Author's Note: This right here is a sister story of my Xtrema series. Each chapter will take place in a different fantasy setting and specific female wrestlers from any franchise or made by anyone, including me, to fill in the major roles in those stories. The chapters will also center around a major fight scene.

*The setting here is in Ancient Greece, where the Greeks worship the gods and the demigods were given great tasks by them.

Thunder Mana as Mana, Demigoddess of Zeus

Eris as the goddess impersonator

Mother Devil as the amazon champion

*Thunder Mana and Eris are owned by me.

*Mother Devil comes from the final episode of Tiger Mask W.

It started in Ancient Greece, where people worshipped the gods of Olympus. Back in those days, the gods, even Zeus, would visit Earth sometimes and have love affairs with mortals. Such affairs would result in the birth of demigods, half human/half god. As children of those deities, the demigods would possess amazing strength and power. The demigod in particular is Mana, aka Thunder Mana, daughter of Zeus.

Mana grew up as a farmer. Her strong stature was natural, which helped her run her farm all on her own. She'd often protect her crops from bandits and monsters sent by Zeus' vengeful wife, Hera. Sometimes, Zeus would contact Mana and give her tasks that to test her mettle. And this time, she had her most challenging mission yet.

Somewhere in the city of Elis, a beautiful woman has approached the public and claimed to be the Goddess of Chaos, Eris. She performed faux tricks to convince the city to worship her. She even hired an Amazon as extra muscle. The real gods find this to be disrespectful, so Zeus decided to send Mana to handle it. Mana accepted it and took her green armor with her.

Upon arriving at Elis, Mana learned that Eris had been setting up at the arena where the Olympics were usually held. Mana arrived there and found a large group of people surrounding two women. One was a beautiful woman. She had blonde hair with a purple streak that matched her purple eyes. She also had on a purple set of armor that was modified to show off her sexy body. The other was a very tall, muscular woman with long brown hair. She had on a black armor with red striped along her sides. Seeing how the people were bowing to the blonde woman, Mana knew she found the right fraud.

Eris, as she called herself, approached one of the men bowing to her and stroked his hair. "Well done, my mortals. You make me very proud. I can't think of anything more satisfying than the love you show to me."

"I can think of one!" Mana shouted getting everyone's attention. "And that's exposing you!"

"Excuse me!" Eris said. "Who are you?"

"I am Thunder Mana, daughter of Zeus. And you are no goddess! You've been pulling tricks to foll everyone into worshiping you! Well, my father has sent me to put a stop to all that!"

"Me, a fraud?" Eris asked feigning ignorance. "Sounds like you're more delusional than Dionysus himself, and he's the god of madness. Do you have any proof?"

"I'll prove it to everyone today." Mana said. "Goddesses don't bleed, and I plan to make you hurt so much, you'll admit your crimes."

"So it's a duel you want." Eris said. "All right, fool. I'll play along, but how do I know you're really worthy of a fight against me? If you want to face me…" She placed her hand on the Amazon's shoulders. The Amazon gave a confident smirk. "You'll have to prove yourself by defeating my Amazon champion."

"Sending your brute to fight for you? You really are a coward." Mana called out. "But fine. I'll defeat your bodyguard, and then, I'll show everyone just how mortal you really are."

Eris nodded at her bodyguard, who stepped forward to face Thunder Mana. The entire crowd made a circle surrounding the two of them as they prepared themselves. They circled each other for a minute sizing each other up. And soon enough, the two of them charged at each other.

Thunder Mana and the amazon grabbed each other's arms and pressed on for control. Mana managed to hook a leg behind the Amazon's and push her to the ground. They hadn't let go of each other and Mana straddled on top of her opponent.

"Why are you helping her?" Mana asked. "You can't be foolish enough to believe she's an actual goddess."

The Amazon reversed the position by rolling on top of Mana.

"Does it matter? As long as everyone believes she's the Goddess of Chaos herself and I'm serving as her right hand, these idiots will do whatever we say."

"Malaka!" Thunder Mana cursed. "I would have thought you'd have more honor than that!"

The Amazon placed her forearm and pressed it against Mana's throat cutting off her air supply.

"Only a pitiful weakling like yourself would care about honor. After you're done, I'm sure Eris will keep you around either as a slave or a concubine."

Thunder Mana went with another option. She rolled up a fist and struck the amazon's face making her let go. Mana then got back up and hit her with a shoulder tackle. When the amazon fell to her back, Mana grabbed her ankles and threw her to the side. Mana then dropped her body over the amazon's and continuously punched her head. She then wrapped one of her arms around the Amazon's head.

"How's that for concubine?" Thunder Mana asked. "Ready to give up?"

"Never!" the amazon shouted.

"All right, then."

Thunder Mana let go of the Amazon's head and went to pick her up, but the Amazon shoved her back. They exchanged strong punches at each other until Mana was forced to kneel backward to catch her breath. While she did that, the Amazon raised her arms as if she's preparing an attack.

Thunder Mana charged at the Amazon, but the latter chopped both her arms across her chest making her feel like she was shattered. She was stunned for a moment gasping for breath. The Amazon took the opportunity to wrap her arms around Mana, lift her up, and squeeze her chest. The demigoddess lost more of her breath at the tight crush.

Meanwhile, one of Eris' slaves went to her giving her a bouquet of flowers. She lovingly accepted them, but didn't smell them.

"Thank you, my loyal subject."

"My goddess, why do you need those?" the slave asked. "It looks like your champion is winning."

"Just in case." Eris answered.

The Amazon continued to crush Mana's chest. The demigoddess tried to pry her arms off, but they were too tight.

"So much for a daughter of Zeus." The Amazon taunted. She squeezed harder hoping to get a win, but she turned out to be wrong.

Thunder Mana grabbed both sides of the Amazon's head and delivered a headbutt twice making her let go. Mana took a few steps back while the Amazon was trying to get her focus back to normal. Mana found her chance and charged. With one powerful push, she jumped off the ground and rammed her entire body on the amazon's making her fall backwards so hard, she (the Amazon) passed out.

Thunder Mana stood back up taking a few deep breaths. She hadn't been this winded since the time she wrestled against her half-brother, Herakles. She knew she would be tired during her next fight, but she didn't care. There's no way this imposter was going to actually defeat Mana, right?

Still holding onto her flowers, Eris approached Thunder Mana. She stopped when she stood over the defeated Amazon.

"You were worth every drachmae. Truly, you were." Eris gestured her slaves to drag the Amazon out of the way leaving her to Thunder Mana herself. "Well, daughter of Zeus, I did promise a duel with me after you beat my champion. And I intend to keep my promise. But first…" She leaned her flowers toward Mana. "A little celebratory prize on me."

"You really think I'm stupid enough to accept a gift from the enemy?" Mana asked.

"No, but you're stupid enough to stand there long enough."

Eris quickly took a deep breath and blew out a strong gust of air from her lips. Because of that blow, a cloud of pollen escaped the flowers and right to Mana's face. She sneezed once, but afterwards, her vision became blurry. She was starting to see double. Not only that, but her body didn't feel right. Her shoulders were starting to feel heavy and her legs felt like jelly. It was like she was getting weaker.

During her distraction, Eris dropped the bouquet and swung a kick that sent Mana falling sideways to the ground. Mana was struggling to get back up. Eris leaned down and cupped the bottom of Mana's head with her own hand.

"A special kind of flower, my dear." Eris whispered. "These have a special pollen that disorients vison and reduces muscle strength. Don't worry, the effects will wear off. Just enough time for these idiots to reaffirm their faith and for me to play with my new toy."

Eris returned to her feet and delivered a strong kick flipping Thunder Mana on her back. She then dropped her elbow on her chest several times before the demigoddess rolled facedown clutching her sore chest. This wouldn't hurt so much on normal conditions, but that pollen made her feel exhausted just by breathing.

Eris gave a wicked smirk before she knelt down over Thunder Mana's body and wrapped her arms around her neck. Mana had a hard time catching her breath as Eris' bicep was clutching her throat.

"This is bad." Mana thought to herself trying to stay awake. "This malaka is going to humiliate me. I'd overpower her if I could, but that stupid flower makes it impossible I need to… Father Zeus. Please, hear my call. Bless me with the strength needed to punish this blasphemer."

And surprisingly, Zeus came through. With a bright shine from the sun, Thunder Mana started to feel better, she could see more clearly, and her arms didn't feel weak anymore. Her prayers had been answered.

Mana clutched the ground and began to power her way up. Eris attempted to squeeze harder and shake the demigoddess' head to make her dizzy, but Mana kept standing up as if there was nothing on top of her. And like with little effort, the daughter of Zeus dropped backwards hitting Eris on the ground. Mana stood back up and looked down at the imposter with a cold stare making Eris nervous.

"How?" she asked. "This impossible."

"Not for me." Mana said. "And do you know why? Because I have the gods on my side. You, however, are a mere criminal."

Eris became very frustrated. She gripped the sand underneath her and attempted to throw it at Mana's face. The demigoddess moved out of the way, giving Eris the chance to charge forward. However, she miscalculated. She jumped to tackle Mana, but the demigoddess caught the false god with both arms and lifted her up. The crowd was astonished, staring disbelief as the woman they worshipped was getting woman-handled.

Mana showed off for the crowd before slamming Eris down. At the same time, she knelt down on one knee dropping Eris's back on top of it. Eris gasped losing breath. Mana kept Eris there and placed her hand on her chin pressing her down harder and further bending her while her other hand kept Eris' body in place.

"Stop!" Eris pleaded. "Just…"

"You want me to stop?" Mana asked. "Then you must say it. Confess!"

Eris struggled trying to endure the pain, but she lost it. She could no longer take the pain, and so, she was forced to say the last thing she wanted to say.

"I… I lied! I'm no goddess! I'm not the real Eris!"

Satisfied, Mana released the fraud's body and rolled her to her unconscious Amazon partner right in front of the crowd. Mana stood proud in the sun and turned to the men and women of Elis.

"You are all now free! You no longer have to live under this woman's tyranny! As for her and her partner, do what you want with her! My trial here is done!"

Eris and the Amazon were left at the public's mercy while Mana left Elis. The people were kind enough to give her a horse, and she rode her new steed all the way back home. On the way, she closed her eyes and prayed great thanks to Zeus.

Author's Note: Hopefully, that's a good note. If anyone has any other ideas, or even OCs they'd like me to use, then be sure to let me know. If you would also like to see alternate endings for these stories, I can do that too. The following is a list of settings I have planned in the future. I haven't quite come up with the characters for them all, but either I will or you all will help me. I can use OCs or female wrestlers that come from other fandoms.

*Kung fu
*The Wild West
*Fantasy RPG
*Medieval times
*Time travel
*Summer camp
*The Purge
*Virtual reality
*The Terminator

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