Chapter 4 Hunt for the Gyre

It was past 2 am, the Darby household was quiet, everyone was in bed. Almost everyone,

Team Trollhunter slowly snuck out of the house and unloaded their bikes off the top of Barbara's car, putting on their helmets and rode off down the road. "Jim, how do we know if they're even are Trolls Goblins or Changelings in Jasper and blinky has not messaged about a gyre station.

So sneaking out like this could be trouble if we are not back before your cousin gets up for his job." Claire says riding alongside him. Jim took a few moments to think, then spoke "We could use a Horngazel and try to see if there are passages under any of the bridges in town or just outside of town" "Great idea Jimbo! Just one problem with that great idea, We have on idea how many bridges in this town" Toby exclaims struggling to keep up with his friends ``Toby is right Jim it could take all night" Claire states. Jim comes to a rough stop next to a big green truck and looks at them and reaches into his bag pulling out 3 horngazel

"Then I guess we split it up. Claire, you check the east side of town, Tobes, you take the westside, I'll take the North. If we do not find anything where we are. Meet at…. At.. this truck!" Jim says handing them the horngazel. "And if we find something?" Claire and Toby both say at once "Walkie talkies'' Jim says pulling 3 out and handing one to each "Awesome Sauce Jimbo, we're like agents… like spies… like... Like… Well, you get what I mean. Can we have code names I call Warhammer'' Toby laughs.

Jim and Claire roll their eyes "Sure Tobes but can we stay on task?" Jim says to him checking the time on his phone " Come on it is already 2:30 and we have a lot of ground to cover" with that the trio split up, heading to their assigned sides of town.

Waking up from his recharge with a start Bulkhead's engine revs and he transformer looking around realizing he is still outsides of Miko's he goes to transformer back into his alternate mode when he sees 3 humans riding their bikes away from where he was sitting in the vehicle mode he cocks his brow in confusion and shakes his helm transforming into his alternate mode and going back into recharge.

Jim was the first to get to a bridge. He climbed off his bike tucking it off to the side so no one would notice it and he slide down the embankment look out over the storm to drain it reminded him a lot of his first days as Trollhunter fighting Bular under the bridge near Trollmarket, as he walks toward the post under the bridge he pulls on his horngazel and starts drawing the semi-circle doorway once finished he push into cause it looks open revealing an empty black hole.

He sighs "nothing here" he puts the horngazel away in his bag and climbs back up the bank, grabs his bike then rides off as the doorway starts to close. 12 pairs of glowing red eyes shine in the darkness and all slip out before it closes.

Jim rides down the road a bit and goes to 3 more bridges all with either a junk pile left by some troll or empty darkness. He starts heading for the meeting point and sits on the ground next to the truck and closes his eyes for a moment and lets out a heavy breath "I hope Tobes and Claire had better luck than me" As if summoning them Toby and Claire ride up at the same time and they look at him.

He sighs "No luck either" Toby and Claire Nod "Seems this place is so boring not even Troll want to be here," Toby says flapping on the ground next to Jim "As much as I hate to say it Toby might be right Jim with is very surprising," Claire says sitting down next to them. Jim looks at the two of them "we still have the Southside to go maybe with the hope we will get lucky there" Jim, says standing up and grabs his bike "If you two want to stay here and I will go check" he states looking at them before climbing on to his bike "Oh no you don't we are a team we'll do this together" Claire says climbing on her bike and with a heavy sigh Toby does the same and they ride off once more.

Each bridge they tried just like the last was empty, they got to the final bridge under a thruway just before 5:30 in the morning "This the last one if there is nothing here I don't know what to do" Jim says jumping his bike down into the storm drain "I'll open this one" Claire states pulling out her horngazel and walking toward the wall. She takes a breath looking up hearing cars rolling over her head when she spots the glowing eyes.

Dropping the horngazel she back up "Hey Jim I think I might have found something and it is no friendly" she runs and get behind Jim as a small horde of goblins drop from the metal beam up the roadway "Whacka chacka Whacka chacka" the goblins exclaim running toward the trio. "Goblins here?" maybe this town isn't that boring after all" Toby says, taking out his Warhammer "For the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command!" Jim exclaims as his armor takes shape around him and the Sword of Daylight appear in his hand "let handle these bug-eyed creeps and open that door." Jim says swinging Daylight toward the goblins slicing two of the foes in half resulting in them exploding into green goo. Angering the rest of the horde the goblins charge at him and his friends.

As the fight progresses Claire opens the portal with the shadow staff as Toby bashes them with the Warhammer through the portal "I think that is all of them" Claire says brushing goblin goo from her forehead "You missed one" Jim says throwing Daylight at the goblin climbing up the wall turning it to goo. He calls the sword back to him as it comes out of the wall and goes into his hand, sheathing the sword the armor vanishes from his body and the amulet falls into Jim's hand "Now that is over with can we open this gate?" Toby says exhausted and covered in goblin goo

"Agreed. Claire, do the honors?" Jim asks, looking at her. Claire then nods walking over to the wall and draws a semi circle, the gateway opens reviving a path of crystal. The trio enters walking down the path to a cobweb-infested ruin "Seem like no one has used this place in years" Jim says, taking out his phone and using it for a flashlight.

Making their way farther in they find the gyre station. "I'll call Blin…" with that Jim gets cut off by the sound of a screaming AAARRRGGHH! The gyre comes to a stop, AAARRRGGHH! and Blinky both come out of it looking dizzy and dazed. AAARRRGGHH! Is the first one to speak "HATE GYRE" the kids all laugh and run up and hug them.

"Sorry it took so long Master Jim, we had to check every station in this dang state and there a quite a few of them," Blinky says "It is ok Blinky we had to deal with some goblins but don't worry we handled it fine." Jim said with a smile as Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!

Get a better look at the trio and they see them covered in goo "Ahh haa yes I can see you're pretty much covered in it but for now let us explore our home away from home one might say" Blinky says leading the group up the stairs from the gyre. As they explore the outpost as Toby called it the alarm on Jim's phone goes off, he picks it up unlocking the screen he sees the time.

"We are so dead!" Jim exclaims, grabbing his bag "It's 6:30, we need to get back like now. We will have to finish exploring later. Can you manage to get everything ready for tonight when we can come back? Jim says rushing up the path as he looks back at Blink and AAARRRGGHH! "Sure thing Master Jim just go before you get in trouble with your mother," Blinky says waving the humans off. The kids rush to their bikes climbing on and head back for the Darby residents.

They speed fast the green truck from early that night as well as a black and yellow custom sports car with a boy sitting outside it "Toby come on we're are going to be toast and we just got here" Claire say stop for a moment waiting for him next to the car "Guy we don't have time for this" Jim say turning around to wait with Claire "Easy for you to say with all the activity you do Jim" Toby says as his bike can come loose and tangles in his petals cause him to be launched forward of the bike in front of the car...

Raf looking at Bumblebee and hearing the conversation looks at the trio "Are you guys alright? You seem to be in a rush, do you need help?" Rafael says with a smile, Jim looks at the kid and states "Thank but this is kind of our own fault we did not go for a bike ride this early in the morning before my mom and aunt were up. I don't think we would be having this issue."

By the time Jim finished explain to Raf why the are rush Toby was up on his feet and had is bike chain fixed "Come on Jimbo it is already 7 your mom is going to be up in like 20 mins" Toby says pealing past him. Claire was also ready to roll as she sat waiting for Jim "Right" Jim says climbing on his bike then looks back at Raf "Thanks Kid" with that he petals off. Rafael stands watching the trio roll down the road and he shrugs. Once back at June's the trio opens the garage and leaves their bikes on the wall opposite of Arcee "7:29... Cutting it close Jim" Toby states looking at Jim then at the motorcycle "Tobes Just shut it and get inside... Now!" Jim says aggravated and the trio all rush inside.