Chapter 1- Vacation?

Arcadia Oaks, California

Just walking in the door from school Jim sits his book bag by the front door and heads toward the kitchen. As he walks down the hallway he hears his mother on the phone and laughing? "Very good, see you then. Bye." Barbara says, then hangs up the phone. She looks up from seeing her son "Oh Jim I did not even hear you come in I am sorry kiddo" she says with a smile.

"It is ok mom but was not expecting to hear you giggling and laughing. Who was that on the phone?" Jim asks as he grabs an apple from a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter then he goes to the cabinet to grab a glass for water and fills it in the sink. "Well, Jim you're not going to believe it if I told you," Barbara says not hiding her smile from her lips as she opens her laptop on top of the counter and starts searching the web.

He laughs "Who was it that I am not going to believe?" then takes a bite from his apple and chews it down followed by a drink from his water. "Well kiddo that was your at June from Nevada and was just talking about how much you and Jack have grown up since being little kids," she says her smile growing bigger with her words

"Auntie June? Really? That is very sudden, did she call or did you?" he asks leaning over the counter "She called here and since I am off for the next 3 weeks due to my back vacation time I was thinking we go visit it, has been too long since we have seen them and it would be nice" she says standing up and walking around the counter and places her hands on her son's shoulders

"I know it might be much and sudden but it has just been us for so long and your aunt tells me the same for her and Jack" she smiles at him. Jim takes a moment to figure this all out as he takes his cup and looks at his mom "Okay so when would we be leaving?" he asks then takes a drink of his water "Tomorrow morning!" She says with a smile.

This causes Jim to choke on his water and go into a coughing fit " to… tomorrow?" he says trying to catch his breath. Barbara nods and pats his back "So pack" With that, she walks away going toward her computer once more. Jim runs up the stairs frantically and calls Toby and Claire asking them to meet him in Heartstone Trollmarket in an hour. With that taken care of before he heads out to Trollmarket.

An hour later Jim enters Trollmarket running toward the Heroes Forge, once there he sees Claire, Toby, Blinky, and AAARRRGGHH! are all waiting for him. "Ahh Master Jim from what fair Claire and Tobias told us this seemed urgent which is why we are here," Blinky says clasping his hands together. Jim sighs and looks at all of them "Listen, guys, I get that I am the Trollhunter and all but I just had a family thing come up…" he gets cut off by Toby "Man family thing I thought it was just you and your man dude?" Claire nods in agreement

"Did something happen to your mom Jim?" Jim shakes his head "No no no nothing like that it is a bit complicated but here goes not" he takes a deep breath and continues to explain " My mom received a phone call from my Aunt June who lives in Nevada with my cousin Jackson. Well, they got to talking and now for 3 weeks I am supposed to be going to visit them." The four in front of him blink in unison and look at him. "Family is important, but you trollhunter" AAARRRGGHH! says in his usual short but sweet vocabulary. "AAARRRGGHH! Is right Master Jim but if I am correct I believe there are a few gyres stations in Nevada" Blinky says while rubbing the bottom of his chin as he thinks.

"Then it is settled I will have to use the gyre I can go see my family and still do troll hunting stuff it is perfect just one thing I leave in the morning and I was kind of hoping if you two could see if guys could come with," Jim says pointing at Toby and Claire. Toby smiles from ear to ear "Nevada as in Like where Las Vegas is? Dude Awesome sauce! Sign me up I'll ask Nana" he says with joy, Claire looks at the two of them and thinks "I could ask my parents if I also told them we would be seeing some of the natural wonders out there.

Plus I heard Papa Skull is playing in Vegas this weekend could be fun." Jim nods to them all "for now let's get a few hours of training done and we will see what happens." With that, they start their training. After a few hours of training and an hour of patrol around Arcadia. The team splits up for the night, Jim receives texts from both Claire and Toby saying they got the ok and will be at his house by 8 am. He texts them back Ok and that his mother and aunt are both cool with him bringing his friends along. After a few last-minute packing Jim passes out for the night.

The sound of the alarm going off at 7 wakes Jim up and gets ready for the day. He carries his suitcase downstairs and loads it in the car. He also helps his mom load her belongings and Toby and Claire's once they get to his house. With the car all packed and loaded the 4 of them get into the car Toby put a paper in the back window saying "Nevada or BUST!" and with that, they start off down the road toward a little town called Jasper, Nevada.