Joshua Parker left the office building where he just had a meeting with some of his advisors. Once again, they were discussing how he needed to have another set of twins soon, that way there was no risk that his eldest son would become the coven leader.

However, Joshua knew that his wife was exhausted from having children. They already had six and he didn't know if she could survive another pregnancy or birth, especially twins but it was for the good of the coven.

Joshua ran a hand over his face, planning to go back home.

He stopped in his tracks as he felt a burst of energy off to his right. He turned abruptly and jogged over. Whatever he was expecting was not what he saw.

Two girls, that appeared to be younger than his son Joey, who was eleven, laid unmoving on the ground.

But what caught his attention was the energy of familiar magic he could sense in the their blood. Something that was melded into them.

They were Gemini witches.

Not only that, but they were also Gemini twins.

Joshua ran forward but didn't touch them.

He closed his eyes and reached out with his magic, searching for the tethers of their magic but he couldn't find them.

He opened his eyes, confused.

How could they be Gemini witches and not have magic?

He froze as the realization hit him.

Joshua knew what it meant, they were siphoners like his eldest son. He stared down at them in horror.

There had never been a set of Gemini twins that were both siphoners, hell, before Malachai there had never ever been a siphoner in a set of twins.

He stared at the girls for a moment, before frowning and whispering a spell under his breath. The spell would allow him to tell how they were related to him.

The air fluctuated around them, then settled as a single word appeared in his brain.


That was impossible.

Josette and Malachai were 16.

He had no older children, who could have possibly had kids.

Especially ones so old.

He had to interrogate them but where should he bring them?

Joshua frowned, before calling for his advisor, Kyle.

Lizzie opened her eyes slowly, and rubbed her head, trying to push away the headache she felt coming on.

Ugh, her head felt like she banged it against a wall yet she didn't remember doing that.

She looked around in confusion as she realized that she was no longer at the Salvatore Boarding School.

Instead, she was in a small room of sorts, sitting on a bare bed.

Where was she?

Lizzie noticed that there was magic within everything, similar to the boarding school, but also different.

The school had a protection spell around and whatever was around here was not a protection spell.

She looked to her right and spotted Josie sleeping softly beside her.

"Jo?" Lizzie said, quietly as she started to nudge her sister.

Now was not the time to be napping, they had things to do and people to possibly hurt.

"Liz…" Josie mumbled in confusion as she opened her eyes.

Lizzie watched as Josie realized the situation they were in.

"What happened?" Josie muttered, confused, as she began to get past the sleepy fog that was her mind at that moment.

Lizzie shrugged, she didn't know what to tell her. They must have been kidnapped or something. Although, if that was true, they were stupid kidnappers because both twins could easily siphon the magic Lizzie sensed and escape.

Josie sat up completely and rubbed her eyes.

"Where are we?" Josie asked, worriedly. Her eyes scanned the blank walls of the room.

Lizzie shook her head. "I don't know," She replied.

The last thing she remembered was 'studying for a test' in her room with Josie -they were actually practicing magic for fun but that wasn't the point- when a strange woman appeared in their room, and said something in an unfamiliar language. The next thing she knew, she was here.

"I'm scared," Josie whispered.

After those words were out, the single door of the room opened, causing both of the twins to tense.

A man walked in and considered the two of them.

Lizzie narrowed her eyes at the man, as she remembered what her mom had taught her in case they were ever kidnapped…

However, Lizzie discarded that advice because there was no way she was going to be nice and submissive to a jerk who thought the twins were easy prisoners.

Lizzie crossed her arms stubbornly. "Who are you?" She asked, glaring at the man.

Josie breathed in sharply, surprised by her sister's abruptness, and gave her a wide-eyed look.

The man simply raised his eyebrow.

"My name is Joshua Parker," He answered like it was obvious, as he observed them calmly.

"And we're supposed to know who you are because?" Lizzie asked, giving him a challenging look.

Josie just nudged her sister, trying to tell her to be careful.

"Because I am the leader of the Gemini Coven."

"Oh…" Lizzie said, staring for a moment as Josie paused beside her. The twins exchanged looks.

Something was wrong…

Lizzie was fairly certain that the entire Gemini Coven was wiped from the planet.

Well...besides her and Josie.

"You two are Gemini's, are you not?" Joshua asked, ignoring their staring.

Lizzie stayed silent.

There was no way she was giving a kidnapper free info. Then again, if he was asking, he clearly already knew.

"Maybe," Josie said, hesitantly.

Lizzie barely prevented herself from facepalming.

Her sister was an idiot.

You don't cooperate with kidnappers, no matter what mom said.

"Hmm, and you are leeches as well, yes?" Joshua said, continuing his line of questioning.

Both twins went very still.

Lizzie was very used to insulting nicknames because of her species, as was Josie but that didn't mean it didn't hurt.

"You're a jerkface," Was Lizzie's only comeback, and Josie facepalmed beside her.

Joshua nodded, taking that as a yes.

"How old are you?" He asked, ignoring both of their glares.

Neither twin said anything, completely done with the interrogation.

"I said, how old are you?" He repeated, raising his voice as he took an intimidating step forward.

Instinctively, Lizzie's hand went to the bed they were on and started siphoning. The second she felt the magic course through her, she threw her hand forwards, sending Joshua flying into the wall.

He groaned and pushed himself up to stare at the girl in shock.

Lizzie noticed her sister siphoning as well, most likely preparing in case there was a fight.

However, to their surprise, he stood up and raised his hands in a calming gesture.

He watched them carefully. "I promise I don't want to hurt you-"

"Why would we trust someone who just called us leeches," Josie said, cutting him off. And Lizzie nodded in agreement.

Joshua was silent for a moment before he left the room.

The second the door was closed the twins turned to each other.

"Something's wrong," Josie said, stating what Lizzie was thinking.

"I know, we're supposed to be the last Gemini...where are we, Josie?" Lizzie asked, in a whisper.

This was getting weirder the longer they were here.

"I don't know...but Lizzie, he felt like a Gemini," Josie said, with a frown.

"Do you remember the strange lady?" Lizzie asked, looking at her sister.

Josie nodded, "I didn't understand what she was saying," She said, looking nervous.

"Maybe she did something?" Lizzie wondered.

Josie shrugged. "Maybe, but what do we do? Should we cooperate, so we can get home?" Josie suggested.

"Uh-uh, he called us a mean name, there is no way I'm being nice to him," Lizzie immediately disagreed. "Besides, we have to bust out of here."

"Lizzie, there are probably more than just him out there, we won't win." Josie pointed out, glancing at the door.

Lizzie shook her head. "I say we light him and anyone else out there on fire, then run. It's a full-proof plan." Lizzie declared, looking determined.

"It's really not," Josie muttered but agreed to go along with the plan.

Both twins laid in wait, making sure they had enough magic running through them for this to work.

When the door opened again, Joshua came through with a teenaged boy following but neither twin gave it any thought as they shot forward.

Josie managed to get past the two but Joshua's hand clamped down on Lizzie's arm, so she twisted and grabbed his wrist, siphoning as painfully as possible, not hearing the intake of breath from the teen as Joshua groaned in pain.

The second Joshua let go, Lizzie bolted.

She ran out of the room, sensing for her sister, and when she did she started falling the path Josie went.

Someone appeared in her path and Lizzie shouted 'incendia' and the man lit on fire as she kept running.

Not long after she spotted her sister and caught up with her.

"Lizzie, I think there's an exit over there," Josie said, sounding out of breath as she pointed to their right. However, they noticed some people rush over there, blocking the exit.

"Nevermind," Josie whispered. "What do we do?"

Lizzie looked around rapidly.

"Hide?" She suggested and Josie nodded, looking worried as they heard shouting closer to their location.

Lizzie spotted a small crevice, that a man wouldn't be able to fit through and pointed it out to her sister.

"Let's go," Josie mumbled and they made a break for it.

When they reached it, Josie crawled through first, then Lizzie. As they went through, it opened up into a small room of sorts -it was bigger than a large box but smaller than a closet- and the twins tried to calm their breathing, so they weren't as loud.

Lizzie didn't know how long it was when the yelling, and voices stopped. Which either meant they gave up or they were waiting for something.

Footsteps sounded near the entrance and both twins tensed.

The walking stopped right in front of the crevice, and they watched as a face appeared looking right at them.

Lizzie paused.

It was the teen from earlier.

He had dark brown hair and blue eyes.

He felt familiar.

He considered them with a strange look in his eyes. Then he glanced away, then back again. He moved forward, and to both of the twins' surprise, crawled into the narrow space, just barely able to squeeze through.

Lizzie's side was pressed against her sisters, as she tried to back away. And Josie grabbed Lizzie's hand, nervously.

Once he was through, he observed them carefully.

"You're siphoners…" He said in a whisper as if he was telling a secret to someone. Lizzie tensed as did Josie at those words.

The teen instantly saw that and something in his eyes softened.

"I think I can safely assume my dad didn't give a great first impression." He commented, looking between the two of them. "Not surprising, given his hatred of siphoners..." He trailed off.

His eyes met Lizzie's and she held his gaze defiantly.

"I thought I was only one," He admitted, softly.

"The only what?" Josie asked, far too curious for her own good. Lizzie hit her arm in response. "Ow, what?"

"We agreed not to cooperate," Lizzie said, exasperated. The teen raised an eyebrow at those words.

"Yeah, but that was before your plan failed," Josie pointed out.

"My plan worked amazingly, it was the after that became the problem," Lizzie said, defensively as she glared at her twin.

Josie opened her mouth to argue but one look at the teen made her pause, and Lizzie followed her gaze hesitantly.

The teen was observing their sibling argument with almost longing on his face. Which disappeared when he saw them looking at them.

He hesitated with a moment before deciding to just say it. "I'm a siphoner…" He said, watching their reactions.

Lizzie's eyes widened and she stared at him carefully, while Josie looked at him in excitement.

"Really?" Josie exclaimed, "I thought we were the only ones"

The teenager looked surprised by Josie's reaction and turned to look at Lizzie, pausing as he became aware of her stare.

"That man...he's your dad...that would suck," Lizzie said, with a frown on her face.

The teen looked down and shrugged.

"What's your name?" Lizzie asked, considering him.

"Kai," He said, looking back up. "What are yours?"

"Lizzie," She answered, and glanced at her twin. "She's Josie."

Kai froze. "What?" He asked, looking at Josie in shock.

Josie just looked back at him in confusion.

"What's your full name? Is Josie short for something?" Kai asked, some uncertain in his gaze.

"My full name is Josette Saltzman," Josie replied. "Why?"

"My twin sister's name is Josette but she goes by Jo," Kai said, considering both of the twins. The twins exchanged looks.

That explained the reaction to Josie's name.

Wait...back up, did he say 'twin'?

"You have a twin?" Lizzie asked, blinking in surprise.

"Yep, and a bunch of little siblings," Kai said, in response to her question.

"Really, that sucks, little kids are annoying," Lizzie said, causing Kai to give her an amused look.

"Technically, you two are little kids to me," He pointed out.

"We're not kids, we're 9," Lizzie said, a look of pure offense on her face.

Kai snorted. "And I'm 16," He replied.

"Oh...nevermind, you're old," Lizzie declared.

Josie nodded in agreement beside her.

"16 isn't old," Kai said, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, it is," Josie said. "You're like double our age."

Kai paused, "Point taken." He conceded.

Lizzie looked at him curiously. "How many siblings do you have?" She asked.

Kai looked at her thoughtfully, "Well, there's mine twin, who is the same age as me. Then there's Ana who's 13, then Joey, who's 11. Next, we have Ally, who's 6 and finally, little Nate, who's 1." Kai said.

Lizzie's mouth dropped open in shock.

"Whoa...that's a lot," Josie said, looking surprised.

"Tell me about it, they're all brats…" Kai muttered.

"Why?" Josie asked, curiously.

"They've been taught by my dad that siphoners are unnatural, and I'm not allowed to touch any of them because I might siphon from them," Kai said, and a flash of pain went across his face.

Josie had a sad look on her face and threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Kai tensed, surprised but also not used to physical contact.

"I'm sorry," Josie whispered.

Kai hesitantly wrapped his arm around her and glanced at Lizzie who was watching them, not at all surprised by her sister's behavior.

Lizzie met his eyes calmly.

"I can light him on fire if you want?" Lizzie suggested and a laugh of disbelief escaped Kai. He then looked down at Josie, at a loss as to how to get her to let him go.

Lizzie took pity on him. "Josie, off." She ordered.

Josie pulled away and glared at her sister.

"I'm not a dog…" Josie muttered.

"Then why'd you listen," Lizzie shot back with a smirk.

Josie's eyes widened as she turned to her sister, offended.

"Uh..girls?" Kai called out hesitantly.

They both glanced at him as if synchronized.

"How about you guys come with me to talk with my dad?" Kai suggested.

Josie and Lizzie both paused, having forgotten the whole reason they were here.

"Kai…" Josie said, hesitantly. "What's the year?'

Lizzie and Kai shot her confused look but for different reasons. Kai seemed to hesitate for a moment before replying.

"1988," He answered.

Both of the twin's mouths dropped open but they quickly schooled their faces.

On the inside, Lizzie was panicking.

They weren't even in the 2000s…

Mom and dad were going to kill them.

On an unrelated note, that explained the whole Gemini Coven being alive.

Wait...was this their family?

As in bio fam?

Hold up, didn't mom say that Josie was named after their bio mom...did that mean that his twin was the person that was supposed to raise them.

Wouldn't that make him their uncle?

Also, did that mean that they weren't kidnapped and that, Lizzie just lit that one guy on fire for no reason?


The twins' eyes met, and Lizzie could tell Josie was thinking similarly to her.

"Girls?" Kai wondered, looking between them.

"We'll come," Lizzie declared.