There it was on the TV again. Another reminder of a failed plan, that she herself couldn't let fly by.

"I'm sick of hearing about this dreg and his lap dog McGinnis." Delia complained.

The news went on and brewing within was nothing short of the same, more animosity.

"Bruce Wayne gave his speech today on anti-splicing, after its resurgence. When out of the blue a man jumped on stage and drew a gun. Not only stopping the fun, but making our hearts skip a beat. We're gonna slow down the image, the assailant dropped his gun after his wrist was hammered into the wall several times." A blue image of a news anchor reported.

"Lemme guess it was McGinnis who prevented the slag too?" Deirdre said standing before a mirror.

"It was. As if this leech doesn't get enough air time being Bruce Wayne's head of security." Delia said as she got off the couch. Approaching the mirror with her twin they gazed at themselves.

These sisters were matching twins who could fool anybody into thinking they were only one person. That is if they wanted to do so. Everything about them to a fine line was the unanimous to a tee. Having long blond hair, with stunningly similar black dresses.

Even their plans in life were in line with one another. Before it was to follow in their family lineages life of crime. Now it was to lay low. One thing they couldn't agree on was what they'd do if they encountered the big three. Big three, which included Bruce, Terry, and Batman.

"Terry McGinnis what do you have to say about the moments that preceded before the cops arrival. We tried asking in person at the scene." A news anchor asked.

"As head of security of Wayne Enterprises, I take my job seriously. Actions can sometimes speak louder than words, but it is also words that inspire tons of action too. The pen is mightier than the sword. Some may call it old fashion to write these days, but Bruce and I have a little agreement on the checks he's been writing for me and my faculty to make sure incidents like this fail at every level. So his words can lead to more action to fix this city, while my actions allow more words to continue." Terry said before leaving.

"Such a philosopher." Delia started.

"A man of technicality." Deirdre added.

"So pompous." Delia finished.

"Intellectually overbearing." Deirdre herself finished.

They got their things. As the doors slid open they cut short seeing their land lord down the hall speaking to a tenant.

"Shit! Back inside!" Delia urged as she finished jolting.

"I told you we should've spent our pay on rent, but no, you just had to buy a stupid schematic." Deirdre whispered once inside.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. The window! Quick." Delia said running towards it.

Avoiding rent payments was one thing. Repelling down a window was another. This route of exiting their apartment was meant for bigger emergency's. At this rate they'd be late. That meant a very inactive bank account in their near future.

"So you gonna explain why you think my schematic hunting is stupid?" Delia said.

"Yes, ask now while we're forty stories in the air hanging from a thread." Deirdre said her breaths shaky unlike Delia's. Recomposing herself she spoke once more "If you must know I think it's all pointless. You'll never be able to resell them, and you'll never be able to build a receiver that'll capture Batman's radio feed. You're a dumbass with a problem for having a busy wallet." Deirdre mocked.

"You may think you're rehabilitated like nana Harley thinks, but the second an opportunity comes up you'll be back in the Jokerz business. You wanna live off welfare the rest of your life? We'll be high rollers in the game of crime if we bury the Bat." Delia said moving at a relatively quicker rate than Deirdre.

"Not this crap again. Batman is an expert at disassembling criminals. You go after him you're on your own." Deirdre said taking a look down, swallowing her heart at the sight of the fall.

Some more bickering was tossed back and forth. It made the ride down less frightful. Thunder was sounding off, and with bright flashes came rain. Just as they got their bearings on the ground.

"Damn't no one mentioned anything about rain! We can't show up soaked!" Deirdre yelled to the clouds above.

"Then let's do something about it!" Delia suggested as she grasped her sister's hand and rushed her to the nearest transporter.

"Neo Gotham's a big place, so you two better have a big wallet for a ride like this. Credits first." The cab driver said turning back in his seat to face them.

Deirdre's face was frozen, resembling that of a mouse coming face to face with a snake.

"We got the credits." Delia said handing over her chip, before nudging her sister to do the same.

"Screw you Delia, that was my concert money." Deirdre pouted staring at the ground with an oddly venomous expression to her face.

"Shut up. I did us a favor." Delia said.

The traffic was horrendous to say the least. The two would be more than late.

Elsewhere in the world was a more privatized scene. A limo guarded by several squad cars. Terry and Bruce strained their vocals over who was to hold the blame over the incident over the speech. Their driver Max chipped in every now and then too.

"I turn my cheek for a split second and the guy's on stage, I'm human ya know." Terry said.

"You understand that's where you made the mistake then? Am I correct? Batman is someone who needs to be more than human." Bruce said with his elbows on his knees, and his fingers locked together.

"My eyes never left the target. My eyes were surveying the perimeter like a good watch dog. They were also the first to spot the gun man." Terry stated.

"Ter, I think what Bruce's trying to say is that the man could've chosen to draw his gun within the crowd." Max added her two cents.

"The original Batman would've spotted the man before he got on the stage." Bruce agreed.

"Oh I see what this is. Another chance to gloat about who's the better Batman. As if we haven't gone down this road to the point where this one becomes the only one we know how to drive on." Terry said.

"Hold on guys, I got an urgent message from one of Bruce's estates." Max signified.

"Put him on." Bruce said.

Terry sighed letting himself ease into the seat knowing Bruce would drop it for now. Now that other things preoccupied him.

"Mr. Wayne I would've told you sooner if I had known but there's these two ladies that want to join our staff here. Their interview was scheduled today." The club owner started. Bruce raised a brow over at Terry's nonchalant move to pour himself a king's portion of champagne. A taste for refined and aged winery was no cheap habit. "They have criminal records. Records that tie into the Jokerz gang."

Everyone in the car drew silent. Bruce shook his head. Terry and Bruce both knew what time it was. Time would be spent giving a corporate scolding.

"I hope I make myself clear when I say this. We owe it to those who partake in the night life of Gotham a safe evening. To endanger them from not only negligence from faulty background checks, but also setting a precedent for others to abuse such a system. Would only make a mockery of what the Wayne foundation strives for. Mr. McGinnis do you see a problem here?" Bruce asked ready to see how much he rubbed off on the boy.

"Huh? Oh uh... Wayne Enterprises makes it a point to head towards a brighter future for Gotham and all its inhabitants. A breach like this would be disastrous for not only the namesake of our reputation but also for the people who just wanna kick back and relax. People who expect a friendly face from a staff member. Wayne Enterprises and all its foundations are all about a sense of security and safeness, and that's what we attempt to have the populace feel towards those who underway the work. To have staff who cannot be trusted in that sense would dash everything we've worked so hard to achieve." Terry said brining the glass in his right hand to his nose. "Tell me, if this were to become a disaster who would have to accept responsibility? Who would have the responsibility of firing said person? As of today if I hear a similar worriment you and your club will be over." Terry asked in a soft spoken manner before taking a sip of some wine.

Max's face was enveloped with delight. Before all this Terry was just an all-around jock with some hidden knowledge back in High School. Now he was person of otherworldly essence compared to his old self. Nothing short of a well-spoken man who knew his world well, and knew how to use it in his favor. If you were to tell Terry he'd become some head of security Mr. Smith, you'd receive a punch to the face from the guy. Now he was wiser, and new strict rules had to be in place to keep the city and its people safe.

"My apologies. According to their file it says the two have shown no sign of a threat for over three years or any sign of work. As well as undergoing community service, and other rehabilitative programs. One Delia Dennis, and the other Deirdre Dennis." The club owner said knowing that his club and whole career as a club owner could've ended right there on the spot.

"Terry you recognize those names?" Bruce asked.

"Come to think of it those names do ring a bell. I dunno though." Terry said glancing over at Bruce to signal their suspicions right with a wink.

"So how should we proceed with this, let them go?" The club owner asked.

"I think after a discussion like that it'd be a point for you to fire them, and black list their names from any other Wayne named company." Bruce said with little to no care.

The old man hadn't even considered the rehabilitation aspect that underwent during those three years.

"End the video feed." Terry said waiting for the feed to be shut off. "We can't let them be blacklisted." Terry said. He saw Bruce's expression change from robotically blank to one of exasperation.

"I thought by now you'd realize that there are lost causes out there. Criminals stay the same." Bruce said watching as Terry finished his wine so he could speak.

"Realize? Stay the same? I know better than anyone else what it was like to be a lost cause. To head down some iffy road. You know that better than anyone else." Terry said. "That's what makes me a better Batman, I believe in second chances. You believed in giving me one why quit there?" Terry said watching as Bruce grinned.

"Fine. Gibson, how would you like to receive some extra funds for an added work hour?" Bruce asked.

"I'd be glad to." Max responded.

"When you drop me off at Wayne Manor could you call back the club and let them know I changed my mind. As well the fact that my head of security will be there to analyze and asses the interview?" Bruce said enjoying the new look on Terry's face.

The idea of spending his off duty hours went down the drain. Bruce knew his intuition to be unrivaled, but Terry's ability to pin point people who could be redeemed was marvelous.

Wayne was dropped off and Terry was left with Max. His arms laid out on the top the seating, and his leg over the other. Max went on about how Terry had played himself into ruining the start to his day off. Meanwhile Terry had his eyes set on the wine bottle that was dipped in a bucket of ice. So close, yet so distant in an idea of when he could indulge on its lavishly delectable taste.

"He got me good didn't he?" Terry said as the car sped off back into the rest of the world.