Even though he was ready to devour her a few minutes ago, Eugene continued to kiss her slowly. He felt Rapunzel instantly melt against him the moment he took her lips in his again. She whimpered against him, loving the soft scrape of his goatee as he began to trail small kisses from her lips down to her jaw.

Everytime they do this, Rapunzel will always feel a shiver of anticipation ripple through her. Her legs involuntarily opened, wanting to invite him. Eugene felt the warmth flood between them, causing him to trail down her neck and began to sweetly suck against her pulse. This led Rapunzel to arch her back to him and let out a moan, knowing she would be receiving a bite mark if he continued doing that.

He made his way back to her sternum peppering her with kisses as she sighed. Without releasing his mouth from her skin, he sat her up and his hands practically yanked his shirt, releasing her breasts from her prison.

"As sexy you look in this," Eugene said as he brought her back down to the mattress, "I don't think you need my shirt anymore."

Before Rapunzel could reply, Eugene lowered his mouth to her breast. As soon as he tasted her, she gasped and cried out when he lightly bit her nipple. Her arching made Eugene take her other breast in his palm, massaging it until he felt her go slightly limp from the pleasure. He traded places and repeated his actions while Rapunzel whimpered and her fingers found their way to his hair and began to gently stroke it.

Without meaning to, Rapunzel bent one of her knees, accidentally grazing Eugene's groin. When he felt her graze him, he felt chills down his spine and bit her nipple hard. She liked how that felt, so she did it again and was rewarded by Eugene doing the same with her other breast.

To his surprise, Rapunzel tugged him roughly up towards her, and devoured him in a long passionate kiss. When they broke the kiss, they stared into each other's eyes. Rapunzel held Eugene's face in her palm and he took a moment to catch his breath before turning his face into her palm and laid kisses up her arm. He began to make his way down again, when she stopped him.

"No," she said in what Eugene thought was an adorable noise.

"No?" he asked, slightly confused. He had a perfectly purring woman beneath him ready to be devoured, and she said no?

Rapunzel shook her head and before he could ask anything else, Eugene was pushed to his back with her straddling his stomach.

"What are you doing?" He asked as his hands began to slide up and down her thighs.

"We can't make it about me today, Dearie," she answered low and teasingly, "I mean, it is your birthday after all."

Eugene caught on what she was trying to say.

Rapunzel blushed furiously at the darken look he gave her. No matter how many times they have been seen each other naked, let alone how many rounds they can do in a setting, Eugene was always the reason the butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

Rapunzel bent down and began to gently suck on his lower lip. When her tongue was granted access, she started stroking his chest hairs, a favorite pastime of hers. After a while, Rapunzel slowly lowered her lips to Eugene's neck and began to trail kisses down to his shoulder. He let out a stubborn groan as she lightly bit the crook of his neck. While Rapunzel's hands greedily roamed his chest, abs, arms and shoulders, Eugene lost more and more of his restraint. Rapunzel smirked against his neck and began to work lower to his stomach.

She could feel Eugene shudder when she licked down his navel causing him to moan.

"S-Sunshine," he groaned as she was nibbling the hollow of his hip.

"Hmm?" she murmured, switching sides.

"Fuck, Rapunzel," Eugene moaned as her hand began to slowly stroke him, while the other one cupped his testicles and gently massaged them.

Eugene's head leaned back against the bed while her right hand was moving up and down and her left hand was kneading and caressing his balls. He bucked his hips while controlling himself from pushing Rapunzel down on him.

Rapunzel pulled her hands away, as he stared at her with frustration in his eyes. Without breaking eye contact, she bent down and placed a chaste kiss on his tip, causing Eugene's eyes to roll back and let out a growl. When he opened his eyes, she wiped the pre-cum off of him and licked her finger, all while keeping her eyes on his.

Her left hand grabbed a hold of his right hip, while her right hand gently grabbed him before lowering her mouth onto him. She licked her way down the underside of his length and back up, before finally enclosing her mouth around him. When it comes to this, Rapunzel liked the whole 'less is more' method. She concentrated on not allowing more than an inch slide into her mouth, just to tease him and letting her hands do the rest.

Eugene tried not to, but failed and bucked his hips while groaning. When she took more into her mouth, but not fully, he closed his eyes as his hands grabbed a hold of the sheets to ground himself. She then began to bob her head up and down while still stroking him.

"Rapunzel," Eugene hissed as he threaded his fingers through her soft hair, gently tugging and pulling it.

She moaned and looked up at him, quite enjoying the pleasurable pain she felt when Eugene pulled her hair like that. He felt the moan on him, causing him to buck into her mouth. Rapunzel quickened her pace, causing Eugene's chest to heave, feeling himself about to explode.

"S-sugar," he said huskily, "I'm fixing to-"

But regarding his warning, Rapunzel ignored him and sped her pace up. She found a spot that made him hiss, so she sucked more firmly. Her left hand reached down to his balls and rolled him around her palm in a gentle kneading.

Rapunzel continued to suck and knead. Eugene couldn't hold it in any longer and exploded in her mouth. He let out a loud growl when he realized that Rapunzel didn't remove her mouth. He was catching his breath as he witnessed her swallow and then continued to lick him clean.

Eugene could not take it anymore. He reached for her face and pulled her back up to meet his eyes. He kept her face in his palm, as he stared into her eyes, her plump and kissable lips before kissing her wildly and forcing his tongue into her mouth.

He broke the kiss and pushed her back into the bed, as he aligned himself with her. Eugene reached up and caressed Rapunzel's cheek. He couldn't help but chuckle before softly kissing her, before trailing down her body. Stopping at her stomach and began to pepper her with kisses, his own favorite pastime.

While his focus was on her stomach, Rapunzel rubbed her legs together. Without warning, he spread her legs and began to slightly tease her. She let out a whimper and ran her fingers through his hair.

"It's my turn-," he continued his kisses, "to-," kiss, "taste you-," he licked a trail down to her entrance, "Sunshine."

Rapunzel gasped as he placed a chaste kiss on her bud.

"Eugene," she moaned, "please."

"Sorry, Sugar," he smirked, "You tease, I tease."

He lifted one of her legs up as he trailed kisses towards her, but purposely ignoring where she needed it the most. Lowering the first leg, and lifting the second one, he repeated his movement. All the time, Rapunzel was moaning and bucking her hips when he got dangerously close.

Eugene moved close enough so she could feel his hot breath against her, enjoying the sweet sounds she was making above him. Rapuzel was dripping wet, that he licked up every drop before sucking her gently. Holding her trembling legs in place, he spread her with his tongue and teased her gently with his teeth.

Rapunzel grabbed his hair, forcing more contact and let out a scream.

"Oh!" she moaned, "Keep going, baby. That feels so good! Please keep going."

Eugene smirked against her when he felt her tense around him. He drank every drop of her as she was coming down. It was as if Eugene were a man lost in the desert, desperate for water.

He was hard again.

Giving her one last lick, Eugene crawled back to her and captured Rapunzel's mouth with his. In the course of their kiss, he reached down and slid two fingers into her. She moaned into his mouth, causing him to replace his fingers with himself.

He wasted no time in starting to move them.

Rapunzel broke away from the kiss to cry out. She was heaving against him and bucking her hips, desperately searching for release. Her fingers dug into his shoulders and trailed down his back. Eugene hissed at the sensation and knew he was going to get scratches. What he didn't expect was for Rapunzel to grab a hold of his ass, causing him to thrust harder into her.

"Please don't stop," Rapunzel whimpered as Eugene laid his forehead against her going faster, "Just like that, baby, please. Please. Just like that!"

Rapunzel gasped when Eugene stopped and grabbed her hips, flipping her over on all fours. He leaned down, and placed a kiss on her spine between her shoulder blades. Holding her hips, he entered her from behind and immediately preceded his thrusting.

She trembled in this new position and moaned when he smacked her ass. She lost balance on her hands as she hit a second wave and Eugene grabbed her from underneath, bringing her back against his chest without breaking thrust. Rapunzel gasped at this new position and her knees began to give up on her.

Eugene held her up when he felt her begin to slide down. He held her gently by her neck pinned back towards him with one hand, while his other hand firmly against her stomach. Rapunzel continued to moan as he devoured her neck and shoulder. He felt himself getting there as well as her, but he had to make sure Rapunzel came first.

As he continued to thrust her, Eugene's hand lowered down and began to rub her bud intensely. Rapunzel rocked her hips back against him, but couldn't hold herself up anymore. He felt her slide down again, so Eugene sat back against the headboard bringing her to face him.

Rapunzel eased down onto him and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. As they began to rock into each other, Eugene captured her mouth in a deep, searing kiss. She wrapped her legs around him and picked up the speed, moaning when he sucked on the pulse of her neck.

"Fuck," Eugene groaned into her ear, "I'm gonna- fuck, Rapunzel,"

"Me too," she cried out, grinding against him, "Baby, please come with me. I'm getting there."

Within seconds, they were moving frantically against each other. Their cries and moans are more desperate and louder. Eugene grabbed her by the jaw, so they could keep eye contact with one another for when it happened. With one final push, Rapunzel clenched tightly around him and let out a final scream of his name as she reached a new high. This was all what Eugene needed to let go, spilling everything inside her.

Their chests were heaving as Rapunzel fell on him and placed her forehead against his. Without breaking contact, or even pulling out yet, Eugene slid back into the pillows so they could catch their breaths.

When their breathing calmed down, Eugene pulled out and Rapunzel slid down and was sprawled on his chest. He kissed her forehead and felt her stroking his chest hairs, lazily.

After a few moments of silence, Rapunzel placed her hands on his chest and laid her chin on them. She looked up at Eugene and smiled when she caught him staring at her.

"You're beautiful," she whispered, as if there were others in the room with them.

"Hey," he chuckled, drawing patterns on her back, "That's my line."

"Didn't know there was a script," she smirked and placed a kiss on his chest, "That was amazing though. And we've never done that before, because-?"

"It's my birthday," he replied with a smirk, "We had to make it about YOU, remember?"

Rapunzel giggled and placed an ear over his heart to listen.

"But that was my job," she pouted, "I wanted to make you get like that myself."

"Oh Sunshine," he said huskily and brought her up, "But you did. You do, everytime."

Before she could reply, he brought her into s soft kiss. Rapunzel sighed and melted into him. When they broke the kiss, Eugene brought her head to the crook of his neck and held her close.

"What do you want to do later today?" She let out a small yawn, "It is still your birthday after all."

"Actually," he replied, "I'm having dinner at my parents house tonight. I told them we'll be there around 7."

Ignoring her exhaustion, Rapunzel sat up and stared at him with wide eyes.

"EUGENE FITZHERBERT!" she exclaimed, "You mean to tell me that you were planning on taking me to your parents house, without TELLING me yourself that it was your birthday?!"

"Shhh," he answered, trying not to laugh, "Your neighbor will hear you."

"Oh!" she blushed bright red and hid her face on the crook of his neck, "You promised me you were gonna keep me quiet this time."

"Oh, Princess," he growled, making her look up at him, "I never promised you that. I do recall saying I'll keep you quiet, but promise? Never."

Eugene caught her hand as she was about to smack him and kissed her fingers.

"But to answer your question," he resumed, "Yes, I was taking you to my parents with no context. Just to see that adorable confused look on your face."

She pouted causing Eugene to laugh and pecked her.

"But of course," he continued, you had to go ruin my fun by finding out. How did you even find out, anyway?"

"That's a secret I'll never tell," she smirked.

"Fine," he replied, "But do you want to go tonight? I mean you don't have to if you don't want to."

Rapunzel pretended to think for a moment and gave him a sly smile.

"Will Max be there?" She asked innocently. Max being the white Great Pyrenees dog that the Fitzherbert's owned. He is actually Eugene's dog, but since he lives in an apartment, they decided it was best for Max to stay at his parents where he has room to run around.

"Max?" Eugene asked, "You'll only go if Max is there?"

"Obviously!" She exclaimed, "I love him and he loves me!"

"I guess," he chuckled, "Don't know why he loves you more than me though."

Rapunzel snuggled against him and closed her eyes.

"Can you turn on the alarm?" She asked him, "Give us enough time to shower and get ready before heading over."

"Oh?" He asked coyly, setting the alarm, "Shower huh? I will not mind that."

"Eugene, no," she said sternly, "How are you not exhausted? Don't you dare get any ideas!"

"Fine, fine," he chuckled as he made himself comfortable with Rapunzel in his arms, "No funny business. I mean it's my birthday, but it's fine."

"Good," she replied and brought his lips down to his before snuggling into him, "Good night, Cupcake."

"It's morning," he smirked at her cute yawn, "but good night, Princess."

Later on after they had woken up, she found herself pinned against the shower wall with her legs wrapped around his waist. They were supposed to be getting ready to go to this dinner, not going another round. She was too exhausted and sore from last night and this morning to do this again. But yet, she couldn't hide the fact that she was enjoying him scratching her itch like this. Rapunzel could only hope that her neighbor was out for the day.

Regardless of how long they took to get ready, somehow they managed to arrive at his parents house right on time with a huge appetite.

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