In what seemed like an eternity later, bold green eyes began to flutter open. At first, unaware and unseeing, only taking in blurry blobs of movement slowly growing clearer. He let out a soft, high pitched whining sound as warm pain made itself known on his shoulder and back.

"Well look who's finally waking up," a deep tenor voice softly spoke. Izuku's eyes made their way towards the direction of the sound slowly. A large calloused hand pushed his curls away from his forehead. Izuku sighed at the comforting touch. He blinked again to see the white-haired man with a scar on his face and neck. Bright red eyes greeted him and reminded him so much of Kacchan.

Next to him was a pretty lady with pretty blond hair and large wings.

"Pretty," he muttered softly.

"Aw, he's such a little flirt isn't he?" a light young voice said. Fair and airy but Izuku thought it was from a boy. Izuku couldn't see who it was, so he assumed it came from behind the two he could see. Izuku felt confused. He recognized the man. His name was Ban. He was really tall and looked really strong. But the woman and the unknown voice he had no clue. He tried to sit up, feeling the deep ache from his shoulder and back.

"Easy kid. You're still pretty hurt."

"Geez Ban, didn't you take him to Merlin?"

"Why no King. I would have never thought of that," Ban responded sarcastically. "Merlin cleaned out his infection. He should recover as any other normal person would."

"Hm. Wonder why Merlin would do that," King muttered.

In near silence, a new face joined in. In Izuku's eyes, he was most likely the body of the voice of King. He was a lithe male with almost orange hair color. Soft honey-colored eyes gazed down at him.

"Hello, child."


His expression didn't change as he seemed to judge Izuku.

"Who are you?"

"My-my name i-is I-Izuku."

"Hm. Alright, Izuku. You may call me King."


"Yes. I am Fairy King Harlequin. Most call me King."

"Yōsei no ō?"

The calm and stoic expression turned comedically confused hearing the words stumble from Izuku's mouth.

"He really does speak in tongues doesn't he?" Elaine commented, an amused smile gracing her face. Izuku blinked in his confusion.

"What do you mean?!" King squeaked, "Why didn't you guys tell me?"

"Aw come on King. It's funny to see you freak out."

"D-did I s-say something w-w-wrong?"

"Ah, back to talking like us huh?" Ban joked. Elaine looked thoroughly amused.

"I kind of liked what he said. It sounded interesting."

"I just said King of Fairies."

"Is that what that means? Hm. I guess it's acceptable." A light blush came to King's face at the neat sounding name. "You may continue to call me Yosei no o."

"Yōsei no ō," Izuku stressed the syllables of his home dialect. King hummed at the correction.

"My how the human world has changed."

"Human world? I know that you talked about magic but am I really in another world?"

"Sort of," King shrugged his shoulders as he leaned back into a green floating pillow of all things, centuries ago, humans began to lose their ability to perform magic after the defeat of the ten commandments. To protect those of us who still had magic, we gathered in my forest and hid it away from those who would attack for being "different"."

Izuku listened with rapt attention, soaking in the information like a sponge. His green eyes glistening with admiration growing.

"Is p-pillow magic?"

Ban laughed as King rolled his eyes.

"Chastifol is my magic weapon."

"Pillow fight?"

Ban's laughter grew and even Elaine chuckled. With a sigh, King got off his pillow and in an instant, it turned into a giant spear.


"Whoa indeed."

"So we do have a new person on the island," an even but melodic voice commented. Izuku jumped as his eyes darted around even though the others seemed unphased. Ban turned his hips and his neck to look behind him.

"Wondering when you'd show up Gowther," he grumbled. With even steps and no hesitation, a rather pretty pink-haired individual stepped up next to the bed. Glasses perched on the nose with a glare hiding the eyes for a moment. Large amber orbs with long lashes looked down at him. A hand was placed by his head and he felt a jolt of energy through his head.

"You are Midoriya Izuku. Your parents are Hizashi and Inko. You are from the Asian Island continent of Japan. You have great admiration for heroes and have recently been told you would never be one with your lack of inherent young quirk."

Izuku felt tears pool in his eyes as the information came crashing back down.

"Did I say something wrong otokonoko?"

"My name is Izuku. I-I don't l-like being called b-boy."

"Would you prefer Deku?"

"The hell are you talking about Gowther?" Ban asked casually. Tears then began to pour down his cheeks.

"M-My name's Izuku."

"Oh." Another quick jolt of energy through his mind by the same hand. "I see. The symbols you use for language are quite complex and can mean many things. Your mother and father gave your name the meaning, Come out and a long time. But it seems the symbols are the same as useless. It seems that has another symbol spelling as well which can be read as a useless, puppet, or wooden doll."

"Okay, you lost me there Gowther."

"I can show you if you like."

"Hey kid stop crying," King tried to soothe as Ban looked at Gowther with mild disinterest.

"When would I need to learn that? Not like we'll be going there."

"I don't want to be useless," Izuku softly spoke under his tears. Conviction of his words held back the rather persistent stutter he had been showing.

"So don't be."

Green eyes shot over to cool and collected red orbs.

"You-You think I can be?"

"Why not?"

"You think... maybe I could be a hero?"

"With hard work, anyone can be. We should know. We were once called heroes. Probably should recover first before doing anything."

Tears of pain and sadness melted away for tears of unbridled joy. Someone thought he could be a hero. Despite no quirk. No abilities. But it didn't matter. He would become a hero.

Unknown to Izuku, resting just outside the little home hideaway was Merlin, listening in to the discussion. A small smile on her face from the information she had gathered from Gowther's very presence. Little Izuku had just become far more interesting.

"Come on kid, sit up."

"Ah, um..."

"You need a little help?"

"I-I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Living here, most don't get hurt as you did."

"Everyone here must be really strong then," Izuku said in awe. Ban snorted.

"You're just younger than everyone else here. You're gonna find not everyone here is actually strong. They just know where to be to stay out of trouble."

Warm, calloused hands grabbed Izuku from under his arms and gently lifted him more upright. He was held still as something cool and wet touched his back. He yelped at the surprising touch but was held steady.

"Calm down kid. It's just Elaine."


"No offense kid but you reek. But if you can't even sit up, I doubt you can bathe yourself."

Izuku's face flushed scarlet. He could take a bath on his own, even if his mom had to help him with his hair. Now two people he just met were giving him a sponge bath? It was embarrassing.

He closed his eyes and allowed them to clean him though. There was little else he could do all things considered. No sense arguing it.

Elaine's hands were thankfully gentle as they maneuvered and cleaned his back and burn. The cool water not stinging or aggravating it further. Salt and grime coming off in layers as he was held steady.

"Is this how humans care for their children?" Elaine asked curiously.

"Well, I wouldn't know. By the time I met Zhivago, I was older than this runt."


"My dad." Ban's voice in those two words held emotion that poured off in waves. Love. That was what Izuku heard. It was the same voice his mom would use when she talked about grandma and grandpa.

"Well, kid? How did your parents take care of you?"

Tears pricked at his eyes and began to spill over with the rather innocent "did". They weren't there with him. He didn't know if he was ever going to see them again.

"Hey now, kid don't get worked up. I know Elaine ain't hurtin ya."

"It's just, m-my m-m-mom and d-d-da-ad."

"I see. You miss em don't you brat?"

His waterfall of waterworks was rather impressive considering he hadn't really had anything to drink. Lots of tears, far more than either expected. Ban groaned but let the kid dry up before saying anything more.

"Look, kid, I know it's hard. You are going to have to come to terms with it though. We've all lost someone. We know what you're going through."

"I-I," Izuku sniffed once he could no longer produce tears, "I jus-ust miss the-them. I don't want the-em to be go-gone."

Ban's eyes met Elaine's. Her head shook in a slight warning. Ban sighed and looked back at Izuku.

"They aren't gone if you can remember them," Ban reassured lightly tapping Izuku's head, "then they will never be gone."

Izuku felt a smile come to his face as his red-rimmed eyes crinkled.



"So little human, how are you doing?" King floated down towards the recovering human.

"Better. I can now sit up on my own."

He put forth the effort to sit up and with a few minutes, he was upright on his own. A large smile bloomed across his face at his success. King gave his own small smile.

"So, you enjoying the bed?"

"Erm, I-it's nice," he barely stuttered. He knew that he was supposedly a King, but he was softer than Ban, his features reminded him of his mother. Even when he got expressive, it was more like his mom than Elaine. He just felt like a soft pillow in comparison to Ban's strong shield-like body.

"Oh, I want you to meet a friend of mine."

"A friend?"


"I-is he nice?"

King's smile turned into a smirk. He placed two fingers to his lips. A sharp whistle cut through the air. With a bark and a pop, Izuku gasped. A large fuzzy beast came into existence with dual green fur, a long snout, and a fuzzy tail.

"Izuku, this is my dear friend Oslo. He's a Black Hound. Oslo, this here is Izuku. He's a human who washed up ashore."

Izuku stared in fascination and shyly leaned back. His fingers curled in the fabric as he wanted to pet the floating puppy. Oslo lowered his head down to Izuku and took in a deep sniff. Izuku giggled at the breath from Oslo whipping his hair around.

"You can pet him if you like."

Izuku tentatively lifted his hand towards Oslo and felt the soft fur card through his fingers.

"So soft," he mumbled. Oslo yipped, startling Izuku for a moment before he erupted into his own giggles.

"Cute," King commented softly as he watched Oslo get fawned on by Izuku. Both had their fuzzy green hair going wild as they softly interacted.

Izuku whimpered as sleep held him in a tight embrace. His body fidgeted and his face contorted in pain ever so slightly.

"K-Kacchan..." His voice was a harsh and pained whisper. Cold sweat beaded on his forehead. "Kacchan."

Despite his slumber, tears were escaping at an alarming rate. Cool fingers ghosted across his face, gingerly stopping at his temple. His whimpers grew though only one heard. There were no words of comfort, just sounds of inquiry or curiosity. Soft and melodic, before shifting to something gruffer and familiar.

"Izuku. Deku. Deku."

Like lightning, Izuku shot up, sitting ramrod straight despite the pain as his breath came out in gasps. His green eyes wide and darting frantically around. His eyes darted past a silhouetted shadow, that stood taller than he was, that was looking down at him. His eyes jumped back to the silhouetted person and locked on. Gone were the spiky blond outline of their head that was no doubt hair, and gone were the piercing red eyes he had known since as long as he could remember. Instead, soft bubblegum pink hair lay gently around the head, and soft honey-like eyes gazing curiously down at him.

"You are awake." It was more of a statement than a question, "Something woke you up? You aren't in any danger."

The haunting curiosity stared Izuku in the face, near mirror-like. But something compelled him to tell Gowther everything.

"I-I had a dream about my friend. From back home."

"Kacchan? The boy who makes explosives?"

"Kacchan was my best friend. We were always together. I miss him."

"So, you two were close."

"My mom and Auntie Mit-suki were friends. So me and Kacchan grew up close. We even went to school together and watched video's of All Might," Izuku explained, perking up as his tears began to dry.

"All Might?"

"Uh-huh, he's a pro hero! He goes around an' saves everyone with a smile on his face."

Gowther's glasses glinted for a moment.

"He saves everyone?"

"Uh-huh! He stops all the bad guys! And saves people from fires! And floods! And falling buildings!"

"Ugh, kid... You should be sleeping. Go to bed," Ban groaned, not entirely awake enough to realize what was going on.

"You should rest. You will recover faster with adequate sleep."

"But what if I get scared?"

Just think of this All Might. I am sure he will make your dreams All Right."

Izuku giggled and closed his eyes, not once questioning how Gowther knew about Kacchan, nor why he didn't walk away when he fell back asleep.

Izuku didn't mind his days of recovery. Sure he was hurt and couldn't move a lot but he was never left alone. He had learned he was resting and recovering in Ban's home, and the pretty blonde lady with the large wings was his girlfriend Elaine. They were the ones he saw the most. Ban made food for all of them and they ate together as he did with his mom often. Ellaine would ask him questions about what it was like off the island. Izuku loved to talk about the things he had seen that weren't in a rather magical place. Ban would listen and occasionally make a sarcastic sounding comment about humans being humans.

Izuku didn't quite understand that. He knew that Harlequin and Elaine both called themselves fairies. They certainly were pretty enough to be. And the wings were most certainly fairy-like. But he always thought fairies were smaller. When his mom told stories, they were always small. But Harlequin and Elaine weren't.

Harlequin did visit on occasion. But given he was a king he was very busy. It was a lot of fun when he did visit though, as he normally brought his puppy named Oslo. Izuku really liked Oslo, his fur was so soft and fluffy and he could float. That and he was all sorts of green.

The pink-haired Gowther was unpredictable when they would show up. Sometimes it would be during a meal or other times he would wake up in the night to see them staring at him. Izuku was a little scared of Gowther because of it. It got worse when he had dreams of his mom or dad or Kacchan and he swore when he woke up, Gowther had their faces. But just as quickly as he saw the faces, Gowther would just be Gowther.

The island was nothing like home, but he couldn't help but like the place all the same. Slowly, it started to feel like home.

All the chaos of living with the sins starting small. But hopefully will be enjoyable. Izuku is on his way to recovery.

So, my goal isn't to make Izuku OP, but certainly formidable. Regardless if he is trained by sin or not. So far, I have about... Nine or so different learning styles for the green bean to possibly learn. He will learn only one of them.

As for the information on Izuku's name, I went and found it here at kansaichick Japanese- kanji-blog/ meaning- of-kanji- name -midoriya-izuku-deku- my-hero-academia/

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