Days passed and Izuku's little sob-fest was dutifully ignored by the pair. Torino watched him as he spent one day gathering wood and plant material, then sculpting them into an incredibly detailed puppet of sorts.

He watched in curiosity, wondering why this creation had so much more work put into it, where as others were made as quickly as possible with the help of his "quirk". He also wondered why the puppet like thing was sculpted with anger and rage being so dominate in its' face and form. The other creations Izuku made were often neutral in expression if they had one at all.

He spent the better part of the day making the thing, only using his ability to bind once he was satisfied with the form. Torino was a touch concerned when the first thing the construct did was strike Izuku on the head. He was even more concerned with the one sided response.

"Ow. Kichan," Izuku whined, "I'm sorry I didn't remake you sooner. I got distracted."

Torino kept his distance that day, but still watching up until Izuku introduced "Kichan". Apparently, it was one of the first constructs he had ever made. From name to material and even the style.

It was disturbing having the creation follow Izuku around, or stand guard outside at night. But it wasn't much of a threat from what Torino could tell. He was far faster than the construct and could destroy it easily no doubt. But it was still kind of creepy. Even worse was that it had started to grow a routine. Namely, following Izuku, hitting him when he started to ramble or mumble uncontrollably, and now collecting the mail.

The mail was the funniest and the most disturbing thing. It seemed to act on its' own to get the mail as soon as the mail carrier stepped foot on the property. It always knew when the mail was there, regardless of who was carrying the mail that day. Regardless of the time. It scared many of them when the construct would appear and relieve them of their mail.

Four days it had brought in the mail and what made it worse was Izuku's own confusion at the whole thing. He entered a mutter-storm about it and some kind of moss when the construct hit him again.

The two left it alone for the most part. Both still wondered about it, Izuku kept looking at the construct's wrists much to Torino's confusion.

Izuku on the other hand was ninety percent sure that using the Fairy King's Moss on his earlier construct of Kichan may have had some unforeseen consequences. He knew he'd need to pull out Merlin's crystal ball to ask Uncle King some questions.

It was when he had come to the decision to make a call that Kichan dropped an oddly heavy envelope on his lap. He blinked in confusion as Torino went through his own mail.

"U.A. sent me a letter," Izuku commented as he read the envelope. Torino rolled his eyes.

"You just gonna stare at it or are you gonna open it?" Torino sassed.

Izuku pulled out the small blade he had procured from the unskilled man he had ran into when he first came to Japan and cut the envelope open. He then pulled out an odd disk. He jumped when a hologram appeared from the disk.

"I Am Here! As a projection!" a familiar form appeared and Izuku's face went blank. The blond man who's face was a key to his past from before the island stood before him. He didn't pay attention to the words he was saying as he looked over the disk and poked the hologram. He wasn't terribly surprised when his finger went right through it. His hand was smacked back from the projection by Kichan. He looked back at his construct with mild annoyance.

"That was rude Kichan," Izuku admonished. The wood golem's face shifted from disgruntled to aggressively annoyed and directed it at Izuku.

"Pay attention Zygote!" Torino yelled. Izuku looked back at Torino with wide eyes just as the recording finished, "This is your hero academia!"

Suddenly, the projection was gone. Izuku looked at the device again with confusion.

"Congrats girly, you got in."

"I got in?"

"To the hero school."

"Oh. Okay. I'm going to go to school Kichan."

Torino shook his head. Most would be enthusiastic to hear the news. Kid had no idea what was ahead.

Katsuki glared at the device that had told him he had made it into UA. He still had a long way to go. The proof was that he got second place in the entry exam. By one point. It told him he had someone worth looking for at the school to train against. Someone other than Shoto. His inner need to be the best, fueled only by his desire for justice and inner rage relished this challenge.

He always fought those better until he was the best. Now was the time to do so again.

"Man, Inko is going to be so proud of you. She always did say you would go far. Now if only you were cuter," Mitsuki sighed at the end.

"Screw you old hag!"

"What'd you call me brat!?"

Shouto enjoyed the soba Inko had prepared as a congratulatory meal for making it into U.A. As always, it was delicious. And odd as it was, she made a small portion of Katsudon for herself to enjoy.

"Inko-San, why do you make Katsudon when you make soba?"

"Hm..." tears swelled in her eyes but didn't spill.

"Soba is your favorite food. Katsudon, was my son's."

Shouto went silent. She never spoke of her son, other than the implication that he was dead. Dead due to her husband. She always grew quiet when she mentioned either of them. He kept the respectful silence. He also silently vowed to bring the one who had hurt her so much to justice.

He knew he wasn't the only one seeking justice either. Katsuki had made it very clear that not only did he know more, but he had a drive to get justice for her son as well.

Uniforms were a must for schools in Japan. And Torino couldn't help the confusion and amusement he had taking Izuku to get his assortment of uniforms. Usually it would be simple getting either a blazer and pants or skirt with the appropriate tie. But Izuku, despite his insistence he wasn't a girl, wanted to get a set of the girl's uniform.

"It's clothes and they look nice," he had said, "Besides, clothes are clothes. They can't have genders."

Who was he to judge the kid? It wasn't like he asked for much either, too focused on learning, making his little creations or trying to figure out how to search for his mother. Even food wise, the kid had started to forage and occasionally hunt, bringing back fish from the nearby forest stream. He had to explain that while the fish was good he was supposed to hunt it with the set laws and regulations. Izuku had shrugged his shoulders and then just accepted what Torino gave him.

School was fast approaching and Torino had procured the supplies Izuku would need for school. All that was left was his costume design.

One day, he slid the form in front of Izuku.

"What is this for?" He never asked what something was per say. Just what it was for.

"A form for your hero suit."

"My hero suit?" His wide green eyes stared blankly at Torino.

"What? You think they'd have you fight in your school clothes?"

"Huh. I guess they aren't really the best material. So what do I do?"

"Describe and draw out the clothes. What you're looking for, and your measurements."

Izuku looked pensive at the papers. He then took out a pencil and began sketching a fairly detailed drawing of an outfit. Where the inspiration was from, Torino didn't know.

A dark red headband with what looked like a paw print of all things on his left temple, a yellow jacket with a stylized green pattern on the collar and the end of the sleeves, an off white shirt underneath, paired with dark pants and a pair of slim boots with no added height. And a belt, set with various pouches it seemed. Over the shoulder he also had what appeared to be a bag, just a simple over the arm or across the body type of bag.

He placed the image aside and began to fill out the rest of the form taking it incredibly serious.

Torino could only hope he would take his schooling just as serious.

Soon enough the day finally arrived for Izuku to leave for school and Torino couldn't stop grinning.

"You know how to take the train?"


"You know not to fall asleep?"

"It might be far but I'll stay awake. I don't want to miss my stop."

"You have a map to get there?"

Izuku pulled a map out of his bag.

"Sure do."

"Your mess of hair sorted out?"

"Torino," he whined, "It's already braided."

Surely enough it was. But it was fun to mess with the kid.

"You sure you have everything?"

Izuku nodded his head.

"Then get going girly. I don't want to see you until your school lets out."

"Okay," he said as he began to leave the property, "Bye Grandpa!"

Torino froze as Izuku kept walking. Damn brat.

He turned to go back inside and sleep some more, only to come face to face so to speak with the wooden amalgamation Kichan.

"Now what to do with you," Torino muttered. He had told Izuku to leave the wooden thing behind but now, now he was going to be stuck with the thing.

"Wonder if you could do more than just get the mail..."

Izuku was fascinated being on the train with only a few people dressed in business suits aboard. He took an available seat, knowing he would be on board for a while. He checked his bag he had brought from the island, now holding his school items. Notebooks, pencils, pens, map, class information, and other items Torino said he would need were all nestled around the Gowther doll. He may have been told to leave Kichan back at the house but wasn't told he couldn't bring the pink haired doll.

So between people watching and looking over the new items and the doll, he preoccupied himself rather well. He did jump up when he finally heard his stop. It was somewhat thrilling to try something new. And he had heard some of the best adventures the sins ever had, were when they had taken a side step away from whatever their main objective was.

He had a lively skip to his step as he followed the directions to the school. He smiled seeing the large facility again. His speed picked up slightly and he made his way inside.

Time was a concept Torino had worked with him on, as on the island, time was rather subjective. But Izuku could see the merits of Torino's being on time concept.

Or rather, being early was being on time, on time was being late and to be late was dangerous.

It was the same set up to fights. An early strike makes one prepared, on time simply did not exist, and late to battle meant a higher chance of destruction. So early was best.

He searched the halls, becoming familiar with the area enough to find certain rooms that had been highlighted on his map by Torino. Once he felt confident, he maneuvered his way back towards his classroom, now seeing more people in uniform making their way to classrooms. Of course, he followed suit.

In little time, he made his way into class 1A. Only pausing for a moment seeing the tall door, he entered what would be his learning room No one was inside so he chose a seat at random. Out of twenty uniform seats and one larger desk, he chose a seat by the window.

Izuku let out a small yawn and felt his eyelids droop as the rhythmic ticking of the clock began to lull him to doze. Lightly dozing, he jumped slightly when someone else entered the room. His eyes locked onto a familiar form.

"Ah, hello," the familiar boy greeted rather robotically.

"Hello," Izuku waved back. "Nice to see you again."

"It is nice to see you as well Izuku." Then, he abruptly bowed in a perfect ninety degree angle that Izuku was certain he had only seen from Gowther.

"I must apologize for my actions towards you on the day of the test."

Izuku blinked. Then in a motion well practiced on the island, Izuku placed his hand on top of Iida's head and gave it a few pats.

"It's okay. I don't even know why you're apologizing."

Iida shot upright at Izuku's words. He opened his mouth to continue when the door opened again. Both turned to the door as a pink skinned girl, and a red haired boy walked into the classroom.

"Hi!" the pink skinned girl greeted rather bubbly. She rushed over to the two, bringing the red haired boy with her.

"I'm Ashido Mina, and this is-"

"Kirishima Eijiro," he introduced with a sharp toothed grin.

"Izuku. It's nice to meet you," Izuku introduced himself.

"I am Iida Tenya and I am from Soumei Academy-"

Izuku stared with wide eyes as the tall blue haired boy began what seemed like a well rehearsed introduction. Izuku pulled out a notebook and pencil and watched the three interact, more than happy to be peoplewatching.

More specifically, it gave him an opportunity to work on a skill he hadn't used often since he left the island. With quick strokes and as measured as possible to make them accurate. He'd work on making little dolls of them later. They were appreciated by the sins, maybe his potential fellow classmates would like them as well?

He continued to watch as more people entered the classroom, acting as a distraction from the three returning to talk to him. He was fine with it as he continued to watch quietly and take down any information he could.

He was fascinated by a boy who walked in with a bird head, perhaps a were animal? Papa Ban had told him stories of werefoxes, so was a werebird any stranger? He had so many questions for the dark avian boy.

One by one, children filled the seats, or stood around others in conversation. Izuku noted a boy with two colored hair, a girl who reminded him a lot of Auntie Merlin with her facial structure, a larger man with multiple arms, a boy with a large, thick tail, a girl with really short hair but long earlobes, a loud laughing boy with a black jagged mark in his blond hair and a boy who seemed to sparkle.

The door slammed open in the middle of drawing "Sparkles", and another student entered. Izuku's eyes were locked on the form as he skulked into the room. The boy was taller than he was, as many were, had pale blond hair and gleaming red eyes, hardened like rubies. His lips were drawn as a scowl, not hiding one bit of displeasure he had for whatever reason. He didn't talk to anyone or introduce himself as others had. Instead he plopped his butt into the seat in front of Izuku's desk and put his feet up on the desk. It looked rather comfortable position to be in but he didn't move as soon Iida was at their side.

"Get your feet off the table! That's disrespectful to all those who have been here before us!"

The blond clicked his tongue in displeasure.

"It ain't hurting anyone. So lay off," the blond growled.


"What? That hurt your sensibilities? You some damn elitist telling me how I can sit?" he interrupted.

"My name is Iida Tenya and I am from Soumei Academy-"

"Rich boy elitist," the blond scoffed, "You think because you got money and a fancy upbringing you can just tell us what to do? I should just blow that condescending look right off your face-"

"Ah, made it!" a new voice drew Izuku's attention from the bickering. His eyes widened and his lips curled back a bit further into a more noticeable smile seeing the gravity girl he had met before. Her eyes locked onto his.

"Oh! Zero-point breaker!" she said gleefully. Many of the students grew a touch quieter hearing what she had said. They looked to her then followed her gaze to the braided haired individual behind the bickering blond and bluenette. Izuku waved back.

"Hello Miss Gravity," he responded, not knowing her name. Her rosy cheeks grew even redder with the name.

"It's Uraraka-"

"If you're here to socialize, then leave."

The class looked around in confusion at the voice. Izuku's head didn't move now seeing a lump behind Uraraka. Something bright and yellow and with a man's face. He merely blinked at the oddness. His eyes shifted to Uraraka, then to the floor. She turned and yelped, seeing the cocooned man on the floor. She yelped and for who knew what reason, ran to the only open seat left.

Izuku couldn't help but wonder, was this man their teacher? He knew tired people could be absolutely devastating in battle, Uncle King was proof of that.

The lump glared rather impressively at the group.

"It took you twenty seconds to quiet down. It's irrational to waste time."

With rather impressive skill, the man got upright, to his feet and practically slipped out of the yellow contraption to reveal a dark outfit paired with a white scarf.

"I am your homeroom teacher Shota Aizawa. Now," he continued, pulling out a small box filled with keys. "You will go to the locker rooms and change into the clothes in the lockers. Meet me out on the field in ten minutes."

"But Aizawa-Sensei, what about orientation?" Uraraka asked.

Aizawa looked at her with disinterest.

"UA is known for its' freedom in education. This goes for the teachers as well as the students. You now have nine and a half minutes." The class rushed to the door, desperate to make it to the lockers grabbing their keys on their way out. Izuku stood calmly from his seat and walked to the window after grabbing his own key. He saluted the teacher before opening the window and jumping out.

It was closer to the lockers anyway. He remembered from his map.

Sure enough, he was in the locker room before anyone else. He found the locker listed as Torino Izuku with a flimsy piece of paper and quickly changed into the clothes provided. Granted, his shirt was a little longer than expected, but who cared? He removed the flimsy paper knowing which locker had his belongings in. He walked out of the locker room and was on his was to the field as he saw the first of his class arrive. He gave a wave and skipped over to the field where the teacher stood waiting.

"Three minutes," he muttered.

"To be early is to be on time," Izuku said simply.

"That why you jumped out the window?" he grunted.

"Yes. It's a lot faster than the door, then the halls and stairs and more doors."

"You sure you got the right locker?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Your gym uniform is big on you."

"I guess I could grow into it."

And that was that. Both then waited for the other students to arrive. A few arrived alone, some raced against one another, but soon all of them were gathered. Izuku noticed Mineta among them, the boy who had sat next to him before the exam. He still had that unfortunate drooling problem. He wondered if Aunt Merlin could fix that.

Aizawa looked over the twenty hero hopefuls before him.

"We will be doing a quirk apprehension test. Torino. Step into the circle."

It took Izuku a moment, but he did step forward, remembering his card had said Torino Izuku. He stood in the circle and was handed a ball.

"Use your quirk, and throw this as far as you can."

Izuku looked at the ball curiously. Tapping into his magic, the ball changed shape in his hands to appear similar to a small fairy. Light, lithe, and a fast flyer, it kind of reminded him of Uncle King in design. He recalled how his Aunt Diane would throw Papa Ban when he had made her really mad. He positioned the once ball in his hand like a javelin and threw it. The wings remained tucked towards the body as it soared upward. The moment that it reached the peak of the arc from the throw, the folded wings expanded to extend the time in the air by gliding. Izuku let it glide in favor of looking back at Aizawa-Sensei and his classmates.

A few looked at him as thought he were a curiosity, some looked bored.

"706 meters," he stated dryly.

"Oh wow!"


"This looks like fun!"

"Fun?" Aizawa parroted with his own wicked amusement sparkling in his tired eyes. "Then let's make this a bit more interesting. Whoever scores lowest, will be expelled."

Izuku heard a volley of complaints but didn't listen as he tried to figure out the meaning of the word. He had heard of expelling food. It was a given when Captain cooked, but he was certain that the use of expelling here didn't mean the same thing.

"Villain attacks, natural disasters, tragic accidents, all things a hero must be ready for. Life's not fair."

Izuku had to agree with Aizawa. A fair world would have given him a quirk at least. Something most everyone had. Life was unfair to take his father away in death, and his mother in mystery.

But he had found his own path by means of the sins who found him.

He performed each task set before him, many not having him use his gift at all.

The sprint was easy, and it felt nice to actually be one of the faster people. Back on the island, those who raced him rarely used their full speed or lost, but getting three and a half second for the sprint was considered pretty fast for the group. The grip test was also simple, easily getting a hundred kilos from the knife training and fishing on the island. He cleared the long jump without effort, used to jumping small gorges back on the island. Sidesteps were awkward but not difficult. They did the ball throw, he watched each one eagerly and was impressed with Uraraka getting an infinity.

But he excelled in the long distance run. Where as others began to drop after the first two laps, he hadn't even felt winded. In fact, he had already begun to run past people who hadn't ran as far as he had.

He was used to running on the island. It was how you got anywhere really. There were no cars or carriages and he certainly did not have wings or the ability to teleport like Merlin. And running with Hawk was near daily routine. He could run for quite a while before getting tired.

One by one, students couldn't keep going and made their way off the track. Soon, only five remained. One was Iida, but he was struggling the longer he went. He was the best in the sprint though, did he not know how to pace himself?

The two other boys were better at pacing. The boy with two colored hair was gliding across the ground over ice. He appeared rather graceful, but he seemed to be using less and less of his power for some reason. The boy who argued with Iida was the opposite. He didn't start with his quirk, but he was certainly using it now to have more force behind him. He seemed determined to ignore everyone in favor of holding out the longest.

The most interesting one though, was the girl who reminded Izuku of Aunt Merlin. Much like the intelligent recluse of the island, she didn't run. Instead, she crafted something else to do it for her. Something that would take no energy to use.

He wondered how long that device would last.

Iida was next to leave, followed by the odd two toned boy looking rather, for a lack of better term, cold.

Minutes passed and he could hear the cheering from the classmates for their endurance. It was then, the blond boy dropped. Quite literally. He was panting heavily and appeared disgustingly sweaty, but his body just seemed to have decided it couldn't handle any more of the long distance run. Pity. There was something about him that made Izuku want to root for him.

Now, there were only two. And since the girl wasn't using any energy with the device she was on, Izuku thought it might be good to introduce himself. They had a pretty good chance of being classmates didn't they? So, he caught up to her and her scooter. and held pace with it.


She looked at him with confusion.

"Hello," she responded politely.

"My name is Izuku. What's yours?"

"A pleasure to meet you Torino-san. I am Yaoyorozu Momo."

Izuku's nose crinkled at being called Torino. That was the old Grandfather like man who was letting him live in his house. It wasn't him.

"Just call me Izuku."

"A-Are you sure?" she asked sounding surprised.

"Sure I'm sure. I prefer people calling me Izuku."

"If that's what you prefer," she parroted with the surprise still clear.

"It is. Most people call me by it."

Everyone on the island did when they weren't calling him some nickname. He was Izuku. That was what he knew.

"You two, bring it in," Aizawa tiredly called out to them. Izuku didn't stop running. He instead pivoted and kept running until he was with the classmates who had stopped running earlier. Yaoyurozu on the other hand, stopped her scooter and jogged over to the group. All students stood, all with various degrees of nervousness.

"It's too much a hassle to announce everyone, so here," he said as a strange projection of a list appeared. Izuku tilted his head at being in the number one spot. His eyes then trailed down the list, curious to see who was last so he could understand what the man meant by expulsion.

Izuku frowned as he recognized the name. The odd little boy who sat next to him for the tests to enter the school. He looked towards where he heard sniffling. Was expulsion really that bad?

"As for the expulsion... It was a logical ruse."

A wail of relief came from Mineta making Izuku more confused. Just what horror was expulsion?

"Everyone, pick up a syllabus before you leave. We're done for today."

That... Izuku understood. Sometimes, back on the island, lessons had to be canceled for any number of reasons at a moments notice. Taking the leave for what it was, Izuku ran back to the locker room and changed quickly back into his other uniform. He was thankful he chose to wear the skirt combo that day. It breathed a lot easier than the regulated pants.

For the second time in the day, he found himself leaving the locker room, before anyone else had arrived.

Bakugo had watched Torino, questioning the student like the other students no doubt were. Torino was the only person who had a mixed uniform, wearing the female uniform and the male gym clothes. He overheard some of the extras commenting about Torino being a pretty girl. Even some lecherous comments from one of them that made his blood boil. Perverts often "picked on" people or made life miserable for another, something he learned as the Big Brother of Aldera.

Something felt off from the comments of the long haired girl. Sure, Torino did look like a girl. And maybe they were. But there was something that kept him from joining in on the "clearly a girl" bandwagon.

Torino's name.

Against all odds, Bakugo had never met another person named Izuku.

He had looked at the last photograph taken of the two of them often enough. He knew Auntie Inko's Izuku was freckled. So was Torino Izuku. Auntie Inko's Izuku had dark green hair that without enough light appeared black. Torino Izuku's hair was dark as well, with green becoming more apparent near the end of their long braid, similar to it being sun bleached. Lastly was the bright and huge eyes. Both had large green eyes that were the dominate feature of the face.

There was a problem with the train of thought though.

Auntie Inko's Izuku was quirkless. It was the reason he disappeared. Torino Izuku had a weird manipulation quirk.

He had an itch to get home and look up the chance of a late blooming quirk or false negatives in identifying having a quirk. He wasn't going to jump the gun though, he needed to know that it had a chance.

He was both irritated and grateful that they were released early after the initial quirk test (yet another question given Torino had been wearing the male uniform for the active portion much to the disappointment of the vocal pervert). He hoped that the school would take their education seriously. He was thrilled to not have to stew in his impatience. The other classmates seemed excited to be going home early, probably to tell their families how the day went and how they'd be back the next day. He took his time, wanting to avoid the other classmates who were trying to make friends. He did not need the distraction. Whether his hunch was a lead or a dud, it was the first scrap of a chance he had in a long time.

It was because of his strategic wait, that he noticed someone else not rushing home.

Torino Izuku.

Torino had looked at the time and merely shrugged their shoulders and began to walk around the campus.

Did they not want to go home? Perhaps an issue with a parent?

His jaw tightened, thinking of Izuku's father when he took him away. Of the horrors that could have occurred. Especially if it led to Izuku getting a quirk.

He had an opportunity to try and solve if Torino had any connection to his childhood friend. And despite having a need to look at whether Izuku could have actually had a quirk, it could wait. He felt a need to know just who Torino was. And there was no better way, than casual people watching.

It wasn't like he was expected home for a while anyway.

"You aren't leaving immediately either?" Shoto stated dryly.

"What the hell do you want Icy-Hot?" Katsuki growled.

"You seem to be fixated on the girl with the braid."

"You stalking me now Icy-Hot?"

"No. I am wondering why."

"None of your business."

"Then you don't mind if I remain with you until Fujimori arrives to retrieve us?"

"Do what you want. Just stay out of my way.

Izuku was a bit perplexed on what to do next. Torino explained how he was to get home, but it was far too soon for the train in question to arrive. So he wandered the campus, taking in all he could of the layout of essentially his training grounds. He saw other individuals using their gifts and sparring, heard explosions in the distance, and smelt food cooking. He watched with avid attention of the sparring individuals. One had a gift of flight, the other making barriers. He wondered it the barrier maker could make a bubble around the flyer and the flyer could move it around, sort of like a shielded cannon ball.

He had rarely seen combination moves among the sins, having no real need to fight anyone except each other when the mood struck. Well, Aunt Merlin could perform her own combos when she chose to. It was how he had seen most of the combinations and how they could be used in battle. Like wind and fire. Water and poison. Metal and electricity.

Mostly the elements and how they played with one another.

But quirks were far more limited than Aunt Merlin's magic. And it begged the question what they would do together. His questions went unanswered as he knew better than to interrupt a spar. He'd figure it out later. He kept moving to see if there was anything else interesting on the training field. He found himself in luck when he saw a new group of students where he had been earlier with his class. And he recognized one of those individuals from the entry test.

With an extra spring in his step, he sped up to the group of students standing and facing a tall, very muscular man with hair much like his Papa Ban. Izuku smiled and stood behind the students, listening in curiously.

"We will be testing your upper limits of your capabilities. You will use everything you have to complete the tasks to the very best of your ability," he spoke firmly. Izuku walked closer and stood next to the student he knew.

He saw Monoma was stealthily looking over his classmates quirks. He didn't know what exactly he was doing or thinking. But no doubt he was looking for something within the other students. He was near the back of the group, standing on the edge observing everyone who went up to the ball throw.

"I wonder what they'll do to throw the ball," Izuku wondered aloud to his acquaintance. He noticed Monoma whipped his head around to face him as Izuku watched a girl with vines for hair practically glided to the circle to throw her ball.

"You-" Monoma yelped. The blond took a step back and stared at the braided student, wearing the UA uniform.

"Oh sorry. Hi Monoma!"

Monoma's eyes just stared dumbly at Izuku.

Izuku tilted his head curiously.

"So she can move those vines independently from her scalp," Izuku muttered, just loud enough Monoma to hear. The blond whipped his head to the circle. He needed to focus. Izuku shrugged his shoulders.

Izuku commented with each student until he was noticed by the taller and buffer teacher. The man had stopped a guy who looked like an odd bottle of sorts. His footfalls were heavy. and his stance was imposing, but not intimidating. He knew dangerous, and the man just didn't feel dangerous. Not like when Merlin and Elaine fought.

"Shouldn't you be in class right now?" he spoke with a slight growl. Izuku wondered if he had animal traits. It would explain the fangs peeking out of his lips. Though when Papa Ban talked about Wereanimals, they were much better at hiding the animal features. Granted, the man was quirked, not magic so not much could be done there.

"I was already let out. But the train to head back doesn't leave until after school is let out. So I thought I would make myself familiar with the school," Izuku said without worry.

"And who's your teacher?" he questioned.


There was a quiet groan from the tall man.

"Of course you're one of his," he muttered, rubbing his eyes in irritation.

"Is it a problem?"

There was a quiet moment and he glared down at Izuku unabashedly.

"Aizawa gave you a quirk assessment earlier. Correct?"

"Our whole class participated in it." Izuku ignored the stares from the students at the odd interaction.

"What was your score in the ball throw?"

"Over 700 meters. But I wasn't the farthest score," he answered.

"How did you score over 700 meters?" Monoma questioned. His eyes narrowed in question, doubting Izuku.

"I turned the ball into a fairy."


"I turned the ball into a fairy. Threw it like a dart and let it glide."

"But... you're..."

Monoma was interrupted by his teacher now addressing the class.

"You hear that? 700 meters and not the top of the class," he began. "This is our competing class. You all want to be heroes?"

The students looked pumped and ready to prove they should be at UA.

"Your goal is to beat this 1A student in at least one event."


"Excuse me?"

"My name is Izuku. And you are?"

There was an odd silence. Most knew who the blood hero was. All UA students knew the man. So Izuku not knowing was an anomaly.

"You will refer to me as either Vlad King or Kan-Sensei."

"Yes Kan-Sensei."

The dark red eyes bore deep into Izuku.

"Your family name is Izuku?"

Izuku blinked, then gave the "family" name Torino told him to use.

"Torino," he corrected.

"Right... All right line up!" he barked, "Let's get started!"

Izuku looked over the rest of the students. "Good Luck!"

Izuku was enjoying going through the challenge again, as he couldn't remember the details from his previous test. He didn't mind doing it in the skirt and button up shirt either. Granted, he did use a bit of his magic to keep his skirt towards his skin as to not flash anyone. It was something he had learned from Mama Elaine as she often flew in her dress.

He had done well the second time through, his short sprint being beat by a girl named Pony. A few people beat him in the grip machine. Overall, he was most pleased about watching the other people's quirks. He also waved multiple times at Monoma who had been staring at him with a consistently perplexed expression. Once it was over the teacher began his little "motivational" speech.

"Well that was pathetic. You all have a long way to go before you become heroes."

Izuku thought it was a little harsh. But what did he know? Growing up in the Fairy King's forest was nothing like life back in his home nation.

"You need to prove yourselves like this little girl-"


"-She- Excuse me?"

"Sir, I'm a boy. Not a girl."

The class collectively stared at Izuku, not believing a word of his his positively petite and fit form, to the large doll like eyes, the impressively long hair and his skirt based uniform.

"I'm telling the truth. I am a boy," he reiterated, realizing no one believed him.

"There is no way you're a boy. Unless you're... you know," a boy with silvery hair and sharp teeth commented.

"Unless I'm what? I'm a boy." Izuku couldn't help the slight whine in his tone.

"Oh yeah, prove it."

Izuku's eyes sparked in defiance. His hands moved to his little neck scarf and deftly removed it.

"Hey kid don't even-"

In a move that would be remembered for years to come, Izuku opened his shirt and flashed his chest for all of class 1B to see.

"Sweet Lord!"

"He is a guy!"

"What the-"


Izuku stood unabashed with his shirt open, his chest bare to class 1B.

"Is this sufficient evidence that I'm a boy?"

He may have channeled his cousin Gowther for the question.

"Why are you wearing women's clothes?" The sharp toothed silver haired boy screeched in a rather unmanly tone.

"Clothes don't have genders. It's just fabric," Izuku responded. If Gowther could wear any kind of clothing, why couldn't he? No one else seemed to mind on the island.

"Kid, button up your shirt," the teacher groaned, rubbing his eyes. Izuku followed his request and buttoned his shirt back up. Despite the confirmation he was a guy, he could still pass off as a girl. And his innocence with his addressing clothing, only raised questions.

"I don't get why everyone seems to give clothes genders. It seems silly," Izuku furthered his thought on clothing. "Also a little awkward, because if they were gendered, what if your pants were a male and your shirt female, or even a pair of socks. Actually, would they be better as two different genders as lovers or keeping them as a set of identical twins..."

His commentary grew softer and softer as he continued his commentary on gendered clothing.

"Right," Vlad King, "Class! Go to the locker rooms and get changed. Class is dismissed!"

"Torino, can we talk?" Monoma approached. Izuku smiled at the familiar face.

"Hi Monoma. Sure. I saw you have a lot of abilities," Izuku gushed, "I wanted to ask how you were able to do so many things. Quirks are usually so limited but what you were doing kind of reminded me of my Aunt Merlin because she can do so many different things too. But you seem to have a limit of how long it takes you to switch up your power why is that? Do you need some help practicing with it? I can always help cause I remember working with my Aunt Merlin on my abilities."

"Erm... No. I was kind of wondering what your quirk was exactly."

"I can make golems," Izuku answered. He never said his quirk was making golems. Just that he could.

"Mmhm," Monoma hummed, standing behind with Izuku as his classmates went towards the locker room. He favored a more leisurely pace to try and coax information out of Izuku. He figured extending a slight olive branch would go a long way.

"My quirk allows me to copy other quirks through touch."

"Oohhhhh." Izuku smiled at Monoma a little brighter. Someone he could talk to about his magic and not seem crazy!

"My Aunt Merlin would like you. But I guess this means you know that I don't have a quirk," he admitted.


"I have magic," Izuku finished just soft enough that only Monoma could hear him, and with a flourish of his wrist, he used the discarded vines of Ibara's hair and some grass to make a small grass gremlin.

"Sure you do." Monoma rolled his eyes. "I'll figure your quirk out one day. Since it seems you do have one," he commented as he picked up the moving plant based creation. The little creature looked kind of angry the more he looked at it though.

"But... I am telling the truth."

Oh well, if Monoma didn't believe him, there was little he could do about it.

So caught up in his exploration and interactions with class 1B, he never did notice the blond bomber from his class watching him from a distance.

Given last names are said first in Japanese culture, Torino is what our resident angry boy first saw. Not Izuku, and when he learned his name, let's just say that was not what he was looking for.

And Class 1B now knows Izuku is a boy. And possibly Katsuki and Shoto.

This chapter has been both really fun to write and a pain in my ass. I found myself thinking it would be funny to have class 1B know Izuku's gender, Izuku having no issues with hanging out with them despite the early on rivalry, and as of Monoma and Merlin, it kind of seems like a perfect match of powers so to speak. That being said, I've had more than a few rewrites in this chapter. The flow just felt off. Ugh.