise emitted from Ruby's position. Naruto's head snapped towards the direction of the noise and time seemed to slow down as the sniper round was inches away from Naruto's face.

And then...

Naruto's head snapped back from the force of the sniper round, impacting against his face.

There was a horrible silence for all of two seconds before Naruto's head slowly dipped down, revealing that he had caught the sniper round with his teeth. Ruby's eyes widened exponentially as Naruto's cerulean orbs stated directly into her own silver ones.

N-no... No way! That... That was impossible... How?!

She couldn't believe her eyes! HOW?!

She watched as Naruto bit down on the bullet, exposing his canines that were far larger than normal ones, further signifying the thought of him being a faunus.

The sniper round cracked in half from the force of Naruto's bite and a small smile wormed it's way onto his face.

"Well I'll be... You managed to make me use something other than my feet." His cerulean orbs softened as he watched Ruby's eyes widen once more. "Congratulations Team RWBY and JNPR, you pass."

There was a long silence that permeated the training grounds as the students were still reeling over the fact their teacher had caught a bullet with his bare teeth.

But it didn't take all that long for the entire clearing to erupt into cheers. Several of the students, who were still conscious atleast, all jumped for joy while thanking both Team RWBY and Team JNPR for managing to pass the test.

In the midst of the celebration Ruby Rose immediately slumped to the ground, her skirt ruffling underneath her as she willed her heart beat to slow down. Her silver orbs stared at the soil of the training ground as she contemplated what would have happened had Naruto not caught the bullet.

Could he have been hurt? Killed even?!

She mentally shook her head at the thought, or atleast tried to. He had clearly stated that none of them had even a sliver of a chance of being able to harm him, let alone kill him.

The fact that he also forbid the usage of his own hands was incredibly telling of his skills. He had matched Yang's ferocious punch with his foot and had even managed to overpower her.

And that was an incredible feat in itself since she had seen Yang punch through concrete on several occasions.

"You ok, Red?"

The question snapped Ruby out of her thoughts causing her to jump a little. Her silver eyes met a pair of concerned blue ones that belonged to the individual she was just thinking about.

Bringing her hand up to scratch at the back of her head, Ruby replied. "Uhhh... Y-yeah! I'm- err. I'm ok!" The smile she plastered on her face was certainly fake and probably wouldn't even fool a toddler.

Naruto stared at the girl for a moment before crouching down in front of her and placing his hand on the girl's head, ruffling her black and red locks.

"I don't believe you at all but if you ever feel the need to hesitate in battle then you aren't ready to see true combat." Naruto ran his fingers through the girl's hair, causing her eyebrows to furrow in annoyance. "Never hesitate to cut down your opponents. They wouldn't, so why should you?"

He relinquished his hand upon her head while retaining his usual smile. She watched him walk away before idly fixing her hair as his words echoed in her mind.

Ruby watched the blond man address the rest of the class with a smile on his face, explaining how the class will operate and the goals he wanted for them.

She was silent for a moment as she rubbed the side of her head with an unsure expression.

Did she really even belong here? Everyone else was older and more experienced and were clearly not bothered about the prospect of death. Well, if they were then they hid it very well...

Feelings of doubt and uncertainty pricked at her heart as her thoughts continued to unravel.

She had always had such a glorified vision of what a Huntsman was and now that she was here actually training to become one...

It just felt...

"Ruby?" Yang questioned in concern.

The young teen's gaze traveled from the ground to her sister and in the split second that their eyes met Yang had bore witness to the younger girl's sadness.

"I'm ok Yang..." Ruby replied quietly while slowly rising to her feet, collapsing Crescent Rose as she did so. Ruby's eyes glanced down towards Yang's wrist taking note of the fact that she was currently massaging the appendage. "Are you ok?"

The older sister blinked at the question choosing not to push Ruby about her predicament. "Me?" Her lilac pupils glanced down towards her hand that had been struck by their teacher before she laughed it off. "Haha yeah I'm fine."

The ebony haired girl furrowed her eyebrows at the girl's question. "Show me your hand then."

Yang's lips thinned for a few seconds before she replied with shake of her head. "Honestly it's fine! Trust me."

"You literally knocked a Nevermore out with a single punch. Your hand is clearly injured Yang." Both sisters turned their attention to the woman who had spoken.

Blake sheathed her blade before glancing at the girl's hand. "You should inform the professor, Yang."

"I concur with Blake. As our resident tank it would do you no good to be useless." Weiss spoke up from the side of Ruby, somehow managing to go unnoticed in her approach. "Go speak with the man."

Yang sighed in annoyance before replying. "It's fiiiiiiinnnneeee. Stop worrying about it." Immediately after saying those words a spike of pain emanated from her wrist causing her to release a genuine grunt of pain.

"You were saying?" Blake retorted dryly.

"Arrgh! Fine." The blond teen replied in a minor amount of frustration. "I'll go talk to him... I'll meet up with you guys later."

Yang watched her teammates vacate the area along with Team JNPR and several other students. She stared at their retreating forms for several seconds before turning her attention to her new teacher.

The man was currently speaking with a small group of students as he explained some of the curriculum and pointers that the students could use to up their own individual training.

Yang studied the man for several seconds as she idly massaged the tendons in her wrist. Her lilac pupils traveled towards her hand as she moved her hand away from her wrist.

A grimace formed on her face as she spotted the dark purple bruise that surrounded her hand and even some of her forearm. She could see that the bones were clearly out of place and the pain emanating from them was excruciating.

Even punching solid concrete wasn't as painful as punching Naruto's foot. She truly hadn't expected such resistance. That kick had completed rendered her attack useless.

The sheer strength that her teacher possessed was ridiculous!

"Ouch... That looks painful."

Yang's eyes traveled away from her wrist and towards the voice of her teacher who was inspecting her wound.

A lopsided grin formed on the girl's face as she replied. "You kick hard Professor."

The blue eyed man chuckled softly as he responded, still analysing the girl's wound. "Just Naruto. I prefer my students to be comfortable. Titles and all that other stuff is just not for me."

A tiny smirk graced the girl's face as she replied. "Whatever you say Na-ru-to~."

There was certainly a suggestive tone to her words and had she been a more observant individual then she would have definitely spotted the split second of discomfort and slight disgust that formed on Naruto's face.

But alas, she did not notice it and was entirely oblivious to the minor discomfort that Naruto displayed due to her words.

Shaking off the girl's overtly sexual tone Naruto held his right hand out while speaking. "May I?" He asked politely.

Yang shrugged her shoulders before allowing the man's hand to gently grip her own. A quiet hiss slipped through her mouth as the blond man gently prodded and poked the various tendons in her wrist. She could feel his calloused hands moving up and down her forearm and despite the motions and intimacy of the actions they were...

It was hard to describe it but it wasn't like a teacher helping their student.

For some odd reason Yang was reminded of her father... The way he used to gently nurse her wounds with calloused and rough hands.

It was always gentle, nurturing even, and soft. He would inspect the wound like a doctor and nurse her injuries.

Yang tilted her head with furrowed brows as she studied the soft and gentle smile that adorned Naruto's face...

It was...

It was so much like her dad's smile...

Not because both men were similar looking or anything but because it was the smile that all dads wore when dealing with their children.

But... why?

Did Naruto view his students as his kids? It was possible...

But for some reason she just couldn't shake the feeling that something was up...

Her thoughts were halted as a bright green glow emanated from Naruto's hands. She released a giant sigh of relief as the pain in her wrist began to dissipate. She could practically feel the injury slowly reversing and it was euphoric.

"That feels sooooooo gooooooood!"

Naruto chuckled quietly as he continued to heal the wound that he caused to the girl. "I'm glad you think so."

"Your semblance is... healing?" Yang questioned with a small sigh.

"Something like that." He replied in slightly evasive manner.

Yang either didn't really care or was too gone in the pleasure that his action was causing. Probably both if he had to be honest.

Naruto continued his actions for a few more seconds before letting go of Yang's hand. His actions caused the girl to whine childishly as her source of pleasure disappeared.

"Awwwwwww..." Yang muttered with a frown while glancing towards her hand and clenching her fist. A grin slowly appeared on her face she took a few experimental punches.

Her jabs were quick and powerful, a dangerous combination for someone who could destroy concrete with them.

Naruto knew a certain busty woman who would have certainly enjoyed Yang's presence. Kami rest her soul...

"There ya go. All fixed." He said with a smile while pocketing his left hand.

Yang stopped jabbing the air before turning towards her teacher and grinning. "Thank you! Normally my gauntlets would prevent those kind of injuries but again, you hit hard."

Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head as he replied. "Yeah I guess I did go kinda overboard with that one."

The blond brawler nodded her head before going silent and staring at the man. This nagging feeling nicked at the back of her head as she stared into his eyes.

She blinked in confusion as the man's right hand came to rest atop her blond locks, lightly ruffling her luscious locks.

Instead of the usual anger for having her hair messed with like with so many other people, she felt a specific warmth blossom in her chest...

A warmth that would only stem when in the presence of her father.

Why?! Why was she getting this feeling from this man?! She didn't even know him!

And there was absolutely no way that this guy was her father!

"Glad you're ok little one. Now, run along." He shooed half-heartedly with his hand. "I got important business to tend to."

Yang stuck out her tongue out as she replied. "Oh I'm sure you do." She turned away from the man before waving over her shoulder. "See ya... Professor."

"I told you not to call me that!" Naruto yelled back in annoyance.

The girl just ignored his words as she ran out of the clearing, speaking one last time. "I'll see ya tomorrow Professor."

Naruto watched the girl exit the area with a dry expression. Little brat... Women could be so annoying. Especially the little ones. Little demons they were.

The blond Combat Instructor glanced around the area, spotting some of the trees that were standing around 25 meters away. He stared directly at one of the branches, spotting a black raven that possessed crimson eyes.

Naruto stared at the raven for several minutes before sitting down on the ground with his arms atop his knees. He continued to stare at the avian creature, watching as it flapped its wings before making its way towards his position.

In most scenarios it would be incredibly odd for a raven to approach a human but this was an expected occasion.

The ebony creature slowly made its way towards Naruto's position before plopping its tiny feet on his arms. The crimson eyed creature stared directly into the man's cerulean orbs.

Naruto's face was blank as he stared into the unique eyes of the bird. There was silence for several more seconds before he finally spoke, addressing the bird.

"You gonna transform?" He asked quietly.

There was several seconds of silence before the bird seemed to morph before his very eyes. The transformation was completely seamless as the bird transformed into a pale skinned woman who heavily resembled Yang Xiao Long.

Her hairstyle was the exact same style as Yang's was save for the fact that it was ebony and slightly wilder. Her eyes were a blood red and she possessed a unique set of red bracers on her arms.

Due to her transformation, she was now seated atop Naruto's lap and was incredibly close to his face. So close in fact that she could feel his breath on her forehead.

"You look annoyed." The unnamed woman commented lightly.

"What do you want Raven?"

The now named Raven blinked at the question before raising an eyebrow. "Can an estranged wife not visit her husband just to talk?" Her crimson orbs traveled towards his left hand, pointedly staring at the black wedding band that sat on the man's ring finger.

Naruto's eyes narrowed as his own cerulean orbs glanced towards the woman's left hand. On her ring finger was...


Returning his gaze to the pale skinned woman he replied flatly. "We haven't been husband and wife for nearly a decade. Don't disrespect me with those titles Raven."

The air seemed to grow heavier at the man's words. Something that Raven instantly noticed.

The Bandit Tribe Queen nodded her head slowly as her hands rested against the man's broad shoulders. "While that may be true to some extent... I still feel for you Naruto."

The blond man ignored the woman's comment before speaking. "Why are you here?"

If Raven was offended by his shirk then she did little to show it. Instead, she rubbed the man's shoulders while replying.

"Checking on things."

"You only directly visit me when you need something from me." His cerulean eyes pierced through her crimson ones as he continued. "What is it that you want?"

The woman was silent for an entire minute before closing her eyes and speaking. "Protect them."

A surge of angry threatened to burst out from Naruto but he expertly hid it. Instead he just breathed in deeply while closing his eyes. Taking a few seconds to calm down, he replied quietly.

"They wouldn't need my protection if you had done your job."

Raven wasn't bothered by the man's rather harsh comment. He wasn't wrong and she was well aware of it. There was no point in denying a clear cut fact.

"I can't change what has already happened. It is what it is." She replied half-heartedly.

It only served to anger Naruto more but he chose to keep it to himself. Arguing with Raven was pointless and it would get him no where. Years of those arguments was proof enough.

"Being a proper mother is not difficult. You just choose to avoid it." His eyes flashed dangerously causing a shiver to run down Raven's spine. "But... I will protect them... It's the least I can for them since you abandoned them."

That one stung. Only a little bit though... Enough for Raven to atleast feel affected by his words.

Which meant that it affected her alot and she would refuse to show it. It was just the person she was.

Raven said nothing as she slowly rose from the man's lap. She stared at the man for several minutes before closing her eyes and turning away. Unsheathing her weapon Omen she proceeded to slash the air causing a portal to open up.

She returned her attention to Naruto who was now on his feet standing. He had his arms crossed against his chest as he stared directly at her. Their eyes met for a single second before Raven averted her gaze.

The pale skinned woman turned back towards her portal before slowly making her way into it. Just as she was about to step through it, Naruto spoke.

"I never stopped loving you Raven." His words caused her to freeze in place as her eyes slowly fell to the earth. "I truly thought that I could help you... But it's clear to me that you never wanted help."

The man's words penetrated her cold demeanor causing another spike of pain to emanate from her chest. Naruto was the only individual in the world able to cut her down with words alone.

"It's just a shame you never reciprocated the feelings I had for you Raven. Words and actions didn't work and a child only made it worse..." There was silence for several seconds before Naruto sighed quietly.

"One day... One day you'll regret the life you live... And I'll still be here... Waiting for you just like the idiot I truly am." After saying his peace Naruto proceeded to disappear from the area in a burst of speed.

Raven was completely silent as the man's words echoed in her mind. She stood there for what seemed like hours before shaking her head and slowly walking through her portal.

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