Chapter 8 Bump In The Dark

Slowly the garage door closes as the power blinks due to the thunderstorm outside, crashing and flashing out the window. Jack walks around the garage as the other three sit trying to catch their breath, he notices his cousin holding the glowing object in his hand.

Brushing his fingers through his hair Jack signs "That was intense." He pauses taking a deep breath then continues "Please explain to me what the hell all that was with the creature of stone and the magical glowing armor and sword?"

The three friends look at each other then back to the other teen in front of them and shrug. Jim is the first to try to speak but nothing comes out.

Jack shakes his head and groans that's "That's what I through"

With a sigh Jack storming out of the garage and into the house, slams the door behind him as he enters. Walking down the hallway to the kitchen. Looking around the room, Jack sees a note on the counter. He picks it up and reads it.

Went to the store with your Aunt. We should be back soon.

- love Mom

"Great" Jack mumbles to himself as he throws the note out and goes to his room. When he is in his room he goes to turn his bedroom light on, but with a loud POP the power goes out. Jack rubs his hand down his face and groans "Fragging fantastic."

With a groan Jack goes back out of his room and heads to the basement with a flashlight in hand. Once downstairs he shines the flashlight around looking for the circuit breaker, when he finds the box he opens it and tries to flip the swings back on to no avail. Jack then shuts the door on the box and heads for the stairs. Lighting and thunder crash outside and as Jack goes up the stairs, two silhouettes are illuminated by the flashing lightning. Jack turns around catching 8 pairs of glowing eyes blinking at him. He screams.

Out in the garage team trollhunter sits. Jim just got off the phone with his mom telling her and June that the power went out. As the trio are sitting they hear a scream coming from inside the house, they look at each other and run it to the house.

Screaming still Jack shines the flashlight in the two figure eyes.

"Ahh my eyes my six eyes!" The one cries out. As the other just rubs their eyes with their huge hands.

Running down the stairs with their phone lighting the way; Jim, Clair, and Toby reach Jack. Only to find him no alone.

"Blinky? AAARRRGGHH!? What are you two doing here?" The trio say at the same time

AAARRRGGHH! Runs over and picks up Toby "Wingman!"

Blinky look at Jim and Claire "Master Jim, Fair Claire! Great Gronka Morka! You're all safe!"

Jack looks at the five of them "Lovely reunion and all but can someone tell me what in the name of scrap is going on here?" He screams and lighting flashes outside the window.

The five look at the boy, then his cousin walks forward "Jack it is a bit of a long story and I don't know if you ca…"

Jack puts his hand up cutting Jim off " I can handle it. Trust me."

Jim nods then looks back toward his friends "Sit down this is going to be a while."