What Has My Life Come To?

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Spoiler Alert - Will have some spoilers.

Sallys real name (In the fanfic) in Sandersonia. So I will be referring to her as Sandersonia or Sonia, instead of Sally.


Sonia (Sally) - 29

Illumi - 29

Percy - 12

Gon and Killua - 17

Everyone from HxH is basically 5 years older.

Today's Special (Don't own this one)

We aren't granted the time we think we need to mend fences with those we love.

~ Eileen Wilks

"Percy run! Don't you dare look back!" I shouted at him.


"No!" I cut him off sharply. "Just go! Don't you dare worry about me." That's right. I need Percy out of here. There was no way in hell I was gonna let my only child see that dark side of me.

I just had to lead the Minotaur far away enough for Percy to not be able to see me kill it.

I ran, ducking to avoid another one of the bulls meaty fists. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Percy disappearing over the border. It wouldn't be long before he came back, so I had to finish the thing off fast; then I could just say that the Minotaur went away once he realised that he couldn't get the demigod.

I started up at the creature. Looking at how big it is, there is no way I can beat it without using nen. I could always try to outrun it, but I really don't know how fast it is. So really, my only option is nen. But if I use even the tiniest amounts, then they'll know I'm here.

I sighed.

Nen it is then.

I felt the familiar tug in my gut as my warm aura enveloped me. I then began to transmute my aura, till I could see it turn into a bright neon pink.

I guess you could say my hatsu is kinda like Hisoka's. It is a brighter shade of pink than his, and was just as flexible as his as well. But unlike his, mine wasn't sticky, but I could harden it at will.

"All right big guy." I smirked at the Minotaur. "Why don't we wrap this up." The bull let out a loud roar, and charged, gaining more strength and speed the closer it got. But before it could even reach me, I encased it in a big bubble of my nen. The Greek monster tried to break out of if, slamming and thrashing around, but ultimately failing to break the sphere.

Now came the question of how do I kill it? I could always keep it trapped in the sphere, and wait for the oxygen to run out. But I don't even know if this thing needs to breathe., and plus, that could take awhile. On the other hand, I could shrink the sphere in on him, till it crushes him. I nodded to myself, yep. That's what I'll do. I then closed my fist, willing the ball on nen to shrink into itself.

Within mere moments the sphere had become too small for the monster. Crushing it. I expected for it to explode, causing blood and organs to fly everywhere in the ball of nen. It did explode, but instead of it becoming a bloody mess that I was going to dump into the ocean, it bursted into a golden shower.

"Huh, so when killed. They turn into golden dust." I noted to myself.

A clapping sound rang from behind me. I whipped my head around to see the one person I hoped I wouldn't. Honestly, it was just my luck that the one person I hoped wouldn't find me. Found me.

I cast my eyes to the ground, unable to meet his.

Is this really what my life has come to?

Unable to use nen.

The single mother of a 12 year old.

And a woman who can't even look the man she loves in the eyes?