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"A grenade, Naruto?" A voice questioned out carrying just a hint of amusement to it.

The blond Professor grinned from the guest seat of Headmaster's Ozpin's office as he replied. "Nice touch wasn't it, Ozzy-boy?" He asked before pulling the dud grenade out of his pocket. "Some of those kids are faster than you think. I honestly didn't expect all of them to make it out of the room... I thought maybe a few stragglers would lag behind but they continue to impress me."

The gray haired Headmaster of Beacon stared at his... mentor with an amused expression. His hands reached for his trademark mug before gingerly sipping on the hot cocoa within.

A delicious delicacy.



Ozpin hummed quietly before resting his mug back on the table and clasping his hands together. "You've been away for the past 10 years... What brings you back?"

The question was more of a formality than anything on Ozpin's part. He knew exactly why his mentor was back.

Naruto stopped examining the grenade that sat in his hand before briefly glancing towards Ozpin. His cerulean orbs met Ozpin's eyes for a mere moment, conveying absolutely nothing before he eventually closed them.

"Business." Was all Naruto said.

Ozpin was silent for a few moments before ultimately shrugging his shoulders, the action going barely unnoticed. Gingerly sipping on his beloved delicacy, Ozpin spoke in a rather aloof manner.

"I do remember some years ago about a man telling me not to form familial bonds when cursed with immortality." When the blond man's eyes cut to his own, Ozpin continued speaking, though his words were slow and measured. "I also remember this very same man choosing to not deal with an issue that could have prevented the Grimm from terrorizing the whole of Remnant."

Ozpin took a tiny sip of his cocoa before gently placing the mug onto his desk. "Is 'business' truly why you're here? Naruto?"

The eyes of God stared through Ozpin's very soul.

A man blessed, rather cursed, with power no mortal should ever wield. A veritable walking titan in the body of man.

Naruto was as close to a God as one could get. And right now, he was not amused.

"Immortality is a curse Ozpin." Naruto's tone was distant, shifting into something more wistful. "Your time with Salem should have taught you this."

The blond man slowly closed his eyes before leaning his head on his clenched fist. "You only hurt yourself when you continue to start over and over and over again... Though that is the definition of insanity, is it not?" Naruto asked rhetorically.

Ozpin was silent before reaching for his mug and taking another small sip from the ceramic object. "So why did you start over? Now, of all times? You truly believe that Raven Branwen is different?" He placed his mug back onto the table before directing his eyes to the window of his office, staring out at the sunset. "I never took you for a sentimental man but I know so little about you despite the millennia we've been in contact."

A wry chuckle escaped Naruto as he tapped the arm of his seat with his left hand. When he spoke, it was that of a man who had lived for far too long.

"Raven is different, but that is not why I chose to start over. I alienated myself from humanity due to my own selfish and blind reasons. I became my own jury and sought my own execution. And for what? Because I believed myself to be the cause of Remnant's downfall?" He paused for just the briefest moments before continuing, his eyes remaining closed hiding all the horrors that Naruto had witnessed during his time as not only a Shinobi but as a beacon of hope for humanity. "I sought to punish myself for the failures I inflicted upon my self. Do you truly believe that one man can save the entirety of the human population?"

Ozpin would have scoffed if not for appearances. "And yet that very same man sits before me. You killed a Goddess... Or do you seek to forget that as well?" He turned his head just enough to glance at Naruto from his seated position, still focusing on the setting sun.

"Killed?" Naruto actually scoffed and would have certainly rolled his eyes had they been open. "I did not kill Kaguya. I sent her away... And she was no God." His tone changed, growing darker. "No no no... A god she was not. A deranged prophet with far too much power. Her race had always been like that... Compared to the Light and Dark... she is but a mere babe."

Ozpin narrowed his eyes but said nothing.

"Humanity means nothing to the Gods, Ozpin." Naruto continued speaking while shifting in his seated position. "You revere these entities when you truly know nothing about them. They do not care about humanity. They would sooner wipe you out without a second thought. It's all a game to them."

"You stopped categorizing yourself with humanity long ago." Ozpin commented lightly.

"And so has Salem." Naruto countered. "I was the first immortal after all... But Salem chose to slight them whereas I chose to abandon them."

"Why did you not aid her then?" Ozpin questioned quietly, reaching for his mug and directing his full attention on the now disappearing sun.

Naruto was silent for several seconds as he thought about the question. There were several reasons as to why he chose not to aid Salem in her little rebellion against the Gods. But in the end, all he could say was -

"I was not the one she loved, Ozpin."

Naruto stood atop one of the various roofs of Beacon as the moon shined brightly from above.

The beauty of the cracked moon...

It was, to this day, still one of his better decisions. He had been truly angry that day. And even just thinking about it caused a white hot ember to spark in his belly.

Not today, Kurama...

Naruto allowed his thoughts to slowly drift away as he placed his hands into his pockets. Dreams of what he could be, or rather could have been, circulated in his mind.

He must have stood there for atleast 3 hours before sensing a presence beside him. He slowly opened his eyes before glancing to his left and spotting his brother-in-law.

"Been some time, Naruto..." Qrow spoke lackadaisically. "You never write... Makes me kinda sad."

A small smirk formed on Naruto's face as he slowly shook his head. "Why would I write you? You're living in the past, old head."

"I don't trust emails and text messages are annoying."

"Mhm... I think you don't know how to handle your scroll."

Qrow paused for a moment, briefly entertaining the thought before deciding to shake his head. "We both know that's a lie."

Naruto chuckled quietly before acquiescing. "True... How else would you get your one night stands?"

Both men shared a small laugh at the joke before descending into a comfortable silence. It hung in the air for several minutes before Naruto finally decided to tackle the issue.

"Who did it?" He questioned while staring down at the courtyard of the school.

Qrow forewent the decision of making a joke about the situation and crossed his arms against his chest. He was silent for an entire minute before glancing towards his sister's ex-husband.


Confusion spread throughout Naruto before he turned towards Qrow. He was going to grill the man before noticing the hardened steel in the man's eyes. There was no hate or anger that one would display when being attacked by an individual they loved.

"You don't actually believe it was her." Naruto stated moreso than questioned.

Qrow idly nodded his head as he spoke in a measured tone. "No, I don't. Raven and I haven't seen eye to eye in a very long time but she'd never try to kill me unless I directly crossed paths in her endeavors." He narrowed his eyes as he continued. "I've done nothing to earn her ire these past few years... Whoever attacked me last night was a damn good copy... Even mimicked the way she would fight on her left heel despite the fact she favored the right. Whoever it is... They're good."

Naruto was silent for a few moments before speaking. "A copy-cat semblance of some sort?" He questioned out loud.

The Branwen nodded idly. "I assumed that... Up until I was actually stabbed."

The blond Professor glanced towards Qrow before questioning his statement. "Another theory then?"

Qrow nodded his head as he replied. "Omen is a very specific sword. As someone who has been on the receiving end of Omen's blade many times, I can tell you with upmost certainty that whatever stabbed me last night was not Omen. A very, very, very good imitation of the blade though."

Naruto did not respond for several long moments before eventually glancing towards Qrow and speaking. "You think you were being hypnotized of some sort? Seeing something, or rather someone, that wasn't actually there?"

Qrow nodded his head before turning towards his brother-in-law. "I saw her but I didn't hear her. She said absolutely nothing. That isn't like Raven, especially not when she's fighting someone like me."

"I can confirm this if you want." Naruto suggested with a minor shrug. "I believe you. And I know Raven... Probably better than even you do. If she did it, I can find out."

Qrow was silent for a few moments before raising an eyebrow. "The tribe is always moving... You think you can find her?"

The blond man scoffed as he replied. "I can find her right now if I wanted."

Qrow just shrugged his shoulders before speaking. "Okay then... Good luck. If it was her then do me a favor and stab her back." He made to jump off the building before Naruto's voice stopped him.

"Make sure to visit Glynda... She was worried about you."

The ebony haired Branwen turned towards his brother-in-law before noticing that the man had completely disappeared. He searched all around the roof for the man before eventually sighing in annoyance.

"Hate it when he does that..."

"Leave, Vernal."

"Of course, Raven."

Crimson orbs followed the young woman until she disappeared through the door of her personal quarters. There was a rustling noise outside her room for several seconds before eventually ceasing, indicating that Vernal had chose to remain on guard duty.

Raven shut her eyes with a small shake of the head before slowly rising to her feet. She strode towards the door of her room before turning several locks on the door, notifying Vernal that she was not to be disturbed for the remainder of the evening. She received a single tap from the other side of the wooden door.

The Tribe Queen turned on her heel before slowly walking through her room. Her eyes betrayed little as she stripped herself of her armor, letting the objects fall unceremoniously onto the floor of her room.

Once her armor was off, she made her way into the bathroom of her personal quarters. It was a modest one, equipped with a toilet, sink, and a larger than average shower. It lacked a tub though Raven cared little for that, preferring to shower.

The door to the bathroom was left open, Raven caring little about privacy. She had already locked the door and had Vernal standing guard. An ambush would be welcomed at that point.

She'd relish the thought of killing someone with the ability to not only bypass her tribe and Vernal, but to actually sneak into her own personal quarters...

She was getting excited just at the thought.

The pale skinned woman slowly moved towards the mirror of the bathroom. It clung to the wall and was relatively large, allowing her to see just below her waist when staring directly at it from the sink.

Raven stared at her reflection before slowly grabbing the hem of her shallow cut dress and pulling it over her head. Her hair thrashed about wildly for a moment before flushing out behind her in its usual wild and untamed flare.

Her pale flesh was revealed to the mirror as she stared at the rather modest black bra that covered her breasts. Her eyes trailed along her toned abdomen, taking in the several small scars and blemishes that adorned her torso and stomach. From minor cuts and lacerations to even a lethal stab wound just below her left kidney.

Raven remembered each and every one of these wounds. How she got them, where she got them, and who gave them to her. She remembered every little detail.

After assessing her torso, Raven's hands undid the belt that kept her skirt upon her waist. Both items fell to the floor of the bathroom and Raven could see a few cuts from her standing position in the mirror before closing her eyes.

She placed her hands on the corners of the sink before slowly closing her eyes and allowing all the tension in her body to disappear. Her shoulders uncoiled, her neck dropped ever so slightly, and her back slumped.

Vulnerable, she felt.

Naked, she was.

She stood in that position for what felt like hours before eventually sensing something... off. She made sure that her body gave nothing away, not wanting the individual that had so brazenly entered her room to notice that she was aware of them.

Adrenaline fueled her pores and excitement ran rampant through her body. The anticipation of a good fight was enough for her to release a hefty amount of blood lust, but she physically willed it away.

It would do her no good if the individual got spooked. She wished to relish in their defeat. To drain the life out of their withering body when they realized they were no match for her.

Yes... Blood would be spilled today. And in her own personal quarters at that.

Perhaps she had a kink of some sort... She always did enjoy fighting with a handicap.

Raven slowly lifted her head towards the mirror, wanting to catch the individuals' face. Her crimson orbs strayed along the glass for several moments before spotting the individual and when she did...

"I haven't seen you like this in 10 years, Raven."

The bloodlust that ran through her veins quenched at the voice but her adrenaline only sky rocketed. Standing in the doorway of her bathroom, cutting off her only way out, was her estranged lover.


There was a certain... tone to her voice. Akin to anticipation and excitement. And very few things in the world actually excited Raven Branwen.

Naruto's hands rested on the doorway of the bathroom, inadvertently blocking it even more.

"You were looking for a fight, hmm?" He questioned with a single raised brow.

Her crimson orbs never strayed away from the man. "I'm always looking for a fight." She replied.

Naruto actually stepped into the bathroom. "I can give you one."

Raven's blood thrashed around wildly at the man's statement. Her bloodlust could not be tamed and escaped her grasp. Adrenaline surged through her bloodstream like liquid fire. Her eyes dilated and grew almost inhumanly sharp.

A smile broke onto Naruto's face before he held his right hand up. Omen seemed to just appear in his hand, almost like magic, before he tossed the weapon towards the Branwen. The pale skinned women caught the blade from behind but did not fully turn around to face her ex-lover.

"I can entertain you for a few minutes, Little Bird."

Raven was on him the second those words left his mouth.

Her Odachi slid smoothly into the palm of her right hand, fingers curling around the familiar hilt. She shifted on the heel of her left foot before simply disappearing and reappearing directly in front of Naruto with her sword poised to strike.

The blade sliced through the air, directly en course for Naruto's temple, angled to slice through his skull and down his torso.


Raven's blade was halted in its tracks not a moment later. Her crimson orbs burned with a fiery passion upon noticing Naruto's index finger, coated in a shroud of blue-ish energy, blocking her sword with ease.

All while sporting an amused smile. That same smile he used to possess when she was but a teen in his class, learning how to properly wield her blade like a master.

That cursed smile.

She hated it...

But she also loved it.

"There's that angry glare. C'mon Little Bird... Try harder." Naruto's voice taunted with a coy smile.

Raven stared, glared, into the eyes of her ex-husband before stepping closer into his guard and shoulder checking him with all the might of an Ursa Major.

Naruto was moved several feet back from the maneuver and immediately was forced to block a kick with his forearm. The blow moved him another foot back, allowing Raven more breathing space now that they were both out of the cramped bathroom.

"I came here for a reason, Raven."

The Branwen acknowledged the statement but charged towards the blond, swinging her Odachi. It was halted in its tracks not a moment later by the man's finger.

"Whatever that reason may be..." She grunted lightly before throwing a punch towards her ex-lover. It was caught inches away from his face by his other hand. "It isn't important right now!"


Raven's eyes widened as the man's foot made contact with her abdomen. Spittle launched from her mouth followed by another wave of pain as her lower back smashed into the sink of her bathroom.

The woman caught herself from falling by stabbing her sword into the ground. Her left-hand shifted behind her to grasp onto the now destroyed sink as she tried to get her bearings.

She idly heard Vernal's concerned shout but did not choose to respond. If Naruto had been here to kill her, then she'd already be dead.

"It is important." Her crimson orbs shifted towards Naruto as he slowly stalked towards her position. "Your brother was nearly killed yesterday."

Raven's eyebrows furrowed for a mere moment before she glared at Naruto. "Is that supposed to be news? He pisses off everyone he meets." She grunted quietly before pushing herself up and standing to her full height, sword twirling in the air as she did. "What's your point?"

She had only half a second to dodge the fist that would have no doubt smeared her into the mirror behind her.

Naruto's fist slammed into the wall behind her with the force of a freight train, shaking the walls of the bathroom, completely obliterating the wall.

Raven immediately shifted her body while raising her sword to block the next attack. Naruto's fist struck her Odachi and she was sent hurling towards the shower.

Raven released another grunt of pain as her back indented the tile walls of the shower. Her gaze rose to her ex-lover before an incredible amount of pain erupted from her already bruising abdomen. The air was launched from her body and she fought the urge to vomit due to the force of the punch.

She deigned a look into the blond's eyes and they lacked the amusement he had at the beginning of this fight. They were cold... Harshly so and it stung her to her core to have those eyes directed at her.

"My point?" He hissed quietly with narrowed eyes. "Your brother says it was you that tried to kill him." His fist vacated her stomach and was instead placed on her throat. He did not squeeze but she was aware of what could happen.

It only excited her even further but now was not the time for that.

Her crimson eyes met his and when she spoke, it was venom. "You believe that drunk?" She scoffed before forcing her face closer to his, feeling his breath tickle her nose. "I wasn't even in Vale last night! I was with the Tribe discussing plans for the future."

Naruto stared into her eyes, ignoring the vicious pounding resonating from Raven's door. Tightening his grip on her throat, he spoke in a placid tone. "Why should I believe your word? You lie all the time."

Raven rolled her eyes at the statement, fully knowing that Naruto knew she was telling the truth. "Don't try that shit with me. You know me better than anyone else." Despite the rough grip on her throat, she leaned even closer to Naruto, her nose now touching his. "I can't lie to you."

Naruto felt the tip of Omen prodding at his right kidney. He ignored it in favor of staring directly into Raven's eyes. "Someone is trying to frame you."

The Branwen narrowed her eyes for a moment before replying. "Wouldn't be the first time. Why does it matter now?" She prodded him with her blade once more, this time with more force. "If you already knew I was innocent then why come here?"

Naruto, growing tired of the blade on his skin, grabbed it with his bare hand and ripped it out of Raven's grasp. He tossed the blade behind him and ignored Raven's tiny smirk.

"Can never be too thorough with you Branwen." He relinquished his hold on the woman, to her disappointment, and stepped away. "Qrow vouched for you." He mentioned offhandedly.

Raven rubbed her sore abdomen for a moment before slowly stepping out of the destroyed shower. "Why? I've done nothing but alienate myself from him."

The blond immortal was tempted to roll his eyes but chose to just answer her. "Qrow still cares about you. You do know that it's perfectly fine to have differing opinions on the world but still remain close, yes?"

Raven did not answer.

Naruto sighed quietly as he eyed the woman retrieving her blade. She deliberately put on a show in doing so. Slowly bending over to grab said blade while keeping eye contact.

"You always did prefer seeing me from behind." The Branwen smirked as Naruto rolled his eyes but made no move to look away. She grabbed her blade before slowly rising and turning to face him. "What's the real reason you came to see me?"

"I already told you I-"

Raven interrupted Naruto before he could finish. "You're doing it again. Stop lying to me. Why did you come?"

Naruto stared at Raven for several moments before placing his hands into his pockets. "A certain girl has been asking questions in Vale." He proceeded to lean on the broken sink, ignoring the way it creaked from his weight. "Got into trouble a couple nights ago for destroying half of Junior's Nightclub. Ring a bell?"

The pale skinned woman frowned at Naruto's words before replying. "I haven't spoken to Junior in over a year. What questions was she asking?"

Naruto could detect the minor concern in Raven's tone despite how flat she sounded. "Well, if you're looking for a punchline - Roman Torchwick."

The Branwen's eyes narrowed dangerously as she spoke. "For what reason is she asking for information on that walking pile of viscous scum?"

Naruto chuckled quietly at her question. "Trouble doesn't fall far from the tree. Little Red has been sticking her nose into business that doesn't concern her." He pulled his right hand out from his pocket before tossing a balled up piece of paper towards the woman.

He continued speaking as she unfurled the paper to read it. "Little Red was responsible for Torchwick's arrest. He, of course, was able to escape not too shortly after prompting curiosity within eight of my top students. Do you see where this is heading?"

Raven continued to read the note for several seconds before crumbling it up and throwing it behind her. "It's about time I deal with Torchwick..."

To her surprise, Naruto shook his head. "Not yet... Something isn't right about this little deal that Torchwick has. He's been working with the White Fang, stealing copious amounts of dust and robbing Schnee Trains. I want more information."

Raven stared at the man before scoffing lightly and shifting her weight, inadvertently posing in a provocative manner. "Then you can get that information. I don't want that leech anywhere near my dau-..." She cut herself off prematurely, not finishing that statement.

Naruto stared at Raven for several seconds as the woman's face twisted in frustration. He stood to his full weight before slowly making his way towards the woman.

"You should introduce yourself to her." He gently caressed the woman's chin before continuing to move past her. "After all, she already knows the love of a father..."

Raven could practically taste the man's disappointment in those words. Not of her but of himself.

It was... sad.

She watched him unlock the door to her room before giving a brief greeting to a shocked Vernal. He disappeared soon after.

Raven turned her attention away from an approaching Vernal before sighing quietly and gripping her Odachi with white knuckles.

Ruby yawned quietly as she slowly slugged through the corridors of Beacon.

Her destination?

The Cafeteria. Why?


She had awoken randomly in the middle of the night and had struggled to fall asleep afterwards. She kept having this dream...

It confused her. When she normally dreamed, it was about all the things that made her happy.

Her weapon, cookies, cakes, Yang. You know, the usual stuff. But this particular dream.

It... it scared her.

She had observed the dream in third person. Being there but not actually being there.

She saw herself. An older version of herself, but herself no doubt. The signature cape and red hood with a scythe were dead giveaways. But it was the look in her eyes that scared her.

Her silver eyes were almost... alive. And they had been furious. It was like she was looking at a different person. Someone she didn't recognize.

Her scythe had swung through the air with the fury of a thousand men. Destruction followed where she went and anger fueled her heart.

The Ruby she saw in her dreams... It terrified her. Could she really become the monster she saw in her dreams?

Killing in anger? Murderous and obsessive in her pursuit of whatever it was that had angered her so?

She... she didn't want that...

She just wan-

"You ok, Red?" Ruby physically jumped as the voice of her combat instructor resonated directly in front of her.

The huntress in training directed her gaze to the taller man who was staring at her with heavy concern. A fake smile adorned her face as she opened her mouth to dissuade his worries.

"Don't lie to me Ruby Rose. I dislike those who lie to themselves and others."

Ruby cringed at the man's words and immediately shut her mouth, not even bothering to come up with some half-baked excuse. Her silver orbs fell to the floor and she clutched her left elbow with her right hand.

"I... I uh. I had a bad dream... Couldn't sleep." She answered lamely.

Naruto stared at the younger girl for several seconds before glancing around the area. "It's 5 o'clock Red." Her gaze rose to his and he sighed quietly. "C'mon... I got time." He motioned with his head for her to follow and follow she did.

"Pick a seat. I normally don't do this but... for you, I guess I can make an exception." He winked towards Ruby playfully before heading into the actual kitchen.

For her part, Ruby chose a table that was closest to the kitchen and sat down. Her eyes glanced around the barren room for several minutes before smelling something absolutely delicious.

Her eyes snapped towards the double doors that led into the kitchen and watched as Naruto exited through them with a plate full of chocolate chip cookies. Her eyes widened comically as he placed the dish on the table.

"Enjoy." Naruto watched the girl devour the cookies with as little table manners as she possibly could with a nostalgic smile.

Ahh, so much like himself.

Naruto took his seat in front of the voracious girl and took a cookie for himself. He ate the sweet treat at a delicate pace and enjoyed the relative silence in the cafeteria.

After several minutes, Naruto finally deigned it appropriate to ask his question. "So, a nightmare?" He searched quietly, taking another cookie for himself.

That'd be his third one.

Ruby glanced towards her Combat Instructor before swallowing the cookie in her mouth. She answered quietly as she held another cookie in her hands.

"Y-Yeah... It felt... It felt so real. Like..." Ruby's face scrunched up in an adorable manner as she struggled to find the appropriate word. "Like it would happen in the future."

Naruto raised a curious brow at her wording. "You mean like a premonition?" He supplied helpfully.

"Yeah!" She perked up cutely before realizing she had spoken a bit too loudly. Her cheeks colored red and she dipped her head in embarrassment. "Sorry." She muttered quietly.

"It's fine Red." He smiled in amusement as the girl munched on another cookie. "So, what was it about?"

Ruby's face contorted uneasily and her fingers nervously wrung together. Her bottom lip twitched several times as she sat, thinking on how she should answer.

Naruto stared at the girl and was reminded of a younger Hinata. How the girl's gaze would stray to the floor and the nervous habit she had when speaking to strangers.

"It... The dream was about me. Well, not me, me but like an older me..." She trailed off awkwardly before continuing. "It was an older me... But I err... She... She was so angry. Wherever she went, death followed."

Ruby's eyes fell to the table, ignoring the delicacies. "She killed people... Innocent people... Not just Grimm. It... It was horrifying! It was awful! I still remember the way myscythedugintotheskinofachild!" She ended her statement short of breath and in frantic manner.

Naruto stared at the girl with furrowed eyebrows and noticed that she was on the brink of tears. Her eyes were glossy and she was just seconds away from shedding tears.

"Ruby." He stated quietly. When the girl began to hyperventilate, he stood to his feet while clutching her face, focusing her gaze unto himself.

"Ruby! Calm down! It was just a bad dream." Her eyes were slick with unshed tears and they were slightly unfocused. "It's okay... It's oookaaay Ruby. It wasn't real."

The girl's eyes began to focus with clarity and once coming to, she immediately began to shed tears.

The blond immortal walked around the table before wrapping his arms around the girl. She returned his embrace instantaneously while muttering incoherent phrases.

Naruto's sapphire orbs stared down at the girl sadly. He was reminded of his own daughter. He remembered the times when she awoke in the middle of the night due to a nightmare. His little angel would climb into his bed, after scaring the absolute shit out of him of course, and then fall asleep in his arms.

Ruby was still a child to some degree. Fifteen years of age she may be, but her personality led to believe she was younger than she really was. She acted more like a pre-teen. Possibly suppressed memories of an early traumatic experience.

Most likely the event that had her and Yang almost dead to a pack of Beowolves.

Naruto shook his head at the memory before driving to just comfort the younger girl. She had an awful future ahead of herself...

Being a warrior with the Silver Eyes was always a life full of hardship and pain.

He may not Ruby's biological father but he'd protect her from afar like he had done for Yang.

Naruto closed his eyes hiding the single tear that wished to fall and stroked Ruby's dual-colored tresses of hair.

Everything would be ok.

"Confidence and Charisma are not the same thing." Naruto lectured to his bruised and tired students. He had put then through the ringer today, personally sparring with every student and making sure to punish their openings all while pointing it out.

The blond man placed his hands in his pockets before pacing back and forth on the grass. "Charisma is having the ability to fake your confidence. You cannot fake confidence."

Several students seemed almost confused at the statement before Naruto continued speaking.

"Confidence is a stain that cannot be wiped off. If you have confidence, whether in yourself or others, then you will know. People that say 'Fake it till you make it' will never actually make it."

Yang rose her hand into the air, patiently waiting for Naruto to call on her.

"Yes, Ms. Xiao Long?" Naruto spoke, acknowledging the girl's statement.

"If have confidence but lack charisma then what?" She asked with a tilt of the head.

Naruto pulled one of his hands out of his pockets before pointing his index finger towards her. "That's the thing. You cannot have confidence and lack charisma. Both will follow should you possess confidence. To inspire others and motivate them is a skill that can be learned and mastered... I do hope that you all take my words to heart."

Naruto pulled out his scroll before noticing the time. He rose an eyebrow before turning back to his students. "Well, I believe it's time I let you all go. I'm sure you're all very tired." He ended his statement with a smug smirk, causing most of his students to stare at him in annoyance.

"ANYWAY!" He clapped his hands abruptly, making some of his students jump. "You all are dismissed. It's late, most of you are tired and hungry, and I'm bored. I will see you all tomorrow." He ended his statement with a smile and a wave, ignoring how his students stood to their feet with groans and moans.


Naruto sighed under his breath upon hearing one of his... favorite students heading towards him. He turned on his heel and presented Yang Xiao Long with a small smile and raised eyebrow.

"Yes Ms. Xiao Long? How can I help my most troublesome student today?" His smile was a coy one.

"You looooooove meeeeeeee~!" A cheesy grin followed the girl's statement as she tilted her head playfully. When the blond man rolled his eyes with a smile, she giggled playfully. "I have a question and a request."

Naruto raised an eyebrow before gesturing with his hand. "Okay, shoot."

Yang shifted her weight on her left leg, posing in a manner that was far too similar to that of her mother, and spoke. "If one of your students wished to train after class, with your aid of course, would you allow it?"

The blond Professor tilted his head curiously before shrugging his shoulders. "I don't see why not." His sapphire orbs spotted movement behind Yang and noticed the remaining members of Team RWBY and Team JNPR standing a few feet away.

Coming to a realization about the situation, Naruto spoke further. "Ahhh... I see. Hypothetically speaking, would you happen to mean your team and Team JNPR?"

A sly smile formed on Yang's face as she nodded her head, her luscious locks bouncing at the action. "That would be correct."

"Hypothetically speaking of course, yes?" Naruto supported helpfully.

Again, Yang nodded with that same smile. "Hypothetically speaking indeed. You would be correct. Hypothetically speaking."

Naruto stared at the girl for several seconds before turning his attention to the other students who were patiently waiting for his answer.

"And, still hypothetically speaking here, you all would participate in this, yes?"

The remaining 7 students all gave nods and quiet affirmations.

"Hypothetically speaking though yes?" Naruto made sure to reiterate.

Again, the 7 students all nodded and gave their consent.

The blond man eventually shrugged his shoulders before answering. "Well, alright then. I don't mind."

Yang gave a loud whoop with a fist pump before turning towards her teammates and friends. "Told ya he'd say yes! He loves me the most!"

Naruto just rolled his eyes at the girl's statement. Annoying little girl... But it was certainly the truth.

He did love her the most.

She was his daughter after all.

It was just a shame she didn't know it. But in due time, she would learn. And if she chose to hate him and Raven for their awful decisions and actions, then he would accept it.

To dig your own grave and not expect to one day have to lay in it, is completely asinine.

You reap what you sow.

And he had reaped enough.

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