I don't envision my rendition of Terry to be a drunkard, but just some guy with a lust of champagne not for its effects but for its taste. As Bruce summed it up, quite the expensive habit. My intentions with it were to symbolize the more boogie lifestyle that Terry has taken to.

A month had passed since the three had last seen each other. Terry would of course check up on the owner to check the status and progress the twins made. From security, to head of security within the club was what these two twins became. Twins with a knack of spotting those making the wrong plays in life. Takes a criminal to know one.

A noisily deep inhale is given out as he rises from his bed. Terry's eyes open not once but twice before he massages them with closed fists. He messes up the sheets as he removes himself from the bed and room.

"Ugh. I really gotta set an alarm for off days too." Terry said to himself moving out the hall then down the stairs to the rest of his loft.

Another day off, a rarity in a world where crime and him weren't allowed to sleep. Even today held little rest, his morning routine evident of that. Just a few more pull-ups and he'd be done with his morning workout.

As he exits the shower his mind wanders off. Right as he puts on another black suit with a white dress shirt to go along with it. Those Dennis girls, they sure despised him. People held grudges in times where they were unable to blame themselves, blinded by their own insecurities or self-arrogance. Terry was no saint when drawn to a matter like that, but he did keep such memories for future reference. There were also those who wouldn't permit people a chance to rise above any of that.

As he fixes his tie, it occurs to him that he himself could be guilty of this. The twins were young, and had the book thrown at them severely. They would've been lost without the financial benefits they had clung to. For a while Terry took pity in this, but then sighed.

"At least I helped them when I could." Terry said walking across the room to his refrigerator with a book in hand. "And thank you Bruce, for taking me in when I needed a better path the most." Terry said as his hand grasped the handle pulling the refrigerator open.

No, this can't be right. His face was now torn between stunned and terrified. The refrigerator was packed, so why was he so uptight? For a while he stood still unable to comprehend the situation.

"No! I forgot to get the Champagne last night!" Terry said his hand slapping to his face and resting there.

There goes his approach on relaxing by a bottle and a book.

Terry retrieves his wallet and keys, and gets in his all black Yetter6. His hands grip the wheel tight, and his expression is now that of determination. It came to his surprise that his local stores had been run dry recently. Perfect, his luck was dwindling.

"No sir you cannot." Deirdre said guarding the second floor.

"I don't care, get out my way, I need to… I need to speak with the owner." A drunkard said.

"You'll never get to." Delia said ducking under a swing.

The twins let him have it from there. The man tumbled down the stairs from the fierce beating, and the bouncers below escorted the man to the curb outside.

"Look alive girls we got a high roller coming in." Lox the club owner said.

"Another rich snob eh?" Delia said.

"Nope, Mr. Terry McGinnis." Lox said.

"Deirdre you accompany the man and make sure he gets everything he needs. I don't care if he asks you to help him get fuel for his car, or help him go grocery shopping. You do it. Delia, you check the cameras and make sure the situation is handled." Lox said before leaving to his office.

Delia grunted knowing she'd have to sit behind a screen, stuck in one spot. Rather than get to roam the club which was what she would've been doing if not for this. Deirdre however was baffled by this surprise visit.

"Mr. McGinnis how can I be of service?" Deirdre asks unsure of what to expect.

"You got any Champagne? I'm uh here to test the beverages that our clubs offer, mainly so that the more fruitless ones can be denounced and replaced." Terry said trying to scheme his way to victory.

Deirdre laughed and crossed her arms, giving him a 'are you serious?' kind of gaze. Terry realized he was talking to Deirdre, the more sophisticated of the Dennis sisters.

"You're the head of security of Wayne Enterprises, I don't think you're on his payroll to secure drinks." Deirdre said grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the back room where the more invaluable drinks had been stored. "We should have some over here Mr. McGinnis." Deirdre said.

"Sorry, I just need my quick fix of the stuff ya know? And I do secure some drinks… Mostly to see if they've been poisoned." Terry said with his free hand on the back of his neck. Deirdre raised a brow at this.

"You really do like your Champagne don't you. What did Wayne not give your allowance of wine this week?" Deirdre asked.

"No all the local stores are dry, this was the last local store I knew that must've had some." Terry said.

"What the hell?" Deirdre said stopping short.

"What?" Terry asked hoping it wasn't the worst scenario.

"We're all out of Champagne!" Deirdre said confirming the worst scenario.

Flash forward a minute later and Deirdre was now in the passenger seat, alongside Terry. The end goal here was to find one local spot Terry had missed. He had spent half the ride there contacting various business associates. Beforehand he had told her that she could drop the formalities.

"Yeah so I'm gonna need a full diagnostics check on the security cams, they were slow last time. I'll see you soon, Wait – is that Peter Donk in the background? I told you to fire that guy, he's a liability to both the company and the people he surrounds." Terry said hanging up and giving a big hefty sigh. "That's enough multi-tasking for today." Terry said.

The whole time Deirdre had been eavesdropping, how could she not? The guy was right next to her paying her not a drop of attention at all. The two weren't on the best of terms. Maybe they could break the ice.

"What's it like working at the big tower Wayne's wallet calls home?" Deirdre asked.

"It's nothing but smiles and laughs. Yeah right, it's nothing but a bunch of analyzing of the world around me. With Wayne in my life, the world around me gets bigger and more dangerous by the second." Terry said.

Deirdre remembered the first time Terry McGinnis had been unveiled to the world as Bruce Wayne's H.O.S. She thought it had been purely money based. Just as her and her sister's quest to become H.O.S of their club that they successfully completed.

"Two second statements to ten, remember Terry. Well that is what you signed up for. Not only does your world expand but the pay seems worth it. I'm not one to have formed a craving for high end Champagne, but someone of your standing would I guess." Deirdre said.

"Heh, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. I kinda signed up because I know if anybody's gonna be in charge in protecting the old man it's gotta be me." Terry said. Deirdre picked up on this, he actually seemed to have a genuine connection to Wayne.

"How long have you known the money tree of a man?" Deirdre asked. There was a slight hiccup in the conversation. For a brief few seconds Terry had gone silent. Then he chose to answer in a neutral voice.

"We go way back." Terry said. Deirdre could tell he was hiding something. "So you and your sister are related to Harley Quinn? Grandmother I hear? How's she?" Terry asked.

"No! Don't even get me started on her. She's a helicopter parent. Always threatening to kick me out, choosing what friends I made, making small instances of rule breaking a colossal mistake." Deirdre replied her face conveying a tired look.

"I had a similar parent figure, Wayne. Like they're never satisfied with any option, even when you've been through them all?" Terry said.

"Yes! It was like wherever me and Delia went, she was hovering above us, ready to land whenever we made a mistake." Deirdre said.

"Makes sense I guess." Terry said with a sly grin smirk on his face.

"What makes sense?" Deirdre asked suspicious of the wine man.

"Your grandma was so strict that in order to feel free, the Dennis twins turned to crime." Terry said.

"Oh so we're playing the psycho analytics huh? You must've turned to Wayne because he was the complete opposite of you, orderly, cool and collected, someone a delinquent such as yourself would turn to after hating himself so much. Someone who'd fix you into the opposite of what you were. At least I was happy with who I was. Unlike you, I didn't ask the man of many charities to make another charity out of myself." Deirdre said.

"You saw some old interviews of mine? Guess you're the sister who did the homework. Seeing as you did now." Terry said stopping at the street Deirdre recommended.

"My brain didn't go to waste being in this body, I know how to use it. The liquor store should be right on this block… Yeah further down… Right here." Deirdre said. Watching him walk off she felt a similarity she hadn't felt before. He didn't have a way with words, but what he said did hold merit.

Intelligence was behind every statement. Yet he knew how to handle himself on the field. Could she and him really be so different? He also appeared to be more of a genuinely nice person. Maybe she was wrong about him, more wrong than she had thought.

Terry stepped inside the liquor store. The place said open from 9am to 3 am. So he had ignored the closed sign, it was nowhere near closing.

"Didn't you read the sign?" A man said pressing a gun to Terry's temple.

Terry was in the middle of opening his wallet. He looked back up at the cash register worker.

"You take cash or creds?" Terry asked.

"Shit head, this is a robbery." The gun wielder said to Terry.

The guy holding up the cash register had just been given the key to the backroom. The bulk of the cash would be there. Terry's eyes followed him as he went. Now! Terry used this chance, his right hand sprang into action and got the gun wielder in a wrist lock. The gun dropped, and the hand cracked like brittle. The man fell to onto a single knee.

"AUGH!" The man yelled. The second man rushed back out and his jaw dropped. Terry raised the man back to his feet and as a shield in front of Terry.

"Don't force me to, I'll shoot through him." The other man yelled.


A laser burned through the man's body and he fell. A sharp shooter to say the least. That's when Terry got his hostage into a chokehold, squeezing the consciousness out of him. The now limp body was let loose to drop.

"Nice shot Deirdre, the second you burst through that door you took your shot. You'd make great for other cordial events." Terry said.

After retrieving his Champagne, and bringing Deirdre back to the last hour of her shift, he gave Deirdre a glance of his eyes. He had lowered his window while she was outside.

"I thought seeing a Dennis twin today would be a slump. But it was kinda nice." Terry said.

"I've gotta say you're not so bad yourself. I used to really spend every waking hour hating you. But recently I've seen all my reasons for hating you were kinda illogical or false. I guess the people my sister and I surrounded with weren't such good news." Deirdre said.

They both waited for the other to say something. Deirdre slowly turned but Terry spoke up.

"Wait." Terry started. Deirdre turned, what else was there to be said? "I know you gotta go soon so we can trade addresses and numbers next time. Wanna meet here sometime?" Terry asked. Deirdre froze, was he actually asking her out on a date? This guy of all people, that would be insane.

"Sure. When would you be free?" Deirdre asked.

"That's a big question. I'll find your number from Lox. Then we can discuss the time arrangement." Terry said driving off.

Deirdre stood there for quite some time. By the time she got to her post her sister was almost a zombie.

"I swear, sitting around watching people have fun while I'm doing jack shit looking at a screen was Hell." Delia said.

"Sounds like Hell's a poet." Deirdre said with a carless smile on her face.

"You're in a good mood? What? Did you get to slap the notorious Mr. McGinnis or something?" Delia asked in a bummed out voice.

"No we…" Deirdre caught herself before any unnecessary info could be leaked too soon. She'd never hear the end of it. "No I was just glad I got to get away from that dreg." Deirdre said.

Terry and Deirdre drove home with each other on their minds. Terry knew Wayne wouldn't approve, while Deirdre knew her sister would go even more bonkers if she found out. Something told them that this was going to different. Deirdre knew how to hide a double life from her old woman. Terry had a life of secrecy, another thing to keep on the down low wasn't anything too troublesome.