AN: So, this is my first fanfiction and it is a one-shot. It is about Percy and Nico's brotherly relationship. Criticism greatly appreciated.This takes place Just after Percy's dream in The Last Olympian where he saw Nico at Mt. Othrys. Contains spoilers of House of Hades. Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own PJO and HOO.

Percy's POV

Percy was very worried! why wont he be? He just saw Nico spying at three powerful titans! Percy had told him to stay where he was and not to make a single noise till he comes. He knew Nico was actually 83 years old but for him he was a 83 years old child! Percy gave a loud taxi cab whistle to Blackjack and Guido. They only took only 2 minutes to come. Then, Blackjack asked,"Hey boss, whatcha' doing up at 3 am?" Percy urgently told him,"No time to talk Blackjack, we have to go to Mt. Othrys urgently!" The two pegasi seemed to have understood his mood, because throughout the journey no one talked.

Nico's POV

Nico's eyes lit up when he saw three figures in the sky above him. There was Percy Jackson, his crush along with two pegasi. Percy didn't speak anything, he just helped me mount my horse and we all soared upwards. When we were in the sky Percy asked,"Was there any titan near you at all or when we came?" Nico was experiencing thousands of emotions at the same time but he managed to say an emotionless 'no'. Then Percy switched to the mother mode, he shouted," Do you know how worried I was? You suddenly appear in my dream spying on three titans and that gave me a heart attack! Listen here young man, you are going to camp and I won't take 'no' as an option!" I was too stunned to speak, cause I never heard Percy shout, never.

Seeing my expression, Percy sighed and said," Look Nico, I know you don't want to talk to me, but please go to camp. You are like a little brother to me, and i don't want to loose anyone else because of something I could have prevented. So please, stay in camp for at least sometime." Tears had started to come from Percy's eyes. Nico could not bare it, he ushered the pegasi to reach the ground. when they reached the ground, Nico and Percy leaned their backs on the trees and Nico said, "I don't blame you for Bianca's death and you have to stop blaming yourself for everyone's death!" Percy just sobbed uncontrollably and dug his head in his hands. Nico put his hand on his shoulder and told him that he can save thousands of life of his loved ones, only if he moves on.

This made Percy see that many of his loved ones are still alive and healthy. It gave him motivation to start mothering Nico the whole journey from Mt. Othrys to camp!

Third Person POV

Alas, the two halfbloods did not know that Bianca and Hades were watching them from the Underworld smiling at their strong bond.